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IVY CAPITALDishonest Sales techniques

Everyone - Beware. This company tells you everything you need to make lots of money on the internet. They target people who are older or have lost their jobs. They tell you they want to make you their "success story" but don't believe them. They only want your money. They charge different prices for different people based on how much credit you have available. They will tell you that you are very teachable and make you feel like you can be successful, but the program is confusing and difficult. They also go by the name of Fortune Learning systems, ICI Success, and the newest one which is Apply Knowledge Institute. Believe me when I tell you this is not a program you will want to do. Take a look at all the complaints on the Complaint Board.

  • Al
    Always looking Mar 08, 2011

    I agree 100%. I feel for some of these people when they have spent thousands of dollars, I guess I should say ripped off for thousands of dollars. I only lost a couple of hundred dollars. I signed up for this Auction Job Finder program and paid the dues. A Bob Watson at 801-854-1577 called me a couple of days later and said that he would be there to provide a personal coach and they would be calling me in a couple of days. Well that was 2 months ago. Funny thing when I read all of the info on the internet and listened to the video done by this Catherine Thomas (Google Catherine Thomas scam). I do not know how this package I purchased ended up with ICI Success and Bob Watson at Ivy Capital. Because I asked him when he called if he knew Catherine Thomas and he said no. Maybe and maybe not, BS. There web site is now debunked and all of the phone number I have all lead to nobody home. At the Bob Watsons 801-854-6755 number the message says to send an email to [email protected] I have done that today but who knows, that is probably BS too. It is too bad these idiots don’t think long term and get a real profession and make some residual income instead of making a gob from some poor suckers like us then leave town to hide.
    I already have a very honest networking business that I have been working on for many years so I think I will get back to the long term thinking myself and work harder on what I already have. The company I am working with has been around for 52 years making awesome products, and my support group has been around for almost 40 years so I think I will stick with them.
    Thanks and good luck:
    [email protected]

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I received a phone call from ICI because I had inquired with someone else about working from home. They are VERY persuasive! First, they find out what your credit limits are on your credit cards and then, you speak with the first man (Paul)'s boss, Michael Boss (strange that his last name would be Boss). Michael then sells you on the program by promising that you will not lose any money -- if you do not make it back in 3 months then it will be returned to you. We were told that we could invest at an Aggressive rate of $6, 075; Moderate rate of $5, 015; or Conservative rate of $4, 060. We decided that we would go with the Conservative rate which Michael agreed with completely. I was then connected with Teresa in Compliance who read the sales agreement to me stating that we had three days to change our minds. Then she sent this agreement to Yozons Technology for me to read and sign. I had a problem that I was the only one signing the agreement and questioned it. When Teresa could not satisfy my questions, I was once again connected with Michael. He did not answer my questions. Before I spoke to Teresa, Michael made an appointment with me for my coach and he to call me on Monday, February 15, at 1:00 PM EST. After thinking about this all night, on Sunday, February 14, I felt like this was "too good to be true" and so it probably was not true and decided that I needed to cancel. I went online and checked my bank and my credit card I saw that there was a hold on my account until February 19, which with the banks being closed on Monday, February 15, would be the 3 days. According to my contract, I had to notify them in writing at their Las Vegas office. I sent a letter overnight delivery which they will receive today; however, when I checked my bank and credit card today, ICI has already submitted for payment on both accounts. The credit card company is going to help me dispute this charge, so we will see what will happen. I feel so foolish for being taken in by these guys. It is sad that individuals in these hard times would make their living by taking advantage of people in their time of need! If this gets resolved, I will print a retraction of this complaint. Thanks!!

  • Ex
    EX "START UP SPECIALIST" May 20, 2010


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  • Na
    Nana1122 May 23, 2010

    You are so correct. I'm glad you found another legitimate job. I did finally get my money back, but it was a continual battle for over 2 months.

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IVY CAPITALTaking my $

I had a phone call today 3:00 pm from Mr.John Boss who convinced me to buy the online start your own business for $4, 730.00 usfunds. I remembered hearing that on the recorded telephone conversation that I had 3 days to cancell. I must have contacted 9 people via phone and email (from 5:00pm - 7:30pm) to cancell or at least find out the steps to go about cancelling. After all that I finally got a phone call back from Mr.Boss he argued and flat out told me NO NO I WILL NOT CANCELL YOUR CONTRACT! something must have happened to change your, mind, your scared. I must have told him over 25 time no word of a lie over 25 times "I WANT TO CANCELL". He just said NO! I asked to speak to his supervisor, he said he was the supervisor and that he will call me back tomorrow to see if I am OK, and talk some more.

I was not satified with this so I called the 888# back and talked to yet another person, not expecting to get anywhere of course, but the gentlman I spoke to was very helpfull, he said that he could see that I had called and emailed a number of times and doesnt know why noone got back to me. He cancelled my contract and game me a confirmation# and said that it would take 7-10 business days for the refund to show up on my creditcard.
Should I beleive them about the cancellation, what should I do next? If I wait the 7-10 days (that past the cancellation period)what then if it doesnt refund back on my card. Does anybody have any advice for me?
Any help you could provide would be appreciated.
Signed newly seperated mother of 3 young children.

  • Ma
    MaineJane Nov 28, 2009

    Did Ivy Capital send you an e-mail confirming your refund would be made in 7-10 days? If yes, then you can work with your credit card company if Ivy doesn't pull through for you.

    I absolutely agree with you and your complaint against Ivy Capital. I did the same thing but didn't get my money back. I do take responsibility for letting them talk me into it but I called my credit card company and asked them to stop the charge. It was within the 3 day period and I couldn't get through to Ivy Capital. I dealt with Jon Foss who may be the same person you refer to as John Boss...

    They are very strong and persuasive sales people though they deny that is their role. They go right for the jugular and talk the talk so that it sounds like you can't go wrong. The problem is that you don't know the details of what you are agreeing to until well beyond the 3 days and then they refuse to reimburse you. My credit is going down the tubes for the first time in my 57 years because I live on unemployment to cover rent and food and can't keep up with $270 monthly payments. Jon and his coworkers have all the answers to that concern as well. The problem is until you make money you can't afford it. My total with Ivy Capital was $8800.00! I've never said yes to anything like this before. Now it's been since July and I'm financially and mentally stretched to the point of breaking.

    I can't nor ever wanted to have the home business they sell you. I talked to someone last week at Ivy Capital who had never heard any of the training programs they set me up with and are not at all useful. They wouldn't reimburse me and I feel my doctor should get involved. I called back and asked for a partial refund - "NO" was the answer. What's particularly frustrating is that these IVY CAPITAL employees who promise to help you do whatever it takes to succeed won't provide you with their direct contact information.
    Hmmmm! I wonder why???!?!

    Can you suggest any further steps for me to take?

    Thank you,
    Jane in New England

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  • Dr
    dragonfly10 Nov 30, 2009

    I signed up the same day as newly separated mom of 3. I've been inundated with phone calls by sales people and affiliate partners, etc., and it wasn't until after i signed the contract that I realized the coaching sessions amount to FOUR, not one a week for the first six months as I was originally told. Also, I have tried to call back to cancel. I spent an hour on the phone with my salesman's supervisor, trying to tell him no. After that, I emailed and called, but got no response. I have called my credit card company. They told me to try to resolve the matter with ICI first; but if I couldn't get a refund, then I could initiate a charge back. But I'd have to wait until the charge actually went through; since it's only listed as "pending" right now. Trust me, as soon as it posts, I'll be on the phone!

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  • Lo
    LoveComputer Mar 02, 2010

    I am jobless and desperately looking for a job, i got scammed of these Shell Company..At first the Website named MyProfitSite.com, i paid $49.95 they send me the link it became HomeWebsiteCenter.com theres an automated website but it needs more money to Pro $$47.95 to open, plus $ 49.94 for the Traffic Engines, in 4 weeks never earned any cents..4 weeks after Bruce calls me he wants me to Invest $3, 800.00 and lots of promising he said in just 2 or days i will earn a thousand of dollars, and paid-off all my depths. This woman named Pat, record my voice while signing the contract with no business address. They sent me some the links to follow it shows at the bottom ICI it meant Ivy Capital Inc., E Capital, and also the VianetWebzone it makes me so confuse. Few days after another person calls me Chris he wants me to put another Investment $$$$$$7, 280.00 for the name of my Website seems makes me so so so confuse, i cancelled my subscription never open the website at all no coaching happened.. I sent them emails all of the addressess but theres no reply of my cancellation, i call this number 888-5146020-805 but answering machine no person. I received a reply from them but not for the cancellation they want me to speak the ICI System Resolution Department, this woman name Melinda insisted that she is not affiliate with those people, she deny that she never recieved my email and she still selling their product and so rude she threatened me that they will sue me.. She still want me to pay the $$3, 800.00 no matter what, this people are slugs, greedy liar..


    ICI it meant Ivy Capital Inc.
    Universal Account Servicing, LLC
    NB Online Marketing

    I already file the case against this business with BBB. To All those Victims I will be there to support the complain..
    I dont sale anything i just put this name of my email 'coz i thought i could a business at home: [email protected]

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  • An
    Anti Spam Nov 06, 2010

    This is a scam. To get your FULL Refund NOW:

    1. Call ClickBank 800-390-6035 directly to file dispute (get your reference # ready) and you will get your refund initially charged by ClickBank and you will get refund within minutes. I guess this is a known and recurring dispute at ClickBank.
    2. File dispute over request of the transactions charged via PayPal (especially people with PRO upgrade) and you will get refund within minutes. I guess this is a known and recurring dispute at PayPal, too.

    Don't bother to email homewebsitecenter.com for any refund because you will waste your time and get nothing back.

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IVY CAPITALinternet scam / fraud

Thank you internet! After reading all of the complaints against this company we realized we may have saved ourselves over $12, 000 today. The comments by the other posters with complaints against this company "Ivy Capital" and its associated sites (myprofitsite, com; webcentre.com; clickbank.com; surveyclub.com; MediaHub) almost perfectly describe the exact sequence of events we went through. After "George" made sure we "qualified" for the program for over an hour and a half and collected our info, he got his "manager, Chad" to call us back for the real sales job. After another couple of hours wearing us down, my husband starting to research the company while we were on the phone and a few well worded questions about the complaints against his company started to make him squirm. We asked him to phone back tomorrow after we had a chance to discuss. We are lucky to only be out a few hundred (US$) and are now disputing all charges and fees we have incurred. We'll see.
I'm sorry to say we actually almost fell for this scam and see how people who appear to be in difficult situations can get sucked in too. Shame on people who take advantage of others.

  • No
    nonya78 Sep 17, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    It's simple to get your money back if you can stand up to these [censor], but be forewarned they check this site, and have ambulance chasers call and send certified letters to you. I was able to help a friend of mine recover their lost money (16000.00+), but it takes a big commitment to get it from all of these phony companies. In my state it is legal to record a conversation as long as one party on the call is aware (me or you not them). Send us a message if you need or want the help...

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  • Mi
    Mike Speiser Oct 19, 2010

    On September 4, 2009 I got involved with a “work at home” through the internet that involved processing auction listings. It was with “Emily Thomas, work at home recruiters”. (The money was taken by IVI Capital Inc Houston TX) The ad claims that they can show you how to make an extra $195+ a day with no prior experience, education, or special skills, and, only working an hour or two a day. I signed up, using my Discover card for $10, 000 and Master Card for $4, 000. I was given a coach from F.L.S. who started teaching me how to create and manage a website. It seemed to have nothing to do with auction listings, but I thought, this must be what I have to know to be a lister. Last month 12-29-09 I was told by my coach that my time had run out, putting me” on my own” with little knowledge of getting my website on the web, let alone, processing auctions. I have spent well over 8 hours a day during my coaching, and more than that after my coaching stopped, trying to figure out how to finish building the site. To date I am still lost on how to do the site.
    I am asking for your help on what I can do about getting the money back. I
    Thank You
    Mike Speiser

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AFTER PROMISING A LUCRATIVE BUSINESS THEY SOAKED ME FOR 6880.00. THEY PROMISE TO GIVE YOU A WEB SITE THEN COME TO FIND OUT YOU HAVE TO DESIGN IT YOURSELF WITH THE HELP OF A PROGRAM, THEN THEY SAY YOU GET 6 MONTHS OF TRAINING AND ACTUALLY YOU GET 4(SOMETIMES) 1 HOUR SESSIONS. AND THATS ONLY AFTER YOU WATCH 4 WEB VIDEOS... SO I DID A LITTLE INVESTIGATION ON THIS COMPANY anD THE SO CALLED SENIOR BUSINESS DIRECTOR DANIEL BILLS... it seems that DANIEL BILLS is actually named Jeremy CHENY GOOGLE HIM AND SEE WHAT YOU read about him this man and this company are both liars and scam artists... This company employs him to take your money and then avoid your calls for 72 hours so that you cant cancel your deal just call your credit card company and tell them you are not getting your promised results and start a procedure called a charge back Stay away from IVY CAPITOL OR THE INTERNET SUCCESS TEAM OR YOU TOO COULD BE A VICTIM

  • Ka
    kaye77 Jan 22, 2010

    Thanks for posting your experience. Did you get your money back?

    I search this company the next day after signing up and found all these complaints.

    It all started when I signed up for Jeff Jacksons website akaMYPROFITSITE.COM
    then I started receiving calls from all the scam companies. ICI Sucess, IVY Capitol, Apply Knowledge Institute and others.

    Then I called my Chase credit card they knew everything about this scam they said they are also operating in several country.
    They told me to immediately cancel my credit card before the money was charged. The amount was $10, 800 he said since it was a huge amount it was still pending and it takes 3-5days to process.


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