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Resurgent Capital Services LPFraudulant Debt Collection

Resurgent Capital Services sent me a letter about a debt that I owe to capital one credit card. The letter had an account number and all info on it. The amount owed was higher than it was originally but I figured the extra was collection fees. I sent a payment to them figuring that it would be applied to the balance. This was not the original collection agency who was collecting on the debt but I figured maybe the debt was sold to a different company. So, a week later, I get a call from the original collection Agency which was Portfolio Recovery Services and they tell me that they own the debt still and that they received no payment. I told them about Resurgent Capital Services and Portfolio said that Resurgent doesn't own the account. Resurgent collected money from me on false pretenses.

Resurgent Capital Services LPAttempt to offer fraudulant credit for debt not owed or valid

I have been offered a Visa through Resurgent Capital Services L.P. to pay off a debt that I do not owe. They would like to me to agree to pay 888 dollars and if I take this deal they will reduce my debt down 98.70 dollars. They are claiming to own an account from RNB (Retailers National Bank) Target. I haven't had a credit card with Target since 10/13/2000 which is the day I made my last payment on a card with nothing more than a 300 dollar limit. The original account number does not match my last account number, nor does it match any other RNB card I had last. My credit report is clear and all 3 bureaus match. Even if I had owed 300 dollars and it doubled, it would not equal the amount they would like to take from me. I believe this to be a scam and I do not know what else to do, but submit this complaint. If documentation is needed, please contact me at the following with instructions on how to stop this.

300 Cirby Hills Dr
Roseville, CA 95678

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Anjanette Morgan

  • Am
    Amy Smith Oct 23, 2007

    I received the exact same offer from Resurgent offering me a visa to clear a debt that I do not owe. I have made attempts to research this and have ended up empty handed ~ my advice is Don't accept this offer!!

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  • Ll
    L. Lopez Jan 15, 2008

    I received an offer to settle a "debt" with "Resurgent Capital Services" for $51. The offer was made by CBCS in Columbus OH acting as a collector for "Resurgent Capital Services". Who are these people? The statement says, they will give me the original creditor's name and address if I respond within 30 days? ???????? I never ever recall not paying a bill for $100 in the first place. These people are frauds and should be ashamed of themselves! There will come that day when they will stand alone with God Almighty and answer to their evil deeds. Poeple ought to think twice about who they accept employment by. L

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  • Do
    Don B Feb 16, 2008

    It is my opinion, from what has been described by 100's of people in numerous states, that the practices of resurgent capital are less than honorable. The foundation of what they attempt to do is to strong arm money from a variety of individuals using several tactics which in my belief, are simply deceptive. I do not believe they can be trusted.

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  • Da
    Dana Mar 14, 2008

    Contact and file a report on line with the better business bureau. My boyfriend got a similar letter from Resurgent Capital Services LP (CBCS) for a debt supposedly made some 12 years ago -- which is obviously a fraud.

    Upon calling we discovered that they had his SS number. We filed.. and almost immediatly CBCS dropped the account (surprise surprise). We have not closed the complaint with the BBB yet - because CBCS said they have closed their account and returned it to the original debetor who they have named as "Resurgent capital". Its the same company!

    BBB has to know this is a fraud and I want them to do something about it. I also want to know how my boyfriends SS number was obtained.

    In the meantime.. file your complaint and check your credit records.

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  • Ba
    Barack Jun 01, 2008

    Resurgent Capital is like a virus that tries to reinfect. Resurgent is laced with scams and unseen traps. I would never give them any form of money.

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  • Ly
    Lydell Simmons Jul 20, 2009

    I just received something from CBCS/Resurgent Capital. I have NO Clue how they got my information but this is very creepy. Has anything been resolved because of this?

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  • Db
    dbroughton Mar 22, 2010

    I got my credit report and and there were something on there i don't know what it is resrgent capital services lp greenville i don't know what this is i have never got a bill fromthem my husband has the same thing on his report me and him don't have credit toghter

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  • Mi
    mimi64 Feb 17, 2012

    I just received a letter from Resergent Capital Service LP, that I owne $735.51 dollars for a Chevron credit card. I live in Puerto Rico and that Gas Station is not in Puerto Rico I call several number that the letter has and nobody answer, I dindt chek my credit report yet Im going to ask for one. Im very concern about that..Pleas If someboby Know were I can call or write about this SCAM...

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