Red Roof Innsroom unsafe/ door does not lock from the outside/front desk clerk unfazed & impolite

This hotel address is: 919 Montague Ave, Greenwood, SC 29649
My room stunk (an unbearable odor of curry and/or other strong spice). The box of facial tissue was empty. But most of all the room door was not locking shut once one got of the room, consequently my belonging were unattended and subject to be stolen. I reported it to the front desk personal who told me he could not summon anyone to repair the door, and that the hotel was full booked, thus no other room was available. He told me that he will call a manager and will get back to me. After half an hour waiting in vain, I proceed to go back to the front desk, forced to leave my personal belonging unattended since no one would pick up my call coming from my room. I informed the clerk that since the room had the locking door issue, I wanted to check out immediately, although I had checked in 3 hours prior, and demanded a full refund. He told me that since I booked online with one f his partner websites, he could not refund me and that I had to contact the website. It was 8pm on a Saturday night. I asked him if he could provide me with a written statement describing the room issue and stating that I had to check out, he flatly refused. While I was expressing my frustration to him, one of his lady friend who was in the lobby (but was not an employee of the hotel), mixed up in our conversation and became increasingly belligerent and unpolite toward me, which prompted me to put her verbally in her place, upon which the front desk clerk called the police. When the police arrived I explained my situation and the clerk did so as well, upon which the police reassured me that they will write a police incident report, which I can present to the online website in order to get a refund. However, I was in this town which is 2 and a half hour away from my house for an event, which I missed due to time lost with this incident. Furthermore, I talked to 2 separate other hotel guests, and one told me that the room he received a couple hours ago was already occupied by someone else (double booking) and he had to wait almost three hours to get another room. The second guest I talked to told me that she first received a room that did not lock from the outside, as well but noticed it immediately and received another room but not with a king size bed as she had booked. I would not recommend this hotel, especially to female traveling alone because of safety concern, and because whomever the front desk clerk was talking to on the phone (he told me it was the manager), I could not understand a word, as he was not speaking English, but a language sounding like a language from India, and so was his female friend who verbally attacked me.

Oct 08, 2019

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