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Fireside Bankwage garnishment

Just recieved an Earning withholding order from my employer from fireside for the amount of 1294.00 from something they say was entered in court on 12/22/05. I am a single father with two young children with sole custody. I recieve no support and am barely making it. I am going to call tomorrow to see what this is all about and try to work something out. I had thought that you personally had to be served with papers and had to go in front of a judge before anyone can just garnish you wages.

Fireside BankDO NOT work with fireside!

Fireside Bank is extremely rude. All the way down the down, from the customer service representatives, to their managers. You call yourselves customer service? I personally work for a company in MN doing customer service, if I EVER talked to a customer the way they talk to me, I would be fired on the spot. I received a car loan from them back in 2007, and every time I call them to arrange payment they are extremely rude. I've even gone as far as dealing with one specific rep by the name of Chris. I set up payment arrangements with him for a specific date, and had to call him back a week later to change the date, only he would answer the phone and say he had to call me back. I did this 3 times with him when I realized he was doing this on purpose. A year down the road, I make a payment on my account to get it up to a current balance, and the next day they repossess my car. I call them to find out what is going on, and they are nothing but rude to me. They tell me they cannot see that I've made payment and to fax them a statement of my bank account to prove it. I asked for a manger, they proceeded to put me on hold, only to come back on to tell me I would have to leave them a voicemail. I said I wasn't going to leave a voicemail, that I would hold, and she said "I just told you she's not available, so you will be waiting for a long time." Is this how you speak to your customers if you are a customer service representative? I call back the following Monday and they tell me they haven't received the paperwork yet from the repo place, but they did in fact receive my payment and it was posted to my account the prior week (when it should have been posted-same day they repossessed my car.) I ask why I'm having to pay a repossession fee when it was their error and I was transferred to a rep by the name of "JC" or "john/lon" Right off the bat he says "I've already heard from everyone else that you've been calling us all day, and I don't know what you want me to tell you." After explaining my situation he says "Well I don't know what your process of thinking is or why you're not understanding.." and I was completely appalled by the comment and asked him if he thought I was stupid. I told him his story was contradicting and he's telling me 2 different things, and he said "Hellloooooo, duhhhhh!" At that point I was so fed up I asked to be transferred to the repossessions department and he said "Gladly, I will gladly transfer you to the repossessions deparment!" I cannot believe you let your customer service representatives treat your customers this way. Even the managers act this way, and it wouldn't surprise me if the owner of the company acted this way as well. Point blank, don't EVER go with fireside for a car loan. I don't believe they are approving car loans for anyone at this point in time anyway, but if you currently have a car loan with them, I HIGHLY suggest you talk to your bank to see if the loan can be transferred. I have nothing but awful, awful things to say about how they run their business and how they treat their customers, and if you do your research online, it's pretty obvious that this is across the board with this company. Beware of this company!

Fireside BankRude reps - Maria in particular

Wow! There is an endless supply of people with bad experiences with this bank. I too have had bad experiences with them. They kept calling my job, even though I notified them in writing to stop calling 15 times a day. Luckily I have a direct line. But anyone else could have easily gotten fired over this. And then there is a-hole Maria, who doesn't know her head from her ###. She's a jerk, even when I was MAKING THE PAYMENT with her. I felt like telling her, "do you want your [censored]in commission or not, b**ch!" -- But we can all take solace in knowing that these guys are out of business!!! Check out their "about us" page. They stopped taking new business effective [protected]. GOOD! They were no good at their jobs, and now soon they won't have one. I am pleased to know that Maria will soon be looking for work, if she hasn't already! Hopefully she will learn tact, and professionalism in her new position. Someday she will be treated exactly how she treats others.

  • Th
    This bank had to go Oct 29, 2011

    wow!!! you jack ### have a lot of f______ing nerve. Any one associated with the Fireside Bank and all the f____ed up so called service, needs to know that every and I mean E V E R Y customer past (thank god there will be no future for them) (he he ha ha!! ) hates you will every F I B E R!!! you are jacked up ###s and will get just what you have earned in your next job if that ever happens...


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Fireside BankDo not EVER get a loan from them

I have requested 3 payment history reports. We were late on a few payments due to losing my job, now we were catching up. We paided 2 payments in August, 3 in september.. which should have caught us up plus paid the next one in advance. A week later I get a phone call stating I am 2 payments behind n how do I want to handle this. I paid another payment via money order over the phone. Fireside says they have no record of it, im still 2 payments behind. Im not.. I had requested a payment history back in August to to keep on track. Its now October, I have sent 2 other request via email to a supervisor. Each time she tells me its sent out. I have yet to recieve one. They are rude, threatening liars. Do not EVER get a loan from them..

Fireside BankHarassment

I recently relocated to another city, had a job all set up. However after I moved in the job fell-through. Now I'm 2 months behind on my car loan with Fireside. I don't have any money coming in and since I quit my previous job I can not collect unemployment. I have borrowed some money to pay my loans even though I don't have any money for food, gas or car insurance, but that's not there problem they say!
I have heard that other loan company's will freeze your loan for at least 2 months until you get a job. I'm doing the best I can but I get numerous harassment calls every 10-15 minutes from there agents and most all of them are very rude, inconsiderate and extremely negative. I have refused to talk with the ones that are rude.
I don't understand why someone has to be so rude or negative on the phone. They don't know me or the type of person I am. But these people that are harassing with there calls must have some really deep issues in their lives to want to cause harm or stress to another.
I have never been more then a week late prior to this last episode of me not working...Avoid Fireside Bank at all costs! Nobody needs to be treated like a piece of dog poop! This is the worst company for a car loan!!!

  • La
    Larry Jul 27, 2009

    They are trying to repo my car after I paid 4.5 years. They are rude treating to me and call me before the due date. My car payment was due on 9/13/08 and they said they were going to repo my car 9/16/08. Screw them I am going to sue.

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  • Ta
    taz6122 Jul 27, 2009

    Ha ha haa. Late is late. You'll be lucky if they don't sue you for defamation.

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  • Ka
    kaprice25 Oct 28, 2009

    WOOOOOW! I thought I was the only one that was going through this with fireside. They are extremely rude they harrass anytime day and night no regards for peoples privacy calling any and every number they have on file there must be something we can do about this. Where is the professionalism? Above all it is still a place of business but the reps use their power of authority to intimidate this is criminal harassment.

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  • No

    Agree, we have had a loan with Fireside Bank for 2 years. I wouldn't recommend this company. They are rude, unprofessional and they will harrass you even AFTER you have made your payments.

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  • Da
    DanielleLS Mar 27, 2012

    Fireside bank is going to talk down to you and go ofter you. They call me over and over all day long! When I did answer...was his name MIKE? Called me a liar and told me I couldnt full him. What a bounch of Kukes!

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  • Mi
    missjess80 Aug 01, 2012

    When the economy fell my husband was laid off luke millions of other Americans. We fell behind on our car payments, but always continued to pay Fireside for our car. That is until with each late payment when we would call to make the payment they would refuse to take it and threaten us with illegal repossession. I would be brought to tears when one caller named"Johnny" told me that we were lazy and were choosing not to pay on time-ridiculous! My husband demanded to speak to a "supervisor" because all we wanted to do was pay our late payment and move on. They wouldn't let us. This was at 30 days delinquent. So we didn't pay because they refused our late money (who does that!) until they repossessed our car. I am happy to have gotten a letter from class action lawsuit that has ruled in our favor with denying any collection of the remaining balance on the car that they took from us. Finally Justice has been served fot hardworking people like us.

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Fireside BankReposession

I am writing about the traumatizing experience my family had from the repo man from LA Walker Repossession Company, who came to our home last night. First, Fireside Bank would not work with me on any kind of payment arrangements; I could not catch up so I knew they were coming to repossess the vehicle.

I had the vehicle parked right here in our complex for ease of recapture, there was no need for him to do what he did. At about 12:30 after midnight last night, the repo man banged on our front door like he was trying to beat it down, very scary and intimidating. When that did not work because we were sleeping, he proceeded to bang on all of the household's windows, also very loud and scary. He awoke my teen daughter age 17 and my son age 18, and he traumatized them to the point where they could not go back to sleep the entire night and missed school today because of the lack of sleep and the stress of the situation. Let’s send a message that these evil practices will not be tolerated.

  • Si
    sil Dec 07, 2009

    Hi I suggest you contact the dmv in your area and file a complaint those ###s breached the peace and harrassed you and your family also you may be able to sue them.

    I would also find out who the lousy ceo of fireside is and send him an email and maybe he can help you with your current situtation since it was just only recently.

    I have three scums from fireside i want to put on blast for threats Andrew, carmen and her boss all three are the worst type of people you can ever talk talk at fs but some day they will experience what they put us through

    So good luck and take that into consideration :)

    signed ripped off by fs too

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Fireside BankHarrassment/Incorrect Billing

We have been devoted customers by paying for my husbands car through a loan with Fireside Bank. In Feruary my husband was part of the lay offs. We fell behind on 2 payments and quickly paid. We even spoke to a manager who said we were good until Novmeber 25th 2009. We received numerous calls that is we didn't pay today (11/25/09)that they would take the car. If I knew what I'd be dealing with I NEVER would have agreed to sign with such an AWFUL company who ridicules their clients on EVERY phone call. I have never dealt with such RUDE and Uncompassionate people. I feel so ashamed that these people are the in the same race (human) as I am. I can't believe that in this time when not a whole lot of people can afford to may their payments that this bank won't even accept our money not one day past the due date. What good does it do for their business to be this way? Why would anyone turn down money late or not! This bank needs to be taken out of business and I can't wait until that happens..they will screw with the wrong person and then karma will take care of their inhuman behavior towards hardworking Americans trying to get by.

Fireside BankRude Customer Service

BE very careful about buying a car and your loan being sold to Fireside Bank.

If you do no have very good credit (due to divorce or what ever), you can still get a car loan at a higher rate, but be careful that they don't sell it to Fireside Bank in City of Industry. There is a current class action suit about this company that you can read about yourself regarding similar issues list here.

This Bank uses methods to harass you even if you are a day late. When you are late, they call you and ask for your address and phone number and any other info just to make it inconvenient and painful as possible. You tell them that you are going to send out a payment the next Friday. So they call you the next day asking again your personal information and ask why is it late and that you are to pay them on the 15th in a threatening tone and continue to ask over and over why is it late. You try to explain your situation and they say they don't care. Basically harassing you every day until they receive this payment. They won't let you get off the phone. If you hang up they call again or try to cal l your work. My wife was so irritated by them that she now refuses to deal with them at all. She turned her phone off and told the front office not to take their calls at work. They got on the phone with the front office and was rude them as well, demanding the must speak to my wife and this was for being 5 days late.

They call me and we both got into a swearing match over the phone where they were not going to let me off until I felt that my privacy was thoroughly violated. Each day you are late they get a more threatening rude person on the phone. Times are hard and the fact we are getting our payment to them each month even if we are 10 days late, they should not complain. It turns out the car we bought was a used car that was a lemon. The transmission kept breaking, the front end must of been in a wreck and the used car dealer never told us any of this.

But we are paying it off - but in either case the bank does not need to harass us this causes violence to occur in our society. So don't bank with this bank.


  • Fr
    frietze Sep 24, 2009

    I was late on my payment and the collectors called my refference and advised her i had until 5pm to call him back. if no call back then they were coming to pick up my truck.

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  • Go
    goodriddance Jun 24, 2011

    We too ended up with Fireside Bank..They have been rude, mean and just plain unprofessional! They have called my in-laws in an obvious attempt to embarrass us. They have yelled at me on the phone, threatened to come get the car and then, with 3 payments left, repossessed it. We did get it back and now are ahead in our payments. NEVER, NEVER again will I ever deal with these people..and I will go to EVERY agency to express my discontent with their tactics. I am SOOO glad they are being shown here and on other sites for the horrible people they are...How do they sleep at night?

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  • Fi
    Fireside Hater Jul 31, 2011

    I am stuck with them for a while.Yes 90 percent of those ###s are rude and refuse to work things out.Yesterday was a saturday and they called and said if i dont make any payments by 11 a.m they were gonna send tow trucks!One guy asked if i cant afford a car, dont bother getting one, i just recently missed 2 months, i said i would pay it wed.thats 4 extra days, but they would not take it, i said i can give a 100 bucks and a check dated for wed, and they refused!I said 90 percent, it should be 99 percent, if anyone is dealing with fireside, ask for CHAD, he is the only one who helped me in the past, but now im dealing with his boss and man is she a capital B.

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  • Hd
    H(D)G Aug 04, 2012

    I also had a loan with Fireside Bank. Everything that is mentioned in the above letter is very true. These threatened to repossess the car at my place of employment, My payment was late by one day and I had made a payment arrangements to pay it my next payday which was two days from the day the called me. I am so glad that this bank is being investigated. My car got repossessed the next day!
    My car low blue book was $16000 in 2010. They sold my car for $9000 I was to pay the balance of 13000 which caused me to file bankruptcy.
    H (Denny) Gowan

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Fireside BankREPO




  • Ta
    Taz4dad Jun 15, 2009

    Last Tuesday, 6/8/2009, Fireside had my car repoed. We then provided to Fireside proof of payments. This we got from our bank and haad it faxed to them. They then have said that because it is a mature loan they won't give the car back.

    As a side note, my wife made friends with the repo guy. We talk with him and he has tried talking to Fireside and they blew him off. Now the repo guy is ticked at them and is blackballing them in the repo car industry.

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  • binder Jun 16, 2009

    "My wife made friends with the repo guy."

    I'm sure she did buddy, I'm sure she did.
    Repo man was blown off twice that day.

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  • Ta
    Taz4dad Jun 16, 2009

    I guess a few can't read. The payments were made on time. I have the bank transfers showing it. All electronic transfers. These clowns have a history of applying it to the wrong account. I have been through this several times with them.

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  • Fe
    fedor Aug 06, 2009


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  • 00
    007 UZER Aug 27, 2009

    It does happen in real life. I agree banks lose money when vehicles are repod, however in this case, due to multiple payments, large down payment, this vehicle was almost paid for. So in sense, they would only profit by taking back a vehicle, sticking the buyer will the bill as they again selling the vehicle to somone else. And as a former driver, a bill of 1, 000.00 can easily be reached when only dealing with one tow company that takes the vehicle several cities over, which is located half way up a state... You must not have anything better to do than argue with what others experience, or your scoring brownie points with your boss at this bank.

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  • Pi
    PISSED OFF Alread Sep 27, 2009

    Fireside Bank wants to get more money out of us on a card that was paid in full in 2008 after it was purchased in 2007, we got the title and a paper stating that our account was paid in full and 1yr later they say we owe them 498.00 thats bull, the proof of the account pay off and title was faxed to them and they keep calling us especially at work were we tell them not to call us, they are rude people I think we are going to SUE

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Fireside BankAuto Loan

My husband and I purchased a Truck in July 08 and the loan was through Fireside Bank Auto. Well he lost his job and we were doing our best to make payments. They are very very rude and inconsiderate people who make you feel like a peice of you know what. They like to threaten people into giving them a payment eventhough you can not make it. They would not work with us at all. We would keep in contact w/ them and they would say okay we need a payment and them being beining rude. They would not have notes of when we called and they lie about everthing. Well, with no notice they came a had out truck repoed w/ no notice and gave us like 5 diff amounts that we would owe to get it back. It was not worth it we just let them have it. I can do with out the high intrest rate and their rude phone calls. My husband talked to a rep. asking if we could work a reasonable payment out to get it back and he said " We did you a favor we gave you the loan " his word exactly. So it goes to show you they do not give a damn about anyone. Yes, I would luv to file a lawsuit against them. For stress they caused and the hardship they caused us. b/c with out the truck my husband has no way to find a job or a way to work if he found a job. We were trying to get them to work w/ us but they wanted the money all upfront and they say " they dont work with people ". Well, I will never work with them again.

  • Fe
    fedor Aug 06, 2009


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  • Fi
    firesidesucks Jun 17, 2010

    Have had an auto loan with these people since 2004. Loan was a five year loan which would of been paid off in october..however i filed for bankruptcy still keeping the car in which fire side tacked on another 3000 dollars to the price of the vehicle without any notification! So instead of it being a five year loan which is what my contract stated the say it will be another year (2010) before this car is paid in full. I still make payments in which half seem to still go towards intrest! I had refused to pay them for three months in which they added to my credit written off as a loss which im still paying for. This company is horrible. Buy the time im done paying of this ford taurus i would have paid 16, 000 for a 2000 dollar vehicle! (2002 ford taurus).

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Fireside BankHarrassment

I recently switched over from mailing my payment in by check to sending it online through my bank. They are the only creditor I have that doesn't allow direct online payments through their web site. Instead, they provide a link to Western Union in which you must pay to make a transaction. This is 2009 and you'd think that they would provide this most basic service, but considering the way I've been treated they are obviously not concerned with positive customer service.

During this transition, a couple of payments arrived a few days late. I take full responsibility because I should have allowed more time for this process. Regardless, when the last payment went TWO DAYS past the due date I began receiving calls from three different phone numbers, all from Fireside. The callers were rude and condescending. Even after explaining the situation to them, and apologizing for the delay, they kept calling. They were relentless! I asked that the calls stop but they told me that until they receive the payment they would keep calling.

I even spoke with a "manager" that told me, "you're stuck with us, so until you choose to refinance you better make your payments on time!" Nice customer service, right? I asked him if it was standard practice to harrass people two days after the due date and he said, "things have changed now." I replied, "Obviously not for the better."

If this is the way they wish to treat their customers then their customers will find another company to finance their autos. I know that I will be looking for another company right away to refinance my car. I do not tolerate this from a creditor, and no one else should either.

Avoid Fireside Bank!

  • Ma
    maria welch Apr 17, 2009

    i was told u should never send any money to a company through western union lagit companies should have on line secure verification logo. companies they go through for payments. well known is paypal, varasign secure and others . u might want to check the varification co. also . u probably know alot about this but i had to find out the hard way. western union told me their was alot of scammers going through them for payment . even if u purchased an item and have to go through them. hope it helped

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  • Zi
    Ziggdog Sep 29, 2009

    Fireside bank will not let up. I have recieved phone calls from Fireside Bank all day. They use several different numbers, including some cell phone numbers from Mariposa county, AZ in the Phoenix area. Here is a listing of some I have collected: 602/670-2790, 632/202-5340, 480/560-0076, 925/202-4479. I know it was them because they left 16 messages on my cell phone. I have a Tracfone and I have to pay to listen to every one of my messages. Also, the collectors sounded angry, like I personally owed THEM the money and not the bank.

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Fireside BankWrongful info.

Sept.12, 2008 I paid my car note with my check. My check was returned weeks later. On Oct.22, 2008 I recd. a call from rep. Ms.Sylva at Fireside bank in reference to my current payment for Oct. I stated to her that I will pay my return check and my current payment on Oct.31. She stated I did not have to pay my returned payment check due to it was put back into my loan. I disputed this with her for another 15 minutes. I told her I do not want this to ruin my credit, she said let her confirm with her supervisor. She returned and said yes, that she was correct and the payment was put back into the loan. She stated I do not have any late fees on my acct. as of that day and I can make the current payment of $350.00 by on the 31st of Oct. I agreed. I continue to get harrassing phone calls in regards to this payment in Sept. I req. to speak to supervisor to inform them about the conversation with Ms.Sylva. I was the blame. No help! I then req. a managers number, spoke t

o her Ms.Chambers. I was still the blame. Not only was I the blame this has caused me a 2 month late payment on my credit for there wrong info. They said it will get worse if I do not pay the Sept. bill I was informed not to pay. I recd. no help but to pay from all employees and basically its my fault, being I was told inaccurate information twice.

Damage Resulting = My credit report has a bad report (2 months) late which I havent ever been late. I do not work, currently on disablility. I paid other bills off with the money she stated, now I have to come up with the money or my credit would continue to be damage because of this wrong information. (Stressful). I have been trying to keep my loan in good standards because I was trying to build my credit up from my bankruptcy. This has now damaged it.

  • Dr
    Dravenspence Feb 10, 2011

    My e-wife And I had A loan with Fireside Bank. My ex-wife crashed the car and insurance took care of it. Now 4 years later Fireside Bank calls me out of no where demanding money, telling me that insurance never took care of it. They are liars and scammers. Also in the divorce paperwork my ex-wife took total control of the car. I told Fireside this and they laughed at me! They call me all day, with around 6 or more from different numbers. I'm getting sick and I'm suing!

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Fireside BankEmployment

Fireside Bank laid off many employees last December 3rd, 2007. Over 350 employees with no notice. My husband found out when he was locked out of his computer with a term date. (That was on a Sunday night.) He was pulled into the manager's office saying they have dissolved his position. Which by no coincidence, they were hiring for the same position a few days later. Certain employees began to earn a high salary, the employees earning high salaries were "laid off". They paid health insurance for 3 months then we had to apply for Cobra which was $1200.00 a month. This is a horrible company to work for they say they are "for employees" does this complaint sound like the are? We were also coherced and put under great pressure into signing a severance package, for a little over $2700.00. What would you have done?

I would never be an eployee at Fireside Bank and if their management is as bad as the employment. I wouldn't waste the money to get an 18% - 24% loan. They are a rip off, and will steal you blind.

Fireside BankThey Don't Abide by their own Arrangements

Although I have had many payment arrangements over the 5 years I paid on this high interest, over priced vehicle, they have always worked with me. Until I am at the last $750, and they have called and demanded the total amount (after I paid $17, 000) or relinquish the van. They said that my previous written agreements is more valid then their verbal phone agreement. Guess all the bad loans this company and others made is finally crashing down around them. Has them a little edgy and finally working on getting some money back. Hu? Bad company. Big ripoff

  • Ma
    markhtammy Aug 26, 2009

    I just spoke with a Charles...but first I spoke with a lady, don't know her name. I am approximately 14 days late. Having a legitimate reason for being late, was told I could not mail them a check because it is their policy not to receive late checks in the mail. Lost my job due to the company closing, husband was out of work for 4 months. Went from combined income of 35 an hour to 0 is no joke. This has been a financial horrific nightmare. And for me to only be behind by 14 days is miraculous. In this economy a bank should not tell a customer that they cannot take a check. STUPID BUSINESS PRACTICE. If Fireside would join the internet age I would make it online as soon as I got my check. They make you go to a kiosk in 7/11 or use Western Union. Why they don't let people pay online is really something in this day and age. After Charles and his coworker lady got done with me this 43 year old of 3 grown children, felt like I was 9 and going to the principals office for trying to be good.
    Well I mailed it...I bet they cash it!
    I am really anxious to get my truck paid off!

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  • Gu
    gunterfamillia Mar 03, 2010

    They say they will not accept late payments by mail. I have sent them my late payments through the mail and everything has been fine but I read a review on a website from someone saying that they let him pay off his vehicle. He went to register the vehicle and the finance company had sold it back to the car lot. So the vehicle he just paid off was no longer his! I sure hope they have not done this to me! I am so close to paying off my truck and they just keep messing with me! I requested a payment history it took them forever to get it to me. When I got it I noticed that they want me to pay $4, 000 over the loan amount and I am paying it off a year early. It also shows on the payment history sheet that my interest is 29.9% when it was 15% when I bought it!
    I hate fireside and I am glad they went under!

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  • Fi
    firesideblows Sep 03, 2010

    Has got to be the worst company I have ever dealt with in life. Bought a 2002 ford (yes found on the road dead) taurs as is in 2004 (was in college needed a vehicle bad) for 10, 000. Was a five year loan due to be paid off in november of 2009. I got into medical debt and had to file for bankruptcy in 2007 however i reaffirmed the vechile which was the biggest mistake i could of made in life. But to back up..within 2 years had to invest 3500 in fixing up the vehicle because transmission went out after a year and half of having, alternator, starter and breaks needed to be replaced. Couldn't trade it in because i owed more for what the car was worth and at that time no one was taking a taurus as a trade in. Upon doing my affirmation agreement and upon my bankruptcy being discharged fireside tacked on 3800 to the price of the vehicle. It's now 2010 and I'm still paying on a car thats worth 1, 900. Not to mention because they are saying I am behind they have put it on my credit as well as my dads credit that the vehicle has been written off as a loss. By the time its paid off I would of paid 19, 893 dollars for a 1, 900 vehicle. They are saying that I am 664 dollars behind and that I owe 2, 381 dollars which is absolutely absurd. Don't ever deal with this company.

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Fireside Bank — Unprofessionalism and harassment

Today is July 13. I received a call from Fireside at 1:00 p.m. The representative ask my name then proceeded...

Fireside Bank — Rude workers, harassing customers

I have financed a car through Fireside Bank... The workers there are rude, they call any number they have and...

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