Rakbank / The National Bank of Ras Al Khaimahcredit card charges / credit shield / insurance / late fee / non payment fee.

A Jan 20, 2020

Rakbank Platinum High flyer.

I have charges on this credit card amounting to DHS. 763.40, when I have not used the card card at all.
Found out, it was credit shield and insurance charges, which i have never requested. However, was told that, it was by default.
And to that effect the customer service put a request to cancel the credit shield and the insurance and reverse all the charges.

The same have not happened. and from 8th November 2019 to date 20th Jan.2020.
I keep calling the bank customer complaint number and keep collecting reference numbers and more reference numbers with out any solution.
Meanwhile the charges keep mounting up.

please find the list of my reference numbers given.
SR [protected]
[protected] - today's (20th Jan 2020)


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