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After 2 months of trying to get a fix on their Search and Recover program, several emails and phone calls to California, even to the president, still no answers. Completely unacceptable. Would not recommend their products because their customer service is a joke.

mike berek
Los Angles, US
Mar 05, 2011 10:15 am EST
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Mike Becker is trying to pull another customer/computer user to whom they can make a fool of them...

There operating system is in INDIA with QUATRRO BPO which is handled by Raman Roy...Who's team look forward the Technical Support Group Process and the team always says that don't sell stopzilla as we don't commission from Client. As per them they say always sell Support Plan which costs $99.95 for ontime fix and they force employees to sell and customer's to buy Annual Package for $209.95 for 1 computer 1 year which means more commission/incentives earning from Client End...and they will say it will cost you $249.95 and when customer start saying it to costly they will say ok we'll give you discount of $40.00 and you pay $209.95 and take the service.

In the same way they have $309.95 product which they will say $349.95 for 3 computer's 1 year...

Like this they have other plans for 2 yrs and 1PC...2yrs and 3PC...
3yrs 1PC and 3yrs 3PC...

They also cheat people who use IOLO or My Phone Support Customer's or My Faster PC customer's...

And this is being managed by Qresolve team in United States.

Please be aware about the same..

Just Type Qresolve on google you will find lots of websites...

John Hinman
Lincoln, GB
Apr 22, 2010 12:18 am EDT

I have had several problems with System Mechanic Professional that "should" have been solved by uninstalling and then reinstalling, but the product would not accept my purchased Licence Number.

Apparently their database says " Your license has been disabled in our database due to maximum installation so I have forwarded for case to the concern department and they will get back to you soon."

No wonder, I reinstalled on my PC it umpteen times!

Still waiting DO NOT PURCHASE THIS PRODUCT unless you like sending lots of emails, like being ignored and enjoy being "Bloody Well Conned" by some Yank outfit that does not recognise the "Special Relationship" over the Pond.

Lancaster, US
Feb 07, 2009 4:25 pm EST

Doesn't repair problems and they won't respond to emails!

bill henson
Nov 05, 2008 3:50 pm EST

I have own and installed the System Mechanic 7 professional edition by IOLO and it, as well as its' service sector is a joke as follows: Does NOT optimize your system, does not repair problems, but does create them, does not clean up clutter but adds to the problem, does not remove spyware, does not maintain reliability or increase speed but slows down your computer, does not protect againest virus but introduces them, does not recover deleted files of any kind. During the past year I have tried every method known to man or beast to get this thing to work. It has caused numerous crashes, loss of data, and the need to replace my system. NO ONE SHOULD EVER BUY THIS PRODUCT!