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My Lincoln Mark VIII was having a electical problem that caused the car not to start. It was not getting a spark to the plugs. After trying to start most of the day, had a PepBoys Tow Truck pick it up and take it to PepBoys repair shop. Shortly after it arrived there the Service Manager called me and said 'it's the battery'. I told her I know the battery is almost dead, now, I've trying to start the car all day and of course it drained the battery down. I told her the battery was fairly new and never gave me a second of trouble.

She insisted the problem is the battery. And never ran a diagnostic check on the car. She told me she would call me back shortly after installing a new battery to let me know if the car starts or not. She called me back later and said the car is ready to go. The total bill $219.48. Since I knew my old battery was still good, I told them to put it in the trunk.

When I got home and went to pull the old battery from the trunk, it was not my battery. They put a very old Sears Die Hard battery with a top terminal post completely broken off. I did not have to look very hard at this battery at all to know i t was not mine, because I NEVER shop at Sears.

Less than 2 weeks later, the same car will not start again. So had the car towed back to the PepBoys again. And later that day the Service Manager calls me and says it has a bad on it that is choking the engine and preventing it from starting. I told her it was not getting any fire to the plugs and that the problem was electrical. She said her diagnostic test shows it is a hose. She said they already put the new hose on it and it was starting every time. The car was ready to go. Today's total bill was $212.45.

Took the car home and parked it in the garage. Just before this car went back in I had bought another car as a backup car. So when I got the problem car back home I did not need to use right away. Over the next following week the same car had the same problem about 6 times. Only difference was if it did not start at one time then let it sit for about 4 to 8 hours and then it would start. Then finally after 4 straight days of no start at all, had it towed back to PepBoys.

The following day they called and said the car was ready to go. I asked what was done to it this time. They said they did not have to do anything because it was starting all day for them. They did not even re-run a new diagnostic test on it. Went there to pick it up, and guess what? it would not start. Took the key back inside and told them no start again. They said they would push it back in the shop that night and run tests first thing the next morning.

My son decided to mark the parking lot where the tires were to see if they actually move the car for testing. I called them later the next day for a status update. They now said they can not find out what is causing the problem and I need to contact an electrical shop.

When I went to pick it and tow it back home we checked the marks on the parking lot we left the night before and the car had not been moved at all.I guess after ripping me off for the 2 repairs above totaling $431.93 they would just give up on it. My son pushed the car out of the parking space to line up with his car to connect the tow rope, I got in it and this time it started. When we got home we decided to look at that new hose. No surprise, all hoses on the car are the same hoses it always had. No new hose anywhere.

It has been home for 2 days and I have not driven it yet, but tried starting and again it is off and on, starts sometimes and sometime it doesn't. PepBoys did not even try to find out what the problem was, they just decided to charge me for repairs the car did not need and that did not correct the problem in any way. And from the looks of it the second repair was only repair work on paper. I want all of my $431.93 back, and they should pay for testing to be done at the Ford Service Center to find out what the problem is.

This same PepBoys replaced a water pump on this same car last year, and after picking it up and having to take it back twice for getting hot, the service manager said the radiator has a crack in it, and it is loosing water at a fast rate. I filled it up at home and drove it less than 3 miles to PepBoys and it was out of water and running hot. Pretty good sized hole. Funny how it never lost a drop of water from the radiator before they replaced the water Pump. There was another extra $200.

Personally I feel the PepBoys corporate office needs to replace the entire service center personnel and start with all new people. These service people obviously do not have a clue on what they are doing, or worse is they DO know exactly what they are doing. Either way they need to go.


  • Fr
    Frank Serna Aug 23, 2016

    Now I remember why I never go to Pep Boys for anything. Just had a horrible experience with uncaring employees. Never again.

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  • Me
    melke Jun 24, 2011

    I have been to pepboys today and this is the second time that I had one of the worst experience. The whole crew at the service center has to be changed. Their current system has different flaws and problems. They don't even know how to treat customers at all. I personally do not advise anybody to visit pepboys at all. please go some where else.

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  • Mu
    mudd butt Feb 19, 2011

    im in cinti the pep boys on kenwood road are the slowest non work ethic mothers ive ever seen never will i ever buy tires or anything from this place.

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  • An
    Anita G. Nov 22, 2010

    Garland, Texas PEP Boys northwest hightway - On Saturday, November 20, 2010 - I took my car into pep boys for routine maintenance of the coolant flush. Left pep boys after paying them for the service and my car ran hot. anti-freeze was coming from the radiator. I called back to pep boys and they recommended that I have it towed back to pep boys at their expense. the following day, I recieved a call from the manager at pep boys who indciated that I had ran over something and punctured my radiator. I told the manager that my car was fine and I brought it in for just routine maintenance and that I had taken my car to the dealership the day before for an oil change and they had check the car out to be in good shape and recommended the routine maintenance of the coolant flush. The manager was still admant that I punctured the radiator and I would be resposible to paying for a new radiator. Well, less than 10 mins the manager called my back and said that the techician droped a clamp in my radiator which cause the puncture and pep boys would be responsible for installing a new radaitor at no cost. I felt like the manager knew up front that a clamp was had faling into my radiator but he was trying to see if he could get me to pay for the new radiator. Also, the technican knew that he dropped the clamp into my radiator as well. the techncian place a new clamp on the hose/radiator therefore knowing that he dropped and could not find the original clamp and he allowed me to drive off the parking lot with a clamp in my radiator. Bad, bad business!

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  • De
    Dennis Mcsherry Oct 10, 2010

    Pep boys Lake worth Fla.. I brought my 2002 hyundai in because if felt like my breaks were very tight I told the service tech that when i got a break job at Tire Kingdom they told me that I had a leaky right rear wheel cylinder he called me out to the shop and told me there was nothing wrong with my cylinder he said the calipers need grease $129.00 later i drove off the next day the same thing but the wheels started smoking i drove it back they replaced my breaks that were new both calipers brake lines $500.00 for that the next day i drove the same thing I asked again about the wheel cylinder and they again said it was not it it was my Master Cylinder they keep my car for two more days prior to that they keep it for two days because they told me they had to order the parts when that were done they charged me $120.00 and said they did not charge for the part but they had to give me an oil change I told I just had one about 700 miles ago and the sticker said that after arguing with them they charged me $90.00 I drive away again and the same thing happened I took it back and took a cab home they call me at home and tell me IT IS THE RIGHT REAR WHEEL CYLINDER witch I told them when i first came in and they keep it two more days. i took a cab back I picked it up again and drove 4 miles and the same thing brought it back again i took a cab home and they called told me it will be another 3 days to get the part i told I can't miss any more work I need my car. the service manager Danny told me to rent a car and they will pay for it and I asked him could I have it in writing through all this I kept calm and he said SIR ARE YOU CALLING ME A LIER i FEEL NOW THAT THEY ARE SCREWING ME. now i rented a car and they told me they had to file a claim so I can get my monay on the rental car and cabs back. we will see what is going to happen I will file with the state of Fla.

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  • Pe
    PepBoys killed my Subaru! Apr 12, 2010
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    Verified customer

    Reading these complaints does not make me feel good about my Pep Boys nightmare!

    I brought my 2003 Subaru WRX there for an oil change about a week ago. I drove the car a few times at it seemed to be acting a bit odd, but nothing that seemed too pressing. On my way to work three days ago, I heard a rattle and my engine light came on. Within 2 blocks my entire engine SEIZED! I had it towed to the nearest Subaru dealer who gave me an estimate of $960 just to take everything apart. After about twenty minutes, he called me and asked, "Where'd the oil go?" Hmmm...

    He said there is no leak, no burn off, the plug is in. There is simply NO OIL to be found at all! The dipstick was bone dry even. I plan on hiring lawyers and bringing this to the media's attention. Anything to get Pep Boys to acknowledge they are at fault. I owe thousands on the car still and it is now totaled. This is the most frustrating thing ever!!!

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  • De
    dennis layden sr. Oct 06, 2008
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    Verified customer

    I had an exsperience at your union n.j. store today, Oct. 7, 2008 I had purchased a new tire, had it mounted on the car and drove home, one hour later the tire was flat. I had called the store and explained my problem to the fellow, he stated that I would have to bring the car back to the store. I explained that I had heart surgery and that I would not be able to put the spare on. He then stated that I could have it towed, but if it turned out to be a bad rim, I would have to pay for the towing.I explained to him that there was nothing wrong with the rim when I drove the car to the store, to make along story short, it turned out to be the new stem that was installed at time of purchase. Working with tires fore some years in my life I know a few things about mounting tires, balancing, and changing valve stems. because the person who worked on my car didn't follow the correct procedures after mounting the new tire on the rim, and that would be using water around the rim to make sure the tire sealed properly to the rim, next submurge the tire in a tank of water to see if the stem is not leaking. This would have saved me alot of time and aggravation. While I was at the store waiting for my car to get done I observed, what appeared to be a young girl who looked as though she was a supervisor, trying to get these employees to LOOK ALIVE AND SHOW SOMEKIND OF INTEREST IN THERE JOBS. Sorry If I sound a little annoyed[ I was a supervisor at my plant where I worked for more they 35.5 years and I would never stand for this kind of sloppy work ethics. JUST REMEMBER, think of all the stores that are no longer in business and if you don't put the custtomer first YOU WILL BE NEXT !!!

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  • Ca
    cathy rodriguez Sep 17, 2008
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    Verified customer

    I feel for anyone has gone to Pepboys and have had a bad experience. I also took my sons VW Jetta to pPepboys for over heating back in March of this year. They put in a new thermostat and water pump, I paid a total of $661.29 and I have had to return the car again in April, June, and August for over heating. The car has had three different water pumps .On the last return to Pepboys, the manager called me and sain to come pick up the car that for what ever reason they can not fix it . The car still runs hot! The manager said he would refund me in full. Two and a half weeks later I still have not received my refund. I placed a call to the corporate office left a message and have heard nothing!!!

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  • Ti
    Tina Speakman Aug 18, 2008
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    Verified customer

    Pep Boys received my truck when I had it towed. I was there when the truck came in when I got there the employee told me Ms Speakman here are yr pump and filter we cant start it today, but 1 st thing in the morning I asked how much will this be he says $440 I said ok go ahead and start Id be here in the morning to pay and pick it up. When morning came I got a call from the service manager to tell me the employee picked the rong pump so then I asked what the new pump will cost me and he says $638 so, I said let me call yall back on that I was told $440 and dont have what yall want he says well, ... they already put it in I said that I didnt agree on thje 2nd pump and he tells me well its already done! I told him no that I would be calling the corporate office he says fine, ...they've has my car for 6 days and I just poke to the district manager today and he said he would call me right back, ... 4 1/2 hrs later no call. i havent seen my vehicle in a month since the breakin fixture it came from and I want my vehicle for thew price I was told $440 b/c its impossible for an emplyee who had the vehicle there to pick out the wrong part and he's an employee, ...then they put the 2nd pump on w/o my permission??? How ^%&*#$ is that????

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  • Ro
    Ron Wiggins Jul 13, 2008
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    Verified customer

    251 Chinkapin Ave
    Williamstown, NJ 08094
    June 19, 2008
    5241 ROUTE 42


    After I purchased a used car a used car (96 Mercury Cougar) and having driven the car to Autosheen Express for an Oil Change and Lube, I then drove the car to PEP BOYS (#57 Route 42 Turnersville, NJ 08012.
    After driving from Atlantic City to PEP Boys in Turnersville to have the car Tuned-up, and at the service desk, I decided upon the Platinum +3 Tune up PKG, and mentioned that the engine light was on and I didn’t have the funds for the diagnostic service.
    Momentarily, the mechanic (Francesco Messina: as shown in the Invoice-Customer Copy Page1) said to someone at the cashier station that he would do the work.
    About 45 minutes later, I was told by the mechanic that two codes showed up and it would cost me $189.00 extra.
    I mentioned the mechanic that I could not afford the additional cost.
    The mechanic departed very disturbed.
    About 1 ½ hours later, I went to the Customer service counter, and asked Chris Robertus is my car ready.
    After Chris determined where the service documents were located and if my car was serviced, a payment of $ 237.21 was made by me.
    No one informed me that my car was completed.
    While driving, I hear unusual noises form the right side rear of the car that implied that an imbalance in concentricity has caused the tire to sway in its rotation causing a rubbing noise also radiating from the same area.
    As I thought about the imbalance, my family came to mind.
    Before driving back to Atlantic City (my family and I are on Vacation in AC this week, ), I’ll have to drive the car in for a Motor Vehicle Inspection.
    After leaving the inspection station and driving back to AC, I have determined that my car is not safe to drive more than 55 MPH
    So I returned the car to PEPBOYS and complained about the way the car handled.
    “What did Pep boys do to my car: I said.”
    Chris said that they would rotate the tires back to their original location.
    In the rotation process, and after the lug nuts were tighten, the wheel moved by hand.
    It was determined that the rear wheel bearing has to be removed and replaced.
    Prior to bringing the car in for service, there were no noises or ambiguity in the way the car handled.
    Please Help. I only wanted my car to have a Tune Up. Now the bearing has to be replaced.
    I would like to remain a customer and tell others that your EXCELLENT Customer Service at PEPBOYS is above reproach.

    H [protected]
    W [protected]

    Sincerely, a Customer
    Ron O Wiggins
    Enclosures (4) All dated 6 17 08
    Better Business Bureau

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  • Ed
    Ed Jul 02, 2008
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    Verified customer

    I had a brake job done 6 months ago at a Pep Boys in Orlando for my wife 's Mitsubishi under their warranty. Since changing out the brakes we exprienced car over heating a few times when driven a certain distance. The car would stall in traffic and run about 10 miles /hr. The car would stay locked in gear with no possible gear changes to be made. Steaming, smelly gases would flow out of the engine. To me it looked like a transmission problem. Just recently we took the vehicle to another mechanic and discovered that the old brakes and rotor were never removed from the vehicle. The old parts were returned to me. The mechanic also discovered the fluid reservoir was filled with the incorrect fluid, therefore causing the over heating and stalling of the vehicle. I have the old parts to prove it. USE PEP BOYS AT YOUR OWN RISK!

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  • Je
    Jeff Snyder May 31, 2008
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    Verified customer

    I feel your pain...I just went to PepBoys in Indianapolis (96th St) to purchase a new alternator ($128.39) because my truck battery wasn't holding any charge. I installed it myself with the help of a couple of friends about 2 weeks ago. It got through 1 week and it died again, therefore I took it up to my dealership and have them look at it because I had warranty on the vehicle. They said the alternator wasn't holding a charge and the year old battery was weak. My dealership replaced the alternator as well as the battery and it has worked out fine. I went back to PepBoys to return the ten day old alternator, but wouldn't do it since it was installed and it tested great on their junky diagnostic tester they have hidden behind the counter. I am now stuck with a rather expensive piece of equipment (to my standards) and frustrated up to my eyeballs. The money isn't the biggest issue with's the principle. There was a lifetime warranty on the alternator and that manager didn't want to do anything to help out a consumer. From my experience with that manager, it's taught me one thing...How not to run a business.

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  • Valerie Jan 21, 2008

    On Friday 1/18/08, An ATV was purchased cash from PEP BOYS. It was brought in from their warehouse in Pa. The Store personnel finished the assembly and prep. I was shown how to start it etc. It was started by the store personnel and I heard it run. It was loaded onto the transport vehicle for the 20 mile trip to its destination. It was offloaded into a heated shed and no further attention was given to it till 1/20/08.

    On 1/20/08 an attempt to start and ride it was made. It would not start and or run more than 30 seconds. Upon reviewing the owners manual, The ATV was completely scrutinized. It was discovered that an adjustment screw was hanging out of the carbutator.

    Pep Boys was called and they said once it leaves the store its out of their hands.

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