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In May I tried renting a video from Redbox fot the 1st time. I returned it the next day. When my credit card bill came there were 2 charges for video rentals one on the day I received it and another on the next day when I returned it. I only got one video for one day. I e-mailed them and was told that they would credit me next video rental. (It would be free).
I rented another video in June for one day and when I checked my credit card account there were 2 more charges for videos just like before. There was no credit listed in the account. Well I WILL NOT RENT ANOTHER VIDEO FROM THEM.


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      Mar 29, 2012

    Redbox SCAM RIPOFF. They charge your credit card the instant you reserve online! It doesn't matter that it's midnight and the store's closed and you don't pick up your movie until the next day. I contacted customer service 4x now to no care or resolution from them! Redbox SUCKS! BOYCOTT these ### taking advantage of customers!

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      Apr 16, 2012

    Hi there, we're sorry if you feel that way. The website does display the message that your reservation begins as soon as you click checkout. Please call us at 866-REDBOX-3 or email us to [protected] and we'll give you a one-time courtesy credit.

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      Apr 23, 2012

    Bullcrap RedBox Care - We have been double-charged for every dvd we have rented from the kiosk since we started trying your service (about 5 DVDs), despite returning it the next day before noon!! We figured it would work itself out or it was a glitch but NOPE, obviously a major SCAM. Forget hassling with you scam artists you lost a customer - back to NETFLIX!!!

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      May 05, 2012

    Return time is 9pm, so there is nothing wrong with the return time, but perhaps there is something wrong with your method of renting. Are you reserving online, then picking up the next day, and then returning the next day? That's two days ...

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      May 15, 2012

    Wrong RedBox. We always simply rented directly from the Kiosk (walked up to it, chose the movie, swiped card, grabbed movie, walked away) and returned it well before 9 PM the next day and still got double-charged. My wife got so fed up when she kept seeing the double-charge we said screw it and stopped using RedBox. Fix the bug or you will continue to lose customers. Don't worry about us though, we went back to Netflix - no problems there.

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      Jun 08, 2013

    We have rented movies from RedBox for years - there have been times when we rented 2 or more movies every week. When a movie doesn't work or the kiosk is broke and won't allow us to return the movie, RedBox has always been very professional and empathetic; they always offered some type of compensation for our troubles. If you have a problem with RedBox, you really need to just call them - they are very helpful.

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      Dec 28, 2014

    I was charged 3.25 for the rental fee for the first day having two movies. the second day I was charged double 6.50 for the same two movies. WTF???

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      Jan 11, 2015

    I also have had problems with double charging, when contacted customer service I was very dissatisfied with the customer service rep. She was very rude and sarcastic. I generally rent movies anywhere from 2 to 3 times a week. This experience is definitely influential in my making any future purchases. I have noticed that when using a prepaid debit card I do not get double charged, it only occurs when i use my debit card associated with my checking account. That is a definitely a signal that something is awry!!!

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