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3:45 am EDT
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Discovery Tours & Travel Pte Ltd Bad service provided in overall

I am giving this feedback to let future customers know of this overall poor service that is provide by this discovery tour agency in singapore. This is a 4 days 3 nights trip to tioman island at paya beach resort.

They really have a poor management system and poor overall service towards their customers. First, i have send emails to them before in regards to certain immigration documents to be sent over for review but there is no reply stated that they have received. Instead, you know wat!? About a few days before our departure trip, they call back to me to ask me email to them my particulars. I told them i have already sent to them and they should check again. But in order to make sure the trip will be smooth, i decide to send over again. Morever, one of their staff have actually received this confirmation of email weeks way before the trip.

Than another thing to say is the coach back to singapore. We received no information in regards to watch out for who to take us back to singapore. Once we take ferry back to the terminal, we wait there to see if there is anyone to guide us to a coach or something to bring us back to singapore. So, we happily wait and wait..., and still there is no one to recieve us. Our receipt timing stated that the coach will leave the terminal at 3pm. We reach the ferry terminal a 1pm and actually waited til 2:30pm, thinking probably the coach needs some time to reach the terminal. To re-affirm my doubts, i decide to check with one of the office at the ferry terminal and got the information from one of them that our coach have actually leave for singapore long ago already.

This is crazy man! the coach actually left us behind way long ago. Luckily for a chinese shop tenant at the ferry terminal who is willing to give a help to call up certain tour guides to find out the situation. the tenant call for us to check with the office again and the people is kind enough to lend us a ride to mersing where we would get to see a particular guy who works for the discovery tour agency. we get 2 tickets for a bus at bus interchange at mersing there. Later than we got to know too that the agency actually left us out of the namelist. Which simply to say that the tour guide have accumulated 25 persons on their namelist and leave off first, leaving me and my girlfren stupidly still waiting at the ferry terminal like fools. This cause us really a waste of time and having no directions to return back to singapore.

Once i return back to singapore, i send a email in regards to my complaints. After that, i do make calls to the agency in regards to this matter too. The agency says that they will check up onto this matter. But they took days before finally get a person to call back to me later. This makes me mad, cause they are supposed to look through this matter soon and get it settled. Cause customer service is meant to place at a top priority. Even if they need time to settle, they should also give a time frame so as to assure customer satisfaction in their effort in settling the problem. This drags for weeks till i call them up again, than they start to discuss over this matter again. What the hell is this? Does that mean they can took this matter lightly?

No matter what, i am greatly disappointed by their poor management, no standardisation of procedures and overall poor service to customers. This matter should be highlight to those people who wants go for a holiday and look out for this tour agency call discovery tour & travel pte ltd. I would recommend people not going for this agency in any of their tours.

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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, SG
Mar 18, 2014 2:47 am EDT

It was such a great opportunity to visit this site, you can gain new interesting topics.I want to stick on this one so that I can update more details about this one.

12:00 pm EDT
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I'm writing in to give some feedback about Discovery Tours & Travel Pte Ltd. We booked a 3D2N tour package to Tioman Island by coach and ferry from 1st-3rd May 2009, staying at Berjaya Beach Resort. The stay at Berjaya Resort was a pleasant one, but the journey to the destination was certainly not. It is such an irony now that when I read the introduction...

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