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Khivraj MotorsCustomer dissatisfaction

I had bought one Pulsar 200 from Khivraj Motors Indira Nagar Branch, Bangalore . After some time I had given my Bike for servicing . During my second Bike servicing ; I had asked them to resolve some issues with the Bike ; First one fuse is getting off very frequently and Petrol indicator was not showing the indication properly but to my surprise they had not done the servicing properly and above all both my issues are still there even after the completion of servicing. When I raised a query in regards with above; they had made a pathetic excuse about the overload of work in the Workshop. But without finishing the Proper work they didn't forget to charge 300 Rupees for the work which was not being done. Apart from that customer service was very bad. No one in the work place was responding well and they were targeting others for the work to be done. It was really bad and really horrible experience.

The supervisor is having very unconcerned attitude about the work and needs of the customers and most of the time he would not like to listen to the customers and he is very good in making excuses. I again went to the workshop just two days back in regards with the new issue with my bike about the Disappearance of Digital display but the Supervisor again made a stupid excuse about the workload and advised me to leave the bike for the whole one day.

It was just a 15 Min job but they do not want to take any initiative to resolve customer's issues. I would like to suggest Khivraj Motors to improve the quality of customer service otherwise close your servicing centers so that customers should be saved from getting into the trap of poor quality service and can look for better alternatives.

  • Na
    NAVEED KHAN Nov 20, 2008
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    Verified customer

    Dear sir,

    this is not a compliant any thing but just i need the details of the Bajaj 3 wheeler auto rickshaw purchase price and as well as your company TIN number.

    Thank you,

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  • Jy
    Jyo28 Jun 16, 2010

    I gave my bajaj xcd for service 2 days before and still waiting for completion. They are making some excuces like spareparts are not available and all.

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  • Sa
    Santhosh P Aug 13, 2010

    I gave my Avenger 200cc at Khivraj, Indiranagar, Bangalore branch for servicing. While giving there was no issue with the battery. When i went to take the bike, I was shocked to see the battery was so down that the bike wont start. When i enquired, they told the battery was down already and i may not have noticed. Well that's weird. How do i would not have noticed the battery is down and not able to start the bike? Anyway, i agreed to recharge the battery (instead of getting it replaced). They gave me a back up battery and its been over 2 months now. No news about my original battery. When i enquired to one of the labour (who handles battery section), he told me the truth. They have given my battery to some other customer as BACKUP and the customer has never shown up since then. How absurd. Khivraj sucks... Worst ever customer service i had in my life...

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  • Vi
    Vijay Devaraj Sep 23, 2010

    Mine is very good example for learning how to blame others, This khivraj bajaj indiranagar, bangalore is got worst sales team ever i met in my life. Non of them take responsiblilty. It took 2 days to deliver and + 8 days to just registration for my new discover 150, after follow ups calls myself daily, when promise was 2two days . When i asked about irresposilbility he replied customers are eating my head out, in front of many customers that was like slap on face to all and entire show room was empty at a moment . The fact is no one will try meet and help u while need details of vehicels. Avoid khivraj Bajaj . . ... dont be fool like me.

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  • Ns
    NSSV Oct 01, 2010
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    Verified customer

    I gave my Alto lxi car for the first free service. There was a person VIVEK in the place..
    Since I had no idea about the duration i asked him whether he could give back in 3 hours.
    For which he replied that he 'll give in an hour after a water wash..

    "So do you water wash the cars in the name of service?!!"

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  • Se
    Senthil Kumar KJ Dec 07, 2010


    This is Senthil Kumar from Chennai. Currently I have WagonR purchased from Khivraj Motors Chennai. My Vehicle No is TN22 BF 1767.
    I completed 4 service and I am not satisfied with the service they provide. Every time they delivers the cars with some additional problem instead of rectifying the minor problem I reports during the service.
    Its really useless servicing there. But for warranty purpose I am continue to give there for serice.

    In last service (4th) I wrote few points as complaint and gave them and also I pointed the areas where the problem lies (like spoon feeding).
    But its not been resolved and I have been charges Rs 2500 appox for a USELESS service. After this service my gas (fuel) indicator is not working.
    And I don’t feel a smooth ride at all. Finding lots of vibrations (I have included this in my complaint list).

    Please let me know how I can take this issue to the respective person to resolve the problems.
    I have also spoke with the Customer care manager of Khivraj motors and it was not use.

    I have taken my car to the service center more than 10 time for the mileage problem.

    Senthil Kumar KJ

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  • Ss
    Ssmathi Sep 02, 2015

    I am trying to make complaint about Chennai Olympia Honda service centre its belongs to Khivraj Vasan motor, I purchased my Honda brio last year in Olympia Honda, when I given my car for service it's horrible experience for me, I pulled out my car without service and I sent mail about my concern but they did n reply and they are calling and asking payment, they don't want give explanation for my concern, very bad customer care, I will not go again to this service centre

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Khivraj MotorsProblems with booking

I had booked a maruti swift vxi petrol on [protected] to khivraj motors pvt ltd 623 mount road chennai 600006 ph [protected] sale executive mr hema prakash cell no [protected]. Before booking the car we had gone to five showroom and after four day discussing with all showroom we had booked the car.

1) When they booked the car they told vehicle will be delivered with in 15 to 20 day.
2) After discussing three day there executive had finally given cash 25000/rs as discount with return statement.
3) We had made cash 25000 rs advances to book the car no 23936/[protected] and allotment no 1404-s-10334.
4) After 20 days i.e 3-5-07 we are waiting to take deliver of car we had received letter from khivraj that it will take 15 to 20 more day to delivery the car.
5) After more 25 day i.e 28-5-07 they had alloted the car and pay pal amt. we discussed for loan from icici bank and we made the formality completely
6) When we booked that time is rate is 467000/on road now they say to pay 471441/on road i.e 4441 extra which is acceptable
7) Now there executive say we will give only 5000 rs only discount at the time of booking they told 25000 rs cash discount
8) How many times we want to suffer first we want to spend five days for booking, then long two month of waiting, now how many days we have to wait.
9) We had made complaint to chennai regional offices of maruti to there executive mr vivek ph. We had made 20 calls to catch vivek after 5 hours still no action was taken