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No professionalism, no regard for applicants.
Rude and ignoring me as applicant.
Left after waiting 35 minutes for my scheduled appointment, with no recognition!!


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      Jan 22, 2010

    Total ripoff cancel your appt right now n call champion or a local general for a real bid!

    There is no way to profit on any home improvement.
    Houses in Tacoma are selling at 30% less than before
    And the gullable design consultant in a cheap suit is telling me in a 4 hour presentation I will profit up to 120% on 35, 000 in windows?

    How? A typical 10, 000 job with argon properly installed double is 25k less, ok is a buyer of my house really going to pay 25k plus 5k profit for the seller?

    Hell no, notice no guarentee on any of these lies

    ok still want to get ripped off?
    Typical installation is 100-200 per opening, if the product is so much better why do they subsitute thier own double windows for triple windows on large sizes? Because there is no difference in the heat loss !

    It's fraud any way you break down the lies

    The 10% commission the cheap suit kid is closing you on is only paid if he sells you at 80 or 90% of contract price, that covers the overmeasure and the district managers commission is also available as the cheapsuit at the office at 11pm is giving another 10% away

    So now we are at 70% of contract price right?

    35, 0000 minus 11, 000 is 24, 000 so if I simply agreed at the beginning I would be overpaying 30%!

    But actually this is still more than double the fair cost of similisr efficientcy

    The real scam here is thermal inspection of current windows there is no training certificate from the salespitch of assumptions, ok 250 inspection without a infared reading, the hot button as he called it he is closing me on is safety last but not least,

    this terribly educated poor soul and the terribly trained managers ate trying to lie to me that all windows with exterior glazing strips can simply be removed and be in my house in 60/90 seconds, that's simply a lie, hello glass can only be removed from the inside, n why the he'll wouldn't they just kick in the door,

    well if u fall for this scam at least get 35-45 off the contract price if you are this gullible, and after they do critical measurement ask for the difference back at $20 ui and they will accept a minimum deposit of $200, so you can verify the overage they are sure to rip u off,

    statewide penguin windows is poor in quality, sales, training, Service, reputation, timely delivery, cheap plastic interior linings, do yourself a favor and only pay 6-15k for your whole house n give a donation to someone who really needs help, nit a pathetic cheapsuit operation like this

    if they are so great why don't the salespeople have these windows?

    Overmeasuring the windows by 2 inches vertically n horizontically is pure fraud

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