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My daughter goes to Cleveland State University and has a small break between classes . There is a Planet Fitness near there so she went to go tanning. When she got there, there was no one at the desk. She put her name on the tanning sign in. Then still waiting scanned her card. A guy named Matt came to the desk finally, at least 8 minutes later, he told her it would be 5 more minutes before she could tan. She went to the bathroom and when she returned he gave her the # 4 bed card. She went into the tanning room and undressed, she hears banging on the door, which scared the hell out of her. Just not what you expect when your vulnerable half naked! He asked her her name and told her she will have to sign up for a different time. She gets dressed comes out of the room and asks him why and he ignored her and walked away. He gave card # 4 to someone else. She asked to speak to a manager, to which he said he was the manager and there was nothing she could do about it. I believe this shows how unprofessional and mean he was to her. She felt very humiliated and disrespected!! He not once apologized. I called my home gym after I could not find a complaint phone number and was told there should be a regional manager I should be able to talk to. After another phone call I was waiting for that manager to call me. Mark called me and was kinda defending Matt saying he was short staffed, at which I pointed out that you don't treat anyone the way he did and it was wrong that he claimed there was no one else she could talk to besides him! Seriously who makes someone get redressed and come out of the tanning room? Let's be honest, I think anyone who goes in one of those rooms and is mostly if not completely naked feels vulnerable? I think having someone banging on the door would scare anyone!! This was a horrible experience and I would like to know that Matt was somehow reprimanded so that he NEVER treats anyone else like this! Absolutely awefull customer service. Without an apology from him, how is my daughter supposed to feel comfortable going back to that gym?

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      Apr 24, 2019

    If your daughter is in university she is old enough to post her own review. You were not there so you do not know what happened. It is unprofessional for your grown up daughter to come crying to you when she is wronged.How do you know that your daughter is telling the truth?

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