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7:51 am EDT
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I was almost one of their victims and have just heard of 3 more people with the same story! It's time to save another unsuspecting soul from losing precious dollars to this company.

Remember this! We DON'T live in Antarctica. We DON'T need triple pained windows!

At a Home Show I entered their fancy booth and fell for their 'chance to win' scam. Their prompt call to come out for a free estimate, became a 3+ hour high pressure nightmare, similar to a car sales experience. $38, 000 for the entire home, (my jaw dropped) down to 21, 000 for the front facing windows if I signed NOW and agreed to place their sign on my lawn. To get rid of them I signed specifically knowing I had 72 hours to resind.

EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: My daily calls to cancel were ignored with every excuse until my last angry call informed them that my post marked, express, signature required, formal cancellation letter was in the mail.

My additional estimates for 11 windows in my house were cut by 2/3's, which included a lovely garden window, and additional construction to add a window to a very dark area in my house.

I bought from a small, Portland based company and the final price was $6926.36!

Google the companies and look for personal blogs, check out Angies List, Hinesight, Shop prices, don't sign on the spot, and you will be shocked at amount you will save!


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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May 10, 2011 12:41 am EDT
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We had Penguin Windows installed in our home a year and a half ago. Friday before Mother's Day, I discovered a separation 2 and a half feet long and one eights inches wide between the window and the sill of the front 90" long window. There is a strong smell of mildew which leads me to believe we have water damage and that it's been happening awhile. When my husband attempted to call them today (Monday), he got only an answering machine more than once. I've since discovered the same damage in another window. In reading other complaints I am sick at heart to think this may be an issue that will cost us a great deal to repair. The salesman claimed at the time there was no "small print" and that their windows - and the installation - were guaranteed for life. After careful reading, I discovered the installation is guaranteed for 30 days only. We have already failed to receive compensation for NOT saving AT LEAST 40% because we did not read the fine print that states the claim must be sent within 30 days of the year ending the date of installation. We barely saved 15% and did not send in the documentation on time. After spending over $20, 000 on these windows I can't even sleep at night thinking of the damage to my house that has already occured. It does not appear from the "Guarantee" that Penguin will do anything. Failing to answer their customer service phone isn't a good indicator. It is early days and I'm hoping and praying I'm wrong. My advice to ANYONE would be to NOT sign a thing until you talk it over with a legal representative!

Mar 12, 2011 4:23 pm EST

We first found Statewide / Now PENGUIN windows at a home show back in early 2005 for an older home ( over 100 years ! ) When we had the first set of 5 windows done everything was exceptional ; The attention to detail before we even signed a thing, the quality of the measurement and installation process and finallly the financing. When we were ready to purchase another set of 5 windows we saw a difference in the measurement process which took extra time in getting the windows done (but again it's an older home so nothing is "square" in this house ), still a good finished job. We noticed the name change in the company and so when we thought we might be ready to order a third time, the online reviews have made us extremely weary. After the latest ice / snow storm has taken a chunk out of the outside framework on one of the first windows done a lot of our opinion will ride on whether they will honor the " STATEWIDE " contract or if we will have to contact a lawyer to see any replacement work done.

This is an employee whom knows all about the window they are selling. Don't be taken! You can buy a very well known window for a third or less than what Penguins is selling.

Oct 06, 2010 5:57 pm EDT

worked for penguin for many years as installer. I saw more corruption here than anywhere else in my life. The bottom line at penguin is money. Of course, they're not the only ones, but its pretty bad. Management cares nothing for worker morale, safety, benifits or problems. I have seen so many laws broken at penguin its sad. And whats really crazy is that they don't seem to care that they break the law. As an installer I have seen many OSHA violations, as well as building code violations. Management will tell lead installers to ignore rot, mismeasured windows, misordered windows and all sorts of unethical business tactics. If you can cover it up, do it. I once witnessed an elderly couple get ripped off for an extra 1500 dollars in sales tax. It stated on their contract that penguin would pay the sales tax (1500 dollars worth and probably an extra incentive to get them to buy) but the sale rep had come back later and got them to sign a new contract, one that left out the part about penguin paying the sales tax. So when the work was all done, and it came down to paperwork, they were unhappy that the total price was more than they were told it would be. They showed us their copy which had the addendum stating that penguin would pay the tax. But of course our copy had no such thing. The lady was in tears and we left the jobsite feeling like crap. When we told the head manager about it he said "well, thats business for you". This is just one example of the hundreds of stories from MANY installers that show Penguins contempt. So far all the stories I've read on here have been pretty accurate. Except for one posting that sounds like a corporate rep or sales rep defending the product and company. You wanna know who else offers triple pane window with krypton and all the goods "GREAT LAKES WINDOWS". That is the manufacturer of the windows penguin installs and for some reason ($$$$$$$) they put penguins name on the locks. Do not be fooled, when a sales rep shows up at your door, check for the wolf fur poking out the sheeps clothing. He is selling great lakes windows. penguin is not your only option. And if your house already has vinyl windows in it, YOU DON'T NEED NEW WINDOWS. Especially not from penguin. These are crooked, corrupt, greedy people with unstoppable avarice. There are few good employees at this company. They're there, but rare. So remember, from someone who saw it with his own eyes in so many situations, buy somewhere else.

Sep 01, 2010 7:19 pm EDT

I worked for Penguin Windows as a sales rep. What an embarrassing job! We were yelled at by the "manager on duty" when we didn't pressure folks into buying windows. As terrible as I feel about it, I sold 22K worth of windows (in penguin pricing, probley 8k worth anywhere else) to an old lady who was on a fixed income.

When the sales rep comes into your home they start with the script they call "the agenda". Every employee is required to memorize it word-for-word when in the first week of training. You'll notice it when they start with "So, did the person who set up the appointment over the phone explain what we'll be covering during your visit today? " (you say no, not really)..."well, here in about 2 minutes Ill have you quickly walk the house with me to do an energy inspection on your windows.."

Jul 01, 2010 6:06 pm EDT
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Thanks for the input regarding Penguin Windows.

Soon, we’ll be handling all online feedback with personalized responses; for now, we’re using this message to get the word out about upcoming changes to our customer service.

Penguin Windows is in the process of totally revamping the way we interact with our customers, especially online. We’ve always been dedicated to providing the ultimate replacement window experience, and have thousands of thrilled Penguin Windows customers to prove it. This new program simply insures that as we grow, we can continue to offer excellent service to match our excellent windows.

Keep a look out for our new, more personal online presence - we’re looking forward to working with you to make Penguin Windows even better.

If you have any questions, check out our website at, call me at [protected] or email [email protected]

Thanks again,

Vaughn M
Director of Operations
Penguin Windows

Oct 07, 2009 6:16 pm EDT

Below is what they should put on craigslist because it's the truth.

Penguin Windows is HIRING! - Looking for agressive people who can sell windows and set appointments. We don't care if you smoke weed, snort cocain, do heroin, or drink on the job as long as you don't get caught. We don't care if you don't sell because we don't need to pay you for it. Fact is, we just charge you $375 for your equipment when you get hired. So we are all around covered!

We hire as much people as we fire which is about 10 salesman every two weeks, 12 cavassers every single week. We don't care who you are, we may fire you for fun =) We can always get away with it because we have you sign all these contracts before you get hired that covers are butt. Unless a undercover agency comes in one day and write a full report about the company and file a national complaint which may cause us to change our name again. Origianally was Statewide INC now Penguin Windows.

Please call us if you want to get hired on the spot, once again...Don't worry, we don't do background checks. We only verbally ask you have you been convicted of a felony in the last 7 years and so far, everybody lies and said no. Funny is we have people that has criminal records working for us right now! But shhhh, don't tell nobody!

Aug 13, 2009 4:26 am EDT

if anyone thinks the penguin window is a rip off I was sold on these features alone, consider this friends...

What other window company uses triple pane with 98% krypton, quad layered soft Low-E coating giving an R-value of 10 in glass to a beefy frame using 5-6 times more titanium oxide in the 100% newly composited vinyl frame weighing 2-3 times more than any other competitors frame and insulated with special r-23 insulation and fiberglass reinforcement I-beams?

Also an installation crew with all AAMA certification, every crew paid by the hour to maintain consistent quality, double checked by foremen. In installation they take out your rotted wood from your crappy windows and replace those parts of your wall that have rotted away with fresh wood free of charge, then use the most expensive caulking and silicone to seal your windows.

How else does a company guarantee lifetime transferable warranty against accidental and intentional damage/breakage from glass packs, leakage, frame, everything, without running themselves out of business? Quality that's in their best interest? What do you think? Do you think that they'd do everything in their power to have the strongest float glass in the industry, and the most impeccable frame in the industry as to avoid excessive warranty claims? This company has flourished for 26 years and growth has multiplied. Folks, when do you ever see any company scam their way through 26 years?

How else does a company guarantee 40% minimum energy savings and pay the difference without literally throwing money away?

If you realize that Penguin is not a business set up to fail, you'll see why all these posters are unfortunately misinformed, or working as industry saboteurs.

Companies like Milgard and champion are the ones scamming innocent homeowners. An easy example we look at window composition process. Chalk is used to color Vinyl. Its cheap, but brittle. Companies like Milgard dump vinyl into their mixes and create a very cheap product, and you'll notice the random breakages you see after 8-10 years. These reps take a heat lamp and tell folks during presentation that their Low-E double panes are just as good as Penguin's quad soft coat Low-E triple pane by using a lamp and a BTU meter. Results come out the same and they say the Penguin is overpriced and a huge ripoff. What those reps scam you about is that Low E shows reflectivity of light, not the transference of heat, which is why your energy bills are high. The penguin window uses roughly 3 times the weight in vinyl, and this is 100% virgin vinyl (virgin vinyl is made of little interweaving fibers), not 40-60$ ground up recycled vinyl, and this vinyl is a sunlight proof acryllic hardened vinyl, giving it long lasting structural integrity.

What's a bigger ripoff, investing twice as much for a product that lasts 50+ years 100% fully warrantied and giving you full equity waiting for the day you move places, or replacing your 8-10 year window 5 times and having a warranty says lifetime, but covers nothing, not even wear and tear from normal use.

You folks are the jury.

Jul 21, 2009 11:09 pm EDT

Triple-pane windows are useful for noise abatement as well as reduced heat transfer. I want one for my bedroom (but not enough to deal with Penguin). Thanks for helping me "dodge a bullet".


Jun 17, 2009 2:40 pm EDT




Apr 27, 2009 4:23 pm EDT

I hope to hear what your longterm experience with your cheap windows turns out to be. That is if your still in the same house. many people move after installing cheap windows and leave the aftermath of replacement and dryrot for the next homeowner. So to all that read these ### ### postings good luck with your window purchases . Typically if you want quality it tends to cost a bit more, don't you agree? cheap is just every since of the word. The sad part about all that have seen a Penguin Window presentation is that you actually see what you get for cheap and its not a secret. if you are looking for quality, customer service and a great company that was not born yesterday or ran by people that just fell off a turnip truck then consider Penguin Windows. I did and my windows are Great!