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My wife went to pearl vision in Belleville Ont. selected her glasses and frames and went to pay for them. We both have benefits however not with the same company. Due to this the company I am with ( great west life) requires a manual submission from the store. The person serving my wife, Steve she believes his name is refused to fill out and submit the form stating it was too much of a headache for him.

Because of this person's actions my wife still does not have her glasses, and will have to wait a full week until her next day off work to purchase another pair. We are a big family with 5 children, 6 out of the 7 people in the family wear glasses. Unless this person is dealt with, we will no long purchase any glasses or eye wear of any sort from your company. I request a personal apology to my wife from the individual who served her, as well as from corporate.

If we do not receive what I requested we will no longer be your costumers and will make the rest of my family and friends do not shop there. I will also post the review online stating the poor service at that location.

My wife's name is Kerry Warbis-Bernier, she was there Friday Nov.30/18

Pearl Visioneye glasses

Iwent to pearl vision on july8 2017.picked up my glasses a week later.took them back the next day because they were not tinted for the sun.well nobody offered this to me.they want to charge me $100.00 to tint them.I think they should do it for free it is covered on my insurance.And they did not offer it to me.actually i thought it was going to be done.My last pair of glasses came that way.I even told the guy i wanted everything my insurance paid for.he was very rud and thought this was funny.i can't even where my glasses because my eyes are light sensitive.

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    Barryxyz Mar 02, 2010

    Both pair of my eye glasses were made with the wrong prescription. I found this out when I could not see out of them and another store read them and told me they were not made to specification. I brought them back to Pearl Vision and asked them to read the lenses. They said they were OK. I said really? Because another store said they were made wrong. They said they would have their lab recheck them tomorrow which they did and than they told me they would be re-making the lenses because they were wrong. How many other people have walked out of Pearl Vision with wrong lenses? Too many I’m sure.

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    Pablo Dec 01, 2010

    I purchased a 2 for 1 deal. I also purchased insurance. The regular glasses fell apart. The sun glasses soon followed. I had the glass glasses replaced. They did not want to replace the sunglasses. Today my replacement pair just fell apart. The insurance is usless and the frames come apart. Ugh. a very bad and expensive experience. I went there because Pearl Vision "backs up their products."

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Pearl VisionScam and cheating

Even though new frames and lenses had not been ordered by the store, and I canceled the request the next business morning I was told that they never refund money; it was theirs to keep (per manager). Though countless messages were left for the franchise owner, and a faxed letter was sent politely requesting my money not be held hostage, no one has replied.

Basically, they stole money from me and guess what, there isn't anything that can be done. It is their business practice at the Woodstock, GA location and my fault in not knowing who I was doing business with prior to trusting them.

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    Unhappy Customer Tampa Feb 09, 2010

    The Bruce B Downs location was extremely unprofessional. I have since found out that she the is the owner.

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    shelly grabow Feb 15, 2011

    I was told the same thing. They refused to cancel my order. Would not give me the corporate number and I was even told that they don't have a manager. I was only given an e-mail address. I have since sent an e-mail and contacted the 1-800-YES-EYES number. I told them that if my account is not refunded I will file a fraud claim with my bank, The Better Business Bureau and with the Tarrant County Court. I went to the Chase Pkwy location in Fort Worth Texas. I was told that my vision plan was only a discount plan. I was charged $252.49 for single vision glasses. The frames were the cheapest they had at $120.00. My insurance would have covered the full cost of the frame. All I should have paid was $25 co-pay with an in-network provider which I was told that they were. Come to find out they are not. Scammers.

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