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Redbox Automated Retail reviews & complaints

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Redbox Automated Retail - Movies

I was charged full price for a movie I returned. I rented vvt he movie soul for my kids. Although, I love redbox movies and rent then often. It seems to me I was over charged for the movie. I mean it cost me close to 30 dollars and I returned the movie back to them. I would love to get a full refund. I rented the movie at the red box a Kroger's in sulphur, LA. Thanks

Desired outcome: Refund

Mar 17, 2020

Redbox Automated Retail - charged non-return for a purchased the disc

After numerous calls and chats only reaching representatives in the Philippines stating there is nothing they can do for the unauthorized charge for NON-RETURN for over $32, for a disc that I...

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Redbox Automated Retail - the redbox at this location didn’t process the two returns I made today

I returned two movies today 11/24/19 at a Redbox that didn't process either return. I put the movies in the box in the 12pm hour. The disc seemed to fall to the bottom of the box. I didn't receive...

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Redbox Automated Retail - unauthorized charges

I rented movies for the first time from Redbox last week which were returned the next day. Since then I have been charged $27.47 thus far. Redbox is refusing to refund my money and refusing to remove my card info from their system. Help what can I do? Are they allowed to just take money? I returned them on time, how do I get them to stop charging my card without paying a $25 card fee. I don't understand...


Redbox Automated Retail - charged me for movies I returned 2x

I rented movies back in 6/19 last time I rented from then as well as of October they took 40 dollars 3 months later I had in my bank acct and when I chatted with them to get my money back. They basically said theres no proof of return no refund. They are a joke and thieves. Do not rent from this company they will steal your money! They told me I really did not return them. Wow I have rented thousands of movies from them. I have not rented in 3 months and they took my money out of my bank with no apology!


Redbox Automated Retail - abysmal customer service

Trying to remove a fraudulent charge made against my card on a Redbox kiosk. Called Customer Service three times and each time was given conflicting information and was told I didn't understand. I offered up ways to solve the problem and they refused.
My bank has told me the charge needs to be dropped by Redbox - and the Redbox reps said they couldn't. They are willing to charge a card they know they will never collect on. One rep said they try for four months and then close it but her supervisor said it is actually six months. One rep said that once I got a supervisor on the phone they could close the charge. Supervisor said actually she could not. After all of this frustration they blamed ME for causing them to "be a victim" and "lose money on stolen DVD's". Nevermind that I am the victim. My bank was able to prove that someone created a dummy card and confirmed that I was never in a Walmart 800 miles from my home. And these Redbox reps indicated that it must have been my OWN card swiped. Perhaps suggesting it was me after all? It is a simple issue and they refused to help. Refused to be patient. Refused to communicate even. NEVER in my life has a customer service agent hung up on me. So I feel I need to file this.


Redbox Automated Retail - overcharged

Rented 3 movies on Mon 11/19, $6.39 debited from my account! Took them back before deadline on Wednesday 11/21, card denoted again !! :(. Called customer service, she assured me that 1 debit wa...

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Redbox Automated Retail - charges

I have many charges over the pass two years from you that I know are incorrect! I would appreciate something in return I have add well over $100 in payments just over tbe last year that are unacceptable and I want something done about the noticeable difference that I have been taken advantage of over the years. I just want to be compensated for the misuse of my money. I don't want to have bad feeling with yalls company I just want to be made whole with any trouble... You guys were able to take the money without conflict so I appreciate to be compensated with the same amount as well...


Redbox Automated Retail - dvds

Yall keep taking money off my debit card for movies i have returned or already paid for. I want my money back. It has taken money off of my debit card for 3 weeks in a roll. And my bank will not put the money back on there because its a debit card purchase with yall it says. This is the worst service for a movie rental ever. Yall took 4 dollars one week the next week you took 25 dollars and this week you took 35 dollars. I want myoney replaced on my card. I dont rent movies for yall to just keep taking money out of my account. Thats taking away from my kids. And i dont appreciate it one bit.

Redbox Automated Retail - returning movies

I tried returning movies 3 times this week and the machine wouldnt accept them! I am disabled and dont drive. Getting a ride is a big deal. I live in the country and its a long drive. Now, I have 2...

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May 15, 2018

Redbox Automated Retail - online chat

5/15/18. I won two Redbox coupons via the Safeway Monopoly game but they did not work at the kiosks at our location. The coupon states "valid at the box,, and on the app." I attempted to...

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May 05, 2018

Redbox Automated Retail - never have I had a successful purchase from redbox

I bank with a credit union my first time renting from Redbox with this bank and they hold my money saying it's a pre authorization hold from my bank. I contact my bank, they tell me Redbox has requested the hold to make sure my card is active for use and lets me rent no movies. Now i have upset children because their movie night is cancelled due to all the money we had has been requested to be held. After talking to a chat agent. The agent just disconnected the chat without even letting me finish what I wanted to discuss.. This is very unprofessional and disappointing because every single time I want to put my bad experiences I've had in the past with Redbox aside. I'm presented yet again with another unfair and terrible experience with absolutely no remorse from the agent. Yet I get disconnected in the middle of sentence. I usually don't ever complain but I'm tired of being treated like I am not contributing to the company another sale. It makes people feel like you are just taking our money not letting us rent and saying oh well about it because some but not all of the agents just don't care enough to carry the issue process the way to the end, but wants me to check out the website for rewards and perks.. Really?

Redbox Automated Retail - poor account troubleshooting service and abysmal dvd stock in area

Because of Redbox's obscene password requirements, I had to request a password reset due to not being able to remember the extra obtuse characters required. Except the temporary password provided did not work and I was instead locked out for using the password they gave me for 30 minutes. And in that time, someone else picked up the only dvd available in my area for a movie when I could have obtained it through online checkout. Not only that, dvds are constantly out of stock for every kiosk (4+) within 5 miles. Some kiosks never even had the dvd and still don't. Honestly, why do I even bother with this service?

Oct 02, 2017

Redbox Automated Retail - kiosk and customer service.

i recently called and informed the Redbox customer service that a game i rented wouldn't play and that i returned it the very same day. the representative claims the that they dont show where it wa...

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Aug 19, 2017

Redbox Automated Retail - the movies in the redbox located at the walgreens in taylor texas.

This week I have had too return a DVD three times this will be my fourth.Its the movie Going In Style..I think some one needs to get sent out to check the DVD out...!its very incoveaint for me too drive back and forth to different Redboxes to find a good DVD to watch.I don't mind the promo that get sent.I would really like to rent the movie and be able to watch it.An not have problems with it.Its it only been at the Redbox located at Walgreens in TaylorTexas.

May 15, 2017

Redbox Automated Retail - bad experience

I will not use RedBox again!! I have used them for a long time and usually I was happy, but my recent experience was not the best. As always I rented a movie and when I was about to return it I found...

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Apr 27, 2017

Redbox Automated Retail - no disc in kiosk

Rented a movie online and was directed to a Kiosk nearby. Tried to receive it and was told by the machine it wasn't there.Called their number, didn't press "9" for Spanish, and got a heavy accented Spanish lady. I live in South Florida and am acquainted with the accent but her was almost impossible. She said "no Charge" and that was the end of her assistance. I still have the $2.12 on my credit card. Never again.


Redbox Automated Retail - wrong movie

I went to the Redbox at the Royal Farms on Middlebourough road in Essex Md. I chose the movie "Dont Breathe", and paid for it, along with a game. When it came out of the Redbox machine, it wasn't the movie I chose. Instead, it was "Insidious 3". This has never happened to me before. I'm very mad that I got cheated out on the movie that I actually wanted. I want a refund!

Feb 10, 2017

Redbox Automated Retail - the movie "the boss"

I have tried to rent this movie twice. The first time it wouldn't play, but another dvd did, so I know it is not my computer. I was credited the amount on the redbox website but when I tried to rent this movie again at a different location, I was charged for it. This second movie is also not playing. The website locked me out and now I'm having to wait 30 minutes? I will not be using redbox again unless I am reimbursed the fees for both of these movies. I do not want to keep racking up credit that can't be used.

Feb 10, 2017

Redbox Automated Retail - they took my money!

RedBox charged me twice and took $120 from my card. I have no idea what these charges were for, I didn't buy or order anything! I contacted RedBox support and they claimed they didn't take my money...

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