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B Sep 19, 2018

Dear Customer Service/Complaints,

I ordered a pair of capri pants on September 4th (pmt processed on Sept 5, I believe is when my credit card was charged.)

(See credit card payment image attached.)

I have not received the package, and no one else in my 2-unit building received it either.

My address is 31 3rd STREET, 3rd FL, Brooklyn, NY 11231

I inquired at 31 3rd PLACE - no one received the package there either.

I Tracked the package using the order number on your site --and I see that the package first arrived at DHL, then apparently traveled via USPS stations. It tells me that on Sept 12th it arrived in Brooklyn, but it does not state which Brooklyn post office. Nor does it state specifically what address the package was left with when supposedly delivered on Sept. 13th.

For all I know, it was sent to a DIFFERENT ADDRESS...

There is a 3rd Avenue, an East 3rd Street, a South 3rd Street, and I think also North 3rd Street, --those addresses are located further out, in different neighborhoods.

The other possibility is that the package is still located at the Brooklyn post office. So I called the P.O. nearest to my address. BUT they cannot TELL me where the package is without the USPS TRACKING NUMBER, which was never made available to me.

So: I emailed you through the PLT website -- I received an automated response that you normally respond to inquiries within 24 hours.

It has been 3 days, and I have had no word back from your company. No customer service whatsoever.

I would like to hear from you immediately, please. I am leaving on a trip, which is why I ordered the item, to take with me.

Tell me where exactly where the package is, or credit my card for the full amount.

Thank you.

Barbara Bowen
31 3rd Street, Brooklyn, NY. 11231

Pretty Little Thing / 21 Three Clothing Company

  • Updated by Barbara Bowen · Sep 19, 2018

    I see no confirmation that you have received my complaint, nor do I see a direct email for your company.

    Update shortly, or I will take action. Order # [protected]

    Thank you.

    Barbara Bowen
    Brooklyn, NY 11231

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