I recently purchased a case of Pepsi from Sam's Club in Wausau WI. I kept the case stored unrefridgerated in my kitchen, as i occasionally restock my fridge in my office fridge. Last Friday i had placed 6 cans of Pepsi from the recently purchased case in a bag, which i then placed in my vehicle and drove to work. When i arrived at my office, i proceeded to set the bag containing the six cans of Pepsi on my desk. I heard a pop and notice that soda was leaking all over my desk, my labtop, my phone and the floor. I removed the can that had exploded from the bag and observed that the can had exploded from one end of the can to the other right down the center of the can. This was extremely shocking and concerning to me as i had never experienced this. I can not justify any reason that would have caused the can to explode in that fashion. The can had not been frozen and had not been exposed to extreme heat or cold. I have provided a photo of the can for your reference and still have the can.


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