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Publixloud and obnoxious music

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Where do these merchants get off by forcing loud and obnoxious music on the people who pay their salaries? I have on several different occasions had my buggy half full of groceries and just walked out, but not before telling the manager how intrusive their music is. It is so loud you can't think, you get a rapid heart beat, stress builds up then anger sets in. Can't we shop without music? Especially what they force us to listen to and the loudness of same. I'm a music lover, especially soft soothing music. I had an experience in Lowes several month's ago and called the manager when I got home. I also abandoned a buggy full of paint and supplies when the music and the intercom was so loud you couldn't think. The manager apologized and said what they always say, "we don't have the controls, they come from the home office". I e-mailed Lowes home office and explained my stressful shopping experience and they called the manager and the next day they lowered the sound. I wrote the home office and congratulated them and the manager called me and asked me to come back and shop. I did, and probably spent more money than I ever had, because it was a pleasant shopping experience. I encourage everyone to stay on top of this noise pollution and e-mail, call or write to the manager first and then the home office.


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    not happy Dec 03, 2008

    Its people like you that are so single minded that "oh oh the music is so loud I cant hear myself think?!" For god sake, if you really feel the way you do, do all your damn shopping online. I never understood why the "home-office" has to cater to self-centered ###s like you, have you ever considered taking your personal MP3 player with you and listen to your own music rater than ruin the experience for everyone? Didn't think so.. People need to understand that the world doesn't revolve around them, if they didn't get there way they most likely would starve to death because they have no food because "The music was just to loud to shop!"

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  • Sa
    Sammy Mar 25, 2009

    Yes although it is up to the customers as to how many workers are needed and so on we are not here for you to criticize. You know in this economy you very well might be standing right next to us working some day. We are people just like you. Some of us even have college degrees but do to circumstances beyond our control (or not) are working in retail and yes even in grocery stores. Some of us just want to do an honest day's work without hassel. Have you EVER once thought about what goes in to what you see in most stores? Do you know that we come to work while many of you are still enjoying sleep so that we can get the store set up for you...No I didn't think so. We work hard and many times for Managers that do not respect what we do, just so you can have a pleasant shopping experience. We the associates don't have control over the music (think about us having to hear it over and over again all day long and as loud as it is) nor do we have control over a lot of what happens. There are CEO's, Store Managers as well as sub department managers that have the control over what happens. We associates are "JUST" the messengers...
    So next time you feel compelled to slam a store go to the manager or call the corporate office and complain. Also take a minute to also compliment someones work to a manager in charge as that is a great way to make someone's day. We rarely ever hear compliments given by customers so every effort you make to do so is also appreciated.

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  • Dio May 30, 2009

    Hey I agree with Jeff Block, I work at a publix as a stock clerk and I HATE the music, it's SO loud I can't even think, and it's not just me... my other coworkers share my pain It's really annoying, and the store manager's excuse: "it's a corporate decision" ugh...

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    ItsCindy Sep 21, 2010

    I LOVE the music at Publix. I actually hear songs that totally grip me and I log onto i-Tunes to download the song I heard earlier. In fact, I've been online trying to figure out a song I keep hearing at my local Publix that I can't figure out who sings it. Customer Service can't help as the "muzak" is piped in from Corporate and is on a continuous loop. No one knows who does the music tapes/loops for them either. Pretty weird dont cha think? Some secret entity???? Cindy B. in Cocoa, FL

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    theduder Sep 05, 2012

    The music at Publix isn't actually music at all. I'd love to meet the total jerk-off who is responsible for their playlist that they subject their customers and employees to everyday. I'd love to meet the person who is responsible for going out of their way to find the most obnoxious, annoying, nerve-wreckin, mind-numbing collection of garbage ever compiled into one place and at one time. I can't decide who to be more angry at, the idiot who decided on the music or the talentless singers who put so much effort and time into such a horrible combination of lyrics and melody. I actually feel like I need an anti-depressant if Im in there for more than 15 minutes. Listening to thousands of nails being continuously scraped on a thousand chalkboards with dying cats screeching in the background would be much more soothing and peaceful than the music at Publix. LIstening to the Barney song over and over and over and over and over forever would be less annoying than the music at Publix. If I do ever meet the ###, I"m gonna definitely have to have a little chat with him. After I explain to him in full the ten million obvious reason why he never ever be employed in any way, shape or form wih any kind of connection to the music business, I will then proceed to force him to promise me that he never will again, for the rest of his life. And if he is caught breaking his promise... Well I'll think of something -- Son-of-a-###

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  • Da
    Daddy Warbuck Jan 10, 2013

    Their musak list is the exact same one we have at Staples. A collection of mostly anthems from David Gray and Lady Ga Ga that dribble on with repetitive lyrics. In the past some cool songs by artists Smash Mouth, Brian Ferry, and The Who have disappeared from their list. Apparently music that makes you think is thought bad for sales. I'll occasionally work on a shift and find myself slamming my ears to get that gay stuff playing out of my conscience. Why does Publix follow Staples example (sales are at an all time low for Staples with 60+ stores closing)? In the past Publix would play hip 50's Motown and other rock and roll classics. Not anymore, bland seems to have won. I therefore shop at Walmart these days and run fast when I'm forced to shop here.

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  • Rg
    rgoo Jun 10, 2013

    I think Publix has the best in-store music I've heard. I think complaining about it is insanity... It can be repetitive, but the average person is probably in the store for no more than 45 minutes, so they don't need a massive playlist, just a quality one. They definitely have that.

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  • The Lidman Foundation Jun 10, 2013

    Ejack's favorite store.

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  • Ej
    ejack053824 Jul 09, 2013

    You goddamn right Lidman!

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  • Da
    Daydream sleep Jun 28, 2015

    I think the music in Publix is actually too low to hear. But they still play terrible songs by good and bad bands/artists. And they play them on repeat FAR too many times. I'm tired hearing Solid like a rock So many times!! I'm also tired of hearing Band on the run a million times!! Not saying these are bad but omg when you hear them so many times you can't help to put up with them anymore! Oh what's with Publix playing Beatles covers rather than the originals? Someone really needs to direct them to rate your music website and make a Brand new playlist based on that.

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  • GETOUTFAST Jun 29, 2015
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    I Agree, when I worked at publix, 8 or 10 hour shift you hear same music repeating like it starts all over again every couple of hours for real. Same music for past 5 years they play. Publix was first food store to start music back in the 40's. Then Christmas time comes Publix plays a Christmas tone every 3 songs, Back in the day it was all Christmas music straight from Nov. 1st to Dec. 24th. that was a nice change from the repeat music we would hear everyday during season, us workers would look forward to Christmas. Be nice to hear some oldies 50's music mixed in. Music comes in from some kind of satellite in them store, but they can connect a c.d. player we done that at one of our stores once. But over all i agree publix music is bad needs to change, Dum to hear same crap every couple of hours everyday it really dum.

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  • Ej
    ejack053824 Dec 13, 2015

    I usually took a dump at Publix and never flushed!

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  • Wi
    WindyD Dec 10, 2018

    I, too, complained at Lowe's about the loud obnoxious music and they said that corporate office controlled everything including the loudness. However, when I went to another Lowe's store the music was more pleasant and not ear shattering. When I complained to the corporate office, the manager of the "loud, obnoxious" store called and apologized. Why, if it was corporate's fault? The next couple of times I went to the offending, but a closer Lowe's, the music was even louder and more obnoxious. I drove across the street to Home Depot. The last time I went to the "loud, obnoxious music store" the music was pleasant and shoppable--since Lowe's has a new CEO.
    I have a degree in psychology and a degree in business. All the research points to more pleasant music for shopping, even older hits, that are not so loud, obnoxious, and repetitive. Even the people who like that sort of music will hurry out of a store because the music is "pushing." Lowe's is having problems and may have to close stores. I would bet that the horrible, loud, and "heart-hurting music is partly to blame. How many others like me have left for Home Depot--and more enjoyable music?

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