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An May 13, 2019 Review updated:

Remind you this popeyes just opened up haven't been open for a month. My boyfriend and I try them out we go thru drive thru, gay dude got mad because we wanted hot sauce and honey closed window in our face. Got our food went home to eat, the food is stale and old. Go back up there go inside all the food look old. The manager laughed about it. Tried to give us some more old food, we asked to drop some fresh chicken. While were there for maybe 13-15 mins waiting on fresh chicken. There was quite a few people bringing there food back complaining. It's sad they just opened. They didn't care it all no apologies or anything. Everyone in there had a attitude, laughing at us, talking about us, they were dancing. I mean it was horrible. The manager could not control her crew she was rude herself it was just a hot mess. We will never go back there.

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  •   May 13, 2019

    “Gay dude got mad”. Either you saw him having sex with another male or your boyfriend propositioned him as you aren’t satisfying him.

    Since you don’t have the brains to list the location and hide behind an anonymous nickname, your credibility is shot.

    Don’t go back there. I doubt they’ll close over your not doing business with them. New restaurants need a month to work out the kinks. Common sense says not to visit right away so they can get their act together.

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