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Penguin Windows review: FRAUD---CHEET---WASTE OF MONEY---LIE---LIE---LIE.

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Buyer Beware….yes the lies are flying out of the Penguin Windows sales reps mouth but what most people do is Blame the sales rep. Well let me clue you in folks. I am a former manager of Statewide windows DBA Penguin Windows Yes it’s true the company did change their name due to the increasing number of lawsuits and bad PR. Under the statewide name and that’s about the only thing that is true about penguin. Just please remember all the lies I am going to clue you into started at the top of the company and some even at the factory level.
1st lie
The canvasser or telemarketer or the Kmart/Home show sign up for the free energy inspection.
The company nor the sales rep are trained or have the thermograph equipment to do a real energy inspection of a house.
2nd lie
The appointment will only take 60-90 minutes. There is no way that the sales rep can measure all the windows and his pitch in 90 minutes. And yes the more you say NO the longer they will be wasting your time. In fact I have had reps in a house for over 6 hours. 3-4 hours is the norm for Penguin. 2hrs. is the norm for other companies.
3rd lie
You are told that you have blown seals on most of your windows that are just fine
4th lie
They will sometimes test your windows with a heat lamp however they are trained that if you have a ok argon filled double pane window DO NOT TEST because it will test very close to the penguin window they are about to scam you with.
5th lie
They will show you little samples of glass and put it in front of a 300deg. Lamp then will show you the little sample they say is the penguin window however if you look it says Maxus 10 on it not penguin.
The reason is that Penguin does not make windows they simply order them just like most other window contractors. There is no such thing as a “penguin window “it’s a Great Lakes Uniframe window system that penguin somehow got great lakes to put the penguin logo on the locks. Statewide or penguins marketing strategies earned them the exclusive rights to sell the uniframe window system in this area only. The uniframe window system is sold all over the country by companies like penguin the difference. Is you don’t see all the bad pr about the other companies….maybe they are honest ….hhmmmm just a thought.
6th lie
The sales reps are trained to over measure your windows at least 2 inches each way (horizontal-vertical) and you are told that if you buy the windows there will be another employee called the critical measure guy coming buy in a few days to re measure your windows down to 1/8th” for a custom snug fit however when he does this he fills out what’s called a critical measure sheet the windows are then ordered 1inch under (horizontal-vertical) when they are installed the installers pack the gap with insulation rod.
The over measure does not seem like a big deal but here is the thing.
If your window measures 48x36 on your contract would read 88 united inches for that window at a price of approximately $19.00 per united inch there is a $76.00 difference now multiply that by how many widows you have and there you go….RIPOFF. a very good window of the same quality will cost you around $800.00 installed not cheap but compared to the penguin window at a whopping $1600.00 makes any other window on the market seems like a great deal.
Anyone that has purchased statewide windows or penguin windows to call the corporate office in Mukilteo Washington talk to the owner Dean Laou and demand your critical measure sheet and compare the measurements then demand the difference in cost or because the contract was signed with false measurements it is fraud and is void.
At over 2 times the price do they really need to rip you off on the measurements?

I am not a “disgruntled” worker penguin paid me very well and I enjoyed working for the company I just can’t stand a rip off.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Jul 29, 2012 6:02 pm EDT
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The quality of all the windows are not the same, as one of the windows always seems to be foggy. A couple of the window screens are almost impossible to remove from the frame due to the frame having a serious bow in it.

Jan 01, 2013 4:28 pm EST
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how do i submit a lawsuit against penguin windows?
todd elliott
101 munroe ave
woburn ma [protected]

Nov 20, 2011 11:48 pm EST
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I bought 21 large windows for 21k and didn't have any of the problems mentioned above, I negotiated a decent deal and loved the windows until they started warping, they worked great through the first winter then warped over 1/2 inch during the first summer, Statewide/Penguin warranted over sixty windows for me trying to make the Great Lakes windows work, we've tried everything, different colors, flanges, awnings, they just don't hold up in the sun no matter how you install them, Great Lakes is probably responsible for putting them out of business. I had the Great Lakes rep out twice and he did not have a clue, kept dropping the burden back onto Statewide.
Besides the warping, the windows are amazing, to bad they couldn't get it right.

Jun 24, 2011 7:24 pm EDT
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I agree with what people are saying about PENGUIN WINDOWS and their salesman I was hornswaggled into the windows about their life time waffanty against defects they will be replaced for free. Well low and behold they declaired bankrupcy in Feb of 2011 and if you need a replacement of a defective window Ply-Gem inOhio they are the manufactors of the window's .The company will replace the window and ship it to a window supply place in Vancouver Washington. But they won't ship it to you direct you have to drive down there and pick up the new window, plus install it yourself or they will give you a name of a window glass company that will charge you to deliliver it and install the window for you for a small fee.So after about 30, 000 dollars of new windows installed in 2008 one of them sprang a leek on the inside .I called Penguin windows here in Mukilteo approx.4 months ago only too find out they are no lomger in business you have to call Ply-Gem and they will make you a new window . Well I called Ply-Gem and they made the window, but we don't install them or deliver them to your address. I told them I live in Everett Wa. the gal said we''ll send it to Vancouver Wa. and you can drive there and pick it up, or we'll ship it to Puyallup and the glass co. there who handles all the Penguin repairs will deliver it and install it for 50.00 delivery plus 35.00 dollars an hour to install it. I don't know what can be done and neither does the lady who represents penguin Windows.So if you know of any one in the greater Seattle area or Everett, MtVernon, Bellingham. Who had Penguin windows installed in the past few years I feel sorry for them because that was a lot of money for us to put out, since I'm retired now and living on S.S. There is no way to get back what they bought if the windows are to be replaced.It will cost you a lot of pain and money .SO BUYERS BEWARE OF THE LIFE TIME GUARANTEE ON ANY COMPANY THAT SAYS LIFE TIME GUARANTEE ...Al lthey have to do is file chapter 11 and their safe and we are S.O.L.


I was a top seller at Penguin Windows...A member of the, "Presidents Club" The windows are awesome there's no doubt...BUT! The price you pay for them will NEVER be offset by the amount you save on your energy bill..Think about it people..If you payed just 20k for you Penguin windows which would be a small ranch could of bought double pane Milgaurds or Anderson's or Pella's any number of brands for atleast 1/2 that amount...So 10 thousand dollars offset what ..lets say you save 50% on your electric bill and it should be about 199 amonth for a small ranch..SO..50 bucks a month..600 a year so over 15years just to get back to even with the double pane windows..And beleave me..You wont see a 50% drop in your bill...there good...but not that good...You better be in your home for the long haul...

Mar 18, 2011 3:24 am EDT

Seriously, for the price they charge I would go with a good wood window like Pella or Anderson for less money. You'd have to be off your rocker to pay that for vinyl windows. Sure they have all the bells and whistles, but they'd never pay for them selves. If they say that they are lying through their teeth. They act like they are the only ones that stand behind their product. Most windows have a lifetime guarantee. When the sales guy came out to quote me a garden window ($4500 yeah right!) He also said they could put a corrian bottom for just $700 more. I literally laughed out loud. I said, "you're going to sell me a $20.00 piece of corrian for $700" He just said, "well we aren't cheap, but it looks like we cater to a different league of client" I couldn't get the jerk out of my house fast enough.

Jan 20, 2011 6:01 am EST

Krypton- Where do you get those numbers? - Just curious

Jan 12, 2011 6:20 pm EST

I've read the negative and the positive comments on the different boards, and you can't state a product is bad on just the sales team. No, I don't work for them, nor do I have family that works for them. We purchased and had the windows installed without a heavy sales pitch. The home we live in was built in the 60's, which had a combination of vinyl Milgaurd windows and 1980s aluminum double pane windows. The ones that weren't installed correctly, were the vinyl’s which leaked and could have caused serious damage or injury because of the quality of work. Why did we choose them, the penguin door to door team came out in 2009 in our neighborhood and again in 2010, when we agreed last fall to have them come out we had two of the best sales people who could have sold us windows for are detached garage but didn't. We went with them based on their honesty and integrity. The windows are awesome, the quality of there fully certified AMA installers showed professionalism through out the install, their carpenter was the best. So I give them kudos for the workmanship, ethics and quality of the product as I don't have drafts from around the window frame, water leaking from the top of the windows because of being incorrectly installed. So time will tell on my savings over the next few years (oh yeah and I get the tax rebate)

Oct 07, 2010 12:32 pm EDT

Penguin windows schedule for they're sales managers looks like this:
7am-10am get reemed
11am-1030pm swindle unsuspecting homeowners.
Wash rinse repeat 6 days a week.
Your wife and kids will despise you for never being home, but don't worry if your lucky you'll make 65k. You literally work 80 hour weeks. You spend a ton of your money working. All your coworkers are alcoholic. Most are obese. You get one night per week that you get to be home by 7pm and one saturday off per month. You will be forced to look at people like lab rats.

Not only will you enjoy the above benefits, you will also get to be a lab rat yourself. Your pay plan will be changed without notice. As will our schedule.

Do not work for this company, do not buy from this company, do not support this company.

Oct 07, 2010 12:44 am EDT

I worked for penguin windows for only a week. I interviewed for a door to door job but was told I was better suited for being the person that walks around kmart and pitches. The main thing I didn't like about working for them was that they wanted you to memorize the script EXACTLY. It wasn't hard to do but you weren't allowed to adjust it depending on who you where talking to but I sell better if I can adjust to the customer. They also would spy on you every now and then to make sure you where saying the script like they wanted. Working itself was easy, you clock in and out over the phone, but it can get boring walking around a slow store for 5 hours a day. Also they had sales goals that they wanted you to reach that sucked! I was able to reach mine 1/2 the time and was well on my way to getting a bonus but I just didn't like the job... it was actually very stressful!

Sep 01, 2010 7:39 pm EDT

I worked for Penguin Windows as a sales rep. (I sold quite a bit actually, and I QUIT...was not fired.) What an embarrassing job! We were yelled at by the "manager on duty" when we didn't pressure folks into buying windows. As terrible as I feel about it, I sold 22K worth of windows (in penguin pricing, probley 8k worth anywhere else) to an old lady who was on a fixed income.

When the sales rep comes into your home they start with the script they call "the agenda". Every employee is required to memorize it word-for-word when in the first week of training. You'll notice it when they start with "So, did the person who set up the appointment over the phone explain what we'll be covering during your visit today? " (you say no, not really)..."well, here in about 2 minutes Ill have you quickly walk the house with me to do an energy inspection on your windows.."

Aug 31, 2010 11:31 am EDT
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Not sure how to respond to that. Great Lakes has been owned by Plygem since about 1986 and has never made that a secret. The last few years have seen Plygem start to become more prominent simply because the company was wasting a lot of money in management redundancy and initiated a program to consolidate brands which would allow for better recognition in each of the channels distributed. Great Lakes remains one of the brands under the umbrella that has retained it's mark and focuses strictly on premier home improvement contractors throughout the United States. Nothing has changed.


Aug 25, 2010 3:04 pm EDT
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When Steve Landry says he is the West Coast Representative for Great Lakes, how does he reconcile that Great Lakes is now Plygem?

Aug 23, 2010 2:14 pm EDT

Got windows last year, and love them!

I was actually doing a search to "like" them on facebook, when I came across this site.

You see I have a window in my tub/shower unit. My cat had recently decided to hang out in that window, which was open during the summer. Somehow, the little guy ended up opening the locking mechanism, while the window was open, making it impossible to close.

I knew I was told how to pull the window out, but I couldn't remember how. We called the company and within an HOUR there was a serviceman at our door, and he fixed it in 5 seconds. I was amazed!

The installation was amazing as well when they were put in, most tidy and quick, and nice workers I have had the pleasure of having work on my house.

I really don't understand all the hate, I have had nothing but positive experiences with them.

Aug 20, 2010 1:34 am EDT
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sounds like a disgruntled employee...did you get fired because you can't sell THE NUMBER ONE product in the north west you're not in sales anymore huh...penguin windows are awesome I HAVE THEM they've cut my heating costs by 70% which is 30% more then they say they would

Jul 16, 2010 1:13 pm EDT

Sales pitch from the guy above me. Hey Steve, would you pay 30k+ for windows in your house? Your full of [censor] bud and your motivations are obvious. If penguin is the angel company you claim it is, then why would the attorney general have to get involved? Why is there numerous blogs full of negativity about this company? And last but not least if penguin is such a great company then why did a company of 500 people have to send out more than 4200 w-2's last year?

Jul 13, 2010 1:51 pm EDT
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Well, I've been sitting on the sidelines for awhile now and feel it's time to throw out my opinion. I am the West Coast representative of Great Lakes Window who is the company that manufactures the window for Penguin and have for about 10 years. Quite honestly, I don't understand all the negative reviews. In the time I've been associated with Penguin all I've seen is a commitment to customer service never before witnessed. In fact, before Penguin started selling our product, they were selling a window from a manufacturer in Eastern Washington. Unfortunately, that company went out of business a few years back. Today, if a Penguin customer calls with a warranty of that product, Penguin buys a new window from us and installs it in the customers house at no charge (self warranty beyond the manufacturer). Many dealers would (understandably) direct the homeowner to whatever organization holds the warranty and let them fend for themselves. It seems when a customer signs up with Penguin, they are taken care of for life, not bad I'd say. In fact, they have helped make us a better manufacturer due to their high expectations . Regarding the sales tactics, I have been fortunate to sit in and witness their training classes. They are tough and the sales staff is required to know a lot. I've seen them instructed to not mislead, apply undue pressure or fabricate information.
Pricing, are they expensive? Probably but that's what happens when the window you buy is the most expensive made, and worth every penny. Couple that with an install team that is directed to take their time to insure the product performs as well 30+ years from now as the day it was installed and add a warranty that covers everything for as long as the customer resides in their home. Finally, we have made every effort possible to create a product that will save energy, last a long time, add beauty to the home and increase security. Why would we risk the best product made in America on a company that wasn't World Class? Steve [protected]

Jul 05, 2010 6:30 pm EDT

Vaughn McCourt cheats on his wife with the marketing manager Leslie. I would do the same if I were Vaughn because his wife is an ugly drunk.

Jul 01, 2010 6:05 pm EDT
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Thanks for the input regarding Penguin Windows.

Soon, we’ll be handling all online feedback with personalized responses; for now, we’re using this message to get the word out about upcoming changes to our customer service.

Penguin Windows is in the process of totally revamping the way we interact with our customers, especially online. We’ve always been dedicated to providing the ultimate replacement window experience, and have thousands of thrilled Penguin Windows customers to prove it. This new program simply insures that as we grow, we can continue to offer excellent service to match our excellent windows.

Keep a look out for our new, more personal online presence - we’re looking forward to working with you to make Penguin Windows even better.

If you have any questions, check out our website at, call me at [protected] or email [email protected]

Thanks again,

Vaughn M
Director of Operations
Penguin Windows

Mar 06, 2010 5:31 pm EST

My wife recently had two penguin windows sales reps knock on our door. She told them she was not interested. That same night someone threw a rock through our living room window.

It could have been just kids but we havent had any trouble until this. I just wanted to post this in case anyone else has had the same experience and didnt want to draw any conclusions.

Mar 05, 2010 1:36 am EST

I am a recent employee of penguin windows and i was a canvasser. Just to let everyone know Penguin windows was just investigated by the attorney general of washington for fraud. business malpractice and lies to homeowners. end result was the attorney general made penguin sign a contract stating they would "clean up there act". well half of the vancouver office is now pissed and wanting to quit because they have to be honest. this isnt an honest company and there windows are over priced. if you are a good company the attorney general wouldnt have to step in. if you dont belive me on the attorney general part look it up.

Mar 02, 2010 5:24 am EST

To all current Penguin Windows Employees!

If your a new salesman, your division manager will give you the last picked lead which will most likely not sell.

If you are a canvasser, ever wonder why every single day the canvass department is missing at lease 4 to 5 really potential leads at the end of your shift? That's because it cost tons of money to produce great leads and the P.O.D. will sell them every day for personal gains. Salesman will get a bigger commission cut if they get a self generated lead so they may have a hand in those never ending disappearing leads.

Bottom line is, this company is a splitting image of Kirby Vaccuum selling over priced parts using a high pressure pitch. Before you make any decision, please visit and check out some videos posted on that site.

It's nice to have a company like soliciting solutions that will keep solicitors away from your home.

Feb 25, 2010 3:54 am EST

This is all interesting... But do you really want to take advice from someone that calls themselves "no_fat_[censored]es"?
Good Luck!

Feb 05, 2010 11:03 am EST

I think this bunch of unethical bozos should have a class action suit filed against them by all of these disgruntled homeowners who lost countless hours listening to their deceptive B.S.! Time to throw this company "out the window"!

Feb 01, 2010 4:24 pm EST

I was a Canvasser for this company, the sales tactics are garbage, that of a used car sales men... "60-90 min energy evaluation" what a bunch of bs, sales rep has to be there a MIN of 3 hours and use the customer's phone twice, its for home owners only, thats so they can "make a deal" with you on payment arrangements... what happens if you fail to pay? you lose you're house. I remember this one time, I came across a woman whom was dressed well had a nice car exc.. who had 10 windows one slider, on a two story house was estimated at 35K to replace everything.. after she refused to sign up I went to the neighbor (who has the same style of house) yard was a little trashed and the gentelmen who answered looked as though he had a "hard" past if you know what I mean... anyway I found that he had recieved a preveouse estimate of 12K for 10 windows and 1 slider... so IF you are to purchase windows from this company ... look like an ex-tweaker, oh by the way... columbia blv downtown vancvouer shop... most all the employees there are affiliated with drugs and drug dealers.. just as an FYI

Jan 20, 2010 9:32 pm EST

I had one of these Penguin Windows guys come to my door last fall and start pitching me. I don't buy anything from anybody coming to my front door unless it comes in a box that says "Campfire" or "Girl Scout" on it, so I politely told him "I'm not interested." He said, "Not interested in what?". I replied, "Not interested in whatever you're selling." He came back with, "I'm not selling anything, I'm offering a free inspection of your windows." I told him that there ain't no such thing as a free lunch and that I wasn't interested in his 'free inspection'. He pushed back a little more and I basically had to shut the door in his face.
Just this evening I had a pair of Penguin reps appear at my front door and the first one started pitching me. I interrupted him and told him I wasn't interested. He said, "Not interested in what?". I replied, "Not interested in whatever you're offering." That shut him up right away and the look on the other guy's face (introduced as his 'supervisor') was absolutely priceless. The lesson learned here is, don't tell them you are not interested in what they are selling, because they are never selling, no sir, but they are offering something.

Jan 14, 2010 1:23 am EST

There is not a sales rep by the name of Donald that covers the stanwood area. Nice try! No one pissed on your property

Dec 14, 2009 11:20 pm EST

the fact alone that they called my wife something close to 20 times before she agreed to allow them to set up an appointment for a free estimate was telling enough. as a general contractor and someone that has been building homes for most of his life, the fact that the sales rep told me (my wife was conveniently napping when the rep came to our house) that marvin windows were garbage should have told me to throw the man out of my house. an obvious scammer and hard selling sales rep, minus the intelligence and experience to be effective. the truth is, i felt sort of bad for the guy. slightly overweight, driving a funky old car, hustling on a saturday, preaching to someone who knows better. these are hard times. i sometimes am working 7 days a week for weeks on end myself lately. part of me could relate to his perseverance. but that comment about marvin windows being garbage, and how he had personally removed countless of them in order to be replaced with his superior product left me feeling kind of mean. i let him work. i also let him run out to the car for his gear to perform his scientific display - heat lamp and meter. what a fabulous little gimmick. after watching him put his hand in front of the lamp and various panes of glass, including the low-e that i am in the process of swapping my hundred year old windows out for and a penguin window, i asked if we could test it on the actual window i replaced. he got all evasive and told me some thing about it not being an accurate reading due to the size and the ambient temperatures and this and that, yaditty yaddity. he held the lamp against the double paned low-e from the inside and i went outside with his little yellow meter and sure enough it read almost the same as his penguin windows. i even held my hand on the glass for a few to pre-heat the window. hilarious. he quoted me $18, 665 to replace all of the windows. i told him that i could practically build a mother-in-law unit for that price. he agreed. i explained that the window i had purchased cost me $130 brand new (jeld-wen vinyl) and that the cost of installation far surpassed the cost of the product only because there had been dry-rot in a one hundred year old wall, but if there hadn't been and all of the remaining windows were easy-peasy pop in replacements, i could swap out all of the windows for less than two thousand dollars. granted, i am not buying grade A windows. moreover, i am doing the work myself. but i charge clients close to $60 dollars an hour for my time and i can still put in a good window(marvins?) for less than the $1500 dollars he said mine would cost. it really didn't add up. why not sell your product through the lumber yard/distributors? why charge double for something that may or may not last longer than the rest? what do you want for nothing, a rubber biscuit? the whole thing smelled to high heaven of a scam of some sort or another. my wife wanted the 25 dollar gift card to winks hardware, so i guess it was my job to get stuck listening to the ###. ahh, the dutiful husband.

Dec 10, 2009 1:24 pm EST

Go to Northwest Window Company. They are more accurate, the guy Terry can come off abrasive sometimes, but the installers are great, and they know what they are doing. My fiance works there, and it's awesome, I don't get any complaints (well, maybe sometimes because of Terry), but all in all, it's a great company.

Dec 07, 2009 2:40 pm EST

The window cost for the Penguin (uniframe window) is about $250.00 per window (double low e krypton r-10 window) and it cost about $85.00 to install.

The total cost for labor and material is about $315.00.

Therefore the profit made on a window sold for $1600.00 would be $1285.00.

They must have some presentation!

Nov 30, 2009 9:04 am EST

On 11/28/09 a Penguin Rep named Donald came to my home in Stanwood to pitch me.I told him no thanks and closed the door.My 16 yr old son looked out the window right after I closed the door to see who was there.He watched this guy walk to the right side of my house.My son went out to see whathe was doing.Turns out he was pissing on my house.I followed my son to see what he was doing and heard him say "what the Hell are you doing"?
I ran over just in time to see this guy zipping up his pants.
Told my son to call the cops.I started yelling and he tryed to get away, I kept him on my property at the same time my daughter drove up.She too called 911, as well as my husband.
He was taken from my property by 2 Stanwood police and one Snohomish county sheriff.

Nov 17, 2009 11:48 am EST

Ok, i need to agree and disagree with mr. contractor, i am also a contractor, with not as much experience, but have had a stint with penguin.

The product is amazing. Great windows and if you can keep saying no until the final price drop, the prices really are not thaat bad, theyre expensive, but do it once and do it right. After all there are NO add ons for any rotten wood, all disposal is free, and they will change/cap your exterior trim.

The extra 2 inches- im surprised mr. contractor didn't pick up on this. On MANY MANY older windows, especially out here in boston with the old wood windows with a buck frame, the measurement on the inside is ALWAYS smaller than the outside - this is because of the stops, the actual frame of the old window, which you can't even see with the stops and casing, and maybe some space for a weight pocket. When I worked for penguin, I did not add 2 inches, I added what i knew had to be added depending on the window in there. If i knew the pocketinside the casing was bigger, I would add an inch maybe two. never have I added 2 to the height and 2 to the width. just 2 in general, which is an extra $20/window X 10 windows - 200 bucks, x 20 windows = 400 bucks.. who cares? when youre spending 6-40k 400 bucks does not matter...Plus if the sales reps under measure, that comes out of their pockets.

The seals the reps were referring to were not the caulking seals... they really meant the glazing strips on the exterior of your window which holds your glass pack into the sash. the broken seal often concludes with moisture, condensation, or rot.

And the high pressure sales. I myself, was never high pressure, but seriously, youre getting the best price tonight, if these are the windows for you and you NEED windows NOW, why the hell not take the lowest price?

hope it maybe helped out and gave these guys some credibility - don't get me wrong they have some absolute screw balls working for them, wish they were a little more selective.

Nov 13, 2009 2:59 pm EST

Very interesting!

I like to look at things from an objective Point of view>

What the author is saying, Is very true. Also what some Penguin employees say is very true.

I worked as a general contractor, licensed/bonded/insured, and was a master carpenter. I was trained by my dad from the age of 15 until he died at my age of 35. He was a master carpenter... I am proud to say, the best I have ever seen.

So, here's my perspective on Penguin Windows.
The windows they sell are excellent quality doubt about it. They sell themselves. But, Penguin may or may not be turning this into a fiasco. You make the decision.

Polyvinyl Chloride PVC will not chalk, as plain vinyl will. A while back in the good old days vinyl siding was seen as the wave of the future. However, it started to chalk up and loose its resiliancy by becoming brittle after being weathered. UV and some other weathering did this. I don't know the chemistry of this. Remember, I don't claim to be a chemist, just a contractor.

PVC has been around a while and has proven itself as reliable. You will never have to paint it, and most likely will never have to replace it. PVC is a great insulator. So, this is a good choice for windows. Inside the PVC frame, you are looking at plastic foam insullation. structurally, it reinforces the walls a little, and adds extra insulation. (bottom line is you are looking at an EXCELLENT WINDOW FRAME).

To hold the frame in place, you have a kevlar "beam" if you will. All windows are framed around using 2x6 or 2x4 depending upon your studs. A window is an insert that sets within the framed in area. This kevlar beam they us in addition to the framing is great material and appears to allow the installer to put in the kevlar beam and snap in the frame. That's would be a fairly good install if the installer has good measurements and fits the window within the frame accordingly.

The Glass is superior to any I have seen. It is very strong. I was amazed that you could jump up and down on it in heals. I am very impressed. Glass, by nature is a pretty good insulator. The Krypton gass is also a good insulator. Furthermore, this has coating that provides good UV insulation. All combined, VERY STRONG and Extreme quality glass.

MY TAKE ON THE WINDOW: ALL AROUND A GREAT PRODUCT! I don't think many will disagree on that.

--So, is Penquin taking a great product and hosing that up with bad ethical practices?

The canvasser that came to my door, at first, claimed these were Penquin Windows. That is a lie. I asked where the manufacturing plant was. At that time, the same canvasser said they have exclusive rights to these windows and they are manufactured by Great Lakes. I don't know about exclusive rights, but I do know they are made by Great Lakes.

Great Lakes may be a bit upset if their EXCELLENT product was not accredited to them. I am not a lawyer, but I think this violates patent rights and copyrights even with exclusive rights to the product. WATCH OUT Penquin Windows. With that one statement, you broke my trust. Why claim these are your windows, when they are not? That makes NO sense to me.

Bottom Line:
-Claiming these are Penguin Windows is a lie.
-Claiming Penquin has exclusive rights, may also be a lie. But who cares, you broke my trust!

The author of this article also stated that the canvasser will half heartedly measure the windows and will also measure them with 2 or more extra inches. The author also claimed the canvassers were told to do this. The author also claimed this will add cost to the windows:

Good Call author. Well, maybe:

The Canvasser that came to my door was told to measure the windows 2" more that the window itself. She admitted to my face the extra 2" around. So, let's evaluate that. Remember, this comes from a contractor, not at all affiliated with Penguin or any other Window based company.

Remember I said that the Windows are inserts. If you take out the entire window, with the aluminum frame, vinyl frame, or wood frame, you are going to have a couple extra inches in between the window frame and the frame of the house. I am not sure this is illegal practice or unethical. The frames themselves are taking up a little space in there as well. As someone who quotes his own clients, I quote for the glass and the frame separately. So, the customer knows exactly what I am putting in. These windows are made for a quick and efficient install with the frame as a part of the window.

However, taking inaccurate measurements up front and quoting on them is something I don't like to see much of. This could increase costs to the customer. These measurements should be spot on EVERY TIME.

For not conveying the extra two inches to the customer, I give Penguin a D+ on that:
In my opinion, if you have a good product, sell it right. As the author of this article stated, the more you say no, the longer they stay. This is where Penquin goes astray.

Penquin is selling an EXCELLENT product. But, if you don't go with them immediately, you don't get the discounts. I hate that.

The best sales pitch I have EVER seen was someone who showed their product and said, "WELL TAKE A FEW DAYS TO THINK ABOUT IT AND GET BACK IN TOUCH WITH US." To me, that's a bold statement in saying, you can't find better.

I HATE high pressure sales. For that reason, I give Penquin a F-: You have a good product, don't ruin it with high pressure sales.


I have no idea what their installers are like. Looking at the product, I think a monkey could install these correctly. But, these installers should be all licensed bonded and insured, by law. So, I believe you will get good enough quality at installation.

Let's break down a couple OTHER "LIES":
HEAT LAMP- I am not a physicist. Nor do I really care to be. The PVC, foam insulation, Krypton gas, and coated and tempered glass are all great insulators. Once again the product is of VERY HIGH QUALITY. The glass is Very strong for security.. These windows sell themselves. This does look like a great BTU insulator. I can understand this side of the sales pitch. People want to conserve energy and keep their house from wasting money. Are you sure your methods of using this heat lamp are correct, Penquin Windows? I give you an A for effort and a B for the marketing in this way. I would sure like to know the validity of this test, whether it is a proper test or marketing ploy.
The author of this article stated:
You are told that you have blown seals on most of your windows that are just fine.

Author, once again, you are correct.

I was told I had blown seals, just as you stated. This is a lie. Like I stated earlier, Windows are inserts and inserted into the frame of the house. So, what seals are they talking about. The caulking is used to dress up saw marks in the window sill, where the window sill doesn't meet the window frame perfectly. That's the sign of a poor carpenter or framer, not a poor windows installer. So, you put a bead of caulk there. Then you caulk the outside, where the window meets the outside particle board, (or plywood), that is the skin of the house. THERE IS NO WAY THAT A CANVASSER CAN SEE THIS SEAL WITHOUT REMOVING THE WINDOW AND FRAME. That's the seal. All caulking on the inside is for will be to hide cracks or gaps from poor craftsmanship, not to seal the window. It does provide VERY LITTLE insulation value.

I give Penguin an F on this marketing ploy.

Bottom line:

Product: A+ (Top grade product)

Price: I have not compared. So, we will call it an X for (Unknown).

High Pressure sales: F- (I do not get the discounts unless I go with them right away, and they wouldn't take no for an answer.)

Gimmicks: A for effort, B for reality: (I saw them put the products to a test. Jumping up and down on it in high heals is something you don't do with normal glass. I watched the heat lamp and it is a quality insulating product that will save you on energy bills. Realistically, I don't know the science of some of these tests and I don't think the canvassers know either. So, I call them gimmicks. The B for reality means I didn't need to be a chemist or physicist to realize that's a good point.)

Installers: Don't know anything about the installers. I do know a good product can seriously be hosed up with bad installation practices. So, we will say, X. But, they are manufactured for an easy install. It doesn't take a genius to put them in correctly.

Claim to fame:

Why claim someone elses work. You have a good thing, so why spoil it with bad ethical practices. (F- on this, you broke my trust almost immediately). Watch out for copyright and patent infringements.

Oct 20, 2009 2:47 pm EDT
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You live in SALEM ?
Get a life !
You're the only one that has had a positive experience !...THE ONLY ONE !
WE, the public, do NOT believe you!
You are probably the owner, or some kind of relative of the owner...!

Oct 19, 2009 12:53 pm EDT

We live is Salem, and we don't work and have never worked for Penguin windows, and we are not former pastors. We listened to the pitch and discovered that it is almost identical to a time-share presentation. For obvious reasons, we asked for some time before we made such a large financial decision. The salesmen were very professional, but we did cut the presentation short after it hit the two hour mark. During the think-about-it time, we reviewed the opinions in forums such as this one and made a few phone calls. One call was to a former Penguin employee, a friend of a friend. He told us that the windows are superior, and he would purchase them for his home, if he could afford them. A contractor gave us a two-pane bid for almost seven thousand dollars less, which was something to think about. Those things being done, we had to face the following questions: Do we need to spend that much money for three-pane windows in a two-pane window climate; Do we have a home that deserves the "Mercedes" of windows; Can we recoup the investment when we sell the house; and Will the windows help sell the house? The answers to these questions depend on the individual. We signed the contract. We didn't make the decision because of the sales pitch. If someone gets too pushy with you in your own home--come on folks--tell them to leave. We were looking for high-quality windows with a first-rate warranty, and we think we got them. I will let you know. I will post again after the installation has been completed, and again one year later.

Oct 14, 2009 8:18 pm EDT

Next time you see Penguin Windows at your front door, ask them for their peddlers license! They don't have it because you need to do a background check and pay for every individual canvassers license. You need to have a clean record but most of them have multiple felonies so they don't give their canvassers peddlers license even though it's againce the law. Call the police ASAP so they can get kicked out of your neighborhood.

Oct 07, 2009 6:19 pm EDT

Below is what they should put on craigslist because it's the truth.

Penguin Windows is HIRING! - Looking for agressive people who can sell windows and set appointments. We don't care if you smoke weed, snort cocain, do heroin, or drink on the job as long as you don't get caught. We don't care if you don't sell because we don't need to pay you for it. Fact is, we just charge you $375 for your equipment when you get hired. So we are all around covered!

We hire as much people as we fire which is about 10 salesman every two weeks, 12 cavassers every single week. We don't care who you are, we may fire you for fun =) We can always get away with it because we have you sign all these contracts before you get hired that covers are butt. Unless a undercover agency comes in one day and write a full report about the company and file a national complaint which may cause us to change our name again. Origianally was Statewide INC now Penguin Windows.

Please call us if you want to get hired on the spot, once again...Don't worry, we don't do background checks. We only verbally ask you have you been convicted of a felony in the last 7 years and so far, everybody lies and said no. Funny is we have people that has criminal records working for us right now! But shhhh, don't tell nobody!

Oct 07, 2009 11:17 am EDT

WOW! WOW! WOW! Your kidding right? As a sales rep and qualified energy consultant I first want to say that I have never, never, never over measured a window! I am always within 1/2"! I am willing to show and most times do show my take off sheet! Why? I want the owner to know what he or she is being charged for. No surprises. As a 25 year licensed contractor and a certified building inspector, my measurements are within 1/4". As for product V cost, why is the PENGUIN WINDOW the only window that is certified and warranted within 5 miles of the coastline? It is certified to 170 mph winds. Any body want to match it? Didnt think so!
I personnally have Milguard windows at the present time and hate them! I cant sit in my favorite chair until 7 pm because of the heat that amplified through the windows! I am in the process of changing out ALL of the windows in my house. I'm tired of the furnace staying on when its cold outside and the AC almost never turning off in the summer months!
Guaranteed 40% energy savings in writing, 100% front to back warrantee for LIFE!
ANYBODY else touch that?

Sep 22, 2009 12:16 pm EDT

Wow, lots of Penguin employees posting here eh?

I noticed one uses the handle "Hinessight" A google search for penguin windows and you'll find that hinessight is a blog where they had a penguin rep out and cancelled the order. It's a good read.

Also, "Hardhitter", do you really expect anyone to believe that a customer who just listened to a three hour pitch from a salesman could rattle off all those figures about the windows? I mean really. . .

Penguin overmeasures. I had a buddy of mine who worked for them and left because his conscience got the best of him for it. It's hard to catch them though. He let me in on their little tactic over some beers and soul-searching.

They're trained to write down the exact measurements of the windows on the first sheet and contract, but not on their own worksheet that they won't show you (go ahead ask for it!). Why? Because you might see what they're writing on first sheet, and throw them out, and they don't want over measuring on the contract. So, while you're flipping through a book or amusing yourself with the kids, the rep is totaling up your actual UI, multiplying your windows by 4 and adding those inches in to the UI, and putting THAT number on the line to be multiplied by 19 bucks.

And just like that, you're left with a number and no paper trail of being overcharged.

slick, eh? I wouldn't buy a kazoo from these guys. . .

Aug 26, 2009 11:15 am EDT

Just wanted to say thank you for posting this information - you just saved me a huge hassle.

I signed up a couple weeks ago, while in Kmart as we need to look at replacing our windows and thought this was a good opportunity and of course winning $ was insisting.

I received 2 calls from Penguin windows but strangely they did not leave a message (was on the caller id)

I was home finally yesterday when they called and the rep was extremely pushy, rude and was not even listening to what I was asking/saying regarding a good day to come by. I asked them why they did not leave a message and they said it was their policy. I told him that made me kinda nervous (as there are alot of scammers out there) and he said they are a legit company located in mass and that I could talk to his supervisor after I made the appointment. I told him Wednesdays were a good day but not tomorrow (today) he then preceded to ask me what time on Thursday... good grief man.. did you listen to me about only Wednesdays are good? He said well that it too far out to do next week and basically hung up on me.

That is when I decided to do some research...
So thanks again for posting this.