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11:28 pm EDT
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arrived in 2020 with a dent, dealer came back out and replaced top but the unit was still making loud noise I was complaining about cutting on and off, like it was struggling. In the winter the pump cuts on even in freezing temps so not sure on that? I had another bryant dealer come out instead of the one for a couple of calls not addressing my issue and...

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3:16 pm EST
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Bryant Heating & Cooling Six year old bryant = worst purchase ever!!!

In the six years of ownership we have had five major service calls.

Ongoing problem? - Furnace will only stay on for a short while, cuts out, cools down, restarts.

12-31 20. Cleaned unit, could not find problem
01-24-21 Came out again. Found problem with "cycling unit"
01-25-21. Came out again, replaced ID motor, assembly, pressure switch, and circuit board
09-18-21. Came out again. Cycling limit off, gas pressure too high
09*21-21. Came out again, main temp limit was open. Repaired main temp limit

01-04-22 Called - unit not working AGAIN


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5:21 pm EDT

Bryant Heating & Cooling My complaint is about the contractor didn't clean up after himself?

My complaint is about why the very nice professional contractor didn't clean up after himself. My furnace is in the attic, but accessible using a stepladder. He took care of the repairs. What had to be moved in hallway to reach the attic, he left in the hallway? He didn't replace my filter, but removed it and left it in the hallway. I am disabled and in a wheelchair and use a walker to help myself. But I have a caregiver who saw the mess and complained, wanting to know why he left such a mess. I thought I'd let you know so management will reinforce the rule to clean up after yourself and get an excellent review. Well, stuff has been picked up and life goes on. Thank you for your good service, Zach from Richmond, KY.

Sarah Lewis
Tuesday, 8-24-21

Desired outcome: Make sure all contractors clean up after themselves especially when serving someone who is disabled and not able clean up or has difficulty maneuvering around the blocked hallway.

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1:11 pm EST
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Anybody thinking of buying this hunk of junk from Bryant should read the email chain below. I redacted email and phone information. Dear : Thank you for contacting Bryant. We cannot diagnose what may be causing the problem via the Internet. Your dealer is in the best position to assist you with your technical questions because they are trained to install...

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