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PoF.com / Plenty of Fish complaints 482

PoF.com / Plenty of Fish - general lack of genuine women

This site is without question one of the worse places to find a relationship. The vast majority of the women are totally full of crap. They write all these serious sincere intros, pretending to be genuine, saying that they dont do one night stands etc etc... Then you read their dating age starts from 25 and these women are like late forties to fifties... Erm does that contradict what youve just wrote??? You arnt after one night stands but then youll date someone young enough to be your child!!!. Now if I was dating a woman in her twenties, they would call me a kiddie fiddler, so does that not make women gross female peadophiles... God women are such hypocrites, always pointing the finger that men lie and men think with their [censor]... Truth is statistically, women lie way more than men and are more devious and perverted than men... We do not have a drawer full of dildos because we are so greedy that a man is never enough... And rememeber guys... Fat and greedy go hand in hand and fat is a female issue. So if anyone want an std or even aids... Please try pof or tinder as tinder has double the rate of stds and aids infections in the uk on its own!!!... Oh and forget about ever finding and honest women... None of them can lie straight in bed and you all know that!!!

Update by NordicHammer
Dec 27, 2017

What is even worse about this site is virtually all the women are con merchants with mental health issues and lie through their teeth all the time. There is something seriously wrong with these women when a lot of them have at least 10 other online profiles and yet they are still single...how is that possible when you have an audience of millions ???? these women must be seriously [censor] up if they cant get a man out of say 40 million combined users over say 10 sites...oh and another thing which you would really want to steer clear of, a lot of these women have not had a relationship last under a year in their lives...bad news on a stick these people, what others call undatables and i speak from experience of which ones ive met were mentally ill and formerly committed to mental institutes, thieves, con merchants, deviants with multiple identities ...this list just goes on and on...dregs of society who will be dipping in your pocket while you sleep and next walk out the door... yeah had that one, woke up and she wasnt IN the bed and had helped herself to £100 out of my wallet...[censor] !

PoF.com / Plenty of Fish - scammer

I met someone through POF who proved to be a scammer. I see that he is back on line and finding more women to steal money from, leave with additional trust issues, and feelings of embarrassment. He is using Milestonexx. He has numerous people involved with the scam, as I spoke with a minimum of 5 people through the time frame and multiple phone numbers. Don't allow him to continue to benefit from the hard work and generosity of others.

PoF.com / Plenty of Fish - fraud account

My name is susiearn stevens. Someone has made a account on plenty of fish and can u please delete it. I have called the police and they have given me a crime number to give to u. NFRC [protected]. Ate...

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PoF.com / Plenty of Fish - I want to report a predator/scammer on plenty of fish

I live in Bend Oregon and recently met someone on plenty of fish who turned out to be a criminal a liar and a scammer. I would hate to see this happen to somebody else. At the time this person'...

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PoF.com / Plenty of Fish - fraud/ sexual discrimination by plenty of fish

For approximately a week during the dates of approx 12/8-12/16, I attempted to use PoF. I am a very educated, well spoken woman with conservative photos. Although I am not a conservative, I wish to give background into who I am. As someone who is quite tall (over six foot) and cisgender, I receive the worst emails and messages on other sites as well, but right out of the gate was asked ot be a domme, I was solicited for sex, and was confused to be a transgender woman by both a transgender woman and a ciswoman. This is not what my complaint is for.

While I am a ciswoman, and believe in egalitarian for everyone--everyone all women hae rights, I mentioned in my first and second profile that I am a ciswoman, quite tastefully, and that I am not a transgender woman, although at 6'2" am getting confused for one. While women are women are women, I received messages from both cis and trans women thinking I am transgender due to my stature.
So I very eloquently stated in my profile first off, that I do not like the words cis and trans as the first time I hear them, they are to denote configurational isomerism in organic chemistry when describing the position of functional groups on alkenes (super nerdy, I know) and that the words cis and trans are being used to discriminate against marginalized people --which is wrong!
I did not violate PoF terms of service in any way, would never send any disgusting emails like the ones I receive, and yet, twice, immediately after account creation, with nothing in y profile at all that violates their terms of condition, they are auto deleting my profile.

The only thing that can be ascertained as the second time I did not even send more than a message to someone i was talking to stating "sorry, my account was deleted" is that PoF is discriminating because I used the words cis and trans in my profile to identify who i am regarding my own gender identity, which is sexual discrimination and a violation of my civil rights.

I will be reporting this to a higher authority

PoF.com / Plenty of Fish - malicious account activated

To whom it may concern, I wrote an email on the 1st December and sent it to [protected]@pof.com to make a complaint to which I am still awaiting a response, what I sent is copy and pasted...

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PoF.com / Plenty of Fish - scam, hacking, extortion, unethical behavior, won't delete my account

The folks at [protected] hacked me, tried to extort money and a credit card number from me and continued to access my computer without consent and went places in my computer without knowledge as they would black out my screen till I shut off my computer. Then they continued to call my phone to yell at me that I was rude because I wouldn't let them continue their hack.

Dear pof.
I am now looking into what can be done. I will start with the internet police.
My account was compromised when I lost my last phone. The tech at your 800 number from somewhere like the philippines, china or somewhere used and made me install three different programs.
Only one worked
He then got me into my account so I could re set my password but would not I repeat not let me.
I attempted to reset it and I never even got a confirmation in my gmail account. This very one I signed up for a free account with.
He then told me I needed to give him a payment of 3.99. I told him I had a free account he said I needed to pay that. I told him in america that's extortion. And a felony offense.
He then continued to black out my computer. Note he said he needed to use a program and login to my computer and take control or he wouldn't let me in my pof account.
So with him going crazy in my computer he continued to black out my screen so I couldn't see what he was doing. He made me go to two different email accounts and log in while he watched which shows him my pass codes. I told him I had sensitive information on my computer and I used to work in the area of law and I did not give him permission to black out my screen. So with four witnesses in the room I was finally forced to just disconnect my computer.
Well when I turned it back on, low and behold there he was trying diligently to get back into my computer. That is hacking also a felony in america.
I need to have my entire account erased and eradicated from your data base. I will also find your main company and write a cease and desist. If every thing in its entirety is not entirely removed from my profile to include my images I will employ an attorney and file suit. Not to mention every agency I intend to report you to.

Barbara shields

Cc: depart of consumer affairs consumer fraud division
Federal bureau of investigation
United states department of defense.
Usa today newspaper
Fox news
United states office of the president of the united states

Dec 05, 2017

PoF.com / Plenty of Fish - my account was hacked

Honestly, on this website I met a couple of people I liked, only I had to pay for talking to them. Well, they didn't ask me, the website did.
But my complaint is not about that. My account was hacked and someone started sending dirty messages to everyone on this website. It's such a shame.
I wrote to CS, but there's still no response. I don't think they care, but I would like to stop this mess and delete my account, I don't want pervs to use it.

PoF.com / Plenty of Fish - stolen images

username "ReelSteel2017" has stolen some of my photos I uploaded on my facebook and is using them as their own on POF. I only came to find out about it when whoever this person is tried to message my friend. I do not have a POF account nor do I want to have one so I could not log in to search for this user and report him. please assist in resolving this asap.


PoF.com / Plenty of Fish - website

The website needs to be shut down. The users on there are doing nothing but using the site to physically and emotionally abuse and cause harm to the very small percentage who are actually looking for true relationships. There are individuals on there lying about their true intentions, dating multiple people and spreading stds. The creators of these sites are no better than the users.


PoF.com / Plenty of Fish - reporting users

POF doesn't seem to care when users report specific users. Why have a place to"report user" when the complaints are not addressed? I know several people who have reported and blocked buttersocks, and nothing is being done. Especially when you are an upgraded member, someone who is paying money to use the site. I have decided to address my issues on social media.

PoF.com / Plenty of Fish - auto subscribe that I did not authorise!!!

I did not authorise an auto subscription! Thither more the was 3 days left on my old subscription! I don't even use the friggin site and you have stolen £38 from my credit card without my permission! Which has sent me over my credit limit and landed me a £12 charge so I expect a £50 refund!

I am totally pissed off as the £30 that was left on my card was supposed to be for food for my family meal tonight as I get paid tomorrow and now we are all [censor] over because of this. I have since deleted my profile. I'm truly disgusted I want a reply right now! As I need to get my money back to provide food for my family!!!


PoF.com / Plenty of Fish - scam artist on canadian pof site

There is a man on plenty of fish Canadian site user ID is idunugal, Who just attempted a scam with my daughter. This man who called himself Daniel Chandler Wilson told my daughter he was an...

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PoF.com / Plenty of Fish - pof user - jabojoe72: looking for my other half

This individual is lying about his background. He is married, is NOT retired military, and has an extensive history of domestic violence/assault. He stalks women on your website. He has had...

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PoF.com / Plenty of Fish - tokens

On Saturday early morning 18/11/17 I purchased what I thought was £1.69 token but instead u took £16.69 from my card and I can't afford that I knew I couldn't I wouldn't have done it if it was stated clearly. So now it's made me overdrawn and I will get charged for that. I would like that money refunded back to me asap
Yours sincerely
Tanya millard

PoF.com / Plenty of Fish - federal probation violation

BIGsurprize aka Gerald Ledford is a married man who says he's separated. That is a lie . Plus he is a federal felon who cannot be on social media... I know this because I am his wife.. His probation officer is Derrick Cooper and he is in the Davenport Iowa office.. He has had a sexual affair with Blu Geenz who lives in East Moline Illinois.. She knows he is married and has continued the affair.. I hope someone kicks him off this sight.. Also be advised that his probation officer will be notified of his activity on this sight...


PoF.com / Plenty of Fish - someone is using my phone number illegally and I am getting calls

Hi, I am submitting this complaint because someone is using my phone number on plenty of fish.com. I do not subscribe and do not want to subscribe. They are illegally using my phone number and I am getting calls from a lot of people and want this to stop!!!

My number they are illegally using is [protected]. Please take down this phone number off the site or tell them to change it or I will contact authority for this to stop!!

PoF.com / Plenty of Fish - plenty of fish - sexual discrimination

WHy is there a policy allowed to exist that disenfranchises males only. If it leads to bad behaviour it should be banned entirely and not just for one gender. Their help page:


... has the following excerpt:

Private Images?
Only females can send private images. This feature was removed for men because of nudity.

PoF.com / Plenty of Fish - boyfriend caught on plenty of fish

Suspected cheating as he's done it to me before. Sure enough looking4u201360 profile with a charge to POF on his credit card he left visible for me to see... we live together. He's filed a fraud with...

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PoF.com / Plenty of Fish - pof.com/ plenty of fish

I currently have a protection order against my ex. He has recently contacted me on hear and stalked my profile I now can not find his account on hear he has vanished. I need to know what's happened...

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