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I pay a monthly fee of $19.99 on the 17th of every month under my agreement with Planet Fitness, taken out of my bank account automatically. They in return charged my bank account on June 1st for $39.00 that I did not know about. They call this their "Annual Fee". My bank account was over-drafted over $50.00 because of this, ($39.00 & an overdraft fee) I didn't know what this "ACH" fee was until I called my bank. Planet Fitness is the only place I have an automated payment taken out from my bank account too so they automatically took the money out and did not send me a notice. I remember that when my boyfriend and I signed up we went to the gym before it had even opened and they were running this "FANTASTIC DEAL" for a 1 yr black card membership. They were waiving the initiation fee and the first yr annual fee. My contract does say that I will be charged the $39.00 annual fee on June 1, 2009. To me this meant for the next year to lock in the same price. I mean seriously who really would think that they were gonna pay a $39.00 fee for something they have already paid for??? Certainly not anyone I know.

I called the Planet Fitness I got my membership from and started asking questions. I tried to be as nice as possible because it's not the person's fault I was talking to & I kept apologizing because I was getting a little mad. They understood, even though I didn't get far. As soon as they answered I said I had a question and they said is is about the $39.00 fee. Hmm, how did they guess? BECAUSE EVERYONE'S PISSED OFF! Finally this kid put his boss on the phone because I told him I wasn't taking no for an answer of me getting reimbursed my money.

The thing that kills me is that I signed up for the gym June 23, 2008 for a 1 yr contract which means my contract is up on June 23, 2009. Why would I want to "lock in" as they say a $19.99 a monthly fee/rate if I am not going to have it after 23 days??? And they won't reimburse me??? I never even went to the gym either, only 1 time. NO LIE! LOL I didn't cancel because I can't afford the cancellation fee that you have to pay all at one time. They said if I wanted the fee to be waived I had to cancel my membership in writing by the 25th of the previous month (being May). Again, if I would have done this I would have had to pay the cancellation fee and I only had 1 month left. That would have made no sense even if I did get a notice about the fee. They should take into consideration when peoples' memberships are up. They sure know when to take your money!

With that said, the manager got on the phone and I was a little more mad, again thanking her for listening to me complain and apologizing. I explained everything above to her and she said that the company does not send notices about this. I asked her why and she said it is hard & takes too much time for them to figure out who is a black card member to who is a regular member. Ok, that doesn't make sense because you are charging the black card members this $39.00 fee so you would have to know who they are, right??? I said it was not her responsibility as an employee to do this "paperwork" for their corporate office. I said if they want to run a business then should get it together. I work in business, I know! She then told me that the Planet Fitness gyms around this area (York, PA I guess) are franchised so there are different owners. Again...HMMMM, wouldn't that make it easier for them to tell the difference in their members? I also asked her why they don't explain completely about this fee when you sign up & she said it should have been told to us. Why would I need to look up membership info on the internet if I should have been told everything? She ended with telling me that all I can do is WRITE (YES I SAID WRITE) to their corporate office explaining all of this and they will send it on to the person that owns that Planet Fitness. I went to the website to find no address and no phone number, NOTHING! This is 2009 not 1999, why should I have to write to someone about this. I should be able to email or call or something!

I would honestly take it as a loss and pay the over draft fee and annual fee if my membership wasn't up in DAYS! I mean, I have been paying for a membership that I have not used for 12 months now so what is $50.00 more? (I'm being sarcastic).

Now that I think of a black card member I am allowed to use any Planet Fitness there is so how are they gonna know who I am if they are owned by different people? See, that sounds silly and so does many of the answers I got! I AM NOT PLEASED!

Thanks for listening. Let me know if this happened to you.


  • So
    sonu Jun 08, 2009

    I signed up an aggrement on a monthly fee with Planet Platinum (chain of Planet fitness). Fitness Company agreed to sell the membership on a notice of 2 months. Its been more than 6 Months now, i am not getting any response from them. I m not in a position to follow up going physically as I am not in that country any more.

    It looks they are making fool of the people joining the Fitness Club...

    - Sonu

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  • Qu
    Queen Bee (FitGal68) Jul 13, 2017

    @sonu The same paperwork they give it lays out all the fees and join in fees. Plain and simple, also it lays it out for you when you sign up online, and documents are saved. If you dont read documents you sign these days, it goes to show, people are impulsive without thinking!

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  • Ly
    ☀Lyn Ruiz☀ Jan 03, 2020

    @Queen Bee (FitGal68) Not always true. I signed up in 2014 and online my original contract is missing and it says my contact is inactive obviously due to an error. I was also charged the annual fee twice in 90 days

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  • Jm
    jmm563 Jun 30, 2009

    THIS IS HAPPENING TO ME RIGHT NOW! I actually haven't been there in months & saw the charge on my account. I signed up for the GREAT deal also in sept for the october opening. I forgot & didn't realize i guess about the fee because I was not planning to renew! I was told that thee annual rate guarntee fee was "waived" for us new members ... get this until June 2009 so it's my last year annual rate guarntee???????? WHAT.??? I was told irt was waived totally when i joined... my contract does say 6/-09 for the rate guarntee... but i don't need a rate guarntee because i don't even go there! his was the SCRANTON, pa site. I was also made aware that since my membership doesn't officially end until 9/09 (HELL:, why was i even charged then in JUNE!!!) that to waive the annual fee I would have to go there or send a registered letter with intent to cancel & i would be charged a 58.00 buy out fee! I got nowhere, nowhere, nowhere. I am very aggravated because my great deal has turned into a nightmare. I went a few times early on BUT then they let so mnay people join that it is heavily overcrowded & you can rarely get equipment after work hours! I feel your pain & i think this is ridiculoous!

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  • Ab
    Ablazah Swofford Dec 03, 2016

    @jmm563 When you sign up for a membership, they do tell you about the annual membership fee. So, it's you're fault for not really listening. They clearly say it when you initially sign up.

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  • Ka
    Kate74 Oct 15, 2017

    @Ablazah Swofford No they don't. This was NOT mentioned to me either and came as a surprise.Zero mention of this fee!

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  • Ju
    Julie Mullaney Apr 24, 2018

    @jmm563 I am going through the same thing you are. I am so upset and frustrated plus worried they are gonna take more money out of my account. I went to a site called Pissedconsumer and they provided me with a contact # and an e-mail, open from 6-6, Mon-Fri. It's 6:30 now, I'm gonna call tomorrow. My judgment zone tells me I'm Screwed

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  • 1v
    #1 Vivian Dec 03, 2018

    @Julie Mullaney It’s always better to go to the better business bureau and open a claim.
    Believe me it really helps

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  • An
    Anna99 Aug 09, 2009

    I totally understand your frustration about automatic withdrawals that cause overdraft fees...especially because these fees are astronomical these days. What I can say is that when my boyfriend and I joined the WY Planet Fitness...they explained the fee that we would pay on June 1, and in fact reminded us several times as we went over the process of being a member. This fee is collected from every member on the same day of the year... regardless of when you join. Certainly you can understand where determining whether a member will end their membership when their contract runs out on whatever day following the 1st of June, is unrealistic at best. Even if they did not tell you about this fee... it is in the contract you received and if you signed it... you are responsible for what it says. Both of you have mentioned several times that you are "paying for something you never used". If you go to the store and buy a loaf of bread.. take it home and then the next day decide you won't be eating any of it... do you think you should be able to take it back and get your money back? You joined a gym... whether you decide to use it or not for the time period you paid for... is your choice... but you already agreed to pay for the time regardless. As far as them making the rules and guidelines clear... I have to agree with you they are not very concerned about that. They tell you black cards can go to any planet fitness and used their facilities... you get to another facility and that one tells you that you may not. I also think they should be willing to be open and available later than 9 pm on Friday and 7 pm on Sat and Sun... for the people who are paying every month to be able to use a facility when it is convenient for them.

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  • Pf
    pfhater Aug 30, 2009

    You should sue for violations of the Fair Debt Collections Practice Act (FDCPA - Title 15 U.S.C. §§ 1692-1692p). Look specifically at sections 807 and 808 among others. Civil damages for violations are $1, 000 per violation. Also look into violations of your states debt collection laws. It very easy to show that Planet Fitness regularly violates debt collection laws. In you motion be sure to ask for court costs, resonable attorneys fees as well as any punative damages the law will allow.

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  • Pf
    PF11436 Sep 28, 2009

    I don't understand the comments being submitted regarding the annual fee. I don't think you guys actually took the time to look at what you were signing. Not only do they stipulate the annual fee at the gym but they also say it on the website. While you both maybe frustrated right now I think it is due to lack of attention; you were only focused on the $19 a month deal. The Planet Fitness I attend stays open 24 hrs Mon -Thur and Fri it closes at 10 p.m. I wish you better luck in the future with contract purchases.

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  • Jj
    jjason Oct 07, 2009

    haha you guys are all ###ed they completely explained that the annual fee is once a year on the same day every year and to avoid this you must cancel your membership before the 25 of the previous month. The membership NEVER EXPIRES they continue until you cancel. The fee is to lock in your price for the lifetime of that membership, however long you choose yo have it. And theis is all explained in your contract that you signed. I also found friendly reminders of the annual fee at the club for a good 2 weeks or so before it was charged. If you guys got off your lazy @ss and went in to work out occasionally you would have seen this and wouldnt need to ### online about how stupid you are for not knowing the terms to your own contract that you signed! Haha you ignorant ### have no idea what you are talking about!

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  • Ok
    okay81 Feb 06, 2010

    Thank you for the two last comments! People are so stupid sometimes. Complaining about stuff they truly know nothing about because they do not listen to the person signing them up or read the friggan contract. Your membership never expires.. only if you cancel it.. (again you'd know if you read). AHHHHHH! soooo sick of people being stupid

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  • Yv
    yvonneandrews Mar 02, 2010

    I am very fustrated with this companies billing process. I tryed to cancel my membership due to physical limitations in November2oo9. I was told I could not cancel my membershio because I owed them 29.00dollars. They were supposed to billthis to my card in november and never billed my card for this amount untio too late when card at limit following month. I tryed to call my credit card and cancel account and they refused saying i had to talk to the company. Planet fitness has continued to bioll my card ten dollars. and charge me for late charges for amount not going through despite my effort to stop payment on my card. They now want 69.00 for me to cancel my membership. payments should of stopped when I owed them the 29.00 which is still their mistake .

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  • 1v
    #1 Vivian Dec 03, 2018

    @yvonneandrews You could just called your bank and tell them to completely stop and block the automatic payments to this company

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  • Jb
    jb517 Apr 06, 2010

    I COMPLETELY agree with the last 3comments...some people are just not paying attention to what theyre signing. you are willing to give up your bank account info without fully understanding whatyou are signing(pretty stupid move if you ask me).then you want to call everyplace on earth bother the worker when they are doing their jobs trying to get money back that you signed away(dummys lol) When i signed my contract i was fully aware of the 50.00 annual fee BECAUSE I READ and knew exactly what my responsiblities were. Read BEFORE you SIGN and you wont have problems like these =)

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  • Be
    bewarepfgyms Jun 04, 2010

    I understand the reading of contracts is important, as I just got a beautiful surprise on my bank statement as well! BUT, if it is so important for PF to get their annual fee, then WHY don't they explain the annual fee to you in person? Is it because they want that sale? HUM... I WAS told that I was getting a great deal by receiving a Black Card for only $1. Isn't that a great deal? I WAS NOT told that I would get a $45 bill, only 5 months later! Not a year later, which I would understand, but 5 months! Come on guys, be honest upfront, and receive fewer complaints! I most likely would have joined anyway, even if you were honest and upfront. That is how I run my business, so why can't you do the same?

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  • Mr
    mrwms Jul 11, 2010

    Planet Fitness is a rip-off!!!
    I joined Planet Fitness 11 months ago on July 22, 2009. When I went in to cancel my membership on July 9th 2010 I was told that I could cancel on July 22nd 2010, but I would still have to pay $39.00 . When I joined in 2009 my 1st annual fee was waved so why am I obligated to pay another $39.00 if I am not going into the second year. Isn’t that two fees in one calendar year? I was also told that if I were to downgrade to a basic membership I would be charged an additional $29.00 in four months. That’s 3 fees in 16 months. Give me a break Planet Fitness!!! There has to be a law against this. I will fight them to the END!!!

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  • An
    [email protected] Jul 25, 2010


    i just signed for planet fitness and they say i got to pay 51.08$... after i got home i realize that at the website you dont have to pay the initiation fee( it was on sale... expired july 28) i made it on july 25... this sale was like a month ago... but why did the guy told me to pay 51.08$ for initiation fee

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  • Au
    Aubree Oct 03, 2010

    It happened to me today! Planet fitness charged me $29 annual fee which they didn't tell me. I signed up 3 mths ago with no contract, and I asked that person if there are annual and maintenance fees and he told me "NO FEES WHAT SO EVER... He said I'm only paying $20 a mth, and no other fees. You see? Even you asked them, and they won't tell you the truth. They are liars!!!

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  • Cu
    Custom made22 Oct 31, 2010

    Membership fees are broken down into 3 different categories.

    Enrollment fee: One time start up fee
    Monthly fee: Charged on the 17th of the month
    Annual fee: One time yearly charge

    When you were rushing to sign the contract without reading it, its not there fault. They fill in the blank spots on the contract in big writing so you don't miss it. They also give you a copy of the contract so you don't forget dates.

    Shame on you for not using the gym in the first place. Just because you weren't using the gym doesn't mean you weren't a member, you were still in the billing cycle, still being charged until a written notice to the gym is summited and processed.

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  • Xx
    xxm Dec 15, 2010

    i have the black card from planet fitness. it says on their web site that unlimited use to over 400 gyms with this card... BULL after ten visit a month, they will charge you ten dollar a visit. there website gives false statement... then you can change your club membership, address, or anything else on the internet. but you must go in person to the club you listed with or certified letter to cancel your membership ... they dont do what they preach ...

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  • Jl
    jlh1281 Jan 23, 2011

    I used to be part of PF in my area last year. I did not have any issues with them. I did cancel after a few months of use due to my schedule being so hectic. They did bill my check account for the current month but nothing more than that. They canceled just like I asked. Also, here in Maryland, there is no contract that locks you in. You can cancel at anytime you want. Also, it plainly states that you will be billed once a year the $39 annual fee. Here in Maryland they bill this every October. You agree to it when you sign the papers agreeing for them to take money out of your account. I think the gym I went to was very clean, the people were very nice and like I said, I had absolutly no issues with them. My husband currently goes there and likes it and I plan on joining again.

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  • Pa
    pantonem Feb 03, 2011

    The contract is very clear. I am not sure why people complain about the fee, all the information is there. Also, if you want to cancel before 12 months you will be charged $58. But you have to let them know around a month and a half before they annual fee is charged.

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  • Ks
    KS_KS Feb 28, 2011

    The staff is very rude, they do everything little short of beating you up.I had a very bad experience from the staff they were rude abusive and also disrespectful.I am looking into suing them.This is not the place if you want to enjoy your workout.Not sure where they get the staff from they are very unprofessional and also discriminative...

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  • Up
    UPSET GUEST Mar 15, 2011

    I have been a guest of my boyfriend at this location for the last year. We live together so it fits our budget. We have never had any problems there until last week. We have even convinced our friends to join also. We went to leave and a car was parked approx. 6 inches from my driver's door. Keep in mind i am trying to go home to get my child off the bus. I went back inside and asked the girl at the desk if she could make an announcement to have the person move their vehicle and she replied "sorry we do that type of thing here." She then went and got the assistant manager who then preceded to tell me that the parking lot has nothing to do with them and they couldnt help me. So i went over to the rail and said"Does anyone own a white taurus?" A lady raised her hand. I then said "Could you please move it? You are parked like an idiot and are blocking me in." Yes i was very frustrated at this point!!! She then came out and backed to a different spot coming real close to hitting my vehicle. When i returned to this location i was told i was banned from all Planet Fitness locations due to bad behavior. SERIOUSLY????? How about if the assistant manager would have done his job, i wouldnt have gotten irratated and angry enough to say that???? Now i am trying to find out a way of contacting the GM because i would like to discuss this with him or her but i guess its a big secret! I would take any help with fixing this situation because i dont think it was handled properly!!!

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  • Pl
    PlanetFitness1759 Apr 27, 2011

    unfortunately it is in your agreement and if you wish to cancel and avoid that annual fee that you need to do so by the 25th of may. i have been working at Planet Fitness since they opened one in my hometown in early 2009 and people always say we "never tell them" well even if we dont tell you (which in my gym is impossible because we circle this part on our agreements) you still get a copy of your agreement to keep for your personal records. and you do initial under that part stating that you have READ and UNDERSTAND the terms, no offense but if you do not read the agreement then it is not our fault.

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  • No
    nothappyw/pf Apr 29, 2011

    Planet fitness is just about signing up as many people as possible and not interested in explaining the fees of canceling because that will deter you from joining. Their rules and practices are ridiculous so i will never purchase a membership and will continue to go as a guest with my family and friends.

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  • Ja
    JATdissatisfied Jun 02, 2011

    I am a very dissatisfied customer/member of Planet Fitness. Like most of the complaints on this website, I also had the $39 annual membership fee charged to my bank account. My recollection of the day I signed up is this: The annual membership was waived for the first year (a special that was going on at the time). I was told by the person working at Planet Fitness that I would receive a reminder notice prior to the end of my membership year. The $39 annual membership fee was explained to me as a charge I would receive upon my second year as a member. I never received that notice. The $39 was automatically withdrawn from my bank account. Upon calling the club I was told that I could cancel my membership but I had to do it in writing (which I did moments after hanging up the phone) but that the $39 fee would NOT be returned to me, which of course made no sense to me when I was told that it was a charge for my second year as a member, which never will occur because I cancelled my membership. I asked for the telephone number for the Corporate offices and was told to go to the website. When I went to the website there is no corporate information. I sent an email which ultimately went to the manager at my local PF. I emailed him back asking for the corporate number and did not get it from him. After I got out of work I called and spoke with this manager and explained that I wanted to talk to someone in the corporate office. He said he couldn't give me that info. I was outraged. He told me I could call another PF location. How does that help me?????? I told him that if I had a complaint about Walmart (I used this as an example in an effort to help this young man understand my frustration) I would first contact the store I had the complaint about. If my complaint was not addressed to my satisfaction I would contact WalMart's corporate offices. I certainly wouldn't contact a WalMart in another town. His continuous response to me was "ahuh, ahuh, ahuh" ... finally he offered to pass along my contact information to the regional director.

    I did some searching and found a listing for Planet Fitness Corporate Offices in Newington, NH (how appropriate since I live in NH) ... but you get a voice recording directing you to different departments. The two departments I tried gave me yet more recordings (one that said I reached the general mailbox and to leave a message which I did, and the other asking me to choose an extension or a persons name).

    I am one very unhappy, dissatisfied and outraged former customer of Planet Fitness.

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  • Lo
    LoriH Jun 09, 2011

    These complaints are because you don't want to pay the fee. The contract is definitely clear on the fee. Also, it's a pay and play fee. The annual fee is paid for the year you are about to be a member. You might do well to actually read things before you sign them. Even IF they didn't explain everything to you, it's still in the contract you put your name on. No sense in trashing a company because of your irresponsibility as an adult entering a contract with a company. Geez!

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  • Se
    Sexyladyworkshard Jun 27, 2012

    This stupid person called Matt was a right arsewipe on the phone, He was no help and had no customer service whatsoever! I cancelled my membership over 7months ago but they still took money out of my account, I tried explaining this to him but he advised they only keep 3 months of documents so if I didn't keep my receipt I cannot verify that I cancelled. I am really annoyed that I didn't keep hold of this cancellation document but when you cancel you don't think that they will still charge you! They are happy taking the money but no help in anything else, and that ### Matt makes me so mad.

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  • Me
    Melissa89 Aug 16, 2012

    This is somewhat happening to me right now, i wanted to get a membership and when i signed up online it said that it wanted my credit card info which i provided but received and email saying to come into the branch to complete my application and start my membership. I didn't check my account until almost a month later, then i realized they had charged me the 30$ fee and then canceled my account and continued to charge me anyways when i called today they told me that my owed balance is 168$ for a service i never once used and never even realized i was being charged for. I don't understand how this is fair and not only wont they refund my money they wont even restart my account so that i can actually use the gym (which i never did and they confirmed i never came in). when i asked the regional manager if he would like to pay a continues fee for something he didn't use EVER. he said he would never do that yet he couldn't help me out or even resolve my account and start my membership. I don't see how they can get away with charging me every month for something i never once used. I am never going to planet fitness EVER. Had i not canceled the card they had on file they would have continued to charge me every month, i don't care what anyone says i did not go in the building and sign a contract in fact i didn't sign any contract i only applied online Sorry but that's not the same thing not in this day with credit card fraud how can they charge and never even tell me no emails no phone calls no confirmation that they were charging me, had i not noticed i would be almost 200$ in the hole for this SERVICE. When i told the regional manager he said that they provided me with the service i never showed up. Excuse me but what service were you personally providing for me? He had no answer they act like they are sitting around with a coffee in hand not sleeping til i come in the door!!! not they work regardless and like i said i never entered the building not once. I have never had a company tell me that i cant get back the fee that i paid for a service never used. This place is a hack and i hope they get shut down!!! I will never end this fight i have a voice and it needs to be heard

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  • Rh
    rhomett Feb 01, 2013

    smart ### keep replying saying people are dumb because they are not paying attention, blah, blah, blah, but what at least 3 people said was that they were told the annual fee would be WAIVED for the FIRST YEAR! that would mean that if i signed up in february 2013 and the fee is charged every june, then when june 2013 came, i should not be charged the fee! what fee are they waiving if they plan to charge me in june, 4 months into my contract??? the previous years?? i dont think so. they are purposely screwing people. when you add in the annual fee and sign up costs, its about $25/m + tax, same as most gyms around my area. they also advertise no contract, but if you cancel before a year, there is a cancellation fee, ummm, THAT'S A CONTRACT!

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  • Vi
    Viv1284 Oct 22, 2013

    I joined planet fitness May 2013 and the consultant called Themba said my membership will cost R2947 and its a 24months membership, somehow he miscalculated and I end up paying R3288 of which he promised R341 was going to be refund. he promised personal trainer as part of package and as a 1st timer there I needed someone to show me how to use the machines but that never happen had to figure out myself. the following month they deducted R2947 + R20 from my account which now total to R6255. I phoned the same consultant who was so mean to me telling me not to make my problem his as he is not working with money issues. I sent a complain in their website but no1 bothered to contact me. I took a day off went there and the financial guy called Brandon said he was going to refund me which never happened, when I phoned my calls were always put on hold, I then went to their manger Shane who promised to sort it out but didn't when I phoned him he started ignoring me as well, then I decided to go there again and to my surprise my tag was not working and the lady at the reception said my membership is cancelled, I want nothing to do with that place all I want is my full amount of R6255 as all they've been doing is mistreat me and lie to me.

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  • Th
    thedecline Oct 29, 2013

    Sure it says the first year. That does not neccesarily mean it is a calendar year, most likely their fiscal year begins in June thus would result in their annual charge for the new year. I think planet fitness is brilliant, they obviously draw in the most ###ic people and get them to sign a contract that they do not thoroughly read. Sounds like dollar signs to me! It is $39 people, you'll make it.

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  • Pe
    peter drayson Jan 12, 2014

    Be very careful when signing up for the 'Planet Fitness' One Year Deal. First of all, PF insists you agree to an 'Automatic Bank Withdrawal'; note, you CANNOT cancel this by calling your bank...even after 1 year! Now, you want to cancel your membership, even AFTER you have fulfilled your one year obligation. You cannot call PF HQ to do that; they do not publish a number. Try getting into the website EVEN after you have put in your reset password...impossible. So you go to the gym you joined. cannot do it at just ANY of their gyms. Now...the system is down...the person there does not know how to use the computer (yes...that happened this morning). Then, you have to drive back or...get this...send them a "Certified Letter'.


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  • Jo
    JoeKay Jan 14, 2014

    These gyms are the new mafia. You described it well. Do NOT ever join one of these gyms unless you can go cash money. Period. No exceptions. Cash only. If they won't let you join, fine. Walk. Never ever give them a credit card number or any other account info. This complaint describes exactly what will happen to you.

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  • Mu
    Mushy20000 Jun 01, 2014

    Why do people keep saying they got their first annual fee waived? I've never heard of this promotion, it's usually the startup fee that is waived and the annual fee is prorated from the date you signed up.

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  • Jt
    Jtown864 Jun 07, 2014

    I'm a Black Card member and have an annual fee just like everyone else but this was explained when I became a member and I also believe I signed the agreement that said I would have to pay an annual fee in June. So I see people complaining about this but we are all adults here and it's our responsibility to remember when we have bills that need to be paid and if you're so irresponsible that you don't know when to pay your bills you have no right to complain and some people are talking about overdraft fees are you kidding me? $39 is breaking you then maybe you shouldn't have to membership you can't afford. This is your responsibility STOP placing blame on PF. Grow up people and know what you sign when you become a member.

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  • Me
    me100 Aug 26, 2014

    I have read the pros and cons here about Planet Fitness, and I must say that when I joined I was told in person very clearly about the $39.00 yearly fee that a person gets charged in October (in my club). I did ask questions, read the contract, signed the contract and am very happy with the club. The value is terrific. I work out about 5 x a week; everybody is very nice, the place is very clean and there are free classes.
    I have a question for all the complainers:
    If you rent an apartment, but never stay there, do you still need to pay the rent? YES.
    Could you tell your landlord, " Well, I signed the contract, but I never stayed there, so I should not have to pay"... lol, That is what it some of you sound like. People are saying that they should not be made to pay any fees that were clearly listed in the one page long contract they did not bother to read. You signed it! If you divide the $39.00 by 12, it is $3.25 extra a month.
    How do you think people should run a business?
    Businesses have overhead, as in lights and air conditioning for example...employees need to get paid, and machines need to be inspected for upkeep. At other clubs and the Y you'd be paying quite a bit more.

    I do understand that one does not want to sign up for a membership and then have to pay the $39.00 fee in the next few weeks already, but then at least you'd not have to pay it again until the following year.
    When you cancel, you need to give it to them (as with most businesses) in writing.
    But for some to be complaining that they were paying every month for something they did not use...whose fault is that?

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  • Pi
    Piip Mar 25, 2015

    You're a ###ing idiot. Damn, this is from 2009 and I'm so heated I feel the need to comment. The fee was stated in YOUR CONTRACT that you SIGNED, you imbecile. As for the last line, I've only been a member at PF since 2013, so I'm not sure that they had the same technology then but I would think so; they take your photo and it's stored in a database so that you are easily recognized. Even if they didn't have the photos in 2009, I'm sure they asked to see ID as they do now for guests.

    It's not the gyms fault you didn't use your membership, nor is it their fault that you signed up for a contract without 1) reading it, and 2) being financially prepared to take on a membership.

    Boy do I hope you get notifications for this post, I want you to understand how dumb you were. Hopefully you have already realized that and moved on to be a better person, understanding your faults and their consequences, rather than pushing the blame on somebody else.

    1 Votes
  • Be
    Beth82 Oct 19, 2015

    I cancelled my account back in may of 2015 and I'm still to this day being charged. Not only have they charged me but have also overdrawn my account 3 times. I want answers

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  • Ro
    Robyn Cooper Nov 19, 2015

    I really think that communication is the key here, but reading these comments about how PF is pretty much all about money and doesn't want to make things right when they upset a customer, has made my decision to NOT join this gym.

    -2 Votes
  • Gf
    gfkessler Feb 01, 2016

    I joined Planet Fitness last October, 2015.
    When they showed me around before I signed up I'd swear that I was told that the annual fee was taken out in July or August. I then signed up on-line & paid my first months dues. Today, 2/1/16 I found out that they had taken the $39.00 fee out today. I looked at the contract that I signed & it of course says Feb 1st is when it is due. My screw up, however I swear I was told it was July or August. I remember thinking how great that was because the first couple of months in the year are rough on me financially. My old gym took out the annual fee in January & I was happy that it would be later in the year at PF.
    I'm angry but can't do or say anything about it. I definitely should have read the contract before signing it.

    -1 Votes
  • Am
    America can't spell May 09, 2016

    What is wrong with people? Just because you didn't use it doesn't mean you don't have to pay for it!! Netflix?? Spotify? Hulu? Amazon Prime? HBO? An annual pool pass? A country club membership? Any ring a bell? Just because you didn't use it, you still have to pay for it!! And online contracts are just as binding as hard ones. The planet fitness contracts are clear! I promise you that every person here that complained had a copy of the membership rules but either ignored them or didn't understand them. The only thing that is ever waived is the sign up fee, the yearly fee is always charged. Don't blame a company because you misunderstood!

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  • Sa
    Sabracmt Jul 30, 2016

    My sister had issues with her cancelation at planet fitness and my son had a membership also and when wanted to use another planet fitness they charged him a feeof three dollars because he had his membership at another site 15 minutes away

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  • Ca
    Carson1 Aug 31, 2016

    The very liberal unregulated guest policy leaves no room for paying members. I have been a member for 2 years, and the facility is always overcrowded with non-paying guests. Some of these guests have been coming there for years hogging up the limited equipment and space. Guests should be restricted to non-peak hours, no more than twice, or pay. It is too small of a club to have non-paying guests take up the equipment and space.

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