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This company has broken several guidlines that the better business burea will pursue on a legal level. If I had there address I would call that states attorney general and file a lawsuit. If you have this company's address or any extra info that might help please contact me. It is considered harassment for the company to be making phone calls befor 9 am or after 9pm in any state. But they dont have to legaly stop calling until you submit a letter to there company iin writing. Please help me find their address so I can pursue this further.


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Jun 11, 2018 4:40 am EDT

i knew where they at. message me in my Gmail [email protected], so we can talk privately.

Jan 05, 2018 1:44 pm EST



Jan 20, 2017 1:45 am EST

Platinum Rewards company is just the front name, the said company that offers $100 rewards that you can use at diffrent stores like walmart and target has different rooms nationwide in US, Peru, Indonesia and Philippines, I've been once an employee of one room in PH for several months, without knowing what job i've entered for, so with my concience i quit the job and transfer to diffrent legit Call centers. They are still operating in ph, their address was at this location ESI compound, Yakal St. San Antonio Vil. Makati City, the Owner is Andrew Vergara

Feb 07, 2008 12:00 am EST

They keep calling for someone named Marilyn. We keep telling them they have the wrong number! I lied once and said I was her and finally got a supervisor but it did no good. Still calling 2 -4 times a day.

Dec 14, 2007 12:00 am EST

This company keeps calling even though I have asked to be put on their do not call list and have advised them that I am on a do not call list. No number comes up on caller ID. They say they are called Platinum Rewards and are based in Clearwater Florida.

Oct 16, 2011 10:13 am EDT
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I hate receiving the telemarketing calls constantly on my cell phone. . There should be laws preventing the repetitive calling. I had one company calling me 16 times over 2 days. The majority of them hang up when I answer but if I let it go as a missed call, and call it back it says your number has been selected for telemarketing... to be removed press 1 and give 72 hours for your number to be removed. Then they call from another D**n phone number with the same scheme.
@ osbjmg: they DO have your card number Noticing in earlier comments from a couple years ago that the following companies (Leisure Time Travel and Smart Shopper Savings...) are listed as being affiliated with "platinum rewards" I have never heard of platinum rewards and maybe that's an old company name but currently they are listed as a corporation called Synergy Ltd based in Malta. About 6 months ago they were listed as Mediaflo Ltd based in London. They may or may not be the same as the harassing phone callers, but they definitely scam you into agreeing to sign up for a trial membership which you can cancel in 30 days and then sign you up for more than one without disclosing that they are doing so. This is so when you cancel the first one, you dont know about the other existing until you see the 29.85 on your bank account. Then when you do find out about it they will cancel that membership but refuse to refund your money even though you did not use the service website or the membership number they assigned.
The Bigger question to me is WHAT web partners are selling/ sharing the credit card information as I never give out any information over the phone and in this case they called and had the number already.
I am thinking the telemarketers who make the harassing phone calls may be related or may be some new scheme which people are exploiting auto dialers and just trying to see what numbers are real people so they can sell the listings to more telemarketers. Something has to be done to stop all of these people from intruding into our lives. If you call me and I answer the phone state your business and if I dont want it LEAVE ME THE F*** alone from that point on.

Sep 26, 2011 2:18 am EDT

They have been calling me as well! I have been getting 1 to 4 calls a day for the last two weeks! I have the names they give and I have gone as far as to have the card they are calling about cancelled! This doesn't seem to slow them down! I am really sick of this! And I sure have some things to say to them if I get the chance! I am sick of being harassed! I always got the calls as unknown number until today when they called. It was a number out of Ontario, Canada! WTF?

Jan 12, 2010 7:31 pm EST

To anyone believing the plants in this forum saying platinum is not a scam: don't. I haven't been unfortunate enough to have them charge me or in any way hurt my credit/identity, but they are not allowed to call cell phones and not allowed to call a number on a do-not-call registry.

Why would a legitimate company call me and never leave messages?

Why would a legitimate company hang up as soon as I politely decline the offer?

Why would a legitimate company continue to call after I have repeatedly told them to never call my number again?

Why would a legitimate company scare you into paying attention by acting like they have your credit card number?

I'm going to chalk this one up to "Somewhere someone is going to stop this, and until then, I'm going to put them on hold and take up as much time as possible. When I come back from my break, I'll proceed to just yell at them to feel better at the situation." It's either that or "Buddy the elf, what's your favorite color?"

Dec 11, 2009 11:50 am EST

If this company is legitimate, then why won't they tell me where they're located? Why do they hang up when you start talking? Why can't they tell me what they're services are? They've called and THREATENED me before. A guy said, "If you hang up on me again, I'm going to call you all night [censored]." UNACCEPTABLE. I'm outraged. These calls have woken me up on weekend mornings.

Oct 28, 2009 2:56 pm EDT

PLATINUM 1 is not a scam. I have worked for the company and they are completely legitamate. They do not tell you anything untruthful when they call you and do send out everything they say they are going to. The only way you could have not received your products is if the deal gets kicked in the quality control department and it is usually the representatives fault for not reading the verification word for word and they even call the customers back and re-record to ensure the products get to you. They have an amazing management team and would never scam anyone. each rep has a state issued marketing licenses and if they were not legit the rep could be fined which never happens because they are all amazing at what they do. Its obvious none of you have worked for the company. Its a great place to work and an amazing program they offer.

Oct 25, 2009 7:59 am EDT

I have received numerous calls from these people and they are the most obnoxious, most dishonest telemarketing company I've ever had the displeasure to deal with. I received a call from one of their male agents one night as I was TRYING to make dinner for my family and I decided to just tell him before he started in on his little script that I wasn't interested. He started to get nasty and asked me how I knew I wasn't interested when I wouldn't even listen to what he was offering. I told him I had received numerous calls from them in the past and was well aware of what they were offering. He escalated from there, saying they had never contacted me (LIE) and if I would stop yapping (that is the exact word he used) long enough to listen I might find out I was interested. I admit that I was pretty much furious at this point and asked to speak to his supervisor, at which point he said that he was the supervisor. I told him he was a lousy one if this is how he trains folks to conduct business. He called me some nasty names and said other degrading things and then hung up on me.
The next incident that I had difficulty with I am still trying to sort out. I received a call from "Robert, agent # 362" (which I know they don't have to use their real names). He was extremely nice and polite and assured me time after time that this was only an offer to look over information and I absolutely wouldn't be charged ANYTHING, NOT ONE PENNY unless I decided to take advantage of one of the offers the information detailed. Well, guess what. I was charged the introductory charges from all these companies ($9.95 from ISpeedway; $4.95 from Medilinq, who also debited my account an additional $49.95; $7.95 from; $4.95 from American Health Advantage. Of course all these charges posted on the weekend when you can't call the companies to straighten things out. I went online and searched until I found these companies and I emailed them all, explaining what had happened. Their sites all say that you'll be contacted in a day or two, but I have yet to hear back from any of them. So I continue to lose money due to some lying telemarketer and it really makes me furious! See, this "Robert, #362" said that after the script was read and I said my "yes" in the appropriate place that I would have opportunity to ask him anything about it and it would still be recorded as that was part of the process. I asked him, thinking it was being recorded, if my card would be charged anything at all from this and he said no, that he only even had the last 4 digits of the card and therefore it would be impossible to charge me. I also asked if I could be assured that they would never call me again and he said that yes, I could be assured of that. Well, that part was true; I haven't heard from the lying cheats again since then, but if I can ever find a way, they will definitely hear from me.

Aug 27, 2009 3:17 pm EDT

I have had numerous calls from this number. I finally did some searching online and found you all complaining about the company. They call my house and hang up. They are violating phone harassment laws. I have already checked with my digital phone provider and they will help me file a complaint against the company if needs be. Any infomration on the address or who to complain to, is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Aug 20, 2009 4:03 pm EDT

Here's a link to the Florida Department of State's Website with all of Platinum I Marketing Group, Inc.'s information:

One thing I did notice is that Platinum I was going to be administratively dissolved in March of 2007, but it seems that it was cancelled. I wonder why Dept. of State was threatening administrative dissolution? Interesting! Below is all the info from the link I posted with the exception of the PDF versions of the company's annual reports.

Detail by Entity Name
Florida Profit Corporation
Filing Information
Document Number P04000135419
FEI/EIN Number [protected]
Date Filed 09/28/2004
State FL
Effective Date 09/28/2004
Event Date Filed 03/06/2007
Event Effective Date NONE

Principal Address
Changed 03/06/2007
Mailing Address
Changed 03/06/2007
Registered Agent Name & Address
Name Changed: 06/19/2006
Address Changed: 03/06/2007

Aug 20, 2009 3:04 pm EDT

And another thing... If Platinum Rewards, Platinum One Marketing or whatever they choose to call themselves is such a legitimate company, why can I not find them listed on the Florida Deparment of State's website? What is the Corporation/LLC/LLP name that is registered with the state? And what is the actual DBA (doing business as) name? I think we should call Dateline, 20/20 or one of the major news networks about this and bring these suckers down! Ever hear of something called deceptive business practices? Unfair business practices? Fraud? Negligence? And the list goes on... For those of you who have said there is no legal action that can be brought against these individuals, you are sorely mistaken. I guarantee you there is plenty of evidence against these scammers to make a case stick. You know what they say about karma! These jerks will be reminded of that while they are rotting in prison for fraud!

Aug 20, 2009 2:38 pm EDT

I have also received several phone calls from a company calling themselves "Platinum Rewards". And they also gave me contact numbers that do not work. I have told them repeatedly that I am NOT interested in their offers, yet they continue to call me so they can send me my "free gifts" that are just sitting there in the warehouse waiting to be shipped. All they have to do is verify my address and they'll be on their merry way. They told me I used my credit card to make a purchase with one of their "Marketing Partners" and that I am eligible for a $200 Wal-Mart gift card or a $100 gas card. Each time they call I am 'eligible' for something different. I ask them which marketing partner I used my card with and they conveniently cannot provide me with that information. Each time they've called I expressed to them that I am unhappy with the fact that they have my name, address, and last four digits of my credit card. I also ask them to stop calling and reititerate that I am not interested in whatever it is they are offering. I, too, have encountered some rude individuals from this company. I am sorry, but any legitimate company should be able to provide me with valid contact information. Every time they call they speak so quickly as to confuse you and get you agree to their scheme without you truly being aware of what you're getting into. That is predatory marketing as far as I am concerned. Everything about this company screams FRAUD! I think the FBI, FCC and every other pertinent government agency should be made aware of these scheisters! I hope Platinum Rewards gets what's coming to them because it is clear that I am not the only one who knows that they are up to no good.

Aug 15, 2009 3:44 am EDT

They are dillusional, living in a fantasy world. If they're so great and run such a legitimate company, why do they seem to (alledgedly) resort to theft of peoples card info. I KNOW I DIDN'T GIVE IT TO THEM, YET THEY HAVE IT. My card company says they shouldn't have it. If it's not theft of info, they need to tell us all HOW, WHEN, WHERE and WHO they are getting it from. Is someone selling it to them ? Do they have spyware in our computers or something? Either way, I know I don't want them to have my info. IF I DIDN'T GIVE IT TO THEM, WHAT MAKES IT ALL RIGHT FOR THEM TO HAVE IT ? If it's not card theft why do card companies call it THEFT OF INFO, IDENTITY THEFT, STOLEN CARD and YOUR CARD HAS BEEN COMPROMISED, (just to name a few) and advise closing the account ?
AND, why do the fast talking telemarketers have to lie through their teeth to get folks to agree to try the stuff they're peddling and not even realize the lies till they see their card has been charged. The lies in the beginning of the conversation are not recorded of course. Who's training these telemarketers? SO LYING IS A GREAT AND LEGITIMATE WAY TO DO BUSINESS NOW? Furthermore, a great and legitimately run company wouldn't allow the constant annoying multitudes of daily harrassing phone calls from their employees even though they've been asked to stop calling, or in my case, a closed account. A number just left in limbo in their system for their mass of employees to keep calling.
They really must be very proud of the wonderful reputation their company has.

Jul 31, 2009 1:26 pm EDT

I too have been getting at least 2 or 3 calls a day from this company. I've ignored the calls up until today. Today I answered to get them to stop calling. I asked for the company name: Platinum Rewards and their phone number. The number they gave me: [protected] doesn't work, surprise, surprise. I asked the rep to put me on their do not call list. He started to get belligerent; I talked over him almost yelling to take me off their list. We'll see what happens. I know this is all because I used my debit card to purchase a Snuggie. Whatever you do, don't list any real numbers when buying stuff online from stupid TV ads!

I work for platinum and I'm sorry to tell you guys but we are a legitimate company, that's why we've been in business for a while...there's no way you can file a lawsuit because were not doing anything wrong so good luck on that one :D PLATINUM ALL THE WAY!

Jun 25, 2009 1:49 pm EDT

Domain Name...
Creation Date... 2007-04-04
Registration Date... 2007-04-04
Expiry Date... 2010-04-04
Organisation Name... Adam Rothman
Organisation Address. 13553 66th Street North
Organisation Address. Suite 101
Organisation Address. Largo
Organisation Address. 33771
Organisation Address. FL
Organisation Address. UNITED STATES

Admin Name... Dan Mattern
Admin Address... 13553 66th Street North
Admin Address... Suite 101
Admin Address... Largo
Admin Address... 33771
Admin Address... FL
Admin Address... UNITED STATES
Admin Email... [email protected]
Admin Phone... +1.[protected]
Admin Fax...

Tech Name... Dan Mattern
Tech Address... 13553 66th Street North
Tech Address... Suite 101
Tech Address... Largo
Tech Address... 33771
Tech Address... FL
Tech Address... UNITED STATES
Tech Email... [email protected]
Tech Phone... +1.[protected]
Tech Fax...
Name Server...
Name Server...

Jun 14, 2009 1:55 am EDT

Hi I work for Platinum One Marketing. We are legitimate and a great company to work for! We follow all laws and guidelines. We only charge prices that are agreed upon by our customers. Sorry to break the news but trying to bring about a lawsuit is just a waste of time because we have done nothing wrong. Go platinum one!

Jun 03, 2009 5:08 pm EDT

This is a scam! They won't stop calling day and night 7 days a week! I finally asked for information from them: name of company, phone number, name of person speaking to, address, verify that they said there was no call list, turn in to attorney general. They won't take you off of a call list they say doesn't exist. If anyone knows how to get them to stop, let me know.

May 19, 2009 6:52 pm EDT

This company is absolutely infuriates me! This is the 3rd time they called me in 2 days. They give me same story- "your credit card XXXX and we want to send you money"- a bunch of crap. What they refered to as my credit card is actually my debit card and it happens to be that I hold credit and debit cards thru the bank that I work for. I would think that I would know of ANY promotions associated with either one of the cards! When I attempted to tell them that I was not interested in receiving any of their "Free" stuff they turn hostile on me. Speaking loudly over me and telling that I am wrong about their association with my bank! How ridiculous is that?! Please, if anyone finds a way to shut them up and put them out of their shady business I would love to help any way I can! I have the numbers they called me from:
[protected]; [protected]; [protected];

May 07, 2009 2:03 pm EDT

I get several calls a day, week after week at my place of business all telling me the same, "I'm calling reguarding the credit card ending in XXXX and you have $200.00 in in rewards"...and so on. I ask them everytime they call to stop calling me and they continue to harrass me. One guy even started arguing with me and I did what I always have to do...hung up on them because they don't stop! I hope someone finds a way to make this company stop and I would be more than happy to help in any way.

Mar 12, 2009 7:06 pm EDT

I received a couple calls from this company over the past month or so, and accepted what the young guy had to say. I received the packages they discussed with me. I had an opportunity to save myself a lot of $money$ on a trial basis. Found one thing i liked and went with it. Plus i got a great gift just for looking at the package.

Feb 25, 2009 2:58 pm EST

Platinum Rewards is a MAJOR PHONE HARRASSMENT COMPANY -- I am receiving calls from this company 5 -7 times a day. You can't get them to stop. No where to call and get them to stop.

They must be operating illegally. I wish the SEC, FBI, or even the Secret Service would investigate they must be doing wire transfers and such trying to do sales.

They ignore you when you try to get them to stop calling. My phone is an emergency line because of my health with seizures and such. Told them so. They just keep calling.

Someone needs to take a baseball bat to their computer system or figure out how to send a virus to stop this nonsense. We should not be harrassed to this extent with no means to stop them. BAD BAD BAD Company

Feb 16, 2009 10:17 am EST

I AM ANGRY. Please read this first then I'll give my history:
I got a "Platinum Rewards" call today 02/16/09 at my office. The call held for 20 seconds when I picked up, READY TO FIRE BACK at these scammers. To my amazement, the person on the other end began punching numbers in and I could hear an automated response asking for a "pin number". After countless attempts to get the woman to acknowledge me, I realized she was speaking to a different victim... I was blind copied in on this conversation between an agent and a cardholder. I couldn't be heard at all, nor could I hear the other cardholder. But the agent began reading off "Name" "Phone Number" "Credit Card Number, Confirmation number" and then she read the terms and conditions of the transaction. I am outraged! How could this happen? Basically we have a company sharing info as sensitive as addresses, credit card numbers, phone numbers with ANYONE and who knows? EVERYONE!? WHO CAN I GO TO SO I CAN REPORT THIS?! So...

It began with me -- my fault --I placed a "secure" online order using my name and my husband's VISA check card. All of a sudden I get these idiots calling me at WORK. I play along a little, but I decided to have my husband call the bank after the 3rd call. I know this can't be legit if they're calling my work saying, "I'm calling for (so and so) about her VISA card ending in XXXX". WHAT?! How DARE you call me at my place of business and divulge ANY personal information at all with the person answering the phone!?

After all, this isn't even MY card or even MY account! Somehow, since my name was associated with that particular card I get calls.

I get annoyed and angry so as soon as they call me, I pick the phone up and tell them to get a real job etc etc etc. Weekly practice. I've asked to be removed to no avail.

Somebody needs to know how wrong these business practices are!

Nov 26, 2008 9:37 pm EST

Here is all the information I could get from my recent phone call from them:

Platinum rewards

These are phone numbers to their various related products/services. The calls I received were from FLA. The BBB returns the following results for each of the lines above:

1) "Platinum rewards" (company name) -none

[protected] - none

- Leisure Time Travel & Savings Club
P.O. Box 3571
Great Falls, MT 59403

[protected] - none

- Bella Clear
6205 Lookout Rd Ste DDistribution Center
Boulder, CO [protected]

-Smart Shopper Savings Plan
Po Box 26658
Phoenix, AZ 85068
-Direct Discount Club
PO Box 1466
Great Falls, MT [protected]

7) - none

Aug 28, 2008 8:30 pm EDT

Hey there Nelson,

What is their address...

Aug 25, 2008 1:20 pm EDT

This Company (Platinum Rewards based in Clearwarter, FL)calls me 3-4 times a day and in no way do I want their gas card.
I told them to quit calling and they continue to do so.
They are in violation of the law and I am going to file a FCC complaint. However, I am considering a class action law suit.
The problem is is that I am an attorney that works for the government and I can only represent myself.
If anyone knows this company's address it will help greatly.

Aug 16, 2008 5:55 am EDT

platinum rewards is a great company to work for and we are in full compliance with all agences