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Executive Tour And Travel ServicesScam

This company is a scam, I was offered a free crise for two, to use within a years time. When I sent the 29$ activation fee...I got a package several weeks later, asking for my credit card information. I DID NOT send that, I researched the available cruise lines first...and found the trips I would want to go on, and called Executive. They quoted me a price MORE than the commercial price!!! No free cruise at all, and a "Holiday Fee" to boot. I have requested my $29.00 back again, but was told unless it was within thirty days I would not get it back...again, they slant the deck in their favor!!! Don't use them!! Rip off...thanks for all the other posts, you all saved me from a bigger hit.

Executive Tour And Travel ServicesCrooks

I made my $50 deposit on 07/12/2010. First attempt and I submitted the dates and destinations that I wanted, and they stated that they were unable to get the reservations. Second attempt, I called back and requested other days and no one responded. Now, I have called numerous times to request a refund and again no one has responded. I have waited the 60 days, no response and no refund. Finally, I called my credit company and disputed charge for services not rendered. Consumers please do not get involved with Executive Tour and Travel Services, INC. based out of Daytona Beach, FL. They are crooks.

Executive Tour And Travel ServicesMost likely a rip off

We sent in our $50, then they wanted $20 more to get certain dates. We have called numerous times but they have not confirmed our May dates and no matter how many extensions I try, they all go to voicemail. I have talked to a human once and was immediately transferred to voicemail when I asked if someone, anyone could help me verify our travel dates. Why don't they just mail or email the information? Probably because it is a scam. We're going to refute this with our credit card company while there is still time.

Anyone company who uses this "service" must not want the receiver of the "gift" to actually use it!

Executive Tour And Travel ServicesRefuse to refund

Executive Tour and Travel refuses to refund my 50.00. I received a vacation as a gift from a car lot, and had to call within 3 days to activate it. I was told by the people at Executive Tour and Travel that I would have to put a 50.00 deposit on my credit card until I took the trip, then I would get it back.

The dates I requested for the trip were not available, so I requested my refund in writing just as I was told. Then they told me it would take 60 days.

I requested the refund in August, and I still don't have it. This if very unfair, and I wanted to warn others. Also their staff talked with me in a very demeaning way. If I leave messages, they do not return my call. I am very unsatisfied with my treatment with this company.

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    freestuff Jul 09, 2011

    You should write to the Better Business Bureau. There are over 200+ complaints with them but many of them have been resolved with the BBB (government) help.

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Executive Tour And Travel ServicesWaste of money

I called to get some info as to were I would stay in Lake Tahoe and they wouldn't tell me until I gave them a $50.00 deposit. I would like to know my options of hotels and if I can stay at South shore or North. I don't think its out of reason to have this info before I send money. The person on the phone was absalotly no help and was very condisending. I understand she has a deadend job as a telemarketer but how hard is it to tell me I can stay at southshore. Dont waste me time, take my $50.00 bucks and make it a pain in the but to get my deposit back.

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    RedJ76 Sep 29, 2009

    This the most disgusting company I have ever dealt with. I went through the same problem as the first customer. I wasn't able to get the dates I wanted so I wanted a refund of the amount paid for the trip. OF course I was promised a refund but guess what? No refund yet. They don't even answer their phone so is this a scam company or what? I would not recommend this travel company to anyone unless I didn't want them to ever talk to me again. Don't be fooled by this company, it's ridiculous.

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  • Mm
    mmwt Nov 25, 2009

    Same here. I got this "voucher" after opening an account with Chevy Chase bank for a "free" 2 night vacation. They asked me for a $50 deposit and told me the deposit is returned if they are unable to book the room. What a crock.

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    sunfun2 Dec 04, 2009

    "All" the terms & conditions are thourouhly explained on your certificates. I am a customer who actually followed the rules and had no problem.

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    Faithful Traveler Dec 04, 2009

    First of all as a consumer you should of have read the terms and conditions that is on the back on the information that was provided for you. People are too ;azy to read all of the information that was given to them before you even put down your money. I am a faithful travler who had a very wonderful vacation. All of my travel arrangments were done by this great travel company. I had no problem getting any of my money back. The customer service was above and beyond helpful. So maybe its was not Executive Tour and Travel Services maybe its you people who really believe that you actuall won something for free.WOW nothing in this world is FREE!!! So dont blame the company take responsiblities for your lack of reading or asking questions before you out down your money...

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    freestuff Jul 09, 2011

    Call the better business bureau. There are over 300 complaints logged with them which they assisted in getting customers a refund. You are not alone.

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