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PrometricTerrible service

Prometric has been completely unprofessional. Attempts to get vouchers for several weeks have proved futile. The North American representative does not return calls or emails and constantly promises she will look into it "tomorrow" but never does.


  • Is
    ismahil baci Aug 26, 2014

    All i can say you guys suck. ..Worst customer service experience...your associates have bad attitude, even the supervisors. Have to wait forever in a phone they so short on the answers... They nasty, missed the test not receiving their email and they keep the money without problem... no refund :((

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  • Gr
    Gretesttaker Aug 05, 2014

    Review Orlando Academy Indore GRE 2014

    I have given my GRE on 3 Aug 2014 at the Orlando Academy Indore.

    I didn't got appropriate dates at any other city (as i was taking the date a month before the exam) so i have to take my GRE in indore only. And it was my worst experiences of all time for any exam. It was like I was appearing for a local exam. I had taken the GRE exam before in Delhi at a prometric centre in Feb. I had 301 marks thats why I was thinking to give again the exam for a final time. My marks in Princeton Manhattan and Official GRE practice tests were between 305, 306 and 314 respectively. So i was quite sure that i will get atleast 306-308 in main exam. I was surely well prepared, I got to the centre at 8:45 Am and my appointment was for 10:00 Am. I got quite early and as I was getting inside i got a long line of persons getting inside to take exam. And i thought is it really that much persons are appearing for toefl and gre at the same date in a small city indore. So I get to ahead of line and asked the person who is checking the admit cards of all students that whether this is orlando academy or not. And he replied it is orlando academy, and i asked him where to go for the GRE, he asked please get inside and fill out the form. And then I realized that all the persons who are making the line outside are not for GRE they are for SBI and ICICI bank exams of some sort. Inside the other banks exams are conducting in other labs so I was not afraid of the noises of the other persons.

    And then I filled out my cursive agreement form and then i was checked and my belongings are secured. And then i was taken into the lab for GRE. It was around 9:30 Am till that.

    Then the main problems began. There server was not working and there tech faculty is trying to get the computer again working. I was just at the corner at the starting of the lab. And the tech person just opened the CPU and cleaning the RAM of the computer. And trying whatever he can to start up the computer, blowing burst of air into the wires and ol. Finally around at 10:15 Am they had started the server and the software of the PC is restatrted so that the system can now connect to the server. And the test finally got started at around 10:45 Am (the appointment was of 10:00 Am and i was pretty well taken my diet according to that only that it will get finished around 1:30 PM ) . I hven't got yet depressed or afraid or disturbed till then.

    I gave my best attempt for analytical writing section both Issue and argument. And then the Quanta section got started about 15 mins are remaining for the quant section and then a person got into the room and said please turnoff ur computers the sever is getting some problems and we have to restart it. All the students computers were turned off. And about half an hour later the test got started again. Well that's not quite yet finished yet. After my quant section, during mid of verbal, a fan got starting making a very loud noises, and after getting irritated after 2-3 mins it just doesn't stopping making sound i asked the faculty to please look into it.

    After the break, during my next quanta section, the bank students are entered into the room and i thought what the hell is going on. Why are these persons are getting into our lab. And the whole group of persons got entered into my row (where i was alone a GRE test taker). And some of faculties person got ringing afterwards. And also some of a old person got into room and loudly saying to all the bank test takers best of luck and do well on the exam. And also the faculties of the academy are getting passed beside me again and again as i was first into the row. And getting instructions to the newly arrived students of bank exams. Both my next Quanta and verbal section got pretty disturbed. And the test finally ended aroung 3:05 PM around 1:30 hr late. And my score was 302. And the test was pretty ###ed up due to my long exaggerating noisy environment.

    My previous score was 301, and i was sure that i will get 306 atleast in this(as my score in the practice tests was 306 and 314).

    And my 12000 rs got wasted and as well my spirit to take the test again. The centre is the worst of all. And I hope everyone who is reading this review please don't mess up with your test by taking it in indore center.

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  • Am
    Amanda60611 May 24, 2014

    Prometric hires out from the probation office or the trailer park. The people who were there were very odd in socially extreme ways. The building in Iowa looked like it was put together by a 3rd grader. The signs were in basic type font and in 3 ring binder inserts taped to the wall LOL. The building had no signage on the exterior and was extremely loud as the door weighed 100 pounds and could be heard constantly throughout the test room. The proctor kept pounding on the desk and acting like a pervert when "wanding" me, I think he was the manager or something and the other person just sat in the front while we waited forever to get started. Needless to say I have suggested my company start doing the testing in house as was done in the past.

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  • Ma
    marianita Nov 16, 2012

    Hi! The same thing happened to me today at the same center (Guaynabo). I didn't see a space for a second last name in the registration part of the website so I only wrote one last name. I took it before at a different center and didn't have any problems. On top of all, the person in charge, called Terence, was very rude. It´s a shame they don´t understand that in hispanic countries it is normal to have two last names. They should specify how to register two last names (and also middle names) in order to avoid these situations. It happened to three people today and two people who were able to take it today went through the same ordeal before. Also, I think requiring the Toefl can be a form of discrimination. I have lived in the US for 5 years and earned a Master Degree at a recognized institution. Why do I have to take it, anyways?


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  • Da
    Daniel Merrit May 29, 2012

    What an horrible experience with prometric, First of all it was so hard to understand the persons (2) I talked to. Then, they seem not to care much about customers. It seems they direct the calls to India or another far away country,

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  • Mu
    mubashir.s Feb 17, 2012

    anybody helping students to pass in exams at prometric centre hyderabad pls contact me coz i m looking forward for such help..pls contact me at [protected]..thank u..

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  • Ke
    kelash Feb 03, 2012

    respected sirmam

    now in gwalior (m.p.), for cisco exam, E-Biz Technocrats Pvt. Ltd. Gwalior Madhya Pradesh India ...take the 7000 rs for pass the exam... plz sir prevent this bcz i only read and read but this institute take the money and pass the exam...this institute also in black list then also take the money for pass the exam...plz sir check it...seal of this institute...

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  • Ni
    Nikhl Singh Dec 29, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Its been more than two months, since i contacted Prometrics regarding an issue, today is 28th dec, 2011, after two months, i am totally disappointed, with the most non serious, immature and unprofessional kind of behavior i am getting from Promterics, I am frustrated to my limits, and now i am ready to take Prometrics to US Court. Incident/Ticket No: 7994397. I have sent thousand emails, but those guys dont care enough to even give a reply. The worst kind of service provider, i have ever came across, and would avoid Prometrics at all costs.

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  • Ra
    ram999 Nov 16, 2011

    Dear Sir/Madam

    I am writing to higher authority and all IT certification clients,
    Indian Government, Media, test centers and IT Companies to please
    check and take action on following proxy test centers opened and exams
    promoted by Everonn Systems under new model with no security
    requirement and no audit guarantee a tax hidden franschisee fee which
    reached the top officials such as Amit Geol, And Abhishek Sharma in
    Pearson Vue along with middle man Mr. Chawla and Mr.Bala and Mr Surya, Mr Sanjay Srivastava ( ex-vue employee and given vue test centers in year 2000 to all over west india that includes mitesh salariy of infobit, pranav raval of tech world rakesh patel, mihir patel now he is everonn world partner, and many more...)
    in Everonn Systems.

    Everonn Systems which is a blacklisted company India and which is
    invovled in tax fraud has also looted many gullible partners money for
    promising to give Prometric and Vue sites. Everonn is a favourite
    middle man for money minded individuals and top brass in Prometric and
    Vue. In Fact Its even heard that Prometric has started to sell the GRE
    centers to Everonn due to cash thrown in Prometric top officials Swiss
    accounts. Pearson guys also do not want to let go the oppurtunity
    Abhishek Sharma who was hired after corrupt bhasker was thrown out has
    been taught well be Amit Goel how to make billions by selling Cisco
    Test Centers.

    Read Below the press release in Everonn.

    P. Kishore; MD of Everonn System arrested by CBI. Any transcations
    with the company would be in tax net now!!!

    Below are the proxy test centers opened by pearson and prometric after
    bribes being taken by Abhishek Sharma, Amit Goel and Rajat Agrawal.
    Also a monthy pay reaches these officials through havala. We request
    you to please track the movement of these officials and put end to
    these corruption.

    Proxy Centers In Andhrapradesh

    21st Century Software Solutions Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh India
    DESTINY CONSULTANTS Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh India
    Futurepoint Technologies Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh India
    Integr8 IT Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh India
    Naipunya Sourcing Pvt Ltd Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh India
    Net Shell Technology Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh India
    Grafx IT Solutions Pvt Ltd Visakhapatnam Andhra Pradesh India
    MILLENNIUM SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS Visakhapatnam Andhra Pradesh India

    Proxy Centers in Delhi NCR

    Bitcom Services P Ltd Delhi Delhi India
    SIM TECH Delhi Delhi India
    MERIT New Delhi Delhi India
    Net Tech Academy Of Network Technologies New Delhi Delhi India
    HCL Infosystems - Noida

    Proxy centers in Gujarat

    Divya Overseas Ahmedabad Gujarat India
    Empire Computer System Ahmedabad Gujarat India
    GEC International Study Centre Ahmedabad Gujarat India
    Petknolinc Hard-Net Training Lab Vadodara Gujarat India
    VISION INFOTECH Vadodara Gujarat India

    Proxy Centers In Madhya Pradesh

    Smriti Netcom private Limited Bhopal Madhya Pradesh India
    Space Computer & Training Academy Gwalior Madhya Pradesh India
    Adsoft Informatics Pvt Ltd Indore Madhya Pradesh India
    Keen-N-Able Systems - Tata Infotech APLC Indore Madhya Pradesh India

    Proxy Centers in Maharasthra

    Domain Computer Education Kolhapur Maharashtra India
    M/S. Swastik Computer Education Mumbai Maharashtra India
    Vikram Computers Mumbai Maharashtra India
    Voice Solutions Mumbai Maharashtra India
    Delta Computers Pune Maharashtra India
    Proteck Computer Institute Pune Maharashtra India
    QIK Organization Pune Maharashtra India
    Vision Infosystems Thane Maharashtra India
    ICAM - Sangli

    Proxy Centers In Tamilnadu

    Calydon IT Academy Chennai Tamil Nadu India
    Cegonsoft Pvt. Ltd.(additional) Chennai Tamil Nadu India
    DreamsPlus Consulting Private Limited Chennai Tamil Nadu India
    Fab Solutions Chennai Tamil Nadu India
    Griffin Education Chennai Tamil Nadu India
    HB Educational Services Chennai Tamil Nadu India
    INCIEN IT SOLUTIONS Chennai Tamil Nadu India
    Infoed Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Chennai Tamil Nadu India
    Maxx Networking Technologies Chennai Tamil Nadu India
    Netmaster Chennai Tamil Nadu India
    Varu Network Chennai Tamil Nadu India
    Vectra Technosoft Pvt. LTD Chennai Tamil Nadu India
    KGISL Trust Coimbatore Tamil Nadu India
    IT Gateway Solutions Erode Tamil Nadu India
    Shalom Infotech Pvt.Ltd. Tiruchirapalli Tamil Nadu India
    Ganesh Online.Com P. Ltd Trichy Tamil Nadu India

    Abhishek Shrama who has also been recently assigned to check
    bhasker work is also one of the rotten mango.Infact now bhasker is
    front ending all the dicussion with partners and amit goyal allots
    test center as per bhasker instructions. Abhishek was recently paid 10
    lacs during his trips by Rakesh patel and Nasir Shaikh.

    Amit Goel got paid hansomelly by Pranay Chaudry for GMAT center
    alloted in Madhyapradesh.

    Armed with CISCO, GMAT and PTE academic they are going to market like
    crazy alloting sites to anybody who pays them. The current CISCO
    center rate is 5 lacs, GMAT 15 lacs, PTE 8 Lacs.Incase you wish to
    start a center get in touch with below mentioned agents or contact

    Yogesh Patel, Mayur Shrivastav, Nikhil Rastogi, have all paid
    money to both Ahishek and Amit for thier centers.Most of the centers
    are newly opened and promoting proxy and cheating.

    Prometric is no less, Prometric official asking to deposit money for
    IIM and TOEFL Sites in India.Recently Rajat Agrawal and Avtar Tickoo
    have started pimping sites again.In this Rajat very close friend and
    business partner sujon krishnan is also involved and they work on
    50-50 model. Sujon has a very dirty past of taking brides from
    partners during security audits and approving center with check of
    known people from rajat.

    Current Package-

    1- Everonn Franchisee fee 7.5 Lakhs
    Free Prometric Site with GRE and TOEFL
    Free IT Site
    Free Pearsone Vue Cisco Site
    IIM Site - 20 Lakhs
    No Audit guanrantee

    These people have been bribed with all things available in the world
    money, women, liqour and this reaches to the top most.

    The purpose to the mail is to bring this to all your notice and save
    what so ever value is left of certification in market. Please
    feel free to contact me.



    +91 [protected].

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  • As
    ASHISHSHINGH Oct 28, 2011

    Hi All

    After continues complaints after bhasker we have been successfull to stop the illegal activities to a limit but the proxy business still goes on. Amit goyal who has also been recently assigned to check bhasker work is also one of the rotten mango.

    Infact now bhasker is front ending all the dicussion with partners and amit goyal allots test center as per bhasker instructions. Amit goyal was recently paid 10 lacs during his trip to Ahmedabad by Rakesh patel and yogesh patel.

    Armed with CISCO, GMAT and PTE academic they are going to market like crazy alloting sites to anybody who pays them. The current CISCO center rate is 5 lacs, GMAT 15 lacs, PTE 8 Lacs.Incase you wish to start a center get in touch with below mentioned agents or contact bhasker.

    Amit goyal is also sleeping with his collegue Rekha and Nisha. Infact Amit and bhasker have also started wife swaping business. If you provide your wife to them your center will be given in half the cost.

    Yogesh Patel, Prasanna, Rakesh, Mitesh Salariya(infobit technologies), Sugah patel(Empire Computer System), Mayur Shrivastav, Nikhil Rastogi, have all paid money and their wifes ### to both bhasker and amit for theier centers.

    Most of the centers are newly opened and promoting proxy and cheating.

    Amit and Bhasker have made 1 crore in the whole deal from selling IT and GMAT centers in India.

    Below are the list of Centers opened by taking money and proxy exams are happening like hell got loss to recover money

    I think this (bulshit)pearson is not taking any action against this fraud centers .
    then why they are saying like this we are taking action against them
    all pearson peoples are same

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  • As
    ashishsingh Oct 22, 2011

    Dear Sir,

    I am writing to higher authority to please check and take action on following people who are operating and ruining the IT Certification value.

    Suhag Patel - Empire Computer Gujarat India Proxy king pins, also an associate of Infobit technology, Ahmedabad and currently business partner of Mitesh Salariy from Infobit Technologies this group is currently fake IT certification and training racket in and around gujarat under academic colleges name. Its heard they are will well connected with Pearson Vue and all the money is reaching the highest authority in Pearson Vue .

    Mitesh Salariy has a very long history in running proxy exam centers and mobile servers. It was for his dubious works he has been blacklisted in IT training and certification Industry. After been kicked out of in Infobit technology w

    Through this he used to provide proxy exams from IIHT, Networknuts, IACM, Netriver technologies and Infobit Technology test centers which have been blacklisted and closed by by Prometric and Pearson Vue for Microsoft and Cisco exams. This all contiuned for more then and year and Suhag Patel - Empire Computer and his supeior have made millions from the proxy exams under Empire Computer.

    Below are names of corrupt officials in IT industry who have been blacklisted by Prometric, Pearson Vue, Microsoft and Cisco but still manage to run dubious test centers.

    Proxy centers in Gujarat

    Empire Computer System Ahmedabad Gujarat India
    Petknolinc Hard-Net Training Lab Vadodara Gujarat India
    VISION INFOTECH Vadodara Gujarat India
    Hubglobal Technologies Gujarat India
    Dev Infotech Gujarat India

    This Center is roviding 100% passing guarantee for all types of online exams like that of CISCO, MICROSOFT, SUN SOLARIS, ORACLE, VISUAL BASIC, DOT NET, CHECKPOINT, NORTEL, JAVA, SHAREPOINT, HP, IBM, LOTUS, LPI, ITIL, EMC, APPLE in the Low price.

    So guys post your complaints against this corruption. Share your experience let us expose them.

    Lets make companies like Cisco, Oracle, Sun atleast take some action.

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  • Mi
    misse.d. Apr 27, 2011

    I have had problems meeting their criteria for reschuling and refunds. They have their own definition of what a day is and how many days needed for rescheduling. After the fact they offer all details but when you pay, inquire or search for anwers about rescheduling all details needed are not posted or stated in one place or all places where refund criteria is mentioned which leaves room for error therefore loss of testing fees. Unfair business practices due to their monopoly. E.D.

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  • Ad
    adora hunt Feb 03, 2011

    I was supposed to take one part of my CPA exam on Jan. 27, 2011. Lo and behold, a snowstorm hits NYC area, dropping more than 15 inches of snow. I called the testing center 4 or 5 times to check whether they were open or not, and of course no one picked up. When I called prometric the next day, they told me the testing site was open and testing sites do not answer calls. So why do they even bother listing their number on the website?

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  • Ma
    May PH Jan 15, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My test center was in San Diego, Ca,

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  • Ma
    May PH Jan 15, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    prometric are bad,
    I had my TOEFL exam scheduled on Jan/29th 2011 and they changed it on their own to April, this mean they will delay me for 2 whole months, I tried to complain, but they have no valid email or phone, I plan to file a written complain

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  • Da
    danvit Aug 01, 2010

    Well, it looks like admin made a point. But, recently I have come to know that in Hyderabad, India you will be able to pay to get Base certification for SAS and Advanced SAS certification. I am assuming that the center is going easy on IDs and letting the proxy take the exam. Good job prometric.


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  • Co
    Complaints Review Board Jul 26, 2010

    Hi Guys,

    When complaining about any institution/test centre, please be very specific. Don't copy/paste all the institutes from Prometric/VUE website.

    Based on the list, our team had called these institutions and found that most of the Institutes don't have prometric and got prometric status just few days back. (ex: Cartel Network Solutions Pvt Ltd, CertGurus Bangalore, Corporate Network Solutions Bangalore, Inter Networkz Bangalore, SAFAS Internetworking Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore, etc). These institutes are very professional and the Test Administrators are non-technical people.

    So, It is un-ethical to give negative remark on all the prometric test centres.

    Infact, nowadays, all the prometric centres are equipped with IP based CCTV cameras and all the test sessions are video recorded in DVRs and stored for 1 year.


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  • Sg
    sgbharwani Jul 11, 2010

    All of you do not know the facts... Here are the actual facts… how corruption was started before 15-18 months back.

    Bhasker Kedia (3rd Class and very corrupted officer of Pearson VUE) and Mayank (currently servicing in Microsoft, former employee of Everonn) were best friends. Everonn was having affiliation with VUE; so as an employee of Everonn Mayank knows Bhasker and Amit Goyal very well.

    Once Bhasker met Mayank and discussed about their hobbies and all. After some meeting; they expressed their salves that both are fantasies about homosexual relation. They were came closure through their homosexual relation. They started big earning from dummy exams and all.

    Mean time Everonn knew about Mayank; and lay off him from the job. After Mayank joined Microsoft, now Mayank tries his level best to take Bhasker with him in Microsoft.

    One side Bhasker is doing very big scam in VUE; which all of you knows very well from emails and website. But the other side Mayank is also doing very big scam in Microsoft.

    He is selling Microsoft exam vouchers @ Rs. 1200 to Rs. 1500. He is also having homo sexual relation with Madhav Raju (owner of IIHT); Mayank is always there with Madhav after his job time. He sold thousands of Microsoft vouchers to Madhav Raju. As per information of 11th July 2010; Madhav Raju is selling these vouchers @ Rs. 1700 to Rs. 1950.

    Mayank have also given some MS vouchers to “Mitas” @ Rs. 1500.

    Mayank have taken 1000$ each from three colleges and not forwarded college data for Microsoft Academic tie-ups. He is also involved in a big scam in license software and all. He is forwarding all the inquiries to specific vendors. In south, he is having setting with Siju Thomas and west region; Roopa Sanghvi.

    Bhasker is also forcing their clients to purchase license software through specific vendors and Mayank and Bhasker is making good money in this.

    If so called “broker” of Bhaker; is not giving his cut, Bhasker threaten them and force them to purchase license software.

    Last week they have earned (Bhasker and Mayank) Rs. 65 lacks in license software. Microsoft officials know everything; but Mayank is milky cow for Microsoft; so they are not hearing complaints against Mayank. It is as same as Bhasker and VUE.

    Ultimately; Mayank is earning through Bhasker and Madhav and also fulfill their physical desire from them.

    It is also been heard that due to Madhav; one of his old employee got divorce who married just before 4-5 years back. Madhav were placed his old employees into various multinational IT companies like Microsoft, Oracle, Sun Microsystem and IBM; to earn Crore of rupees from these companies.

    I don’t know the facts about AIDS; which one of writer has written before few days, but it can be possible.

    This is a real “CORPORATE WORLD”, it is beyond your imagination. Up-till now; you have only heard about Bollywood celebrities but it is the real fact in Indian Corporate Business.

    A journalist of Times of India knew everything very well; and against not to publish any single word for Madhav and IIHT they got some % of stake in IIHT Limited Company.

    All the above are millionaire and nothing will happen against them.

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  • El
    Elaine - London, UK Jun 24, 2010

    I booked my daughter on a prometric test drive in London, UK. The whole purpose of the test drive is to familiarize oneself with the test centre and the process and to do a dummy test. The Prometric test site actually says the following:

    "You'll be able to familiarize yourself with the look and feel of the computer-based testing environment and minimize pre-test mistakes such as getting lost on the way to the center, failing to arrive with the correct I.D. and paperwork, etc. "

    We had the test drive booked for 4.30pm and we travelled an hour to get to the centre. My daughter had her old passport with her, but the centre would not accept it and would NOT let her take the test drive. This completely goes against what the Promteric website states is the whole point of doing the test drive. It is precisely to allow you to figure out mistakes, so that when you go to do the real test you do not make the same mistakes again. I was totally aghast when the person said she could not take the test drive. He would not let me talk to a manager or even let me re-arrange to take the test drive.

    I have had previous email communications with Prometric and found them to be terrible at getting back to me and I had to constantly chase and escalate to get a response. I eventually found one person who was helpful, but on the whole very very bad customer service.

    Elaine - London, UK.

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  • Pu
    pungera Apr 11, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My name is Puneet. I was scheduled for exam on saturday april 10th 2010 here in Usa.I did receive an email from the prometric and did confirm its scheduled on saturday at 8am. I work nights.After returning back from work at 2 am.I did dinner till 3 and studied one hour till 4am, then slept only one hour.As I had to leave my home at 5:30 am to be at test center by 8am.So I was restless, tired, When I reached the testing center, to my surprise, It was CLOSED. there was a security guard there, I logged into the visitors log book.and the center was indeed closed.It was very depressing and harassing afterall I had not even slept in night. I called that center phone on my cell and left a message for them and returned home at 9:20 am. I receieved called from lady after 12pm.I was sleeping that time, I called back at 4pm .That test center lady She didn't even apologize.She was rude and just gave me a number to call customer care, which I called just to find out that due to saturday it was closed.I know prometric will have me scheduled for exam again but who is going to pay for costly transport that I had to do to reach testing center, and what about the mental and emotional stress that I had to undergo.I am not sure whether I should sue the prometric for this, but I know a student has posted on review on another test center which has done this twice, and prometric just don't care and are playing with the careers, time money and efforts of students and causing them harassment. Please guide what should I do

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  • Av
    Avtartc Apr 05, 2010

    Pearson Vue
    Posted: 2009-11-14 by Prasanna Send email

    Pearson Vue- Promoting proxy exam and alloting center taking bribe- Corrupt official Bhasker Kedia
    Pearson Vue- Promoting proxy exam and alloting center taking bribe- Corrupt official Bhasker Kedia
    Read comments Add a comment


    141 days ago by Sanjeev [send email]
    Hi Guys,

    In fact Pearson vue has now started giving GMAT centers to partners with very dirty past. There will be soon many other centers coming up as they have already given money to bhasker to allot the centers.

    Visit the vue website and you will find the list of sites which are closed and open in other name.
    test security and high stakes test they claim is just eye wash.

    There is proxy happening in new GMAT centers opened up in Rajasthan and Madhyapradesh.

    Bhasker is involved in big racket across countries and in india he has been alloting sites only to a group of guys in Karnataka, Gujarat and madhya pradesh and making big money.

    Bhasker has been bribed with all things available in the world money, women, liqour and this reaches to the top most officials in VUE channel.

    How this companies like Cisco and Oracle trust compaines like VUE which have such a dirty Chandra and other top officials in VUE)

    So guys post your complaints against this corruption. Share your experience let us expose them.

    Lets make companies like GMAT, Cisco, Oracle, Sun atleast take some action.


    138 days ago by Jigar Gupta [send email]
    I am Disagree with this comment,

    I had just enquire in MP center for this and might sanjeev is suffering or compitetor of person who get center so he is might suffering somewhere...


    138 days ago by Ashwini [send email]

    you seems to be worried are you the one who got the center by paying bhaskar and his agents

    first go and learn english it seems your are the one who got the center in Rajasthan, Madhya pradesh, Gujarat, Karnataka and defending yourself.
    Bhasker kedia is Mr.Koda in reallife.
    I have a center and have approached bhasker he sent his agent from north and asked for 3 lacs


    138 days ago by Vijaya [send email]
    my brother wants to pass GMAT with i score can somebody given GMAT center agents details and rate they charge

    thank you

    138 days ago by Atul Rana [send email]
    charging 1-2 lacs to give a center for Cisco and Oracle give him a girl for a nigth with bozz and he will give it for 75000

    138 days ago by Rohit [send email]

    we are providing 100% passing guarantee for all types of online exams like that of CISCO, MICROSOFT, SUN SOLARIS, ORACLE, VISUAL BASIC, DOT NET, CHECKPOINT, NORTEL, JAVA, SHAREPOINT, HP, IBM, LOTUS, LPI, ITIL, EMC, APPLE in the best price.For more info mail at [email protected] We also arrange for GMAT 100% pass


    138 days ago by Mohit Chauhan [send email]
    I agree with all what is mentioned in this blog:

    I would like to highlight some information so that we know the gravity of the situation.

    HYDERABAD: The managing director of a private company and five others were arrested for issuing CISCO certificates by fraudulent means. The private company was issuing the certificates by impersonating the candidates who does not have the requisite knowledge to get the certificate.

    The fraud was unearthed following a complaint by an authorised agent of NCS Pearson India Private Limited which has several authorised centres in the city to conduct examinations for the CISCO test. A person who gets the CISCO certificate could get jobs of a network administrator. The Cyber Crime Cell of the Central Crime Station (CCS) received the complaint on April 20 and investigated the matter.

    During investigation, the CCS sleuths found that one of the CISCO authorised centres, MIST Private Limited, situated in Ameerpet and Narayanaguda has been indulging in impersonation of candidates who approached them for CCNA certification and collected huge sums of money from them as well.

    “The process of exam for genuine candidates is that a candidate having requisite knowledge in networking and administration, appearing for CCNA exam should pay Rs 13, 250 and is given the date and time for writing exam. On the specified day, the candidate should appear before the administrator along with receipt and identification proof. The candidate is given an identification number and his signature is obtained on a digital signature pad and his photograph taken through webcam.

    Only then is the candidate allowed to write an exam, ” DCP (detective department) R S Praveen Kumar said in a release on Monday.

    The managing director of the MIST private limited, G Hanumanth Reddy, however, conducted examination for unqualified persons who were brought by a mediator, Rajasekhar, by taking extra money to help unqualified students get the CISCO certification. Hanumanth Reddy instructed his faculty and system administrators — V Satyanarayana Reddy, D Kista Reddy, A Sandeep and S Rafiq — to help the students get through the CCNA examination by impersonating them. “The faculty and system administrators helped around 115 students referred by Hanumanth Reddy to get through the CCNA exam by impersonation, ” Praveen Kumar said.

    Police arrested Mist Private Limited managing director, Hanumanth Reddy, Satyanarayana Reddy, Kista Reddy, Sandeep, Rafiq and another person, Ch Pradeep Kumar, and remanded them to judicial custody.

    138 days ago by Pradeep Antil [send email]
    Do you guys know abroad, they have started asking candidates where did they do their tests and if the answer is India they have to go through another test before the interview, that's the reputation being build by indian prometric and pearson vue test centres. So good luck to all the prometric and pearson vue indian test centres who are spoiling career of thousands and name of INDIA. so basically in our country whoever even gets a little chance to make money they do not miss the opportunity WHATEVER it takes. GOOD LUCK.

    Request to candidates please please do not fall into the hands of this fraud test centres all over india, you have a duty to say NO as well. whats the point of that certification if you don't know it. and then paying more for not to knowing the subject and escaping.

    I know some good people who give training for free and you will guarntee pass the exam as these guys know what they are teaching even a beginner will pass the exam who has not even seen computer. give me a shout at [email protected] if you would like to more about them. please include free india from corruption in your subject line.


    135 days ago by Yogiraj [send email]
    Below are the list of Centers opened by taking money and proxy exams are happening like hell got loss to recover money

    Bitcom Services P Ltd Delhi Delhi India
    SIM TECH Delhi Delhi India
    Venus Enterprises Delhi Delhi India
    Global Ascent Testing Center Delhi & NCR Delhi India
    Alien Softnet Technologies Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi Delhi India
    Netroute X New Delhi Delhi India
    SAI Testing Solutions New Delhi Delhi India
    Cartel Network Solutions Pvt Ltd Bangalore Karnataka India
    CertGurus Bangalore Karnataka India
    Corporate Network Solutions Bangalore Karnataka India Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore Karnataka India
    Inter Networkz Bangalore Karnataka India
    SAFAS Internetworking Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore Karnataka India
    Solutions Integrated Bangalore Karnataka India
    Sudarshan Network Solutions Bangalore Karnataka India
    Matrix Technologies Bhopal Madhya Pradesh India
    Smriti Netcom private Limited Bhopal Madhya Pradesh India
    VEDISOFT Bhopal Madhya Pradesh India
    E-Biz Technocrats Pvt. Ltd. Gwalior Madhya Pradesh India
    Innovaxis Technologies Gwalior Madhya Pradesh India
    Keen-N-Able Systems - Tata Infotech APLC Indore Madhya Pradesh India
    Universal Informatics Indore Madhya Pradesh India
    Ideal Management Group Jabalpur Madhya Pradesh India
    PACE Bureau Jabalpur Madhya Pradesh India
    M.M Computech Ajmer Rajasthan India
    Centre For Electronic Governance Jaipur Rajasthan India
    Compu Key Jaipur Rajasthan India
    GT Computer Hardware Engineering College Ltd Jaipur Rajasthan India
    New Horizons CLC Jaipur Jaipur Rajasthan India
    Sunita Institute of Hardware Technology Jaipur Rajasthan India
    HINT Udaipur Rajasthan India
    Vihang Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Aurangabad Maharashtra India
    Dots Software Solutions India Ltd Mumbai Maharashtra India
    Excel Network Technologies Mumbai Maharashtra India
    Nirmal Datacomm Pvt Ltd Mumbai Maharashtra India
    RST Forum Mumbai Maharashtra India
    Security Academy Mumbai Maharashtra India
    Techno Solutions Mumbai Maharashtra India
    Vikram Computers Mumbai Maharashtra India
    Aromatic Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Nagpur Maharashtra India
    Horizon Computers Navi Mumbai Maharashtra India
    Technosoft Computers Pune Pune Maharashtra India
    KRIS TECHNOLOGIES Thane Maharashtra India
    Jeet Institute of Information Technology Nadiad Gujarat India
    Empire Computer System Ahmedabad Gujarat India
    Hubglobal Technologies Ahmedabad Gujarat India
    Swift Computer Technology Rajkot Gujarat India
    Microsystems Udaipur Rajasthan India
    Vidyarthi Computers Hanamkonda Andhra Pradesh India
    Blossom Technologies Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh India
    Integr8 IT Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh India
    Prasad Networks Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh India
    Sreenidhi Infotech Secunderabad Andhra Pradesh India
    Caliber Technocrats Visakhapatnam Andhra Pradesh India
    Vedasree Enterprises hyderabad Andhra Pradesh India

    Even after numerous complains these center remain open under the nose of CISCO, Oracle, GMAT since people in VUE security are handsomely bribed by Amit goyal and Bhasker Kedia.

    The money reaches all the departments in VUE. Infact Bhasker owns fews centers across india and is trying to get greedly partners to add his kiity.

    They have really ruined the name on IT cerifications and have become pimps

    134 days ago by Rrastogi [send email]
    Yeah GMAT agents

    My phone number is [protected].
    kinly contact me via phone or just mail me the details at
    [email protected]

    Want a test center

    134 days ago by Vijay [send email]
    if any body has bhaker contact please forward just called you will need exam center for either nov last week or dec 1st week

    What will be the cost ?

    134 days ago by Sunil [send email]

    These people should be treated as God's, because they had made careers of several people around the globe. After completion of the exam no candidate will pay their salaries to these people who take the risk of passing. If these people fail the exam the candidates dosen't pay any thing extra. As these exams are online one should not take such cases seriously.

    134 days ago by Yunus [send email]
    I even have another list of people who are doing such activities kindly mail to me for further details

    [email protected]

    119 days ago by Varun Sharma [send email]
    I Think
    This is only made by some people how did no have got testing center

    This is not possiable

    84 days ago by Rohit Ahuja [send email]
    All this is wrong. I appreciate Bhaskar. He is an ethical guy.

    78 days ago by Prem [send email]
    Hey rohit, how much you are you paid to write this, or you seem to be one of the goose kilao partner if you appreaciate him go and suck his ###. He is a f**king pimp and nothing else and you are one of his agents.

    78 days ago by Kiran [send email]
    hey boys pls keep it professional here, its not just about one guy, its about the team of agents and test centers who are opened by bribing and they go to recovery mode by starting proxy.

    This is what is happening in PVPC and GMAT centers in Jaipur, Indore, Pune and in South.

    Today you can get a CCNA certification at home just because of this great people.

    Bhasker should think of the bigger picture of certification industry and effects of such agents

    I am from hyderabad and its all a messed up market here beacuse of such agents.


    48 days ago by Ravikant [send email]
    I agree with the comments the Pearsone vue center Sudharsan network banglore is a suspisiuos one and involve in cheating when is went there to enquire just on entry i was asked whether i wnated to give my self or wanted to just pass since it was the first time i was gieven exam i asked what was the rate for both and i was quoted Rs 17000/- for CCNA Rs. 12500 for exam and rest for passing. When i asked its too much i was told since there are all photo and other requirements he need to given money forward to get it done. I found a similar thing at Prasad networks.

    10 days ago by Vinod [send email]
    Similar things happening at Venus test center in Delhi, Empire, Vikram center in Mumbai and Aromatic in Nagpur.

    Infact People fron Vue and their dalals in ahmedabad, baroda, hyderbad, delhi have made a cartel with Bhasker and are now selling centers for 2 lacs and GMAT centers for 5 Lacs with 20% royalty on each proxy exam delivered. The money gets deposited in bank account and bhasker has been provided with debit card and this is how be gets the money just got fresh news from dalals in delhi

    Be carefull of this pimps they are every where, please write your experience all this is being contiuosly sent to all the majors companys for information along with media. Soon you will find a big scam involving bhasker kedia coming to international media.

    1 Votes
  • Co
    Coldfeet Aug 28, 2009

    Took a part of CPA exam on a hot summer day. I wore a T-shirt and jacket (for cold protection in that extreme cold exam room). Then, I was asked/forced to take off my jeans jacket while others got into the exam room wearing their blazer. What's the definition of jacket and why is it NOT acceptable? No straight answer. Appeared to be judgemental.

    3 Votes
  • Um
    U. M. Jul 20, 2009

    Their customer services have NO consistency. A different assistant, a different response. When I was telling them my frustration over the phone, they do not want to hear any complaints from customers. They do NOT care about customers. What a bureaucracy!

    2 Votes
  • Mo
    Monica Apr 02, 2009

    I agree! I was scheduled to take my GRE exam today at the Maitland office. I left an hour early and ended up getting lost. I called the office several times and got no answer! When I finally found the place, the lady (I think her name was Carola) said they don't care about people that are calling when they are sitting people. Seriously? I payed $130 for them to have only one person working there!? And even worse, for hiring of employees with horrible attitudes. I hope something is done about the service at this office.

    1 Votes

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