Red Roof Innsbeing charged 56.00 for room extra

Pa Oct 01, 2019

I was charged a fee for the room due to my small dog peed on a towel and we split beer and cleaned it up with a towel. I was told the manager daughter note the account and the manager would give me a call back as well as super glue was on the dresser we didn't not have any super glue so that part wasn't true. Any way the manager has not given me a call back and I don't think she will take my word over her daughter any how. We stayed there wednesday night (sept 25) and all was well. We came back to stay on friday (sept 27) not all was well, it seem that there was a party going on in the hotel we were on the first floor and second floor was so noisy that the dog was nervous and start barking and running around worried this is why she peed on the floor and we cleaned it up with a towel. If a fee needs to be charged for two towels I think we could say 25.00 should be way more than enough. But because we called the front desk to complain about the noise we were able to go to sleep and so was our dog. Anyway let me know if we can come to a understanding. I would hate to know we couldn't find a solution and we would have to stay away from red roof inn in the future. By the way we stayed in room 111 first night tv would change channels and we reported that. Friday we stayed in room 117. Please get back to me in reference to the complaint and the room was in joyce tipton and phone number to be reached is [protected]. Thank you for you time.

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