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Regal Boats review: 2021 lx-6 battery tray port side top battery fell off.

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On our maiden voyage 02/27/21 when we reached our intended destination we opened the storage compartment on the Port Side Main Cockpit seating area only to find the Battery was toppled over on its side . After assessing how to secure the battery from a potential fire hazard and explosion we returned to port. On Monday I took the boat to the dealership for this problem and several others that will be mentioned later depending on the outcome of those repairs. While at the dealership I asked specifically whose responsibility is to secure that battery and what is the safety design to keep it from falling off the shelf it is mounted on. No answer was provided at that time. I then contacted Customer service at Regal directly on Monday the 1st of March and received a reply that Engineering had not gotten a response to them. I then contacted Wednesday yet again another representative from Regal customer service to which that response is also in line with Engineering not getting back to them as well. I cannot conceive how a manufacturer such as Regal with Engineers and designers on call cannot have a response. Is it a design flaw where no restraint has been designed into the battery tray and I am the first to realize it. In all fairness there is a barrier that is placed in front of both batteries that using pressure pins holds itself in place so that the storage compartment is separated from the batteries. See Photos. These pressure pins release with the slightest amount of force so that the user can access the batteries if needed. However there is nothing holding the top battery from falling over as mine did.

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