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EZ1Ratescam from india

I want to apologize everyone. I am one of the employee working with EZ1 Rate. It is a Scam. Preveiouly it was Value Benefits of America and then its name got changed as Caller Advantage then Super Savings and now it is EZ1 Rate.

This company is situated in India. We r asked to take the Credit Card numbers of customers saying tht it is just an identification number but it is a very important numbers of cards.

after taking the numbers the card is charged of any amount and then after every month the card is getting charged. if u read this then pls sumone launch a complaint against this company. many r the ladies and old people who give us the credit card numbers so easily.

i m giving the name of the company who is running it is softlogic systems. it is india one branch is in tamilnadu chennai another 2 branches r in Mahaashtra in mumbai. if u want the complete address then check out for the silgate call center in yahoo else visit http://www.softlogicsys.in

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    jack nelson Apr 18, 2009

    I just got off the phone after speaking to representatives for EZ 1 Rate for 30 minutes. Apparently, I had won $300 in gas coupons for being such a reliable visa customer and all they needed was a visa card number to verify I was still a customer. I spoke to that representative (Allan) for 25 minutes asking various questions and wanting a customer service number that I could call back on because I don’t hand my credit card numbers out to people who call me. He tried to convince me that the 16 digit number on the front of my card was not my credit card number, but an identification number to verify I was a customer and by just having the 16 digit number they wouldn’t be able to charge anything.

    I started doing internet searches while on the phone and found EZ 1 rate listed related to a bunch of ripoffs. I even started reading the text to the representative and he still tried to convince me he was legit.

    After 25 minutes he passed me to his manager (Jason from VIP Health Card) who was resistant to give me a customer service number but finally did (1-866-691-4944) Then I told him I would most likely not be calling back as I found both companies mentioned related to scams on the internet, obviously he was not please and wanted to know why I wasted his representative’s time.
    I have been receiving phone calls for over a week from unknown numbers in this area code, even at 11:45pm, so I was irritated and felt like passing that irritation along. I also asked to be removed from their list.

    I just hope they don’t take pieces of my conversation that they recorded and somehow make up an authorization for goods. Although, I didn’t give them any account numbers so I am not sure how they could.

    I just feel badly for trusting people who really need $300 in gas coupons so they unknowingly give up their account numbers and then get taken advantage of.

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EZ1Rate3 calls a day!

These people call me 3 times a day from an unknown number. Each time I ask them not to call me again and the calls just seems to get more frequent. They are calling for a person who had this phone number before me (she must have given her number out to everyone because I get tons of phone calls for her). I am a school teacher so most of the time the calls go unanswered. But I was home today (Mardi Gras Holiday) and I decided to really answer this time. I asked for the company name and the first gentleman wouldn't give it to me. I told him that would agree to the package if they gave me the company name (so I would be able to recognize the charges on my credit card statement). A woman came on and gave it to me (step one). Then she preceeded to tell me that this was not a sales call and that it was a "customer appreciation" call since I was such a good customer to the local gas station and the local mall. Funny - they were calling for someone else. She said that the person at this number was a good customer and that I would get a $300 gas card and a calling card for just $4.95 (guess the shipping charge went up from September). I would just have to give them my credit card information. I told her that I would like a phone number to call her back since it is consumer safety 101 not to give credit information out over the phone to people you dont know. She said there isn't a number to call her back at and that the information would be confidential. Ha! I told her again that I even do that to my credit card companies that call to verify information. I always call them back at the number on the card and refuse to give information out to people that call me. She then hung up the phone.

I tried calling my cell phone company to get the calls blocked and they said there is nothing they can do except to change my number. Since I just changed it in December... it would be a pain to change it again. If anyone has the phone number to this company please share since that seems to be the only way to block these annoying calls.

EZ1RateFree gas card

This suppose company keeps calling stating that VISA and Mastercard are celebrating something and that our phone number has been chosen to recieve a Free $300 gas card. After asking for name and address, they ask for for credit card number. No matter what you tell them, they keep trying to get your card number. By their accents, they are from India. They do not even know what 911 is. It is apparently a SCAM. These people are extremely pushy in wanting your credit card number. They will tell your anything to get your card. They only way to get rid of them is to hang up the phone; however, they keep calling back no matter what.

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    Mac Feb 26, 2009

    I just got the same call. I ask for their website address when on the phone and called the number and the person that answered was in the US and he told me it was a scam.

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EZ1Rate$300 in gas coupons

got a call from ez1rate telling me that they got my phone #from credit card companys .and for $1.95 i can get $300.00 of gas coupons, and dummy me gave them my credit card number.then i told them to put that money back in my account and lose my number and hung up the phone.then they called back and while he was trying to get me to confirm the transaction i got on the internet and found it was a scam, i told him this scam is on the internet and the ### hung up.i would like to get a hold of one of these ###s and beat the living ### out them and show them this is not a scam.

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    ranod Dec 13, 2008

    guyz this call abot 300 $ of gas vouchers came from one of call centres in india named maitis solution located in gurgaon sector 18, these people call evry possible customer nd charge people heavily without givin them nothin!!!
    i waz one of d caller in d company, as i came to know abot it i left the company bcz i did the sin of taking out credit card f many inocent u.s people!!!i m sorry for tht!!!
    the company az to branch one in gurgaon nd other in mumbai!
    the ceo of company(maitris solution) iz ujwal!

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EZ1Rate — Scam/Gas Card

Ok, these idiots called my house at 9:25pm… telling me how I unknowingly was registered and had won a...

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EZ1RateUnauthorized charges

Looking at our bank acct statement today Sept 8 I noticed this company taking out 49.95 out of our account. This amount was removed on August 8 also. I looked further and on July 8 69.90 was removed from our account.

On June 24 a charge of 1.95 was removed from our acct. All say EZ1RATE is removing the money. We don't know where they got our information from and how. I am contacting my bank and having a stop put on and calling the person whose name I found on this site Adam Shorr and giving him a piece of my mind. This is almost 200 dollars he stole from our account. I am also having a problem with Discount travels and savings removing money and once again we don't know how they found out the information. I know we talked once to this company and told them to stop, but as I can see they haven't. They owe us almost 60 dollars. ONe thing I know if they don't use paypal, I won't be buying. Any phone calls I get where they want to give you gas coupons, etc... HANG UP. I have always told them no but is this the same group? Why are the banks not made aware of this EZ1RATE company and have their customers made aware of a scam company taking money out of their accounts?

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    Sharon Hickman Nov 05, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I Totally agree!I fell for the $300 of gas for $3.97 and now I have not only 2 charges of $3.97 on my account but I also have one for $29.97 and one for $49.33.I have 4 phone numbers I have been calling for a week and I get the same response for each {all our agents are busy estimated wait time 7 minutes, even after an hour.HELP!What should I do?

    Sharon 11-05-08

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EZ1Rate — phone free gas card

received unsolicitated phone call on 08-19-08 from Steve Dixson (emp.#14420) stating I have been selected by...