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ThriveNot delivering what was promised

I signed up with Thrive to build a web site two years ago and they made many promises to me. I have very limited computer skills and they said if I followed what the coaches told me to do I would be successful. I gave them $9500 on my credit card and another $2000 to The Tax Club - The tax club knows ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT TAXES IN CANADA AND ONLINE BUSINESSES but they also made me a lot of promises which did not come to fruition. I was told by Thrive that a 92 year old lady made $3500 a month with her online business with thrive support...I would love to know who she is because I do not believe it. I was told that I would have a coach call every Tuesday at 10 am. Nate called once and that was it! I received some calls here and there but none were scheduled and I was not really sure how to proceed . Many times when I called I was left waiting for the chat line for up to an hour and a half - so guess what happened?? My regular business suffered because I was spending 6 hours a day trying to get my online business going instead of the 2 hours a day I was told all I would need. So with maybe 4 sales a year and credit card at 20% I am almost broke- I did sell my house last year. I have a disability and cannot live on the street but I am close...Thrive did not tell me anything about Merchant Accounts and when one was going to sue me because I did not want to deal with their unkept promises they just told me that that was the cost of doing business. Too bad so sad! I finally ended up with Paypal - another company with promises and no delivery. Their hidden fees in really high. And you can never get through. Same with Google Adwords - no wonder Google is so profitable, They set up adwords without telling me and are charging my credit card and I can't find anyone there to straighten it out. Apparently there is a $37 charge for them to look at the file...and no promise that it will be dealt with. Thrive set me up with a company to look for products - so after loading 128 products I discovered that that supplier also had a I am in competition with the wholesaler and its company! The people at Lightwave Builder save one person are not good to deal with - most are sarcastic and nasty when you phone. Somehow Thrive gave my name to a number of other suppliers - I was talked into setting up other things on the site - turns out they were frauds - So out of the $1600 charged fraudulently to my credit card I recovered some but still had to pay $250. Dealing with Thrive has been a terrible experience - I should just have declared bankruptcy year ago I could go on for 10 pages on what happened with this terrible company. I will never trust another company again

  • Kona Jul 23, 2009

    for help, send email to [email protected]

    Thrive is getting more difficult to recognize. Not only are they using a myriad of sales fronts, I just heard of one that is called "Thrive Success". S.O.S.

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  • An
    Anne P Aug 03, 2010

    This email address comes back undeliverable!!! [email protected] If you see this please send a workable one, would love to talk with you.

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I signed on with Thrive in 2008. Was told I could cancel my contract within 3 days. On the night of my contract, my daughter was hit by a car. I called Thrive and told them I needed out of my contract because of my daughter's accident. THEY WOULD NOT LET ME OUT OF MY CONTRACT. So, $6000.00 and 2yrs. later because of them I have had to file bankruptcy because of their empty promises and lies. They said my site would be up and running in 2 wks. and I would have a pay check before my first credit card bill came. What a joke. Not only would they NOT let me out of my contract when I called within the 3 day time period, but they have not offered me no refund since I have never done the course after writting them letters. What a scam

  • Ma
    M.A.D Apr 10, 2010

    Yes, I tried to cancel within 6 days too and they wouldn't cancel my contract either. That was a $5, 000 mistake for me. I wish I could get my money back too. Living in Canada makes it even more difficult...what a scam!!!

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  • Ma
    M.A.D Apr 10, 2010

    Yes, in 2009 I signed up for Thrive Learning Institute as well for the fee of $5, 000 Canadian dollars. I tried to get out of the contract within 6 days for personal reasons I explained to Thrive. To this day they will not refund my money...what a rip off!!! Stay away, use the helpful info on EBay, just as useful and much less expensive.

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  • El
    elent Oct 30, 2010

    I am another "victim" of Thrive - with $8000.00 of OPM debt incurred 08/2008. They definetly did not fulfill their end of the deal; and you get sick and tired of coping with them as they will not work for you. Despite explaining my inadequacies in the internet marketplace and my reliance on them for design and marketing sevices (my strengths are in accounting/ finance), and their promises to handle these aspects - it was not forthcoming. However, there is a lot of good information on their website with the videos and documentation, but it's tough for those new to this business; particularly if your not a typist/ good working on a computer. It's like you can spend your energy and time complaining/ lashing out at Thrive, or trying to recoup the $$ by learning the business. There are experts on-line, like found through that can provide the work and industry knowledge at very reasonable costs. I just found out about this option recently in a book about Advertising and the Internet (it's good to check out other internet training materials too), though, and can not provide a testimonial that this has led to success on the internet yet. Also, write-off the software costs on your tax returns to recover some of the expenses. Setting up a business structure of some sort is needed to do this, and has costs in and of itself, however may also keep you motivated towards getting your $$ with legitmate internet sales profit...Thrive is most frustrating because they do not help you to suceed and use illegal "bait and switch" tactics to make you buy as they do not get traffic/ sales to your site as claim will do, and should be shut down for this reason - but then their information is not available anymore to benefit from, although this can be located elsewhere for free most likely.

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  • Pt
    Ptosis Theseus Nov 11, 2016

    Bought one thing, they used my Credit card for an auto sign up . Canceled once online. Canceled twice online. Get a bill. Call up. Lady asks why canceled. I told her: Look I already canceled twice. Either you cancel me now or I will go to my credit card company change my credit card number and cancel transaction due to it being an unauthorized charge. We can do it now or I will do it with my credit card company. Then she tried to explain to me that Thrive sent an email on 10/13/2016 regarding a half off membership and what a good deal it was. I had to be like a total bad person to get her to cancel. Asked for a email confirmation - guess what - haven't received it yet. AVOID AVOID

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Thrive — Scammed by Thrive & Internet Sales Institute

I was scammed by Thrive and their marketing company, Internet Sales Institute (ISI), in October 2009. I wa...

Thriveinternet Fraud

I am posting a copy of my complaint as these two companies are related. I could use some help with this as now the co-owner is threatening to take me to court and to ruin my credit rating - all because I have requested a refund and used my rights as a consumer. I am a victim and these guys really do everything they can to intimate us and rape us of our hard earned money.

Concepts Execution
Registered Telemarketers
License # 7016350-TLMO

I have had the same problems with these scam artists like many of you. I lost my job in April of 2009 and was looking for a way to be able to work from home. I found an advertisement for "Bill Killer" and somehow was convinced to give it a try. Once I submitted what seemed like a reasonable charge, I got a pop up window that told me to contact customer service and it gave the number.

It turns out that it was the number to Concepts Execution and they proceeded to convince me to purchase their program in order to be successful on the internet as an online business. From what I recall, I was given an appointment to speak to the Director, Nick Smith, and that they only accepted a few "special clients" for the program as they were interested in my success. I would have to pass their requirements.

I took this to mean that they would evaluate my abilities to learn online and that the program would be structured just as it is when taking online classes from an University. Since I was recently unemployed and seeking to fulfill my dream of working from home with an online store, I was excited. I thought that my bad luck had turned around and I was hopeful of the opportunity to make my life better.

There weren't any thoughts of my being rich fast or in days. I simply wanted to do better for myself and had worked in the corporate setting for over 30 years. I wanted to be able to make what I had been making and more. Being 52 years of age, I was tired of the corporate politics and wanted peace in my life. I am single and knew that I would need to depend upon myself to make it happen. I wasn't afraid of working towards these goals.

The sales pitch was very convincing and it appeared that I could make a living from an online business. After all, others were doing it.

I remember Nick being hesitant when I told him that I had recently lost my job and would need to wait until I got my severance paycheck in order to invest in the program. I had even commented that I hoped it wasn't a scam. He claimed it wasn't and that he wouldn't be in business if it was. Lies, lies, lies! This didn't stop him from ripping me off. He sounded nice on the phone and convincing, so I signed up for the program in April of 2009.

After realizing that things weren't working out and being scared that I had gotten myself involved in a scam, I contacted Concepts Execution and was told that Nick Smith no longer worked there. I was encouraged to take my complaint to Thrive as my dealings with Concepts Execution was completed. These people pass the buck back and forth and I am now certain that they are connected to each other.

Thrive was just as awful. They appeared to be helpful in the first stages, and BTW, I wasn't informed of all the different phases that I needed to go through. The e-library had outdated info and the coaches only assigned me two or three projects. I completed them and still don't have a website up. They would transfer me from coach to coach and I would have to repeat assignments, or send them my spreadsheets over and over again which slowed the process down.

I repeatedly told them that I needed to get the website up and going and bring money in. I lost my savings due to these companies. They rape their consumers of their hard earned money and then just give double talk and place blame on the consumer. Like stated in another post, they will tell you that they are willing to work with you, but in reality they don't. I am fighting mad now and want a refund.

My recent conversation on Oct. 20th with the co-owner, Robert Montgomery exposed him for the lying, aggressive, and heartless person that he is. He threatened me on the phone and claims to have been doing this for a long time. He said that he will WIN with the BBB (which he considers a fraud) and the Consumer Protection Division of Utah. He claims that he will "come after me" if I place any complaints. He stated that he would hire 20 attorneys if need be to come after me and anyone else as he doesn't care.

I don't know what he expects to get from me as his company and affiliates have raped me of close to $5, 000.00 of my savings and money that I no longer have. Unless he expects to throw me out of my home and into the street to imply that HE is the victim, then I guess I could contact the local media.

If they aren't interested, then I suppose I could make my own video and upload to YouTube. That might be an option anyway.

Either way, he is ruthless and his actions as well as the actions of these other companies will cause their own downfall.

Thrive continues to charge me for web hosting when there is no website up for them to host. They haven't responded to my emails to close the account.

My current concern is that I also had purchased a service through another company that is in contract with Concepts Execution and Thrive. They are called Ameritax and based in Utah. They helped to set up a business name and offer tax services. Once again, these companies refuse to give refunds.

Since this mess with Thrive and Concepts Execution, I am very concerned about any companies connected to them. I have learned the hard way to check all businesses out with the BBB, and Ameritax is rated as F. Pretty scary.

I can only hope that this information is helpful to others to avoid getting caught up in the scam or to help stop these businesses.

  • Mi
    Mislead??? Nov 10, 2009

    Are you still trying to get a refund if so call thirve and try talking to Mr. Bradshaw. i recently talked to him and he was polite and curtious. Anything is worth trying!!!

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  • Fu
    furious64 Mar 03, 2010

    were you able to get a refund?

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Thrive when I signed-up seemed like a good deal, and I was in desperate financial shape. Their record of no really bad complaints with the BBB was the clincher. I paid for the training after they promised I would make that money back in 6 months. I had some problems and had to put the training on the side (I was called out of the country on a personal matter). I got a continuance form and faxed in in, all nice and legal. I find now that I'm back- I cannot log-in using my account information. I requested my Username and Password, they came, but I still can't login, I tried another browser, that has been a problem I had in the past with other sites; still no sign-in. I also have problems with them saying I would very little money to start a online business, I've done nothing but throw money into this with only about a $40-$50 return so far. I am still without a good income. I am handicapped, married, and live on Social Security as our total income.
I simply can't afford this.

  • Op
    OpInYAWNman Dec 20, 2009

    Sounds like computer errors and relaxing in Europe (for an undisclosed amount of time) don't make up for the fact that you were not contributing to your end result. They are not going to do the work for you to sell your product or get you out of your situation. It sounds to me like you did not do your homework. Like the internet will not give you money, give you the idea, or make you work at something. You lack drive, and no amount of "Hurry, Hurry... Need to have money quick" will get you that.
    You need to work and if you were able to go out of the country on an undisclosed personal matter of an undisclosed amount of time, then have an issue that is stopping you like a measly user name and password... HOW DUMB!!!
    ...and don't throw that Handicapped, married and social security BS in the mix... poor you. Going out of the country enough, are we?!??!! Tell me that Stephen Hawking lets it get him down (no, sorry guys... I cant think about quantum gravity today. I am too depressed that my password won't work and, BLAH BLAH BLAH...)

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  • jdusan2001 Apr 02, 2010

    Your name wouldn't be Mr Zach Bradshaw or Drew Gunderson, would it??? You sound like a clone of him. Anyway, I was contacted last week by Mr. Bradshaw and he made me a "Offer" of $345.00 to settle with Thrive and the remaining 2, 595.36 to be paid by Internet Sales. Internet Sales has not responded to my call. And how dare you call my handicap BS, Guess that comment came from years of intense inbreeding with sheep?

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Thrivelots of question about them

i wasnt really wanting to signup..ok but the person just kept talking and talking... at first i thought it was going to be a phone call lasting about 30 minutes to an hour but??? my goodnesss sakes we could have talked all evening and more!!! my suggestion to you ...the person reading this if you feel the least uncomfortable??? hangup!!! or tell them up front IM NOT INTERESTED AND SLAM THE PHONE DOWN... dont get caught as i did or anyone else... these companys will tell you no were not this or that bull puckie... example if someone is going to sell you something??? a car, anything ...are they going to tell you its bad??? no !!! they are going to try to sell it... be aware... the old saying if it sounds to good to be true??? it probably is...

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