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amatuermatchTake me off

I don't want to get e-mails from women who only desire to have sexual trysts. I personally never signed up for this service, and to be frank, it is a vulgar and indecent sight. I have children, am a Christian, and there is absolutely no way that I could ever be interested in someone who advertizes rondevous for sexual encounters. I am happily married, and to be honest, I believe this sight to carry spam and/or malware. I am demanding that you cease sending me e-mails from from this moment forward. Kindly comply.

amatuermatchTotal fraud and scam is a scam - just Google it!

This company, is a total scam and fraud. They are not honest about billing and also send you a bunch of spam for fake dates and messages derived from their own staff. it is an off shore / overseas company (bank) and is a total rip-off. Anyone with the same experience should contact the Attorney General of their state AND the US Attorney General as well as the Better Business Bureau ( BBB ).

Here are some helpful links that I suggest you take the time to contact! This will help others from getting into the same money taking scam.

  • Na
    nanda5 Feb 21, 2009

    its all lies, as soon as you pay membership fee you dont get 1 e mail or any response from anywomen. before i was a full member i got 6 mails a day, what a difference huh, dont let them screw you too

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  • Bl
    blr46 Feb 24, 2009

    Same thing happened to me.I did research on these so-called dating sites and 98% of them are scams.These lowlifes will send fake emails saying someone is interested in you that to reply you have to pay your subscribtion. Once you pay the emails stop.In reality, there was never anyone interested, the people are totally fake and we get screwed.{no pun intended}Also, if you ever do get a response, its fake.Most of the pics you see on sites are fake.The profiles are fake.Everything is fake.Your best bet is to go to a grocery store or a video store or a library.You will have a better chance there. Hope this helps, Brad.

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Amateur Match is a scam. I joined for one month and got flooded with messages from many women. When I responded to the messages I received, I would either never hear back from them, or the responses were all the same. I knew something was up. Everything seemed scripted with these women and I doubt that many of them had much more than a 3rd grade education from the wording and sentence structure of the responses that I received. In addition, the online cupids run the show and drive set-ups to get guys to keep on buying the subscription every month. I finally figured out what was going on and decided to challenge and really try to screw things up for my final week or so.

amatuermatchStole $948 from my savings account

Amateur Match is fraudulent. Together with Date Match, they collectively stole $948 from a dormant savings account. That's the reason I didn't detect the thefts for so long. They were never authorized or given permission to withdraw money. They likely got my account number from another dating site.

I've complained to the dating companies themselves, the billing companies, the bank, and the feds. I'll evidently only get a fraction of this money back. Nobody seems to care. If I'm correct and these companies routinely engage in fraud, why are they still doing business and why aren't the company officers in jail?

amatuermatchRip off

Amateur match is a con I paid $30.oo for nothing dont join it the site is a con. The people are not real what a joke they con me do not let it happen to you spread the word its a huge con. The profiles are not real, its all made up how do they get away with this I would like to no were the owner lives, barstads, hope you rote in *** and get what you deserve, Praying on lonely people that are just looking for love in there life its preety low do not no how some people can live with themselves.

  • Je
    Jedy Apr 02, 2010


    Look for the qc upper right corner of profile if there profile is bogus.

    Filled with profiles taken straight from the old russian dating service blue sapphires.

    If your doing it for entertainment and don't expect truth in advertising you may like it.

    If you don't mind wasting your money you may like it.

    They make it very complicated to resign from auto renew. which if I like a site I'd do on my own hint hint

    There is nothing on this site that I found that wasn't some sort of rip off.

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amatuermatchfraud on lage organised scale

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amatuermatchFraud alert

This site has women, by screen names on it's front search page, supposely in yo area, that you can't message.When you type the name in, it says no such profile exstist.I was one that got suckered, just trying to prevent the next fellow.I remember asking myself, where is all these women, willing to be naked on the internet.Guess I got my answer, is a FRUAD!I received crazy messages, until I paid to become a member.Once I paid not one message, or respone to the ones I sent.I wonder if there is anything that can be done to stop them.