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There is a Factually INCORRECT complaint here which must be corrected.
The Scenic railway in Katoomba, Blue mountains is operated by Scenicworld, not by Tours R Us ; Scenicworld is a separate corporation.

The little train DOES, I repeat, DOES allow infants under 5 years to ride on the train. THe signage on the train, however, specifies the following :
"Infants under 5 years must NOT occupy the outside seat ".
Another sign specifies that :
" Infants under 5 years MUST sit in the middle seat between 2 adults".
The train operator allows ANY person to ride on it, from age 3 months young to 100 years old ! It is a very safe ride, it goes very SLOWLY and only takes 1 minute to go down the mountain.
It has operated Every day for about 60 YEARS ! It has never had a safety problem. It operates every 10 minutes, 9 hours every day of the year.

All tours from Sydney to the Blue Mountains take their passnengers to ride on this train !
It is a HIGHLIGHT of any visit to the Blue Mountains .

Sydney Tours R Us has been operating day tours to The Blue Mountains from Sydney DAILY for 17 years - they give the best value tour and have received many AWARDS for their tour. They use PROFESSIONAL drivers and Guides, and are considered to be the BLUE MOUNTAINS TOUR SPECIALISTS !

They are recommended by many tourist agencies and hotels in Sydney and are proud of their FINE and IMPECCABLE Reputation . They would never want to compromise this and continue to offer the Best Value Day Tours from Sydney.

Sydney Tours R UsDangerous Tour - Sydney Blue Mountains

We had a problem with one of the day tours we took ON Feb 14th 2009 with Tours R Us..
Below is a copy of the email we have posted on the website of Tours R Us
request your help in ensuring that some corrective action is taken against the driver of the bus i.e. KEN who also happens to be the owner of the company !!!

My family and I (Husband, 7 month son and me) went for the Blue Mountain tour on the 14th of Feb. The tour was well organized except for one incident.
When we reached Blue Mountains we were supposed to take the train journey to the bottom and then come up via the cable car. When we were about to sit in the train we noticed that there was a caution sticker which said that infants below five years of age are not allowed. We checked with the bus driver and he very casually said that as long as the baby sits between me and my husband it is fine.
Trusting him, we went along and only then did we realize just how dangerous the train ride was. To start with there was no seat belt for us as well as the baby. The train is reputed to have the steepest ride and that too passing through a dark tunnel at a 180 degree angle without a seat belt. Even adults would find it a bit scary and we just wonder how could the driver suggest that we take a 7 month baby along on that ride without a seat belt. That was ridiculous. Thank God nothing happened, but can a reputed tour company as yours afford to make such mistakes. If the train ride was not suitable for a family with a seven month baby it should have been told to us upfront . Who would have taken the guarantee of our baby’s safety? This is just not done.
Looking forward to a response
Hopefully, other families and infants don’t have to go through such a rough ordeal

Saleem Ahmed & Neyda Huq


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    angelplushy Mar 18, 2009

    As a parent it is really up to you what you want to do with you child. No doubt you would have seen the ride, why on earth would you ask for someone elses opinion is beyond be. It is entirly your decison, no one else.. Yes I am a mother of 2 children and plan to take mine on that very same tour, and yes they will be going on that it is my choice..

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  • Da
    dazz Mar 22, 2009

    I think the discression is really up to you. Ken was trying to give you a great day out and i guess he felt the baby would be okay... it did survive the trip didnt it?

    I also think the ride you took the caution sticker sais no infants to sit on the side seats of the Blue MOuntains railway as I have seen many young children on that ride. I also think the tour is not responsible it is the railway operators who would stop the child from riding if it was unsafe.

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  • Sy
    sydney tours r us Mar 24, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This complaint is ABSOLUTELY FACTUALLY WRONG !!
    The customer has not read the railway signage correctly - the Railway sign says "Infants under 5 years are NOT allowed to occupy the outside seat". Another sign says - " Infants under 5 years MUST only occupy the middle seat with an adult positioned on each side of that infant".
    The train is not operated by Tours R Us - it is owned and operated by SCENICWORLD .
    As for seat belts, the NSW Government does NOT require this train to have seat belts !
    I guess, because it travels so slowly, and the ride is only about 1 minute.
    Mr Ahmed was directed by myself and the train operator to seat his infant in the middle between himself and his partner - this is what he did.
    I did EVERYTHING CORRECTLY and this is an ABSOLUTELY false complaint against me !!!
    If there are any issues on safety re seat belts etc - they should be directed to the Owners of the train - SCENICWORLD.
    The train has carried MILLIONS of people, ages 3 months old to 100 year olds, for about 60 years, EVERYDAY, in complete safety !
    We give our customers a WONDERFUL day tour to the BLUE MOUNTAINS, EVERYDAY, and have been for 16 years !
    This complaint is WITHOUT any justification, whatsoever, it is FACTUALLY wrong !
    Ken Levien
    Managing Director

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