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I bought a bike (Pulsar NS 200, DL 10 SE 6660) on 29-June
2014 from Jayant Kakkare, (he bought this bike on 16-Feb-14 from Swadeshi Auto,
Raja Garden), I went to Raja garden Transport Authority on 11-Jul-14 to
transfer this bike.

I got to know from Transport Authority person that in their
records on RC Bajaj Finance HP is updated, and they asked me to provide NOC for
the same. I went to Bajaj Finance Naraina Office and asked is there any dues
from the buyer side, first of all they were not willing to listen me,
after the request they checked and found that this bike was never financed by
Bajaj and by mistake HP has been updated on RC,

On 11-Jul-14 I have provided all necessary documents
to the Bajaj Finance Naraina Office representative with the application and
requested to provide me NOC for the same, I got the information from
the representative that within 7 days I’ll get the NOC, on 17-Jul-14 at
2.38 pm I received a message from Baja Finance about my request ID ([protected]),
I try to call Bajaj Finance Naraina Office ample time to know the status
only on 21-Jul-14 person had picked up the call and told me I’ll take time but
didn’t communicated any time limit,

after I try to call them again but
nobody is picking the call, very bad experience with Bajaj Finance,
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Afer 29-Jul-14, I have to pay penalty for late transfer for
RC (the amount is double then the RC transfer fee and will increase as per
delayed time).

Appreciate for a quick response.


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    blessy_246 Sep 24, 2009


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  • Sh
    shat Sep 24, 2009

    i owned a bike on aug 16 of year 2008.frm last 3 months my engine sound is different compared to other pulsar 200cc bikes. i gave the complaint to the service center but the bad sounding of the engine became too high.he said that he changed the engine parts with warranty but there is no change in my engine sound.

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  • Pr
    problem of pulsar 150 Nov 18, 2009

    servic is not good no solve my iam not satisfied please help me

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  • Sa
    Sarvesh90 Mar 24, 2010

    i bought pulsar 135 ls a month and half back... i cant event cross 60kmph. If i do so then my milege drops to 40 kmpl. Also my engine sounds hard. Even after the first service my bike turned worse more. The sound also not rectified, slow riding prob, gear shifting prob... gear is getting harder day by day. today to the core its displyed tht battery is low. Do the battery cums only one month??????????????? without any alteration frm original nike i get these much probs...

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  • Ma
    maniac4731 Jun 19, 2011

    my uncle owns a pulsar 135 he likes to be fast as he is working in his own business often goes for night duties he drives in a speed of 100 km per hour ...
    Its smooth ... Engine only has vibrations at a speed more than 85 kph
    He maintains it well and followed the user manual and first speed limits as said in the manual ...

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BajajUnavailability of spare

Hi I am Mr. Rahul Vikhe, I am located in Pune,
Maharashtra, India.I own a BAJAJ DISCOVER
135 . I meet with an accident in
March and had damaged bike fuel tank, headlight and other parts as well. I had
given my bike for repair in authorized Bajaj service station at Vishal Nagar,
Wakad, Pune on 15 Mar 2014 . Showroom
guys were unable to get the new fuel
tank from the company due to unavailability of new fuel tank in the bajaj spare part . I had to keep the
bike standing at there showroom till 15 May 2014 (All most 2 months). Yet the new fuel tank is not available in the
company .My bike is the only way of commute to me and my wife. Have to travel
with public transport /auto/taxi spending 3 times more money and time. Company
should keep the spares in stock even if they have stopped manufacturing the model.
Finally I have taken custody of my bike and after 2 months of frustrating
follow up and several visits to the showroom they still are unable to provide
me new fuel tank. I request the concern authority to take necessary action and
solve my problem. If Bajaj is unable to solve my issue I am going to file a
case in consumer court against BAJAJ.

Details of
Bike as Below:

Regn No -
MH 12 EZ 9222
Regn Date - 21/10/2008
E.NO - JNGBRD15432
MFG DATE - 07/2008

Unavailability of spare
Unavailability of spare

  • Sa
    SANDEEP R Jun 30, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    dear sir

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Bajajcard block

dear all,

im holding an EMI Card from Bajaj fin serve leading, from last 2years, and im regular payer to the bank. recently i got the message saying im eligiable for 36 thousand salary loan on my EMI card. so i have apllied for the same, as i was in need.
but post collection of documents, bajaj excuitve MR Madhu and Mahendra did not responce to my call or message, post 20th day of documents submission, i had been to bajaji fin serve offcie ( which is on mg road bangalore) to check the status on my application. but fin executive said that they have rejected the loan and they have behaved rudeley and they throwed the documents on me. when i asked the reason behind the loan rejection, they said due to addres in valid,

but im staying in same address from last 5 years, my all govt proof are belongs to same address. later i got to know excuitve from bajaji had visted wrong house and verified. due to that my loan rejected and my EMI card blocked.

i have infromed bajaj team saying mistake is happend from Bajaj, so i placed re-verifcation request.

but bajaj team rudely miss behaved and they said they cant activate the card or do the re-verification
but due to excutive mistake why the customer has to suffer. becasue of this im mental upset. still i have loans in bajaj which im paying regulary, im no where defaluter in bajaj.

when i requested to activate card to bajaj red ressal team and we care bajaj team through mail communication, they refuse to activate the card. i was keep on sending top mails to team, on early stage team red ressal use to cal on my no to commuincate the status on complaint. but when i contineued sending mails to get valid resoluation to my complaint, they stiop calling or replying to mails. when ever i contacted on helpline, they also efuse to arrange the call back.
on one fine day i had spoke to customer service manager Rajini on call to activate teh card, she asked me to send Cibil score. so based on score she m, ay try to activate the card. so i have shared my cibil score which i got from cibil (789) than too they are not ready to activate the card. and she refuse to take a call when i called to customer care,

later they are started giving some other reason behind the emi card block. they started saying they blocked the card because of credit policy. when i asked whts the credit policy, they are not ready to tell.

im totally upset, no where mistake is from my side. i would request any body can help me please.

bajaji team whch sits in bangalore are very un professional. we dont have any land line or help line to contact, if we conatct on help line its no use, as no will be always busy. execuitve on call also very rude. and team leaders and managers will support to excuitve rather than understand customer problems.

when ever we visit to bajaj fin serve in banaglore, security will not allow us to get in. sales excutive are very rude, they are using all un professional wards on customer. none of the excutive are following the dress code, they come as they want, i never felt that bajaji is a finance company. like me there are thousnd of customer facing problem, please some one can take a seroius action on bajaj and reslove the customer problem.

before complainting here i have sent more than 24 mails to bajaj and called more than 50 times but none of them are helped me.
i ahve checked in bajaj website to take help, expect one helpline on there is no any other no to call or mail id to contact,
i can say bajaj is palying smartly in customer life.
why cant govt can identify this kind cases????/

my question is
why cant company can tell the reson behind the rejection of loan or card./
whts the relationship between card and loan.
my loan rejected due to address in valid but why did they blcok the card???
they did not check coustmer past payment history before blaocking the card
they did not inform customer before blocking the card
when i asked they said they cant reval the infromation regarding card block
which govt has made the rules to hurt the customer with out any reason
why cant govt can take an action aganist to the bajaj regarding un proper management
bajaj asked me share the cibil score to activate the card, post share they refuse to activate
they said card blocked because of address in valid, post valid address confrimation, they are sying card blocked due to our credit policy.
when i asked credit polciy they refuse to tell
why they dont have values or respect on customer.
bajaj team self given teh card and blocked teh card
what rights they have to play in customer life
post valid address confirmation also they cant activte the card? why cant they check customer status before blocking the card
what the sinor managaement doing at bajaji???

please some one can take this issues and get me the resoluation.

i need a call back on my no so i can exlpain better.

please stop this kind of ahrresment from banks, there are so many customer dnt even to know to whom to contact for there problmes.

in fact from last 3 months im figting with bajaji team to get the resoluation, but they dont even care about me or my values.

i request please help em to reslove my probelm.

Thank you
raghu [protected]

  • Mo
    Moh'd Minhaz Nov 27, 2013

    I had lost my key of my Bajaj pulsar 150 dtsi . So how can i get acopy/new key of it ? . Is there any chance to get it ?

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Respected sir,
With deep regret I inform you that when I approached the service section of your vaikom dealer (Royal Motors) on 09-10-10 for changing the brake fluid of my Bajaj Pulsar 150 DTSi which has been purchased from them in the year 2006, they turn a deaf ear to my request and I have to stay there for a long time.Since they refused to change the brake fluid upon my request I approached another mechanic to get my bike serviced.
Being a reputted firm of yours and the popularity among the youngsters like me it is very much regrettable to apprise you my grievance regarding the above little time consuming service.
I also regret to inform you that on many occasions when I approached the above service section for minor similar type of service matters they won't care to my request.
Now I request you to please take necessary steps immediately to avoid such a situvation from valuable customers.

Yours sincerely
Midhun Raj

Bajajengine/battery problem

i m frustrated from bajaj avenger bike because company has no solution since july 2009
[protected] is the 8th time when my bike had stopped on the way this time company exchange the battery but this is not the solution. my name is Er. Harsh Ratra bike3HR-01Z - 0663, my cell# [protected], norton motor is the distributor of our city ambala cantt. bajaj engineer had also no solution

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Bajajdiscover 135 dts-i not working properly

i purchased the bajaj discover vehicle on 1st of jan 2009 i am not happy with the free service, on my first service it is quite ok, in my second service the gear shifting problem was same like before, i lost the petrol while it was given to service, in the third service i told the same problem, but it remains the same, no proper response, i need some response from u, i will suggest to my all friends not to go for bajaj if it continues,
I am buy the bike –suman auto (noida)

Bajaj — Mileage of pulsar 150cc

I've purchased Bajaj Pulsar 150cc in Oct'07 and from teh day 1 the mileage of the bike has been...

BajajWorst dealer!

Don't go to KLN Bajaj showroom, they make customer as fool, there first atm is to get money, and also they will show you the bike which has been already purchased by some other which is waiting for registration. its my own experience. First you have pay money after that you have to walk for your bike for more the five time then only you will get your BIKE.

Bajaj bikes are really good but the Dealer was really worst. There approach is also a worst one, even a Tea master will survive you better than them. .


  • Vs
    V. SIVA SHANKAR Aug 01, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Respected sir/madam

    My name is V.SIVA SHANKAR . I bye a bike in Malini Motors in wannarpet in chennai on March. I got the problem in my bike after the first service. The problem is oil leakage in gear box. so the milage is down, reduced the smoothness and automatically gear is changed while driving, these all problems are get it to me by non proper service in Malini Motors.

    I am going to again and again to Malini Motors service for the same problem four times (2nd service, again once, 3rd service, again once)

    I want change the duplicate component in my bike, Are you can or not.

    Please take immediate action about my query.

    This problem is not solved, i can't pay the money

    Thank you

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BajajMoney taken but no delivery given

Thought of buying Bajaj 180 pulsar from Bajaj Showroom, Sai Service, Paud Fhatak, Pune. It cosed me around 64k's. I thought of financing half the asset value... My loan got cleared... And the sales person asked me to pay half the amount in cash... And then select the bike in the go down immediately... I paid the money then i went to go down... There he pretended that he know nothing about the availability of the bike... There i was told that bike is not available... It is now almost 9 days i am chasing him for bike... Getting the same answer the company has not dispatched the vehicle...

  • Ve
    VEERAVEL PANDIAN S Feb 23, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear Sir,

    I am only a Bajaj customer from 24/01/07 to till date. At Jan.07 I owned my new CT100 DLX Vechicle at Ram Auto (Known as your dealer) located in Dindigul City, Tamilnadu. At last month (Jan 26th 2017 Invoice No. 1718/Ram Auto, Dindigul, Tamilnadu) I exchanged my one year old CT100 DLX with New XCD125 Blue colured Vehicle with my satisfaction. I Know and expose your service throughout India Very well. But I am Upset of your Vehicle by a second time problem with in a month (Incident happened in between Dindigul and Batlagundu/40Kms.) No any proper response with your dealers and your service providers in Dindigul region. I hold my Vechicle in Batlagundu / Dindigul District / Tamilnadu and received my Acknowledgement slip J/No.65 / Regn. No. Tn57 w 9345 from the Service Providers in Batlagundu and their contact No. 9842949261 & 9842349261. From today at 3.00 p.m, at did all my work by foot. Very ashame to tell about Dindigul Dealers. They avoid customer calls after that invoiced the vehicle. Pls help me to arrange my vehicle as early as possible with in a year.

    Thank You.

    S. Veeravel Pandian.

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BajajBlue is my favourite colour

I booked Bajaj Avenger on 2/10/05. I Booked particularly for Blue Colour and being an Authorised DIstributor of Bajaj they are not in a position to supply desired colour of mine and they wants me to take some other colour and also I was told by them that Bajaj,Puna is not supplying correctly though the PO and indent raised by KLN and JAY Auto correctly. In the mean while the Blue COlour of Avenger is also despatching but for KLN they dont have stock in this particulat colour. I was very much worried, why this is happening in such a big company and the dealers response is poor. Kindly coordinate with the dealer and full fill my requirements.

  • Sh
    Shukan Inamdar Nov 27, 2006
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I don't know how much is this going to help or no , but i booked my bajaj avenger on the 27th of Oct 2006, and the order is still pending as of today 28-11-2006, i don't know what to do, neither do i know where to go as they state that the bajaj avenger is going to take sometime into their dispatch from the company.

    I booked my bajaj avenger at azim premji's (grant road), and they had given me a deadline of 15 days of delivery, its over a month now and i have got no response whatsoever.

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  • Vi
    vikas sharma May 28, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I want a reply from the Bajaj appliances team as the girl whom i had a chat with and had a chat with the girl who is there, online, for customer support for Bajaj appliance gave me an e-mail address which was absolutely wrong, as such when i tried to send a mail on that site, the system showed me an error, this is seriously ridiculous..

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  • Gu
    Guru PRASAD Jun 30, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This is GURU PRASAD from Bangalore. I had purchased Baja Discover 125cc on 25 January 2007 from Kalyani Bajaj Yelahanka branch - Bangalore. I am highly disappointed with the way bajaj treats its customers. I seriously don't have words to say how pathetic the service is. I cannot see any accountability from any of the staff members of kalyani bajaj. I feel bajaj staff doesn't know how to work or how to provide satisfactory solutions to the customers.

    1. I approached kalyani bajaj to book a bike under 0% interest scheme on jan 2007. I was told by one of the staff members that 0% INTEREST SCHEME has closed and presently it starts from 2.99% scheme. However i booked under the 2.99% scheme by paying the down payment of some 13K. They took blank checks from me and informed me that it will be entered by finance staff and gave me a date to collect the vehicle.

    2. Delivery was delayed by more than 10 days and to my surprise they have given me some model which i hadn't requested for.

    3. Finally when i went to take the delivery on a later date, i was shocked to see a higher emi amount entered by finance guys into my checks and the agreed amount was different.The amount has been changed without informing me, which is really not acceptable and unprofessional.

    4. When i asked for the explanation, i was told that 2.99% scheme never existed and some one has given me the wrong information. My question is why the hell you people give wrong details to customers when your staff doesn't know the information about your own products. And this explanation was given to me at the time of delivery, after paying my down payment, after giving all documents and blank checks.

    5. I had to wait nearly a month to get my vehicle number which is not at all acceptable. Every time i approach Kalyani bajaj some nonsense and immature explanation will be given to me.

    6. It's almost 6 months now and i am yet to get the accessories for my bike. Every time i visit service station, i get the same reply - No spares.

    7. I neither got my insurance copy nor my rc book xerox. I haven't got any documents except tax receipt and service manual.

    8. After n number of follow ups when i went to collect insurance copy, i was surprised to see that vehicle is in my name and address is someone else and the same problem with RC book too.

    9. Your staff has entered the wrong address into your software, even after me furnishing all necessary documents to show my address proof. The most pathetic thing is bajaj staff have visited my residence for site visit and in spite of it they have entered the wrong address which shows people have no sense, are unprofessional.

    10. I am totally fed up of visiting kalyani bajaj and i am not getting any sort of solution. I seriously don't remember how many times they have made me visit their office. Every time i cancel my engagements hoping for a solution and end of the day only assurance will be provided , but no result.

    11. Every time i go stand in front of them, immediate comes the reply - Sir i am going today 2 insurance office and RTO - will get you the documents tomorrow and for bajaj i guess tomorrow never comes. If i go next day some ### reason will be given and the same reply that they will go today.

    12. I escalated this to Ms.Girija - Manager, yelahanka branch kalyani bajaj- she is so dumm, trust me she dosen't know what to say, what to do, she dosen't have any accountability and i very strongly feel they never tried to give me a solution. Every time i stand in front of her, she calls her colleague and then she questions what happened about my problem??? That's the only thing she does.I am going to stop my payments immediately and will not pay a single amount until and unless i get my documents in hand.

    Kind Regards

    Guru Prasad

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  • Mo
    Mohammed Jun 17, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    To kalyani bajaj,

    Provide the proper services, you can provide. dont play with the public or else you will get one day. You should pay for this type of unsatisfactory service. This is strictly warning to you guys.

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  • Mo
    Mohan Jun 17, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have seen this comments and agreed also. one who can't provide services to the consumers, they should go and sit at home and do house holds things, you bloody rascles.

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  • Ma
    manoj Aug 19, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear sir,

    Myself is Rishi Raj from Nangloi Delhi. I have bought Bajaj Platina from Gautam Auto Tilak Nagar on 16th of March 2008 with the registration no. DL-4SBC-5534 BY MAKING CASH PAYMENT.I am satisfied with the performance of vehicle.But the matter of concern is that the staff of Gautam Auto has made mistake in my registration paper like RC and Insurance, he has registerd all those things Rishi taj and Rishi Rai but my name is RISHI RAJ.I have made several requests to Mr. Lashkar who is the person dealing to me but he is not ready to correct his mistake.

    Now you tell me how do I show my paper if somebody ask me to show as all papers have different names.
    My request is to u that please look into matter as it is already six months as purchased has been made and it gives bad impression of your company.

    Rishi Raj

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  • Ji
    Jim Ankan Deka Aug 22, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have recently purchased a Bajaj Avenger from Khivraj Motors in Bangalore. The sales man named Nrupada was very helpful throughout as I had purchased the bike on finance. He took all the headaches and called me to the showroom on the day when it was finalised. Anyway, after getting the bike delivered, I went back to Khivraj Motors for the 1st servicing of the bike 3 weeks after getting it. I went around 12:30 pm, and the person incharge of registration told me that I will get the bike only on the next day. I was a little upset as I stay neary 14 kms away and the traffic on the way is too much. Still, I managed to keep myself cool and gave the bike along with the keys after completing the paper works and other formalities and came back. At around 6:30 of the same day, a tele-caller called me up from Khivraj and told that my bike is ready and I should go and get it by 7pm on that day. As I was not prepared to go again for that day I told her that I will come on the next day between 12 to 1 pm.
    Next day as I went to the showroom, after giving Rs 320 for the servicing (though it was a free service, I had to pay for all the oil change) and another Rs 20 for the helmet, I asked for the keys. To my utter surprise, I found out that my key chain was missing, which was an imported one. I was very upset and angry. I went in looking for the guy who took the bike previous day. He was nowhere to be found. Then I called for the manager of the servicing department. He was missing too. I went back to the showroom to lodge a complaint, but found a salesman who told me to wait for the manager of the servicing dept. as they cant take any complaints regarding the servicing. It was almost 2:15 pm and I was hungry, sweating in heat, and waiting. At last, when I was about to leave, I saw the guy coming. I met him and asked for the key chain. He told me that he doesn't know anything about the key-chain and put the blame on me by telling that I should have taken it with me, because that's the rule. I couldn't resist my temper and started shouting. Finally the manager came and apologised and told me this will never happen again.
    Hense, for this free servicing I have ended up spending
    Auto - Rs 240 (Coming back the previous day and going again the next day)
    Servicing - Rs 320
    Petrol - Rs 70
    Helmet - Rs 20
    Key Chain - Rs 400 approx

    Total of Rs 1050... If this is the free servicing, what would be the paid servicing???

    Jim Ankan Deka

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