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Medco PharmacyUnwilling to help consumers

I have had several issues with this pharmacy:
1) My Mom had a prescription benefit card that lowered the cost of her med from $150 to $10 and another to lower a different med from $75 to $5. This is HUGE because my mom is on a fixed income. Her insurance company FORCED her to go through this pharmacy and they WILL NOT honor the prescription benefit card for the medications.

2) A med was cancelled from her list and they won't remove it (even though it still had 1 more refill) they refilled the med and charged her $75 fee. They would NOT return it and forced her to pay it.

3) Other times I have placed an order on line, payed the bill online, had the confirmation number and they would not refill because they were "waiting for payment, " but no one called or emailed to that effect. This caused her to have to go through the local pharmacy for a temporary supply of medications (that her insurance company would not cover) because Medco couldn't get the order processed in under two weeks. That "issue" that they caused costed my mom over $200.

Any time I have called they are very RUDE and not willing to help. I hate having to deal with this company - my mom is forced to deal with them (although not for long, we are switching insurance companies (thank GOD) and won't have to deal with them again! I would STRONGLY recommend that you NOT USE Medco Pharmacy for ANY of your NEEDS - they not only charge you more, but their fiasco's end up costing you additional unplanned money.

  • Why The Long Faces Aug 04, 2012

    1. The discount card is for CASH payment, so all your mom has to do is tell the pharmacy not to file the claim against the insurance. Easy as pie.

    2. If it was removed and your mother insisted on the refill, then she is obligated to pay the fee. It is a federal law not to accept medication back once it has left the pharmacy.

    3. If you do not like Medco then your mother needs to change her insurance. She agreed to use them when she accepted the insurance.

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Medco Pharmacyprescriptions - dishonest, unethical

I called Medco to price a prescription; was told by a rep in the Phillippines that my Dr. could call in the script, order 3 -10ml bottles of the eyedrops and my cost would be $80. That I done, I received 1 bottle and a bill for $80. Called Medco, talked with a rep in the Phillippines with a limited knowledge of English (couldn't understand her): I insisted on talking with a supervisor. Gregory said the drops were susposed to last 50 days so a 3 month supply was not allowed. Unopened, I was going to return the package. Was told that they would destroy it and I would still owe $80.
This prescription can be filled at any local drugstore; my cost would be $40. My Dr. attempted to revise my prescription but it was entered as a new order for 4 bottles. I got on line and seen that NEW order and a note that they would be sending my next order of another prescription (out of date). I called again; was told they could send the old outdated medicationwould just call my Dr. I need to have a blood test before it is refilled. While on the phone I requested my scripts be cancelled. I followed that call with a call to both drs', telling them NOT to authorize any medications through Medco. I don't want anything to do with such an underhanded, unethical company.

Medco PharmacyLets start a class action suit!

It does no good to call customer service when they screw up by sending wrong medication, overcharge your account, be rude over phone. Let say the *** with going through hoops to get correct information I say lets start a class action suit against Medco. If you have been wronged by MEDCO and are interested in starting a law suit please contact me by e-mail. [protected] ! Any if anyone out there has the names of the investors please send the. Also for Medco Prescription Corporation go to search through the corporation for different departments and bombard them with your complaints...I Did.

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    1virtual cowboy Apr 13, 2011

    I would certainly love to stick it to MEDCO. They have it coming to them. I have never seen or spoken to a bigger bunch of idiots located in the same location at one time. I am waiting for open season to drop these guys and kick them to the curb. If they can't get my order right by a straight forward mail order process, then I feel that I can no longer rely on them to fill my Rx correctly. I have dealt with other mail order companies in the past due to my provider's health plan but these guys are the worst. Yesterday, I wrote a hot little letter to their complaint dept at: PO Box 6530; Cincinnati, Ohio 45201. The supervisor I spoke with would not give me their phone number to follow on my complaint. All that tells me is that they must have numerous complaints. Doesn't suprize me.

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  • Al
    Alsoajake Jun 11, 2011

    if you do get a law firm to go for a class action suit let me know...Mother is without heart meds due to medco profit saving...drugs are overdue for about a week and she is still without and no help from anyone, not even one wants to get off their rears to do what the company says they do...speaking to the phone people is like talking to a frog...blow you right off and even hang much for recording your calls...

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  • Je
    Jean Schmidt Sep 14, 2011

    First of all, I think it is very unethical to have to make patients get the medicine their doctor prescribes to have to get medications approved each year. As if that isn't bad enough, they are making me get things approved every 6 months. Medco denies it, but I talked to my doctor's office and they have it on record where Medco is asking me, the doctor, and my pharmacy to jump through hoops every 6 months! They are hoping people just give up and go without their medications. I am going to complain to my husband's employer, the better business bureau, and to my Pre-paid legal policy. I will complain to my legislators and for sure I'll love to see a class action suit. Yes, I'm tired of going without my medications due to this red-tape used to put money in the pockets of the Medco Execs while me, my pharmacy, and my doctor lose time and money on these excessive controls.

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  • Pe
    pee o'd Dec 12, 2011

    I was given the ULTIMATE run around when I called Medco to let them know that they made a mistake and sent me 60 pills instead of 90 which my prescription was written for (that is why we use Medco). They had charged for 90 pills PLUS CHANGED a DOCTORS PRESCRIPTION!!! Very bad news. After talking with a dozen people and spending countless hours on the phone, , my next prescription refill was promised to be corrected and my missing 30 pills would be replaced. Well, my refill came and IT WAS FOR 60 pills AGAIN not the 90 that THE SCRIPT WAS WRITTEN for, PLUS NO replacement pills and NO REFUND! I called a dozen times again and was given the same run around...Later I was told that they were unable to do ANYTHING about they're mistake and they were sorry! BUT, the kept my MONEY and MY pills AND they CHANGED a Doctors script! I told the manager that he had lied to me, and he didn't have anything to add to that remark.

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  • Ms
    mspsky Jan 20, 2012

    All I can say is Medco Company together with the health insurance companies like United Health Care should be fine by the government. The coverage they offer is very poor. I do realize the coverage has to do a lot what an employer offers but it seems that every year in January when its time to refill my prescriptions my copay gets higher and higher.
    I work for the second biggest airline in the USA, it's a shame they provides the worst coverage ever for their employees . For example, Nuvigil last year for a 90 day supply my co pay was $117.50 and was pretty much force to use Medco otherwise United Health would NOT cover it. Now in January 2012 my co pay is $279.50! for the same quantity. Oh but now I can buy it from a retail pharmacy for $300.00. This company along with United Health should be sued. Medco usually takes over 10 days to refill a prescription and if its a new prescription I mail out to them it takes over 2 weeks to get it because they always seem to run into problems and have questions about the prescription.

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  • Jb
    jbfirebird Jan 22, 2012

    you should ### to your employer if you dont like your coverage. employers choose the coverage they offer then, you should ### to the prescription manufacturer for raising the prices. next group you should ### to is yourself for picking the policy that you did.

    problems that there are is with people such as mspsky that dont know a thing about insurance. they would be quite enlightened if they actually worked in the insurance business for a week or so.

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  • Ta
    tafarrell2598 Sep 03, 2012

    In February of 2012 I had 2 stints put in my heart. I was unaware that I had to get certain medications through mail order (Medco). 3 months later I went to my pharmacy try to get my medication and I was told that there was a punitive copay for the medication because I did not get it through Medco. I signed up for the mail order Medco and asked if I could still get a supply until the order arrived. I was told no. I would still have to pay the 280 dollar punitive copay even though I had met my deductible and medication was supposed to be free.
    For 3 days I kept on calling medco to see if I can get the medication because my doctor and the hospital told me that if I stop taking the medication even for 1 day I could die. Medco told me i had to pay the copay because i didn't order it from us immediately and that it was the condition of the contract that my employer had a great upon.
    I called my employer and told them what was going on and the next day I picked up my medication.
    About two weeks ago my Doctor asked me if I missed any of my medications. he asked me because my last visit show that there was no damage to my heart. This news is it show that I had a minor heart attack and now it damage to my heart and he is contributing that to me not being able to get my medication. I don't think it's right for Medco enter into a contract that would put money over peoples lives. in fact, I think it's criminal.

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Medco PharmacyIncorrect Prescription

Received a prescription from Medco was written for 45 grams or one bottle of medicine. They substituted the prescription for another medicine that was 10 times the price of my old medicine and sent me 6 bottles of it. Based on how I use the medicine this would be enough for over 4 years. Called their customer service and they SUCK, the doctors office called them as well and could not get anywhere. This company has no customer service skills and I will never fill a prescription with them again. Possibly the worst customer service experience I have ever had!

  • Up
    Upreal Apr 19, 2011

    When starting and needed medications are identified Medco will foul up current orders with your pharmacy by limiting to a 14 day supply and then will not provide needed medications in time as needed. The answer then in to make another visit to your doctor and get an emergency short term Rx to replace the one Medco fouled up. Then you have to go back to your old pharmacy, order and wait for the filling and pay for another short term Rx.

    Don't let them know anything until you cover all bases to prevent their creating your misery and increased cost.

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Medco PharmacyMail order is a scam

In an attempt to save money, I recently transferred two prescriptions to mail order through Medco. The website told me that mail order is for a 90-day supply, so I was quite peeved when I received them today and it was only a one month supply. Thinking it was just a mistake, I remained calm at first and called customer service. When the agent told me that it was because my doctor had only approved a one month supply, (which at the Target pharmacy, I have 5 months left on both prescriptions) I asked why I was told that the order was approved. She said, "Well, your doctor did approve it, but he only approved it for one month." I didn't even know that mail order for prescriptions was even an option for a one month supply, and if I had known, why the hell would I want to pay more than double what I normally pay for the same amount of pills?! I should have been given the option of whether I wanted to still fill my order knowing I was being charged for a 3 month supply and only getting one month worth of pills. My motive for switching in the first place was to SAVE money, not to double the cost! The agent pretty much told me I had to deal with it because it wasn't a mistake on the pharmacy's part. However, if I placed an order for a 3 month supply and then was only approved for a one month supply, should I not have been informed that what I ordered was NOT what I was going to get? It sure seems to me that it is the pharmacy's fault for telling me that the order had been approved. Not approved with exceptions. Not approved, but... I was told it was APPROVED, period. The agent was fairly nice about it and tried to deal with me the best she could, but I was (am) extremely pissed off, because this is a scam! DON'T GIVE MEDCO YOUR BUSINESS CAUSE THEY'LL JUST RIP YOU OFF!

Medco PharmacyMedco Pharmacy Benfits Rip Off

I ordered a prescription for Androgel through their mail order pharmacy. Medco is my prescription insurance carrier. My physician filled an order for 3 months renewable 3 more times. The prescription is $50 for the month, but if you go mail order you get 3 months for $100. At least your supposed to. Since the prescription is for 1 pump a day and the pump dispenser holds 60 pumps, it's a two month prescription. They would not send me two pumps to make it 3 months, since two pumps would in fact be four months worth and that is not covered under my policy. They then charged me $100 for a two month prescription rather than giving me the 3 months for $100. They won't give me my money back. I'd like to return the prescription. Since they could not fill the prescription the way the physician wrote it ( for 3 months), they should have given me the option not to fill it. To make matters worse, I was told by their supposed help line that if I filled it at my local pharmacy it would have only been $25 for the month. They make such a fuss about how mail order is supposed to save you money. What a crock of [censored]. When I receive prescriptions which aren't for generics or for non-preferred brands, they make it a point to call and pester me to switch and try to second guess the reason the physician prescribed the medicine in the first place. They're very greedy b*st*rds. Always what's in their best interest never the patient.

  • Na
    nanobiomed Mar 29, 2011

    The exactly same thing happened to me. I could have bought the same thing on the web without insurance for a lot cheaper price. Now they charge me on bottle, suppose to be a 60 days supply according to their calculation, for 90 days' price. By the way, I was on the phone with them for close to 3 hours and going to nowhere.

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  • Me
    medcoworker Mar 30, 2011

    Disclosure: I am and have been a CSR for Medco for 12 years. Medco does not pay me to post comments here, nor would I ever tell them i was. While I don't love everything medco does, I do believe it is a good company and that your assesment here is incorrect. While I understand your frustration, please consider the following: First, Medco is NOT your insurance carrier. Medco is Prescription Benefit Manager (PBM) contracted by your employer to administer THEIR prescription benefits. If you work for the government or are a federal employee, then it is the government that contracts Medco to provide your benefits. Based on what you wrote, it sounds like your plan operates on a flat-rate copayment structure. I suggest you read your benefits brochure again, because I am certain that it states you can receive "UP TO" a 90 days supply of medication for that $100 copay, and does not guarantee that 90 day supply. Pills are very easy to calculate to a 90 day supply. Items like Androgel, inhalers, sprays, eye drops, make it a bit more complicated. Basically, your plan entitles you to receive up to a 90ds of meds for that $100 but will not allow you to receive a greater quantity. Therefore, Medco cuts the presription to the plan limits set forth by your employer. Trust me when I tell you this is one of the most common complaints received by CSRS, but it is not a medco error. If you spoke to Medco prior to mailing in your RX, the CSR should have calculated, based on your usage, exactly how many pumps medco would send you for that $100 copay. If you called and they did not, then the CSR was remiss. But if you didn't call to first inquire, that's hardly Medco's fault. If the RX is cut, Medco is not benefiting from that, and is in fact complying with its contract with your carrier. Cutting the RX does not benefit medco: Remember, you are paying a copayment and YOUR employer is paying medco the difference in the cost of the medication. See who benefits here? Again, i understand the frustration involved, but this sort of argument between Medco and its customers can be easily avoided by a little communication between the two before the RX is submitted.

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  • Na
    nanobiomed Mar 31, 2011

    Medco is the worst pharmacy I have ever dealt with. I have checked the price on their website under “price a medication”. The results showed I would get 3 bottle for $56. Now they sent me 1 bottle and charged me $56. The reason they gave me is that it is my Doctor’s fault since he wrote the wrong amount so a bottle will last for 2 months. All the pharmacy I knew they called the Doctor if they have questions. Obviously, Medco is not one of it. All the people answered my phone were very rude. One of them hung up my phone when I asked for a supervisor. This is a Company that cutting a lot of corners to make more money.

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  • Br
    bro931 Apr 19, 2011

    The CSR from Medco can't explain this one away! My wife just got a 90-day prescription in the mail from Medco that cost us $350, when we could get the same thing from a local pharmacy for $80. Unfortunately, the order was placed on-line by her doctor during her office visit and she never thought to check Medco's price. That will never happen again to us, and I warn others to check the price before ordering from Medco. I myself had a similar experience with a totally different drug. The last time I ordered it from Medco, it was $90. Now, with the doctor ordering it during my visit, it's $150. I wonder if they have recruited doctors to make these convenient, but very expensive orders during office visits.

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  • Br
    bro931 Apr 20, 2011

    FYI, I got the following reply from Medco when I complained about the $350 charge for a prescription that I could get locally for $80. Obviously Medco has adopted a business model where profits are gained from sporadic price increases that they hope their customers will not notice if they don't have to pay the charge directly. Just another indication of why consumer-driven health care is needed. These scammers are using the insurance system to take money from you, hopefully without you knowing it.

    "Dear Member, Thank you for your online inquiry. I will be happy to assist you today with your benefit information. Effective January 1, 2011, your plan has a deductible. A deductible is the amount you must pay before your plan sponsor begins paying for a portion of your medical claims and prescription costs. The deductible for medical claims and for prescriptions filled at retail or mail order pharmacies is $3600.00 every year. Please note, 100% of the funds in your Spending Account can be applied to your deductible. My records show $349.99 of your deductible was applied to your spending account for Rx# XXXX. To view drug coverage and pricing online, please follow this link: and once you have logged in, select "Price a medication" from the menu in the left hand side of the page. "

    In other words: "Caveat emptor"

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  • De
    deej702 May 09, 2011

    Disclaimer: Medco employee (former). Different employee than from above.

    The price increase on the medication is justified. Your employer is the one who sets up your benefits each year, and the letter you received basically just explains that effective 1/1/11, your plan has a deductible of $3600.00, that looks like it encompasses your medical and your rx benefit, whether you pick them up at the local retail pharmacy or get them through mail order. You have to pay that amount out of pocket before the insurance will kick anything in (again, for both medical claims and rx benefits). Your employer is legally obligated to send you information in the mail when they change your benefits. I don't know if your benefits changed or if you have always had a deductible, but they send you information annually (whenever your eligibility starts over, i.e. 1/1-12/31, or 7/1-6/30, etc), required by law, outlining your benefits. If your employer didn't do this, that is something you need to take up with them. If your employer changed the terms of your insurance, that's something you need to take up with them.

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Medco Pharmacy — Very difficult company to deal with!

I have talked to them 12-15 times faxed them RX from doctors office 3 times talked to a supervisor 3 times at [protected] ext 2958 and I am a diabetic who still cant get hi...