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Reiman PublicationsUnable to contact

Last year I asked Reiman not to send any more expensive annualXmas books when I sent my cheque. I kept getting bills from them and from Canada you cannot contact them easily, not by phone and not by email. It took months to resolve this and they were rude about "cancelling my account, " In spite of my request I got another book this year. Silly me, I decided to just pay for it and ask them again not to send any more. I sent a cheque in their pre-printed return envelope, and this morning it came back marked "Moved/unknown."
Here we go again!

  • Kr
    KrystalRD Oct 08, 2012

    My name is Krystal. I work in Customer Care for RDA which is the parent company for Reiman publications and I wanted to let you know we have discontinued any future shipments of the annual books to you.

    We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. I have sent an e-mail to the address on file regarding this issue.

    If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to call us at 1-800-308-9281 or send an e-mail directly to [email protected] One of our agents will be most happy to assist you.

    Thank you for giving us the opportunity to be of service.

    Customer Care

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Reiman PublicationsI paid keep getting billed no magazine

I sent a check for taste of home magazine, I got no magazine and get constant billing from Rieman Publishing. I wrote letter and called their [protected] number to no avail!. I spoke to their foreign speaking service people and found it hard to understand and then was told that we would receive our magazine, now we just got another bill sent to my wife June Greene dated 02/18/11 invoice number 1000 for 2011 taste of home annual.. Now your bill says we need to hear from you despite the reminders we sent you, the above balance is still ovedue and the grace period on your account has ended?. Failure to send payment could result in forfeiture of your benefits and instigate more efforts to collect payment:. If I don't get them to cease and desist, this will be turned over to NY State dept". of consumer affairs and then to my attorney!.

Reiman PublicationsBilled For Magazine Not Ordered

Me and my wife are each billed separately for a magazine that neither of us have ordered. Do not ever bill us again. My next complaint will be to the State Attorney General's Office?. The 2 account numbers are [protected]

and [protected]".The name of the publication is Taste Of Home;. I have heard that there are many, many complaints about this company, . I will never orde anything that is published by this company".I will not pay one cent no matter how many times I am billed|.Never, Never again will I be taken in by this company'.

  • Ky
    kyliekyle Oct 05, 2011

    good afternoon, rest assured that you are of no obligation to pay for something that you did not order. However, i just want to let you know that it is not the company's practice to unknowingly place an order without a specific authorization. If you really want to cancel the subscription, you can call the taste of home toll free #. just be reminded that some subscriptions are placed through an agency, and what the customers service agents can do is to just suspend the acct. you need to call the agency first and let them be the one to fully cancel the subscription. Again if you really did not order the magazine then all you have to do is to call the Reiman publication hotline, cancel or suspend your subscription then simply disregard the bill and keep the magazine as our compliment .

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Reiman Publications30 Day Preview of Betty Crocker Cook Book

I got the Best of Betty Crocker Cookbook offer for a free 30 day examination and could return it if I did not want it. It took a couple months before it came and then it came a bill for the first installment was included. Before the 30 days were up I received another bill for two payments due before May 28 2011. There is no way that I had the book for 30 days to decided if I wanted it or not before they started billing. I bought the book but will never accept another offer from this company for a 30 day preview. I am also contacting the company with this complaint.

Reiman PublicationsBeware

Backyard Living Magazine is such an informative, exceptional magazine.

Replacing it with Birds & Blooms just doesn't make it, it cannot compare

to the Backyard Living Magazine at all!

Bring it back, bring it back! Birds & Blooms concentrates on birds too

extensively, I am sure readers would appreciate more gardening solutions

and helpful backyard solutions. I have saved many articles from the Backyard Living Magazines which I intend to use in the future. The Birds and Blooms Magazine does not contain any articles which help the average

person who is looking for hints on being a better gardener. Why eliminate a good thing!

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Reiman PublicationsKeeps billing me for book I paid for

On April 10, 2010 I received the 2010 Annual Receipe book from Reiman Publications. I sent them check #5077 May 30, 2010. in the amount of $10.00, which was the price of the book. I keep getting billed for this book that I have paid for. I am not longer responding to this as I am wasting postage doing so. The company is Reiman Publications, P.O. Box 4002872, Des Moines, IA [protected].
Another complaint is I keep getting billed for renewing my subscription for Taste of Home Magazine, which I did not renew. This billing is coming from Reiman Publications Subscription Fulfillment Center, P.O. Bxo 5388, Harlan, IA [protected]. I have already sent them one statement stating I did not renew, but keep getting billed for. Please take care of these two complaints as I have had it with them. I do not intend to respond any more to either bills. Thank you.
Martha Burnaugh
The account number on the first complaint for the $10.00 is #[protected].
The account number on the second complaint for renewing my subscription is #[protected]

Reiman PublicationsDon't do any contests from Country Magazine

My Mother did an online contest of finding the needle in country magazine and her info was accessed (perhaps sold by country magazine) by another bunch on scammers saying that she was the 1 millionth person to find the needle and blah blah blah, and then tried to get more info from her and tried to sell her more junk magazines. When I called the customer service I talked to someone in Asia that could not help me... I find this whole situation quite unsettling for a supposedly good magazine to be doing. There are too many scam artists out there to trick older folks out of their money. We will cancel our subscription!

Reiman Publicationssnt me a magazine and a bil tha I did not subscribeto

I received a magazine with a bill attached. I never requested a subscription to the magazine. I attempted to reach the company by telephone, no one was available. The bill did not contain an e-mail address, therefore, i could not e-mail the company to discuss this matter. I amt not interested in the magazine and I would never have ordered it. Something like this could very easily mess up my credit. Would you please look in to this.

  • Rh
    RHNM Dec 20, 2009

    Dealing With Poor Customer Service

    All companies are only concerned with their bottom line. All companies have very poor customer service representatives. My advice:
    1. First try to settle the matter with the company’s CSR. It will not do any good but you have tried.
    2. Be polite but firm.
    3. Ask for the name, number and state the CSR you are talking to is from. If you are transferred to a foreign country ask to speak to a CSR in North America.
    4. Keep written copies of all your correspondence. Insist that all replies from the company be in writing. Good luck on that one, companies don’t like to leave a paper trail.
    5. If you don’t like writing, record the calls, advise the CSR that you are recording the call.
    6. If you have an attorney and three-party calling, arrange to have your attorney on the line before you call the company. My attorney advised me that you are not required to inform the CSR or company that another person is monitoring the call .Keep copies of all of the bills you receive. The eventual lawyers, FCC, BBB and state attorney general will want copies of all of your paper work.
    7. File a complaint with the FCC about your cell phone carrier, it won't do any good, but it's on record.
    8. If it is not a cell phone carrier, file the complaint with the FTC, or whichever of thousands of government agencies that handle your issue.
    9. Please realize that all government agencies are overworked and have been paid off by lobbyist.
    10. Join any class action lawsuit against the company.
    11. File a complaint with your local Better Business Bureau.
    12. Contact your state attorney general.
    13. During this prolonged economic rough patch all companies are out to make money anyway they can.
    14. Join any class action lawsuit against the cell phone carrier. The lawyers will take the bulk of the settlement after years of ligation. When the company finally settles they will pass the cost of the settlement onto their customers, write if off on their taxes or both if they can get away with it.
    15. Do this with any company or service you are having problems unresolved problems with that company or service.
    16. I realize this is a lot of work, but it’s the only way to get things to change. Don’t expect overnight results, they won’t happen.
    I give you this advice at no charge.
    RH – New Mexico

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Reiman PublicationsPhone harrassment

Reiman publications continues to call my home. We changed the home number, but they found out my name in the phone book, I think, and continue to call my new number. I have never purchased a product from them and have no idea how they got my number. I frequently call them back with my Google voice number and do not speak... just to clogs up their lines. So far, nothing I have done seems to help. I'm no sure how they find me, but they do. I will report them to the Better Business Burrow from Wisconsin, their home base.

Reiman PublicationsBad customer service

Found an $80.00 charge on my account. When I called the number listed, it said "Welcome to Reiman Publishers." After about 5 minutes, with a machine that did not understand, was connected with someone in the far east.

Tried to explain I had not order any biz kit and did not know why I was being charged. Finally connected to someone in the US who told me it was not Reiman Publications, and they had not charged me anything. Had ordered Taste of Home magazine.

The next day, after paying bill, I got the $80 charge. Was told my US representative they had not charged me, then was disconnected.

If this is how they treat customers, I will not be renewing my subscription nor, will I ever get one again from them.

  • Bo
    Bonnie S Nov 21, 2009

    I sympathize with you. In today's mail came a nasty letter for a payment of a $10 subscription fee. Pay up or they will sue me...for $10? I can't remember getting them and if I did I would have sent them a cancel across the bill. This magazine company gives me a bad "Taste" in my mouth to order anything else. BAD magazine offer. Stay far away from this offer.

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Reiman Publicationspoor customer service

Dealing with this company has been a nightmare to say the least.

I ordered a subscription as a gift for xmas 08. I ordered it around the end of Nov 08 and am still dealing with it today 2 months later.

First, I used a susbscription card from the magazine- it was one price. Then when I called - It was another price. Then later when I got a thank you for your subscription card in the mail it was another price. When I phoned I was given yet another price. After 4 different prices... I demanded to know the total. They admitted their error and gave me the cheapest price.

Then...The real problems started. First they claim the cc # was incomplete so the transaction didn't go through. (that took 2 weeks for me to find out) Then when I gave it again, they assured me it went through and was accepted. But later I noticed it was never charged to my CC. The third time i called to ask when this was going to be charged to me CC... they informed me my order got cancelled - with out notice. I never would have known this if i had not been constantly looking at my CC balance online and calling them.
Now they have reactivated the account and they are going to bill me. Can't wait to see how that is going to turn out based on other complaints here.

IF you have to deal with this company, take note of who you talk to & take as much info down as you can. Keep all emails and or notices/letters.
Know that they are a division of Readers Digest, and that the only real help and info I got came from the Readers Digest office - NOT Reimans.
Also, know they can't use any kind of gift card, and a lot of the 1800 numbers they have to "help" you - Don't work from Canada. Fustrating dosen't even begin to describe it.

Never ever again!!

  • Tr
    Trudy Van Osten Feb 11, 2009

    I have been trying since October, '08 to get a refund for a subscription that I cancelled. It was for Light & Tasty/Healthy Cooking. I have called three times and e-mailed twice and have received nothing from them. I now feel that contacting the Better Business Bureau of PA is the next step. I would like immediate response from them, along with a check in the amount of $19.00 and change. Having to wait this long for a refund is ridiculous.
    Trudy Van Osten
    15 Scenic View Lane
    Lehighton, PA 18235-9369

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  • An
    andrea Mar 20, 2009

    This company is unbelievable. They invoiced me for a magazine that I never ordered, never received, and never even heard of. I've been in contact with them, with the regional BBB, with [redacted]s, and plan on going to the ftc. Although I haven't fallen for their scam, I find it outrageous that it's "ok" to bill me for a product I've had nothing to do with.

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  • Si
    SisterAnne Dec 13, 2010

    I essentially had the same experience as Andrea - got a bill for a subscription to a magazine I never heard of, and certainly never ordered. I called them and gave them a piece of my mind the minute I got the bill and told them not to send me any more bills or any magazines, I wasn't going to pay them, and what sort of scam were they pulling. I immediately filed a complaint online with the FTC and I also e-mailed Readers Digest, who apparently is the parent company of Reiman (I had a subscription to RD so I suspect these Reiman creeps got my address from the RD database). I told RD they should something about this deceptive practice as it was just tarnishing the good image of Readers Digest.

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  • Fr
    Frances Fincher Oct 12, 2012

    Frances Fincher
    I too, have been drowning with magazines, never ordered, Readers Digest, I keep
    getting billed, no phone number to complain to or request them to stop sending any more. no response from Reiman Publishing no phone a waste of my time for sure. If I want a publication I will buy it from the store.

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  • Kr
    KrystalRD Oct 15, 2012

    Hello Frances. I work for Reader’s Digest in Customer Care and I just came across your post.
    Since you do not mention if you reside in Canada or the United States, here is the contact information for both countries:
    For Canada
    [email protected]
    For the US
    [email protected]
    One of our agents will be most happy to assist you.

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  • Bo
    Bob Jun 08, 2016

    Reiman publications charged me twice for a cookbook that I purchased over a year ago. I cannot find the cancelled check. They have called my home harrassing me constantly. I have now received a nasty letter from North Shore Agency explaining that we continue the harrassing phone calls and contact. They also suggest that I should "govern myself accordingly" as they are very good at what they do and will recover the money (30.99). Certainly this amount warrants consistent harrassment to collect. Both of these companies are relying on the fact that the bill will get paid just to aleviate the harrassing phone calls and contacts.

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  • Lu
    Lucy Larson Aug 18, 2016

    I ordered one cookbook and find that I am now getting regular mailings from the company for additional books that I do not need. I tried to get a phone number to contact them and I could not get one from Directory Assistance. I have returned two previous mailings and really don't need any more.

    Lucy Larson
    Bonita Springs, FL

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Reiman PublicationsAwful company

I continue to receive a billing from Reiman Publications indicating I still owe for a gift subscription for which I have already paid. If I did not keep my records and mark them paid, I would be sending them another check since there is no mailed confirmation for their having received it.

I called their billing department, (a number nowhere to be found on their statements [protected]) and was told their billing process is to send a repeat request for 3 months... What a way to do business, and there is no indication the procedure will change. However, the person from the Customer Department apologized for the inconvenience since this is the 2nd time I have had to call about my subscriptions.

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