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I have been a guest at your gym for over 6 years. Just recently the wifi has either stopped working or is unable to obtain address.
I have talked to alot of people at the gym and more than 50% cannot connect. That's a problem. There should be no reason for this. Android or iPhone users should both be able to connect easily. And everytime the staff is asked about it, the have no idea. I called my phone company to see if I was doing something wrong or it was my phone carrier's problem it wasn't connecting, and it's definitely not. I shouldn't be having to call my carrier about a problem you should be fixing. Alot of people are irritated and frustrated with this. And it looks like no one really even cares. The wifi service you go thru is unreliable. And it's very rarely heard of. There should be no reason I should have to do all these shortcuts on my phone to even find it when I can connect. I've been using my own data and I'm near the end with this situation. Theres no reason that McDonald's wifi is better than yours. The gym makes plenty of money that they should be able to provide wifi that's accessible.
From the beginning, I have done nothing but love on this gym and talk highly of it. But the wifi situation is ridiculous. People can't even get the necessities they need to even work out. I.g.. there own music! Or videos they follow for workout sessions.
Please fix this immediately or get a new wifi provider that actually provides in our area.
Thank you

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  • Aw
      Nov 09, 2019

    This isn’t the planet fitness complaint site. This is just an online forum for people to rant about their first world problems. Who cares if you can’t connect to WiFi. It’s a gym, not an Internet cafe lol.

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