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Global Courier Services Limiteda 1000,000 gbp won

Hi I'm Menwara, I have recieved an email regarding a cash prize of 1000, 000 Great Britain Pounds won. This prize is offered by BMW UK. They have asked me to pay 97, 500/- LKR to the courier company as they need that amount to cover the insurance, service tax and mailing. It contains the Ref No.:DDGT-000679. I want to know if this is truly authentic in order for me to pay for the insurance coverage and other costs. Please help.
Thank you

a 1000,000 gbp won
a 1000,000 gbp won
a 1000,000 gbp won
a 1000,000 gbp won

Global Courier Services Limitedbmw car lottery

Attn: Identification Promo Code No PARCEL/NUM/1405,

Welcome to Global Courier & Logistics Services Limited. Compliment of the day to you and your family. In line with directives and documentation submitted to this company by the BMW MOTORS PROMOTION in respect to the Donation cheque (Check) issued in your favour which is bearing your name and other items.

Global Courier Services Limited is a freight forwarding company with a commitment to provide you the customer with the finest possible service tailored to your individual needs. We are highly experienced customs clearance brokers, enabling us to custom clear your shipments quickly and efficiently through the complicated customs procedure. We also offer an excess baggage service, merchandise in baggage customs clearance and a full domestic road freight service.

We are a well-established company offering courier and transport services 24 hours daily for priority delivery of letters, parcels and consignments to any destination. We have a substantial team of couriers available for motorcycle dispatch plus van driver couriers in all size vehicles from small vans up to 7.5 tones and international couriers for dispatch by road, sea or air.

ATTENTION! This is to inform you that we are in possession of a certified parcel with Identification Promo Code number {{PARCEL/NUM/1405}} which is to be couriered to you. As one of the lucky grant recipient of 2019 BMW AUTOMOBILE CAR EMAIL PROMOTION UNITED KINGDOM. Your cheque and other vital documents and items will be delivered to your designated address as soon as you meet with any of the delivery options listed below.

Your Ref No.: DDGT-000679

Colour of Parcel : ------------- Brown.

Parcel Contents: BMW SUV Shipping Documents / Original Bill of Lading, Invoice & Winning Cheque valued at 800, 000 GBP