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Global Career ManagementOverpriced, bad product

As with the other complaintants, I bought into Global Career Management's line. Their Seattle branch. I had owned my own business for 14 years and was transitioning back into the job market. I was unsure of how to put my accomplishments into a resume and my "counselor" did little to help me in that regard. (Frankly, I felt I was left to drift.) As the others have posted, the resume work was terrible and I did all the work finding companies and writing letters. (Their "customized" letters are fill-in-the-blank.) I asked for a list of recruiters and got 30 pages of mostly junk. I paid $5400. (GCM charges you what they think you can afford. They have no set fee!) When I asked for half back, trying to be fair in that they had done some work, I was treated horribly. I was told I didn't work hard enough and worse, and they always had a convenient excuse to my concerns. The company lines are: "We have access to the 85% of jobs that are not advertised" and "We will put you in direct contact with the hiring authorities..." and "We have the inside track on the growth industries and companies." That is certainly not the case. Definately look before you leap.

Global Career ManagementFraud and scam

I was lured to GCM in October 2007 with a catchy spiel that claimed they would help me find that executive level career. My wife and I were both duped into their hype and I eventually paid their outrageous $3, 600 fee for a three year contract.

Within several visits of meeting with an advisor, I knew something was not legit with this service. First, the resume that they produced was pretty much what I already had (they took mine and redid it). Second, the cover letter was a worse example of what I was using. Third, their web services was absolutely hard to use (not user friendly). Fourth, after some research of my own, I found out that most companies will not accept a paper resume.

They have not tried to contact me in over a year and unless I contact them, I probably will never hear from them.

Warning to anyone else contemplating this service, run as fast as you can from them.

  • Bo
    BOBjoe Jan 24, 2009

    GCM really sucks. You are better off obtaining a subscription to the Ladder or execunet at the fraction of the cost. There is really no value added service they offer in which that get you real leads or interviews. It is full of people that could are qualified to be executives so they act like they know it all

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  • Bo
    BOBjoe Jan 24, 2009

    I meant to say GCM is full of unqualfied loser that prey up consumers.

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  • Ra
    Randy Shawn Jan 27, 2009

    GCM - Arbora (Global Career Management) runs a "snake oil" office out of the Colorado Springs office. They promise you inside leads that can't be found through normal channels.

    Do they promise you a job? Nope? But they do promise you that you will get interviews. Can they fulfill that promise? Nope.

    Run fast away from this company. They will prey on you like they did me when I was at a low point in my life (about to be laid off).

    I suggest you file a BBB complaint and file a complaint at /link removed/ and don't be anonymous.

    This company needs to become legit.

    Do the research and you will find that you have better chances through your local workforce center and it won't cost you $7, 000.


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  • Ra
    Randy Shawn Apr 21, 2009

    'The concerns I had with the firm cited above and that I contracted services for in October 2007 have been resolved to my satisfaction. The comments I made were not accurate and do not reflect the manner in which this firm conducts business. I am pleased with the resolution that this upstanding company has provided. - Randy Shawn'

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  • Gw
    gwardy May 15, 2009

    Man are you a sell-out, you described them to the LETTER. I and anyone with a brain will have to assume you had to sign something to get your cash back or a partial refund.

    I'm lucky I did not fall for it, but I never would have because why would anyone pay Thousands for something like they claim. If it sounds to good to be true it probably is.

    They did not push me, but I'm in a different boat then others. I do not HAVE to work, so the guy really could not play hardball. I guess I should of taken the free water just so I could of got something out of the meeting...LOL

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  • Jj
    JJinColorado Jul 24, 2009

    This company is reminiscent of another company that made similar promises and charged similarly high fees for similarly vague and unsatisfying results: Bernard Haldane. It turns out that a few of the Haldane people actually moved to GCM after Haldane went out of business. All of this stuff is lifted out of the book "what color is my parachute?" and can be had for the modest sum of $0.00 (minus the cost of a library card). We all want to believe that these companies have an edge and can do for us what is so hard to do for ourselves. Unless you are talking to a legitimate headhunter (recruiter), there is nothing these guys can do that you cannot do for yourself. Too bad their slick sales pitch is used on people that are so vulnerable.

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  • Sg
    Sgard206 Jul 31, 2009

    I guess the Colorado Springs office is more concerend about its image than the Seattle office. I had a very poor experience with Global Career Management. Trying to be fair, I asked for only half my $5400 back. They insulted me and flat out lied to the BBB. RUN from them. You can find better services for a lot less money. I wish I would have done more checking before I signed the dotted line.

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  • Zg
    Z Galla Sep 10, 2009

    These comments have been made by very insecure people. I found GCM to be very supportive and helpful in my career search. It was a worthwhile investment in my future. I did get interviews and ultimately a great job. It took a little time but my GCM coach kept me focused and enthusiastic when things didn't go the way I hoped. I didn't have the 'quick fix' expectations that these bloggers seem to have. My experience with GCM was excellent.

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Global Career ManagementTerrible experience

I guess I am luckier than most, but I wish I had posted this back when I first realized I had been a fool and wasted a lot of money on this company (2002 - different name then as well). Maybe some of the other complaints here wouldn't exist because people would have known to not believe these people. Unlike some of the other reports, I hired this company when they actually built your contact lists and prepared mailers for you every week. They were worthless, but at least I got some work out of them. I really knew I was in trouble when I started doing follow-up calls and had people laugh at me because they knew exactly where my information had came from and that I had been a fool in believing this place offered any true career support or lead development. By the way, I finally went to a certified resume writer and had a job three weeks later, with Global, absolutely nothing from the work they did, no interviews, nada.

Career counseling, that is where you receive individualized support from a certified individual helping you to figure out where you are going and what you need to do get there, can be very valuable but this is not what this company offers, in spite of their ads to the contrary.

Run away from this place, if the list of complaints here does not scare you, try googling them and see the results.

Global Career ManagementDo nothing but can charge thousands

GCM, global career management, pretended to sign up for customer satisfaction and sold you on the possibilities to obtain higher level jobs - this was a complete false illusion. Not only did not they take 4k+ worth of for lack lustre consulting advice on career growth, but had the audacity to charge additional fees. Their consultants wanted to be executive coaches with no practice experience obtaining higher level jobs. All GCM does is rewrite your resume and mail them out to people but returns no results. GCM does not find companies for you and in fact you do all the work finding the companies and opportunities. There is quite literally very little GCM does for you as much as a job board like Monster or the Latter could do. Global career management is a complete waste of money and time. Please do not sign up with a bunch of tired and old retirees who do not have any clue on helping people obtain higher level jobs.

  • Al
    alc1972 Jul 28, 2008

    I paid several thousands of dollars to this company with the expectations they would help me find a new career. Not only did my counselor help pick out companies I was interested in, train me for my interviews, but he also helped me negotiate a 10% salary increase and a sign on bonus that eventually paid for the services in itself. I am sorry that you did not have the same experience with this company as I did.

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