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CHAR-BROIL - Fire Hazard Smoker grill

Fire Hazard! Char-Broil Smoker/Grill model #15202022
This smoker is not made from quality material. It is the worse smoker I've ever purchased. I bought this smoker on July 4, 2015. Assembled it and was ready to use my brand new grill! I had been wanting one for quite sometime and was every excited about using it. To my horror the bottom of the fire box burned warping the bottom grill plate, fused the damper and unbeknown to me spit out hot coals on the concrete! My sister was waring stocks and she step on one and burned her foot! The paint peeled off from under the fire box and from under the larger barrel. This happened with my first use! I opened a claim number with char boil and sent pictures. I told them I wanted an upgrade and did not want them to send me more inferior parts. I wanted an ugraded quality grill. All they wanted to do was to send me more inferior parts to replace the grill grates that warped and not address the peeling paint, the fused firebox, and the poor design of this inferior fire hazard smoker grill. People do not buy this product! Char-Broil refused to post my review on their web-site. So I am not going to sensor my experience with this product or my customer service experience.

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CHAR-BROIL - Stay away, save your money

Why my next grill won't be a Char-broil.

Purchased a Stainless Steel commercial series model 463240904 for $499 + tax expecting it to last me many years due to the Stainless Steel only to find out much of it isn't actually Stainless Steel causing corrosion where the mixed metals meet, and now much of it is rusting away and it is no longer really serviceable after just a few years.

The problem is the grill is actually a mix of stainless steel and other metals, apparently Char-broil didn't know / care what happens when you bring disparate metals together - electrolysis.

Just a few highlights of the issues:

The cooking grate that was suppose to be Stainless Steel tuned out to be very thin tubing with a different metal inside corroding from the inside splitting open the Stainless Steel tubes like bananas (not they no longer offer a Stainless Steel cooking grate and instead offer porcelain).

The holder for the igniter complete rusted and fell away.

The carry over tubes rusted away and fell off (no longer available).

The magnets that hold the doors closed are rusting and leave rust stains on the Stainless Steel body.

Please keep in mind that the grill has always been stored inside a closed garage with a cover on it.

Save your money.

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5:13 pm EDT
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

CHAR-BROIL - Awful experience

Our Charbroil grill began shooting flames out the front. We called customer service. The person at Charbroil said to take pictures of the parts in question and email them. We did this. And waited. And waited. We called, and they said they would contact us when they diagnosed the problem. We waited, then emailed again. It has been several weeks and we have had no response whatsoever. Why tell people to photograph the appliance, then refuse even to answer? We will be buying another gas grill -- but not a Charbroil.

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Aug 11, 2009 8:25 am EDT

Char-Broil is not one of the best grills for customer service or quality construction. Sorry you had a bad experience.

Jul 10, 2009 9:03 pm EDT
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My brand new Char Broil patio caddie started going on fire after the first time I used it.
I turned it off and I was surprized that it started again the second time I used it. I was very careful and put it on one, then on two etc etc etc until I got it to the temperature I needed to cook 2 chicken breasts.

Tonight, I made chicken wings and there were flames coming out of it and now it's dead. I had to throw everything away and very embarassed as I had company. There was a burnt plastic smell. I checked the plug and it was melted on one of the holes.

I had electrical work done at my house and the electrician put it together for me so I know it was done correctly.

Last week my Nephew got married and since they live in Manhattan and they entertain alot, I gave them the money and they bought two of them.

I expect a brand new patio caddie already put together.

Thank you

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