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9:39 am EDT

Protected Van Lines Movers and Packers

I always wonder how these guys are rated as 4 star and all the 5 star rating reviews always shows up at the top in Yelp. The secret only protected van lines and yelp knows. Let me come to the point. If you don't want to lose your money please stay away from them. They are known for giving false promises and then say we will give you great discount but to receive the discount we must book immediately with 50% deposit amount. They will send you a link to your email and you should click it immediately. You will never get enough time to read the long terms and conditions which is a big trap. Believe me, as soon as you click the link, you are done and your money is gone. They will never respond to your calls. If you get frustrated and say cancel my order, they will start talking about the terms and conditions that you clicked which is actually an electronic signature that will show your ip address and browser and it will say you agreed to the terms and conditions. If you don't cancel within 72 hours you will lose your deposit money. great trick isn't? let me post their terms and conditions so that no one will ever get cheated again by these people. Please be aware and never ever book them for your move if you don't want to lose your hard earned money. They will also claim that a negative review is always posted by their competitor.

Terms and Conditions

As the customer, i agree to pay the total charges for moving coordinator services to be provided by protected van lines. I understand that my deposit/fee represents only a portion of my total estimated service charges. Due to scheduling and routing reasons my deposit/fee is not refundable, unless i notify protected van lines, inc in writing within 72 hours after booking at [protected]@protectedvanlines.c... of my intent to cancel the estimate. A 4% cancellation fee of the deposit will be charged on all credit card refunds. If the first scheduled pickup date is within 5 business days of the date i reserve my move, then my deposit is non-refundable. I understand that if i cancel my move after 72 hours, i am only entitled to receive a credit of my deposit for future interstate moving services to be used by the cardholder within a 12 month period from the date of cancellation. I may change my pick up date, or place the move on hold at least 5 business days (saturdays, sundays and holidays not included) prior to the pack or load date (whichever applies) listed above. If pickup is refused by customer for any reason, the deposit is forfeited. all deposits will show on your billing cycle as protected van lines, inc. All credit card refunds will be processed on my next billing statement.

Upon booking, up to 60% deposit plus the binding estimate fee is required to be paid by credit card (visa, mastercard, discover). upon pickup carrier will collect up to 50% of the remaining balance. Payment will be due in the form of cash, certified check, or cashier's check. the remaining balance must be paid in full upon delivery by cash or post office money order. The carrier reserves the right to collect up to 50% of balance due prior to the goods leaving the origin state. subject to federal law, payment in full of all charges is required before delivery and prior to unloading.

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12:24 pm EDT
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Protected Van Lines Moving Company - HORRIBLE experience


Quoted a semi truck to pick up and load with 4 men at a cost of $4859.10 for a 2 bedroom 2 bath apartment. Pick-up was to be 3/15/16.

2 non-professional movers without any moving equipment and extreme lack of experience showed up on 3/17/16 driving a Penske 24' rental truck at 4:30pm. Did not have truck completely loaded until 11:05pm. Contents of apartment were not loaded correctly and many items left behind.

Delivery was 3 days late. They had stated the night before they would arrive the following day at our new apartment. When they finally did arrive 3 days late they stated the reason was because they were "held over" at the weight station by "authorities" for being overweight. The paperwork shows they had stopped at a truck stop called Travel Centers of America to weigh the truck. There are no "authorities" located there.

Protected Van Lines "brokered" our move to another company. That company Interstate Express Moving demanded over $5000 more than the original estimate by Protected Van Lines once they arrived before they would unload our belongings. They would only except cash or cashiers check. If we did not pay they stated the belongings would be put in storage and we would be charged additional storage fees until we paid in full. They held our belongings hostage.

We paid the additional money after numerous phone calls to both Protected Van Lines and Interstate Express Moving. I will not detail the phone calls, bottom line - it was pay more now, or pay even more later.

The two inexperienced movers who delivered our items proceeded to unload the Penske truck they rented, it took from 9am until 8pm to unload due to lack of experience, man power, numerous smoke breaks, etc.

They did not put together our bed or reattach the dresser mirror to the dresser because they had broken the attachment legs off the mirror. They did not unload in a neat and orderly fashion, boxes were just tossed in rooms without any order. All the while one of the movers had his phone playing hard core profanity spewing rap during the entire unloading process.

At the end of the unloading we showed one of the movers all the items we could see that were damaged, mostly furniture. He refused to document any stating they were already damaged. He had no proof of this and we did not take pictures ahead of time of every piece of furniture we own. The movers damaged the furniture and refused to acknowledge this.

At this point we had already paid and were getting nowhere regarding the damage. He even had the nerve to ask us if we were going to give them a good review. I had to tell him to leave or I would call the police. Unreal!

After the movers left, we had to drive back to our previous state to pick up the rest of our belongings at our additional expense.


Save yourself the cost, aggravation and heartache. DO NOT USE PROTECTED VAN LINES they will only broker out your move to be handled by crooks and not care one bit about the outcome. HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE and PAINFUL LESSON learned.

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4:44 am EDT

Protected Van Lines Slow delivery

I used Protected Van Lines service and they promised that my stuff would be delivered in max 10 days, but that never happened. No to mention that they increased the quote, but I never heard any explanations. It took them forever to deliver my furniture and when it finally showed up few items were terribly damaged! I saw all the positive reviews, but after I made a small research I found out they all were fake. is absolutely unprofessional and unreliable company! I contacted them many times and asked for a refund, I had all the right to get my money back since the delivery took them over 20 days and they broke some of my stuff, but they refused. Avoid at all costs!

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