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Prometricno privacy

My name is Digvija Sajja.i gave my CAT 2010 on 19th December and my centre was G.L.BAJAJ KNOWLEDGE PARK III.from the past 2-3 days i am getting calls and messages from an unknown number.He claims that his name is Deepak Pathak, he is a test centre administrator, he took my finger prints and my image.i feel threatened coz he has all my information including my address, ph. no. and my college address.please help.these prometric people should keep the info. of the students secure right??
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Prometriccna test scheduled

Prometric send me the date and location to register my fingerprints in order to take a CNA exam.After two months of repeatedly phone calls and e-mails they said there was a mistake in my last name and later they told me twice, I should call at the Technical School to get the Exam's date, but the school said that they are not the proper institution to schedule the date, but prometric.How can a goverment institution be that inefficient, and nobody care of it?I thought that I have left innefficiency and bureaucracy in Cuba. Can somebody help me to solve this situation?

Prometricsent wrong test

Prometric sent the wrong test to their testing center and would not reschedule my test until several weeks later.

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    WTT Apr 28, 2010

    When I was taking exam in HK, I have finished a lab question and then the connection with their server has been failed. I have waited there for around 2 hours, and then I need to re-schedule my exam and lab 1 will not be marked. Also, I need to call Prometric centre directly to re-schedule it. (Very bad service). Then, I called for several times in several days, no one can help and confirm me the exam date. They just replied that it is techincal problem, we cannot solve it...what the hell. 100% bad quality and service

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    Chex Contrator Jul 06, 2010
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    Prometric should not be able to have a monopoly over testing. Twice they sent me back my application that was sent in on time and said that the credit card was not valid. It works for everyone except them. One of their employees said that it was because they put in IA where we are taking the test instead of IL where the credit card is registered. I live on the border and need an IA contractors license. Of course Greg the office manager will fix it so you can take the test if you send double what the cost of the test is plus some. The hold peoples lives and futures in their hands and then try to extort money from you? I can go back to square one and take the test 6 weeks later 5 hours away and probably have the same problem with them saying the credit card is not valid and trying to extort money again plus a 5 hour drive! Prometric should not be in business! Everyone please file a report with the Better Business Bureau.

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Resolved Prometric — Terrible service

Prometric has been completely unprofessional. Attempts to get vouchers for several weeks have proved futile...