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EMC MortgageStay away

Can anyone who can help us? EMC has tricked us into believing they were going to modify. We've filled out so many papers only to find out they are foreclosing on us tomorrow, Feb. 1, 2011. They held onto the papers knowing the date was approaching. When we called they could not even find our loan documents. They said the lawyer was in control now. We called the lawyer, was told forecloser was on hold; told to call EMC back for loan modification. We did; they said they don't handle it anymore!

EMC MortgageStressed me out!

Emc has really stressed me out. I have been going through an apposed modification attempt since 2009.

I was approved for trail payments in sept. 2009 and was not notified that I needed to start back paying my oringinal mortgage payments after my three month trial period. I never received a letter or a phone call providing me with updated payment information. When I called EMC for updates I was told that the process takes a while. I did how ever receive modification at risk letters asking for the same information over and over again. I called each time asking what they needed me to send in and the representative would tell me what they needed and I faxed it in. I would call a few days later to confirm they received the fax and they would confirm. Each time I called I got different information.

After all my payments I was denied for many different reasons. Each representative tells me something different. My attorney even gets different information from them.

When I filed bankruptcy is when I stared getting communication from EMC by sending statements not reflecting my modified mortgage but additional funds to my previous mortgage plus late fees and interest. This has to be unlawful some kind of way. These people are playing my home. I hope and pray that every soul who has had problems with EMC gets justice because now I know that I'm not the only one they've screwed over.

EMC MortgageDenied Loan Modification

My husband hasn't worked in 2 yrs., he has temped as much as there is temp jobs available since no one is hiring. His unemployment has run out, but still we don't qualify for a loan modification from EMC. We've been denied 2x on our own, & even hired someone to help us, all were for nothing. California has one of the highest unemployment rates, my husband applies to all sorts of jobs, and goes to job fairs. And EMC customer service people are so rude, & condescending . They should be nice, my god we're loosing our home, & they're tone is out of line. To top it off next month, both our 1st & 2nd loans will sky rocket. $900 more for the first. My god, I can't even pay what we owe now. They're predators, & they're waiting to take our home. Where are we supposed to live? No one in Texas understands what is happening out here. The house they told me was worth $189, 000 back in 08/10. We owe $364, 000. Our entire neighborhood is either renting or attempting to sell, but no one can.

EMC MortgageBad service

It's all a big stall so they can foreclose on you. They never had intent on helping anyone. My husband and I make 80, 000$ less than when we bought the house. Now divorced & single mom, one of us lost our job. They do not care!!! Period!! I am only asking for a reduction of 400$ a month for now.. but no. They would rather give it away at an auction!! Noone should ever use this company!! Now I am a single mom losing her house to the big boys for no reason. Just keep asking for more papers when the auction is Jan 4th!! Thanks EMC!!!

  • Ch
    Chef Colleen Jun 03, 2016

    Working on a re-mod for months with EMC- have been treated rudley- never spoke to the same person twice. Faxed them pages and pages of personal informtion and have been asked for the same informaiton over and over again only to be truned down 3 times. I have excellent credit and have never been late on a payment. EMC opened an escrow account- never told me and applied 3 months of housepayments to that account and went after me for late payments. Tooks months to straighten out. My informaiotn was either sold or given to a fraudulent person that called and presented themselves as working with EMC- kmew all about the escrow problem down to the penny- had us fill out more paperwork- took $6, 000 from us (since we are upside down in the house- had to have the rate lock - appraisal and 1st months payment in advance) and disapeared. Had all of our personal info- even had our loan info EMC letter head. EMC took no responsibality for this. Instead asked for more paperwork and gave me 3 days to get it to them or they were once again closing my file. They lost my 2010 tax return, tax statment on the house and all my paycheck stubs. Since the fraud we are afraid to send them any more of our paperwork- for it is very clear that they do not take care of anything you send them. All I was trying to do is get an interest rate reduction from 6.25% on a $550, 000.00 loan to a 4.99% interest rate on a home that is now worth $400, 000.00. They are extreamly unprofessional and I am convinced that they are dishonest. I really want out of this loan!

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EMC MortgageNothing but crooks

We been having a problem with MortgageIT and EMC since 2005.We still have the house.But we stop payment because first when we ask for a modification they send us a letter saying we could not get a modifcation.Then they send a letter to our bankruptcy lawyer that they would modify the loan.We gave then all our information we were working with a housing consoler but they wanted noting to do with the housing consoler .They would only talk to my husband and I. We ask if the our tax could be included with the mortgage they said yes then they raised our mortgage.Our was 2403.98. They send us one letter that our mortgage payment would be 3, 922.60 then we got another letter saying that the mortgage payment would be 4, 688.68. So from their on we just stop paying now they send us a letter that our loan is in default 426 days and that our Mortgage payment is in default 34, 959.87 and to make payment by 9/30/2010.Then we got another letter since our loan was to reset on 10/01/2010 that our new mortgage payment is 2, 719.23.It said this payment is based on your current interest rate 8.6500% .I get so many different amounts from them that I don't know which is right.We were on bankruptcy and they still was charging us the late fee.Before they would charge us inspection fee property valuation fee then outstanding advances then money was put in a suspense account . We also had a problem with them because they never gave us our Good faith esimate.I Never really looked at all the papers they gave us .When I started asking question on the Internet in 2005 and in 2007 someone told me to check 3 of the papers one was the good faith estimate, HUD 1 form Truth in lending paper to see if all the amounts were the same on each paper.well to my surprise I did not have the good faith estimate. Then I called them and ask then for that paper and they would not send it we had to write to the Banking Department and to Respa.Then they send a copy. After looking at the 3 papers the numbers were different so I wrote to then again and they said we such have told them in 2005. Then we told them how could we if we did not have the good faith estimate paper and we did not know until someone told us.well anyway it stood like that noting done about it. when we first refinance the mortgage their was lot of problem because we wanted to cancel the loan and none of them would answer us.We wanted to cancel because it was not what they told us it would be. What they did was screw us with this loan.Now they are sending us papers again that if we want a modification if not that they would start foreclosure with out telling us.So we don't know what to do.

  • Kh
    khloee13 Dec 14, 2010

    I am trying to figure out how you havent paid the mortgage since 2005 (five years) and still are in it. Is it in a ever going BK or something like that? Yes, if you escrow your payments will go up. Also why did you sign the laon if you never got a GFE? They have a copy of that, they can make a copy for you. Complaining 5 plus years later is going to get you anything. You should of made sure you had everything you were spose to have. Basically just get rid of the house...file BK on it. You cant afford it. Why keep it? They are not going to give it to you for free.

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EMC MortgageFraudulent actions

After eighteen months of being given the run around re-faxing the information over and over again, I finally had my loan modified to my horror they raised my interest rate to 8.75% I had no choice but to sign or face foreclosure. Again to my horror a month later they sent me a letter stating that due to the increase in insurance I owed my escrow account $2, 500 if i didn't pay in full they are increasing my mortgage payment by $200.00 a month. I thought i would simply get a cheaper insurance policy living here on the gulf coast since hurricane katrina thats a hard thing to do. I finally got an acceptable insurance company to send off a declaration to reduce my insurance to $1, 500 a great saving - but to this day and several faxes later emc still deny receiving the declaration from the insurance so therefore im still stuck paying the extra $200 a month on top of my mortgage payment. Whats wrong with these people? Is the administration aware of what these people are doing?

  • Ni
    Niecy1 Apr 11, 2011

    I beleive the administration knows but they obviously have a quota to make. My spouse and I made montly payments only to find out that they had transferred the loan to someone else by the name of LCS mortgage. I knew something was wrong when I contacted them and they told me to call them. Then we recieved a letter stating that our home was being foreclosed upon. At some point they will get just what they deserve.

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EMC MortgageRefusal of Short Sale

After being given the run around for a loan modification (by the way, I too, was told to not pay my mortgage while waiting for the loan modification, and in consequence my credit was ruined. Also, 50 percent of the people told me I qualified for the loan modification and 50 percent did not), I decided after 7 months to short sale my property. After finding a buyer, having all paperwork completed, the title was in the process to fund a few days ago. The deadline for the property to close on Friday Novemember 12th (mind you, it was initially supposed to close on the 15th). Due to the holiday, the money to fund was going to arrive a day late, and my agent requested an extension to Monday morning. The negotiator flat out refused and for no reason is now set to foreclose on my property. Now tell me, what would it have taken for this man to extend the closing to one more day? My agent, the buyer's agent and all people involved in this process do not know why he is refusing. Is he going to get more money from the insurance that covers the company during foreclosure? How is this helping the consumer?? Is it possible that they can get away with this? What rights do I have as a consumer

EMC MortgagePoor customer service

Tried to Call the EMC mmortgage service for problems with login into my account online. i am foreign national, and do not have an SSN number, but I entered loan number accurately, and the automated system of the phone kept prompting me for a SSN number, and kept running me around in circles.

When I finally, after 20 minutes, spoke to a live person, told computer system is down, and that she will transfer me to someone with system running. i was on hold, and behold! I was transfered back to the automated system, where, after trying to get back a Cust. service rep, 3 times, I got bounced to a recording telling me to call back when I get the loan number. Do not bother with these people and their loan offers, or parent company. Inexcusable!

EMC MortgageUnfair loan practices

EMC used unfair loan practices, that caused me to lose my house, my payment started at under $500 the last payment I made was $719, I told them that I could not make that high of a payment and they foreclosed on my house April 2006. The Federal Trade Commission sued them and I have received 3 checks for less than $1600 total, but I still do not have a house, and my credit score has dropped. I found out today that the date on my foreclosure was moved to Dec 2009, How can they do this? I Think that EMC is making us pay for there poor loan practices. We need someone to help us regain our lives. This is why the housing industry is in the shape it is in now thanks EMC ! I hope you get all you deserve.

  • Ja
    jacque moreno Aug 12, 2008

    Well the company that i work for went out on strike and i called and asked some question and the told me that they couldn't help us out at all they told me to call the JP Morgan and try to refiance well this person that i talked to said that i should call them back and talk to a supervisor so i did and they to me that they can't help me out because i was on a fixed rate and the only way was to be behind on my payment and they would put me on a payment plan, Now would you want to put yourself in that situation i told them and they hung up on me and boy was i pissed, but what can i do with my credit not being very good i guess i just have to eat what they say???? Someone needs to get these people out of business. CAN SOMEONE GIVE ADVICE I know that i messed up i just need a little help and i didn't know it would be this hard. thanks j

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  • Ta
    tank57 -00 Jul 24, 2009

    been trying almost 3 months nw to get a letter to take to 401 k to prevent forcloser on my home and still have not goten one yet what can i do

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  • Si
    sizzle35 Jan 24, 2010

    So, did you get a lawyer or did you go through the FTC to sue EMC?

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  • Ma
    Magnus Sep 27, 2010

    I have complied in every way and been denied my loan modification. they mailed things to my home knowing full well that I didn't have mail going to my home. i have had a post office box since i had been with them. the service center that is stocked with illegals lost my package for 3 months, after threatening the owner with reporting him to the secret service they found it in 3 days. Parts of course now I find are missing out of the package, this is part of the denial by EMC. F'n Scam artists! rippoff

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  • Tn
    TNelson316 Jul 02, 2014

    EMC needs to be sued along with JP Morgan Chase and Select Portfolio Solutions. I am contacting the Federal Trade Commission, my congress person and an Attorney regarding my rights at this point. I know EMC has been sued before in other states, but I can not find a class action suit against them in Texas.

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EMC MortgageAwful company

We too were victims of EMC. We dealt with them for years. Finally to save our home we filed a Chap 13, that didn't work, they still did not work with us. I hired (2) companies to work out a loan mod on it (that didn't work) bottom line from them, sell or foreclosure. We opted for the last.

Well, low and behold they sold our home at auction (we only owed $219, 000, they sold it for $274, 000). I understand JP Morgan Chase (who ownes EMC) purchased the house at the higher price. The reason, there are other foreclusres in our neighborhood and they wanted to bring the prices up. So here we go again, inflated the home values. Ours according to a realtor was only worth $119, 000 at the max.

  • Km
    kmj2 Sep 28, 2009

    If your Chapter 13 filing didn't work then your LAWYER did not do their job. EMC has no legal right to collect once you say the magic words and turn them over to your attorney.

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EMC MortgageCan't speak to real person

We have been calling for the last month and have not been able to get a real person to answer the phone. They give you the run around. When the person finally answered they told us they will call us back to change our mortgage to a traditional loan. Never got the call. We left more than 10 messages and begged him to call us back on the messages and to no avail, he never did. Today we finally got someone live. If you want to speak to a real person do not push any any any buttons. You have to listen to the promptings message repeat about 4 times and then do not put in your loan number. You will get cut off. If you just hold eventually someone will get one-we hate the company-we will never use them again.

  • Km
    kmj2 Sep 28, 2009

    Call the number on your statement, listen to all the menu options, and then press "0" to speak to an operator. You may have to press it twice with EMC. This is a little trick that works with MOST menu option nightmares.

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  • Je
    Jean 2010 Oct 15, 2010

    I agree. I have been trying to speak to a real person for the last 3 months, without success !
    They transfer to several incompetent representatives, then they leave you on hold for a long time and finally you get disconnected or receive the following pre-recorded message : "We're sorry, we cannot continue processing your call, please hang up" or when I enter my loan number, I receive the following message: " the number you enter does not match our records, call back later, good bye "!
    It is impossible to speak with a real person !

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EMC MortgageUsery Unrealistic Profit Taking

These "people" took advantage of me by offering me a interest-only loan for 3 yrs on the beggining balance. When that is paid, then they want me to pay interest and principal for 30 years on that same beginning balance again... Can you imagine the balls on these people! Not only is this usery at a unprecedented level, but is criminal and these sobs need to go to prison.

After telling them to take the property over, then continue to harass me for the damn money!

Can you imagine???

Everybody wonders why the country is in the garbage can?

There is part of the answer.

I wonder how many other stupid people there are out there paying these exorbatant fees for a lousy $130k???

Are you doing this?

You must be a fool like I was... No more!

  • Valerie Oct 09, 2008

    EMC Mortgage is very hard to get along with and they shield their supervisors/managers also. I pay my mortgage on line. When I made my September payment it seems that EMC took double the payment I designated for both first and second mortgages. After 5 days of sending bank statements and explanations to at least 5 different people I finally have received a check for my money they tried to keep. Well that's not all, Now I find out that EMC is charging me a late fee and they have reported to the credit bureaus that I was late on my payments. Yeah maybe so, but it was due to their CareNet problem. I will not be using electronic payments any longer with these people. Paper checks in the mail will be good enough for them. Also I am very tempted to quit claim the house and let them take it. I'll take the loss off my income tax. My Accountant will be the deciding factor on that one.

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  • Ja
    Jack Jan 15, 2009

    Terrible mortgage company, no customer service, uses high-school drop-outs to answer the phone, has one generic phone number to hide all customer service reps, supervisors. They furnish fax numbers but never respond, they furnish addresses but never respond to any correspondence. They furnish incorrect info and will tell you they have fixed the problem but did nothing except lie.They make ach drafts on the wrong date and constantly threaten you with threats of harassing phone calls. They impose a penalty if you try to escape their emc maze of deception.I am 53 yrs old and the worst financial company I ever encountered.

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  • Km
    kmj2 Sep 28, 2009

    If you paid interest only, then you didn't pay anything toward your principal. If you didn't pay anything toward your principal, you didn't reduce your principal balance. So, of course, after three years of interest only your principal (beginning, as you refer to it) will be the same!

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  • St
    Stargraphs May 28, 2010

    EMC mortgage is a true scam all the way! They are no different than a drug dealer wanted in the USA. It is time that they be shut down completely. They have ruined thousands of americans nationwide. The FTC will prefall. EMC Mortgage and JPMorgan chase will lose billions! Wiat till the WSJ an Fox news gets ahold of this. It is a matter of time, and time is OUT for EMC Mortgage!

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EMC MortgageFraud and scam

My homeowners insurance lapsed. EMC mortgage sent me a notice. I ran down to the courthouse to pay the taxes, they already had. I bought a new insurance policy from Liberty Mutual and before my payment was received EMC sent the premium for the whole year!!

I know they are able to do this although I feel it is their choice not their duty. My gripe is that even if I pay them for taxes and insurance for this year and next they will NOT let me have back my old principal and interest payment of $685, they want now $933 per month. They will not accept $685-they send it back. I'm two months into this $933 payment-owe for August and September. I'm headed straight for foreclosure and they will not do anything to help me avoid this. A modification was suggested however there is no promise that the escrow will be removed even if taxes and insurance are paid in full for 2008 and 2009.

Is there any way out of this besides refinancing right now-income slow due to hurricanes in my area. Bush put a moratorium on Louisiana however EMC not honoring this.


whome all reads this one thing that i can say this place really knows how to screw you up i statred to have some probblems with this company i fell behind on some payments was put on repayment plan which was way higher then it should have been there is 47 differnt plans that a company should offer you if you get in trouble i have done alote of research on this and as we all pay our mortgage to Emc all we are is deter with a loan number things they do are very un fair. i have spoken with (deneen) she is a shiftmanager in the loss department she doe not know what it takes to be leader she should not be there if you talk to watch out, she very good at degrading a person she likes to yell . this postion should not be for her i know you have a stren backround but i think she either sleeping with the manager form that department not really shur on the guys name but he made it very clear he is the manager of the loss department and that none is over him i tryed to file compliant and that got no were they are not here to help you ! IAM NOT TRYING TO TELL YOU WHAT TO DO but please be very carefull if you speak to either one about you probblem iam paying my loan up todate this monday but i want everyone here to know that thease people are not trying to help you .. i just wish that i recored the phone call of them both yelling at me demanding a payment it was like a nightmare that none should ever have to go through all i can say is i hope ( Ms Dennen the supervisor of the loss department . i hope some day you have very hard time and there is no one to help and i hope they are as nasty to you as you were to me and for the manager of that department you need to grow F--k up! cause you are a waste.. well thats all i have to say for now . but please be aware of thease people cause they are trouble.