Plato's ClosetRacist prejudice and unfair

I have had several bad experiences doing business with platos closet they offer you less for your items if you are non white. Some of the items I used to take in there to sell were brand new and some were even still on the rack in the store. Their excuses were the clothes were not in fashion or they look worn..###! I had one of my white friends take the same items in to sell for me they offered here a very fair price and that confirmed that platos closet in lakeland florida is racist. My last expirirnce there I need last minute clutch purse for going out this same night I figured if I sell a couple items then I wouldn't have to purchase anything from them. I took 2 shirts 1 pair of size 11 heels and some accessories. They offered me 8 dollars and told me they don't take shoes over size 10. I never seen a business say something like that. Prejudice racist and unfair.

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