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International Academy Of Design And TechnologyFraud, Scam, Lies

For ANY IADT students past or present looking for a lawsuit there is a law firm in Tampa, Feldman Morgado who is working on one. Please call Candice Canales at [protected] for more info and to schedule a free 30 minute consult with the attorney. I went to their Vegas school and have nothing good to say. These "schools" are not schools, this a corporation who has built an empire peddling worthless degrees to hopeful students and defrauded our federal government out of billions of dollars.

International Academy Of Design And TechnologyDON'T go here they will screw you over and I have the proof

Do not go to this school because they will feed you a line of ### that is not true from the start. They promise you the world and they are lying to you to just steal your Pell Grant and other grants that you have and then say that you still owe them. This is really sad because it is all true. I have all the proof to show that this school is a scammer and theft. They have been on 60 minutes and they have fired all the people that talked to 60 minutes spilling the truth about them. 60 minutes even talked to 3 students that finished there and they yet couldn't find a job with their so called degrees. The biggest lier of them all is the dean of this school named Dawn Carlson. She does the samething as well and promises this and that to you. When it is all said and done, they are screwing you without KY and its not cool. I have contacted my state Congressman and I will be trying to end this and if you are with me please back me up. But here is the proof that I have for you all about how IADT is screwing us. The first ling below is the link to the 60 minutes interview about this. So in closing, goodbye IADT and bite me and I am coming home to you Full Sail I will see you soon and so will other IADT soon to be former students.

International Academy Of Design And Technologyexpensive and low value

High, high pressure admissions spiel. If you get on front of these people or on the phone with them you won't get off until you agree to go there or hang up. I went to visit the campus in Tampa and on my way out of the building I heard 2 people talking about how they are closing that school and some others including the online one. I'd say you can do much better than IADT with little effort. Accreditation at IADT is also bogus.

International Academy Of Design And TechnologySCAM SCHOOL

I graduated in 2003, me and my boyfriend went and graduated from that school, by the time we found out it was bad we were almost done and our choice was waste all the money and not even have a paper to show for it or graduate, the money was spent anyways.. my credit is shot, I feel like I will never own anything, my boyfriend is now my fiancé and we will never get out of debt and be able to have a life because of this school.. We were young and they made so many promises and said that we were going to have jobs as soon as we got out of school..
I am looking for people who are in the same position we need to do something about this, they have ruined my life and so many other peoples..
When in school we had to go to the president and ask him to tell his teachers not to give us grades, that we were there to learn not to be given grades..
They need to be stopped...

International Academy Of Design And TechnologyThe BIGGEST CON IN HISTORY!!!

I applied at IADT-Orlando maybe a year or so before I got out of high school. When I started that June, all seemed fine. But in Feb. 2006, I had surgery and I spoke with my instructors and let them know what was going on, they said for me to let them know the exact date, so I can turn in my work before and after the surgery. All my instructors stuck to their word, but ones. I failed that class, and at the time I was unaware that you could appeal a grade. So time went on, the next term came and my grandmother passed. I told my instructors they seemed to have sympathy, but they ALL failed me. And after that I went through a little depression phase (as we all do when we loose someone close to us). And with that the following terms weren't the best, but my grades started to improve after that.
But then came financial aid to screw everything up. The FA office was changed up a lot and people had come and gone within the year or so, and I was assigned the advisor who 'allegedly' had the most experience. This lady put me through hell and high water. First she needed my parents' taxes for the FASFA and when I gave it to her, she told me they were the wrong forms. When I changed them I was 'allowed' to resume my classes. The following year (2008) the same lady told me yet again, that the paperwork for my FASFA was wrong. When I brought her a letter from my parents stating that I was no longer a dependent and would not need their information for my FASFA (which is possible to do before you term the legeal age of 23), she denied the letter and told me I still needed their tax info. When I got it to her, she said it was wrong, so I changed it, then she said that was wrong as well. By that time, the deadline for registration is over. I sat that term out and the following term I tried to get back in so I could hurry up and finish. She pulled the same stunt, only this time, she was doing it through another face (if you know what I mean) and this new person told me I had until a certain time to get it to her and I was there at that time. But when I got there, the office was closing and she said she had to check with her boss before she worked overtime and guess who her boss was. I was denied access again. The third time she tried, I was ready, I called the cooperate office and informed them on what was going on. Because I had called her supervisor and the president of the school and nothing was done. When cooperate finished with them, I was allowed back in, but I was on probation.
Now, as I'm near the end with only 3 classes left. They have added and changed classes, which has pushed me from finishing Nov. 2009 to April 2010, but that could be changed now.
I took folio for the second time this past term and was failed. I made all the changes that were suggested and still not good enough. But at the same time I just found out that the department chair (who is supposed to be the one teaching the class) doesn't have her masters degree and not only that, but she can't sew, make patterns or work the computer programs. And yet, my failing came from part of her grading me in the final interviews. Not to mention, that she judges things based off of how she personally feels about the piece or item or person and not the work itself.
Now they're telling me that I have to either write a letter of appeal or get kicked out of school. I just can't wait for this to be over!!!

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    salvadorgirrl Nov 11, 2010

    I graduated in 2003, me and my boyfriend went and graduated from that school, by the time we found out it was bad we were almost done and our choice was waste all the money and not even have a paper to show for it or graduate, the money was spent anyways.. my credit is shot, I feel like I will never own anything, my boyfriend is now my fiancé and we will never get out of debt and be able to have a life because of this school.. We were young and they made so many promises and said that we were going to have jobs as soon as we got out of school..
    I am looking for people who are in the same position we need to do something about this, they have ruined my life and so many other peoples..
    When in school we had to go to the president and ask him to tell his teachers not to give us grades, that we were there to learn not to be given grades..
    They need to be stopped...
    I feel bad for you when you get out, I hope you don't end up like me..

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    desna Feb 02, 2011

    Original poster:
    1) The attendance policies are plastered everywhere. It's not the instructors' fault you had family issues-- attendance policies are left up to the instructors and the head of departments to decide. You're honestly lucky so many teachers let you off for the surgery, many would have suggested you just withdraw for that semester.

    2) You are seen by the government as a minor and dependent of your parents until the age of 23. This is a government thing, not the school. I went through the same bullcrap when I went to CCS, which is a respected private arts school, and was told this by a govt rep when I called about it as well.

    3) This is not a "breeze through" kind of school. This is an art-based field. Meaning that you aren't just being graded on doing the work-- its subjective as well as objective, and you don't get A's for effort. You're there to make a portfolio that will wow some potential employer-- you think they will be fair and grade you on process but not on their opinion? If you are struggling, I'd suggest talking to your instructor about why they keep holding you back. IADT has some shady things about them, but the instructors at the Detroit branch are generally knowledgeable.

    As far as Salvadorgirrl--you are not guaranteed a job getting out of ANY college. While I don't know your story, remember it's the portfolio that makes you and it's not the end of the world.

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    Setsunna Mar 23, 2011

    Please. What good is a portfolio that you JUST made in 18 months!? They teach you HOW to make a portfolio, not a practical portfolio that you can use unless you're THAT good. When I was about to graduate, they had us put together our portfolio using what you had already turned in from the beginning of the program - basically crappy projects you threw together because you were just learning the software. Now, you do have those self-taught learners that had stuff from their basements that was superb that showed up in their portfolios... But let's be real here. This school is not luring PROFESSIONALS and seasoned attracts high school graduates, non-experienced kids who no little to nothing about software, design concepts, or computers. This school tries to promote programs that are appealing to such students and does not care about the quality you put into your work. If you turn something in, you pass, that's it. We literally drew "characatures" in my drawing course for the entire length for the course. WTF, come to find out, that was my instructor's other job at sea world...drawing little kids in characature form... THAT'S NOT WHAT I WANT TO DO FOR A LIVING - !!! Anyways, this school is a FOR PROFIT SCHOOL I wish I could get all my money back and spend it on a better degree that MEANS SOMETHING - That's why I'm in the Air Force now, to pay back these loans that I've been paying on since 2004 and to get a free education. I can at least try to erase the mistake of going to IADT. At least one good thing happened though, IADT was the reason I had to get dead end job after dead end job, to pay back student loans --- and one dead end job is where I met my husband! Thanks, IADT!

    NO SCHOOL GUARANTEES JOBS - We are not stupid, everyone knows that... so why do colleges like IADT make those type of promises when they can't fulfill them! All they need to do is get some balls and put the fine print at the bottom of their ads that "employment is not guaranteed upon graduation" AND "credits not likely to transfer." Two claims that I have seen on COLLEGE commercials... This school still has me PISSED the HELL off after 7 years of being a graduate. I am happy with my life now, but I would be A LOT better off financially right now if I did not sign my soul to that DAMN "SCHOOL".

    My two cents, goodbye!

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    woodineye Oct 06, 2011
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    Verified customer

    I presently attend IADT. Since last November I have had issues with both my student adviser, Financial Aid, and a teacher. To start with when they contacted me out of the blue I was shocked to say the least, I'm 53 years old also disabled. Back in 2008 I tried to get in to college but vocational rehabilitation (Voc Rehab) told me that getting in to an online college wasn't in the budget in my case. So I gave up the idea of getting the education I wanted in a field I already know something about. In high school my average grade on my report cards was a "D" average. At IADT its been straight "A" in every class but two. So anyway, IADT contacted me in May of 2010 and had me enrolled in june of the same year. I told the rep that originally contacted me that I would more then likely need a new computer as my present one at the time was over ten years old. I was told not to worry about it and that Financial aid would be able to help me when the time came. that time came in November of 2010. Financial Aid told me there was no funding available for a new computer and that their office could not help me. I probably should have cut my loses right there, but I didn't. I needed the computer for the Digital Imaging class I was already enrolled in. I contacted my student adviser and explained things to her. she said she would look in to the matter I contacted the teacher and he advised me to withdraw from the class and take it in later session. By this time my student adviser got back to me and told me there was nothing the school could do for me. so I requested to withdraw from the class. and explain why I had to do this. At that time IADT was measuring there online attendance by the number of students logging in to there classes. Like any good student I logged on to the class as I had agreed to until the school removed it from my listing which they did at the end of my 4th class in the subject. Then I contacted Dell computer and they were good enough to set me up with a new computer and have it on my doorstep with in a week. with a payment arrangement that I could live with providing no other major bills came up. January rolled around and I got a letter from Financial aid informing me that I owed them $500.00 dollars for a missed class. Well there went the computer payment. If I did not pay I would be blocked from class. It was suggested that I sign up for the presidents scholarship, I did. now any stiffen checks that I could have gotten the school has decided to keep. the scholarship was only suppose to cover the $500.00 owed for the class and nothing more. Some how now according to financial aid its covering the rest of my tuition and the school is still collecting my loans and pell grant money as well. Ealier this last springI had to take time off from school for family emergancy i came back two months later to find I had been put in an English comp class with a teacher that made me feel like i was being stalked. this women called me the day after every class and wanted to talk about my personal life. when I refused to discuss them with her she failed me. I reported her long before she faild me . I sent a letter of complaint to both my student adviser and the dean. nothing was done. however I have been allowed to retake the class with a different teacher. I'm due to graduate some time early next year. I was contacted by the financial aid office and told they want to hold me over till october of 2012 because of one class. funny thing is thats about the same time the fall quater starts to. giving them a full round of my finacial aid funds to do as they please with. Also I have the retake of my English comp class to take and a math course to take before graduation there are several other classes in graphic design I have to take as well but so far they seem to be nothing more then retakes themselves. my list of complaint to day is longer then this little box has room for. So I think now would be a good time to stop. my plan presently is to find a real college that can offer me the degree I want in the field of study I want. As for the job I already have it. I'm a small business owner. and to give the name of my company on here would giveaway my identy in the event that someone from IADT is reading this.

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International Academy Of Design And TechnologyBeing charged a ludicrous &exit& fee even though school has dissolved

After legally taking a leave of absence, including signing all of the necessary papers, I was not informed that if I chose to then not return back to the program that I would be subject to an exit fee. But lo and behold about four months after not returning to the program, I have received threatening phone calls and letters from a collection agency claiming that I now owe IADT- Film School a whopping $1400 fee for leaving the program early. What adds insult to injury is the film school has completely dissolved, selling off all equipment and all studios and therefore no longer exist. I'm attempting to begin legal action against the school to absolve me from paying this ridiculous penalty.

  • Yi
    yippe Jun 27, 2009

    suggestion -copy/paste yr comment on this site as well -

    its canadas best consumer comments site

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  • It
    it's almost over Feb 15, 2010

    that is truly rediculous!!! i'm guessing $1400 is the magic number for the school because i was just told that if i wanted to take internship by itself, that i would have to pay that much. but it's not even a class!!! so to pay that much and get nothing out of it is really ###ed!

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