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GEMBNo bill sent, Debit made to Checking Account without notice.

I had to open a CareCard with GEMB for pet expenses at a Animal Hospital when my cat became very ill. The charges totalled $1585.00. I was sent a card about two weeks later, after filling out the application at the Animal Hospital and being approved for $4100.00. A statement came a week later. The payment was due to be paid by the 28th of May. Today, the 20th of May a debit to my checking account for $250 was posted without my consent or knowledge. It overdrew my account as I was planning on putting the funds for a payment the following week. This company is very dangerous and needs to be stopped.

  • Lo
    Loc Nguyen Apr 15, 2008

    I am receiving the alert from my Equifax company that the above-mentioned Banks have look or reviewing my credit without my knowledge or authorization. Please help me to notify them or do something for me, as Exquifax did not have the above-mentioned bank telephone number.

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  • El
    Elizabeth Fusco Apr 26, 2008

    Gemb ran my credit without my permission. I really dont know who they are. Equifax notified me that they ran my credit. Who are they

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  • Cr
    craig poer Jun 07, 2008

    I am having trouble with unfair fees from care credit. I paid to early and now I am being charged $39. Is there a class action started yet?

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  • La
    Laurie Oct 28, 2008

    Violation of Fair Credit Billing Act

    File formal complaints with the Federal Trade Commission and Office of Thrift Supervision.

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  • Mi
    miss iowa Nov 28, 2008

    This is the same thing happening to me, Equifax report shows this GEMB contues on countless occassions to run UNAUTHORIZED Cedit checks on me. I have no idea who they are or why they would have my information! Only difference between me and some others is what they claim to represent.

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  • Li
    Life's not always fair! Aug 23, 2009

    I am looking up their number right now because my credit report from Equifax says GEMB inquired 2 days ago. I did NOT authorize this!!! The number that I found is 1-800-333-1071. They are closed today so I will have to call again tomorrow!

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  • Ve
    V EMBRY Mar 01, 2010


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  • Bi
    biggs Mar 01, 2010

    I paid through the phone. They charged me $10.00, I was fine with that but, now my installments went up from $32.00 to $42.00. These people are CROOKS!!!

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  • Ba
    bamabama57 Apr 22, 2011

    they say we owe them over a thousand dollars for a purchase made in 2011. AND they keep asking for our ss# plus more2d

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GEMBPast-Due bills and notices

This is an overview of the payments I have made to GEMB over the past few months. This is additional information to be added to my previous complaint.

03/16/11 BILL PAYER (PC) [protected] Q CARD -$100.00, 03/17/11 BILL PAYER (PC) [protected] Q CARD -$100.00, 04/22/11 PURCHASE 90630422031290444262401 ON 04/22 AT AMAZON MKTPLACE PMTS AMZN.COM/BILL WA -$26.18 (not a purchase, a payment), 04/29/11 PURCHASE 90630428010057044262401 ON 04/28 AT Payment+FeeGEMoneyBank [protected] OH -$42.00 (this was NOT a purchase, it was a payment that was made over the phone and I received no conf. #)

  • An
    ANNE CALLAHAN May 06, 2011

    Due to the new bank regulations, if the payment date falls on the weekend there is no grace preiod. My payment date 23rd of the month which fell on saturday 4/23/2011. My bank pays my bills, i am deployed most of the time, so i depend on the internet. Both eft payments to gemb were scheduled for 4/20/2011, which should have posted on 4/22/2011. Gemb did not post the payments until 4/25/2011. I called the number on the statements and got a women that bearly spoke english, she told me as a one time courtesy the late fee of $25.00 would be removed. Why??? I insisted on speaking to someone else. The customer service transfered me to another person that spoke english. This woman was nasty and discourtoues. This woman thought she was covering her headset microphone making snide comments. I let her know i heard what she said. I demanded to speak to a manager over the dept., she transfered me to someone named stevens' mail box, i left a message. I am still waiting for this man to call me back. On 5/6/2011 i called my bank. The customer service gentleman told me gemb had the payment on 4/22/2011. So, on monday 5/9/2011 there will be a three way call with my bank, gemb and myself. This is outrageous behavior. These [email protected]#$%^&*()_r are trying to get money any way they can. Gemb are still trying to rob the american citizens anyway they can!!! There should be a class action lawsuit against these ###!!! I am lookin that way. Every complaint is not telling the same lie!!!
    Anne callahan.

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GEMBSam's club discover

I made a purchase from Sam's club on 10/7/09 - the cashier swiped my card for the people that were behind me & I got charged for their purchase. I went to Sam's since GEMB customer service would not do anything - he reviewed the video from that day and confirmed it wasn't me. He made copies of the generic form letters they sent me and also the pics and mailed them to GEMB - also course GEMB states they never rec'd them. I emailed the president of the GEMB, filed a complaint with the BBB and I'm also filing a compliant with the Office of Thrift Supervision. WE MUST STOP THIS INEPT PERFORMANCE OF THIS COMPANY. If I was reimbursed for the time and effort I put into getting this bogus claim off my statement I would have lots of money!!! I found the above links and ideas from the following website:

GEMBKnowingly filed false damaging negative rpt

GE Money Bank got an incorrect address from vendor.

When statement mail was undeliverable, the Account Start Date should have been adjusted and the vendor should have been notified.

I received no account info, I could not pay. I went back to the vendor and paid the entire bill with Am Ex. The vendor contacted GEMB and I closed the account.

GEMB filed a negative credit report anyway! And they have not reversed it!

That report went to my home equity mortgage bank. They suspended the mortgage and filed its own report.

The impact of this purchase is that a line of credit I paid for is SUSPENDED and unavailable for needed home repairs, and the interest rate of my child's college loan is affected - - in spite of my previously excellent credit rating.

  • Kl
    KLJ Nov 14, 2009

    I had done business with a small bath company for 20 years. I usually paid them off before 30 days so no interest paid. I had problems receiving mail (ID stolen via stolen mail) and had gotten a private mail box in town for a year. When I charged my purchases at the bath company I updated the address with clerk. I saw it typed in correctly. I called two weeks later and was surprised the wrong address was read to me. Updated it again. After 30 days they (GEMB) still had not updated my address but they sure had my phone. I called the bath company directly and told them they had lost me as a customer as I couldn't spend this much time trying to update an address and make my payment in full. I figure they called GEMB and I became a target of GEMB ever since. I have a picture of some mid management type young man enjoying being paid to destroy his elders credit and wake disabled women at ridiculous times. (I have had this phone# for 10 years and people would think I moved if I changed it.) They called me at 8am Mon-Fri every day for three weeks. They set up a recorded message telling me collections with no way for me to answer or know who had left it for over four months. I paid that bathroom bill using the receipt for the goods I bought and I didnt have to pay interest or late fees since the address was still wrong after more than 25 contacts. Even so, GEMB combined my address and a last name close to mine and reported it to the credit bureaus while I was refinancing my home. I got a phone call telling me my FICO score had dramatically dropped and they told me it was the bath company. It was removed immediately and I could have gotten re-fi but I have stopped all financial changes as once GEMB's middle management puts you in their gun sights, you will never be free of them until consumers take action to have this company put out of business. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH GEMB. ASK BEFORE YOU OPEN THAT CREDIT ACCT AND LOOK AT FINE PRINT. GEMB? Say No Thanks. Tell the company WHY you won't open an account. It will impact GEMB. HSN, the Home Shopping Network fired GEMB at the end of 2008. GEMB used that time to take charges from customer charge accts at HSN and move charged to many people checking accounts thereby overdrawing many people, like me, who have never had an NSF. I received 15 in two days. I am disabled, in my 50s and had a peacefull existence and now due to my age, marital status and sex, I am targeted by all the unethical, scamming, dishonest companies in this country after most of my retirement money was taken from my investments. GEMB was a Welch construction and GE begged him to stay and gave him the freedom to invent this horrid company. President OBama recently hired this man as an advisor for the Finances committee. Pretty horrible, huh? Not surprising since the President has suddenly developed a crystal ball that says no cost of living for the Social Security crowd for two years and that Medicare which is not accepted by all doctors as they pay less than any other insurance, is to cost us more by increasing the premium already taken out of our checks. This means our checks will be less and I believe Obama promised this is exactly what would not happen during his time in office????There are literally thousands of complaints about this company on-line. See Consumer Digest. The Dept of Currency is where I filed my complaint since it is a "bank". With so many complaints I'll be long gone before I am made whole.

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My name is Trooper Mata from the Michigan State Police. I'm working on a Fraud complaint against GEMB.

I looked on line thinking I would call and help an 80 year old couple take care of their problems. I ran into the same roadblocks as the rest of you.

I'm willing to do my best to take this thing to the next level. What I'm asking from you all is some help.

Anyone who is willing to mail me a handwritten (or typed and signed in your own hand) letter about their problems with GEMB will help move things along.

Here is what I need, in this order:

Date your problems started.
What happened.
Who were you in contact with.
Outcome. (please note if the problem is still ongoing)

Your full Legal Name and contact information.
Address, city, state, zip
Contact phone number, (work, mobile or home is fine)
email address.

I want to find out what's going on with these people and who they really are. I need your help.

Trooper Mata
Michigan State Police, Wayland Post #69
Wayland, MI., 49348

  • De
    Debbie Dec 09, 2008

    My husbands idenity has been stolen and we just recieved a call from GEMB Credit Card Company saying he purchased jewelry at this store in July. We told them it's not us. To please send us information on this account and we will go to the police dept and file fraud charges. All GEMB is doing now is calling every day and harrassing us and will not send any information with proof that my husband signed or showed drivers licn. notthing they are driving us crazy.
    We have contacted the three credit burear and life lock is on his ss # but what are we to do??????

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  • Su
    suenlynn Aug 28, 2009

    This company posted an account to my credit report and I don't have one with them. They stated that I had a 5k limit with a high bal of 4900. I don't know who this company is. And they said that THEY closed the account.

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  • Ce
    Cee Stevenz Jan 08, 2011

    Same thing here. Last year I posted an on-line payment to my SAM"S CLUB DISCOVER CREDIT CARD account. My bank showed they made an attempt to transfer the money from my account, but then something happened that it did not go through. I seems they withdrew their request before they received actual payment. Then they tried to charge me a returned check fee as well as a late payment fee. My bank said they did not cancel the transaction because there was certainly enough in my balance to complete it. When I called SAM"S CLUB DISCOVER CREDIT I was informed that I had input wrong bank info, which was the reason for the rejection. I know for a fact that I had given the correct bank info or how else would their attempt to receive payment have shown up in my account? And, guess what? The bank info showing in the SAM"S CLUB DISCOVER CREDIT CARD account suddenly became totally different numbers than the bank account number and routing number I had originally put in! I am now wondering if the whole thing was an an attempt to earn money frudulantly? I wonder exactly how many others have been duped inbto paying the extra fees through the same tactics?. So after making payments in the store since then, I decided to do another online payment. Big mistake! It has been 4 days since I made an attempt to pay them online and they still have not contacted my bank for payment. I think I smell a rat coming!

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GEMBunauthorized credit check

This company made a credit inquiry without authorization from myself. This is disturbing and unethical, as these inquiries hurt my credit score. There is no phone number listed to contact them.

  • Mi
    mike Apr 04, 2009

    I checked my credit report this morning april fourth and found out that this company has also made a credit inquiry on me as well, is there anything we can do about this?

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  • Fe
    Fernando Tirado Apr 10, 2009

    I"am shopping for a home security system, I contacted a local company for some information, and after the conversation, I asked him if a credit check is required, he stated "yes".I told him I was not ready for a credit check.He stated no problem, he asked me for my address and date of birth, I asked him why does he need that, he told me he wanted to verify it was me, and make sure that was my home, come to find out he did an unauthorized credit check...what can I do?

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  • I was just notified that GEMB ran credit check on me too. Which was unauthorized too... Where did they get my info to run the check in the first place.

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  • Jo
    Joei14369 Oct 09, 2009

    1-800-333-1071 This is the number I got for this supposed place that keeps doin this. I just saw they ran a check on me as well last year, and have no idea why

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GEMBfraudulent account

I found out I had a GEMB account from my Credit report monitoring service. I tried contacting them using the number they provide to the credit bureau, but it's not connected.

Googling them I found a number that got through. They wanted the account number which I didn't have since I didn't open the account. They couldn't help me.

I reported to fraudulent account to the credit bureaus.

GEMB reported a false address in another state to the credit bureaus, then used them to get my correct address and started sending me bills for $8, 000 of medical services. I'm retired military, my medical is paid for by medicare. The balance is now over $12, 000 and they have sent it to collections.

The fraudulent account was opened online, so no signature is involved. GEMB got my correct address from the credit bureaus. There is no effort on their part to verify the fraud and they are taking no corrective action.

I'm now filing bankruptcy.

GEMBPayment posting

I have a loan with GEMB and for the life of them they can't post a payment to my account correctly. I have to call every month and even then they still get it wrong. What agency can be contacted to report this and so help me if they are getting bail out money my head will exploide! It takes them 18 days to process a check, they don't do electronic transfers like normal banks. I hate them with a white hot flame.

GEMBCredit report name

Not a complaint but this company GEMB/CARECREDIT shows up on my credit report and I do not know what it is from. Report shows acct # [protected]**** Revolving account opened 2006-02-01 Account Closed . I would like to know what this is from as it is not listed on my report except as the GEMB/CARECREDIT in Ketterint OH and is listed as a Trade account. Who are you?




  • La
    Laurie Oct 28, 2008

    Don't bother trying to call - you will end up talking to someone in India who cannot do a thing to fix it.

    Writing does not work real well either. Send certified letters - return receipt. you may have to do this several times. When they do not respond - report them to the Federal Trade Commission and Office of Thrift Supervision.

    Look up Fair Credit Reporting Act as well. You NEED TO KNOW YOUR RIGHTS!

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  • Ba
    bajaskier Oct 28, 2008

    This is GE MoneyBank...the bigeest bunch of liars and thieves you can ever imagine.

    1-866-893-7864 Press # at each prompt, ignoring messages to speak with a "human"
    They are heavily scripted and usually uncooperative...those that speak English.

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  • So
    sol Apr 14, 2009

    Im trying to get the phone number. Because they report something that was paid since 1996.

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GEMBlate posting of payments

For the last several months GEMB have given me a call to let me know that my payment was late. The only problem is I paid it 10 days earlier. GEMB has a very bad habit of taking as much as 18 days from the day it's been mailed to post a payment. Then when I call to complain the only help that I get is that I need to make the payment sooner and they process the payments the day they get them. They also suggested that I call and they will take the payment over the phone for a $10.00 fee starting in May. Yeah more money pissed away! Does anyone have a phone number or a contact that will actually do something or is this just how they do business. I am stuck with the boat loan because if I refinance it's used and it will be at a higher rate.

  • La
    Laurie Nov 04, 2008


    File formal complaints with the Federal Trade Commission and Office of Thrift Supervision

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  • Di
    Diane E Davis Nov 18, 2008

    I will give you the number I found. 1-800-333-1071. This is a strange company. We joined KIS country club and golf academy and they immediately got us credit from this company, now KIS is going bankrupt. We are arguing to get our money back.
    Good Luck

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GEMBFrudulant Practices

We re-financed our home. We used Pacific Title to contact all creditors. We had a phone three-way conversation with the Represenative of GEMB concerning our JCP account. An agreement was reached through Pacific Title Company, a check was cut. It had to be endorsed by my wife and I and GEMB. Immediately after cashing the check they sold the account to another collection agency and it is still listed as an unpaid debt. We paid off about a dozen of these collection companies and found that about half of them resold the debt to another collection agency after cashing the checks. You can make a lot of monet when you can keep selling the same item over and over.

  • Ri
    Richard L. Finchum Jan 26, 2008

    I had the amount of $79.00 withdrawn from my bank account by GEMB phone. I have no idea who they are and I never OKed this payment.

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  • La
    Laurie Oct 28, 2008

    You can fight them -

    Do not keep paying them - show them proof it was already paid.

    go to and look at the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act. YOU HAVE RIGHTS - EDUCATE YOURSELF

    Yes they will resell the same account over and over again.

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GEMBUnknown credit inquiry

When refinancing my home mortgage, I was told by a representative of Countrywide Home Loans that there was a credit inquiry done on March 4, 2007 by GEMB (I believe this company to be GE Money Bank). There are numerous complaints logged on the internet against GEMB. I was told by Countrywide that I had to submit a letter stating that I am not aware of any inquiry made to GEMB on my behalf.

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