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administrative and managerial staff - ineffective communication, inadequate coordination of care

My father, Cottrell Wesson is a Veteran who receives services from your Jennings, Louisiana location. A...

staff, specifically tracy and jimmy/james.

There has been many incidence with a staff named Jimmy. He neglected to give my brother (Darwin Burket) his nightly med on 1/13/20. My brother also reported that a fellow house mate feel down the stairs resulting in major injurie while on Jimmys watch. Jimmy Is negligent to his responsibility of human life. Tracy Talks down to and is very hostile to Darwin. There has been many times when I will pick up Darwin and she will be wrapped up in a blanket sitting a foot away from the tv. She is not professional by any means and is incredibly rude to residents, staff and family or friends of residence. She is very disrespectful and her staff feed of that and then also think they can treat residence poorly. It has been stated that Tracy allows a specific resident to come home strung out on drugs and she does not report that. It should be investigated because that's not her decision to decide what she reports and doesn't. Is has also been stated that she bring illegal drugs to work with her and will smoke marijuana on the job. I also feel like this should be investigated because she is putting the residence in danger, my brother in danger.
Please Contact me. We have a video of my husband confronting jimmy about about the neglect of my brothers medication and he laughed it off and said Tracy mislabeled it. There is many things wrong with this house and it breaks my heart for 1. That my brother doesn't feel safe or comfortable especially when jimmy or Tracy are on the clock and 2. That my brother is not being taken care of properly. He is a human and deserves to be treated properly and respectfully. He has endured many years of abuse, he doesn't need to be treated poorly by Tracy and neglected by jimmy in a place that is getting payed to take care of him.

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    Dantheman31 Jul 09, 2020

    Hi julie. While trying to get them reprimanded for the wrong doings that they clearly shouldn't be doing while on the job, I would give adult protective services a call and let them know what is going on and that you are scared for your brother and his housemates safety. I'm sure you have already called the main office and spoke to the executive director in your area that the staff work out of. If not I would talk to them first and if it doesnt change then call aps. Hope this helps out and I'm sorry about your brother's situation.

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Complaint against kathy cna home care worker

To Whom It May Concern: My family and I are complaining against the CNA who comes in to clean twice a week...

the manager

Hello, I am trying to contact someone about the house on Colorado st in kingman AZ. I was just laid off from...


I started Rescare in January 2019. The house I signed up for were the hours I was available to work (I wa...

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unethical behavior

I'm dying of cancer. 8 months ago, I contacted ResCare Home Care to have in home help once a week. ResCare...

people sleeping and neglecting their jobs/proof

I have access to pictures of employees at kimsey house in wilkesboro, nc. Too many times have I heard and...


I recently accepted a supervisor job at this company. It is salary but no balance if you work 50 hrs a week...

dietary department

Having worked at Outwood in Dawson Springs Ky for over a year I came to realize it's not about the individuals that live there it's about the office staff, the maintenance and whoever else is higher up ! The individuals so not get what they really need food wise they get served the same thing over and over and yes there is a dietitian there it's the 2nd one in a year . The office staff and the higher ups get served steak and whatever else there hearts desire all they do is make a request and no matter the cost it will be there for them. There was a high dollar grill bought just for the office staff and higher ups not once has it been used for the individuals. They cut back on the plastic bibs for the individuals and say only 1 box per cottage but yet they are eating steak in the canteen they take 2 days just to prepare desserts for 1 day ! We started out with 2 gators to haul food to cottages they got upset with us took 1 of them and left us with 1 gator to haul food to 4 cottages then they got upset again and took one of the seats out of the gator so the rest of the kitchen staff would have to walk to cottages after 3 months of punishing us we got our seat back. It's all linked backed to when Amber Brown took over kitchen and made Traci Hackman her assistant in the kitchen first of all on the year I had been there it only takes 1 person to do canteen but yet there's 3 or 4 and an assistant 5 days a week doing canteen for staff when the cooks struggle daily on cottages to prepare for for staff and individuals . If someone would ask dietary staff not Amber or Traci how it truly is it would blow your mind !!! And now I quit I loved my individuals I loved my job but when u get put down daily for not brown nosing or waiting on office staff and the higher ups u are made to feel worthless. I feel like the individuals aren't getting what they deserve or need !

having a felon working in customers homes, and they say they do background checks.

This women is working in patients home that still has a felony record of embezzlement from a local...

non payment of a refund

This company Rescare - was quick to take a check from me in the amount of $3456 on Oct 17th, 2019 for care for my father Charles Thomas White Sr- whom died on Oct 20th - when asked about a refund for the services not needed - they continue to LIE about when and how I was to get the refund. First was that the check was not cashed and they would bill me - then when I got the bank statement - they had indeed cashed the check - then got the run around that the locate Elizabeth City, NC office couldn't help me and referred me to Charlotte NC office and then they couldn't and wouldn't help me as they were transferring billing to Atlanta Ga - after weeks of calling them and they were expediting the check they tell me 2 and 1/2 months later that the check now is to come from Louisville Kentucky - BEWARE - promises and lies - and they need to get their act together - the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing. I have spoke with numerous managers and no one is telling me when I will get the refund - Doris Ann White Younts -


The put some much work on the HR/QAs. Don't have enough time to spend with family members. Constantly staying...


I started working at ResCare in Reedsville, WV on June 26th thinking it was going to be an amazing job. Well...

Reedsville Job & Career

lack of direct care staff.

Someone in corporate needs to look into the severe staff shortage in Res Care North Central WV (specifically...

pc lori out of tecumseh oklahoma

I am a victim of racial slender, I have been fired unfer wrongful accusations that happened 3 weeks ago that...

Tecumseh Employees


The administration in Austin past and present has no idea as to what goes on after hours in there own...

paychecks and hr

Ever since HR does all hiring and firing now, we never have any staff or any new people that last. We are...

pay checks

I'm having a procblem that needs to be Handle immediately. I work for RES CARE and to my understanding HR didn't know that I'm a PRN However, money is being Deducted from my check from benefits that I never sign up for or qualify for. I want to know is this something I need to go to legally service for because it's to a point where damages are being cause. It's becoming stressful and I have became very inpatient with this matter for some time
Now I'm a mother of five so you can imagine every penny counts. This is a mistake that can be fix but it's unacceptable to keep happen repeatedly. HR said it will be fixed lets move forward but eight months ago The same thing happens and not got fixed but I never got paid my money back to me then and now we're here again so again HR says it will be fixed but I may not get my money back. Really because of mistake of not reporting the Accurate information from there doings? My check was for $ 187.70 benefits took $185.64 taxes taken were $2.06 And I took home 0.00 and because I didn't work enough hrs I owe in money! What would you in this situation ? See my attachment of my check stub. A single mother of five ! Don't just keep fixing it ! Make sure it does not keep happening ! And Pay me my money back! Maybe then HR will report the information currently!

pay checks
pay checks


The manager Burrowes is never there only the nice supervisor Mr. Henry. No matter what time of day he i...

safety of consumers and staff

I was placed to work in a home for rescare in ohio, the home was dirty, the staff didnt feed the consumer'...