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National Benefit Advisory AssociationBad Business

This company withdrew money from my account without permission. I was interested in their health savings plan and talked with a representative for a good deal of time. I told him I needed time to consider it and would not say yes at that time. However, when he told me that there was a limited time offer where they were accepting pre-existing health conditions such as mine and that he needed my bank account number to hold my place (or some such thing), I naively went ahead and gave it to him. I clearly stated that I would call the next morning if I wanted to go use their service.

During our conversation I was told that when /if I agreed, another representative would talk with me to go over the terms of the license agreement so I could formally approve. This never happened. Furthermore, someone at the office I had called entered information into their computer system saying that this had happened, going so far as to list the name of the person who (didn't) go over the liscense agreement with me. This I discovered when I called their corporate office and the woman, marilyn, who I talked to looked my information up on the computer. Thankfully she was honest and helpful and canceled my membership.

In order to get my money back I contacted my bank and contested the withdrawal. Then I put a stop payment on my account, which will last for six months, so that if the NBAA tries to withdraw from my account again the transaction will be blocked. It is much faster to go through your bank than to wait for the company to refund you. If you did not agree to their terms, then you have 60 days from the time of your bank statement to contest the withdrawal. And of course, never give away your account number or social security number.

Resolved National Benefit Advisory AssociationInsurance Frauds, harassement & discriminations

This is Z A A I worked for the DOD as a GS12 Int. with the US Army for Iraqi Freedom Operation & when i came back from deployment (09/03/09), i applied online for insurance because i didn't have no longer medical & dental insurance with the government so this company called me (some time they used NBAA, National Benefit Advisory Association "[protected], [protected], [protected]" or America's Insurance Consultants "[protected], [protected]" which is all of them the same company & location) on 09/09/09 & they offer me supposedly affordable medical & dental insurance for 149.95$/mounth & they waive the 100$ enrollment fee with 3 months trail. For me, it sound great & they gave me their contact information as [protected] & [protected] for the claim if i want to use my benefits through miss Rebeca the representative. After couple of days in my bank account 09/11/09 show a charge of 279.95$ as -CKCD DEBIT 09/09 NTL BENEFIT877-202FORT WORTH TX- from them so i called to find out why is the charge that much so nobody answer, i left a massage, Rebeca called me back & she told me that they were mistaking & they will credit me back the rest (130$) which they never did.
Today 09/23/09 i went to the Dental Office for check up so they told me @ the office that this # is not a working #, so i tried it & it's true it's not a good # so i called [protected] 4:06pm Est for almost 3 minutes) to ask for the correct # & the unknown name representative (she said her name is Hally, Chalet, Charlot, Jessica, ...ETC) said that i don't have insurance with them with rudeness & unprofessional argue ethics & she said that she will call me back & she did [protected] @ 4:14pm Est for 3:30) said with attitude & rudeness that u don't have insurance with us because we cancel it & ur money refunded on 09/21/09 to ur account (which is i don't receive it yet & i don't believe that i will [go & search for their reviews i'm not the only one]) so i told here: Mam don't take it personally but ur company they screw me with the money & the coverage & i felt embarrassed @ the dental office because they think that i try to pull up scam on them & in the matter fact that i know them because they r my neighbor clinic then she start telling me that which part u don't understand that i can enroll u again for another fee & u need to wait for ur insurance card (means another scam because i didn't receive the first one in the first place) & if u don't like that GO BACK TO THE HELL COUNTRY WHERE U CAME FROM so i stopped here & i told here u need to have some manner & respect for ur business, u represent a legmen company & i would like to have ur name & ur employee id # please Mam? she started to tell me i'm not, so after i insist she told me different names as expected & [censored] u. After all this drama i started to have numerous privet phone calls harassing me, threatening me, use bad languages, insults & discrimination {DUMB AS**, [censored] U & UR COUNTRY, LAUGPHS @ ME & MADE JOKES & PEOPLE LAGPHED ON THE BACKGROUND, U R IN THE MILITTARY WE PAY UR SALARY IDEOD, ...Etc} (@ 4:25pm Est for 1 min, 4:27pm for less than 1 min, 4:31 for 2:30, 4:36 for 1 min [i do have the record].
That my experience Mam/Sir with ur licenced & business privilege holders in ur state which is i hat to say that but how the citizens r going trust this kind of health providers by trust their health & life in the hand of scams & frauds businesses. Personally i felt so bad from these individuals who put me, my service, my sacrifices & my life for my father (USA) & my mother (IRAQ) countries while they r here safe but the only thing they care about how to be ignoring & low life to the people.
Everybody r going to appreciate what u will do if u take serious actions & make sure about ur regulations (which is i don't believe that is that much different than our region NE)regarding this frauds companies according to the law -at least u can do- by charge them violations, suspend & terminate their business & substitute them by professional & butter business ethics company to let every business learn a lesson to not break the law & the roles for the good of everyone.
Thank u Mam/Sir for ur concern & ur time to investigate that matter for the country of freedom & opportunities for all the citizens.
Regards & good day.

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    I love my Job Sep 29, 2009

    I was there i actually work in that exact same office that is not what happened. i have been there for three week and the company is trying there hardest to turn things around and help customers as much as possible. previously there was complaints due to a past supervisor but it has been handle and we are now trying to fix things to make are customers happy I tell customers exactly what the medical savings plan offers in other offices we do offer insurance at a higher cost but this office is not health insurance which we tape during verification with the customer on the line they have to state they understand it is not health insurance. i appoligize if he thinks things got out of hand that day but the only one being rude and hateful was him. I did not speak with him directly but i promise we are never rude to are customer they are the ones that keep us in business they are the reason we all have jobs. I offer the web site as well it states on the website that we are not insurance but a medical saving plan and he could have read in detail there about all of his benifits with his plan including his dentist. thank you for your time

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    johhnyblaze Feb 15, 2012

    Ive worked for AIC or americas insurance consultants, or NBAA..all the same company..they are a scam, they try to convince people they are getting an insurance plan when really it is not insurance at all it is a scheduled healthcare benefit package, no plan, no insurance, they arent even supposed to say those words on the phone, when they do a verification they try to trick you into letting them verify a certain date for the money to be taken out of your account but they say it wont really be like that its just a "verification" thing they have to get passed in order to get you the deal they offered, then they send you a discount card for rx drugs that anyone can apply for, even if you dont have a "package" with aic, yes the homeless guy in your neighborhood can apply for this card, all the people in the office are scared of the managers and the managers answer to the main scam artist, this should really be investigated by someone who has some type of authority in these matters, will this ever get taken care of and will AIC ever be brough to justice? probably not

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Resolved National Benefit Advisory AssociationInsurance Fraud

On June 25, 2009 I contacted this "insurance company" who told me they were Trans America Insurance. I was given great pricing on great coverage. Before calling them I had asked a friend in the insurance business (not health) and was told if it was Trans America it should be fine, but was given some questions to ask. I signed up three individual policies (wasn't told I could get family) and I was assured that the "post dated check" would not go thru until June 10, 2009. I called my State Insurance Commission and gave them the answers to my questions that I had been told to ask NBAA, and none of the answers that they gave me were real. I had asked if they (nbaa) were licenced in my state and was told YES..they are NOT, I had been given a fake NAIC #, and was told that my son could use any physician in California, NOT TRUE.
I called back the next day and spoke with Michelle, who I was told was a supervisor, and told her that I wanted everything cancelled, and explained why. She said that she would cancel everything. Another man called me the same day to tell me that they could not wait until the 10th to post the "post-dated" check. I told him that I had spoken with Michelle and I wanted everything cancelled NOW, he said he would take care of it. Since that day thru yesterday, 7/13/2009, I have received at least one call everyday from NBAA and I told everyone of the people that called that this was cancelled and I was not interested and to make sure that this was taken out of their system and everyone of them said that they would take care of it.
Well, today a debit of $759.85 went thru my bank. I called the company and asked to speak to a manager and was given "Tom McDonald", who seemed to be very concerned and talked about how this wasn't the way they did business and that he would call the appropriate person and it would be taken care of and even gave me a phone number of the person that he was going to call to take care of this. I asked for names and he said that Wilma or Collette would call me. I hung up the phone and decided to call him right back for a letter stating that this is cancelled and that I would be getting my money back today. When I called back and asked for Tom McDonald I was told there was nobody there by that name and the woman actually hung up in my face.
My husband went to our bank and signed a statement that this was unauthorized and the bank stopped payment. I have called all of the phone numbers that are on my phone from all of the people who called me from this company and have not been able to speak to anyone and have literally called all day and into the night.
It is a real same that these type companies are out there preying on people who need real insurance for themselves and families. All I can say is please don't fall prey to these reprehensible, unscrupulous people like I and many others have done.

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    lsg Jul 14, 2009

    I'm sorry, I am commenting on my own complaint. Actually making a correction.
    I was assured my "post-dated check" would not go thru until JULY 10, 2009.
    It is a real SHAME that these type companies are out there preying on people who need real insurance for themselves and families.

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  • Rb
    rbeagan Oct 01, 2009

    WOW! Unbelievable! I just got this same call!!! The red flag went up for me when she was so urgent about getting my financial information. I told her it sounded like a scam to me. She laughed and said I was the second person to say that to her! Well DUH!!! I began googling the 2 phone numbers that I had for them and came up with nothing, so I googled the name of the company and BINGO! Here I am!

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Resolved National Benefit Advisory Association — False advertising

I was in search fo medical insurance for my family and went online to shop around. Some how my information...