PlanetFitness.comtanning bed #3 rarely works

Au Jun 09, 2019 Review updated:

I joined in December, and ended my tanning bed membership at Suntan City because I was given the opportunity at Planet Fitness to use their tanning beds. Suntan City provides the beds for the gym.

On several occasions I have complained, my sister has complained and the girl at the desk today said several others have complained about bed #3 because the fan will not work.

I realize these are older beds, but I shouldn't have to fiddle with knobs for 4 minutes (yep I timed it) and still couldn't get the fan on. This bed also has a knob on the cover towards the back that you have to mess with. Usually you don' t turn the bed on and mess with the fan knob until your already undressed; and ready to lay down. You then realized at that time the fan doesn't work, so you have to get "redressed" and go to front desk to inform them or just suffer.

The Manager, ( I think his name is Josh) has been told by me and my sister several times and he seems to think its not a big deal, he goes over to it and fiddles with the knobs and sometimes it will work. Instead, he should contact SUNTAN CITY and have them come out and fix this problem.

There no reason why this bed cannot be replaced with another bed that has just the knob inside the tanning bed where you turn right or left, (on or off ) like bed 2 has.

I am requesting a Supervisor or owner of facility get involved with this. Apparently they are not being informed of the problem. Its blown offf. I am asking for help in getting this matter solved. This is a safety issue that could be life threatening if someone gets overheated because of their neglect by Planet Fitness not getting fan fixed or replaced. Maybe it will take that they get sued before something is done because they refused to get this problem fixed.

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