Paytoo Corporation Complaints & Reviews

Paytoo Corporation / paytoo account and wallet

Sep 25, 2019

I cannot get into my account or my wallet. I've been trying to get hold of anyone at PayToo for nearly 2 years with no success. I have money I carnt access this is so distressing. I've submitted a complaint to complaints board. Sick of getting ignored. Can someone please tell me what'...

Paytoo Corporation / my mobile wallet

Aug 14, 2019

I cannot access my account you have money of mind in there. I carnt get to been emailing for two years. Please can you send me a cheque for the balance to uk. I'll give details later. There wasn't a problem At first but it's one problem after another now. It's not right I paid good money for...

Paytoo / withheld money

Feb 26, 2019

Firstly they removed the money from my account and it took a lot of effort for them to get it put it back in. I then realised why they had, because they had removed the option to withdraw into a bank account, so there was no chance I would get my money. Now they simply refuse to give me my...

Paytoo Corporation / funds withheld.

Jan 30, 2019

PAYTOO has my funds i.e $90. I have been requesting its withdrawal for over a year. I have complained several times and they have not responded to me. I also suggested I use the funds to make purchases but there has been no response whatsoever. Please assist me in recovering my funds from...

Paytoo / money unhold in the paytoo wallet

Feb 15, 2018

Hi in the March 2017 im had received money from a Company in my Paytoo Wallet and the idea was withdraw the Money with a from Paytoo offered Virtual Visa Card, but this cards was suspended and the only Payout Metod was Bank Transfer, but in this moment im dont had any Bank Account, few... / scam and rip off

Dec 11, 2016

I have been a member of (an online business) and wanted to add funds to it through I added 20 AUD to it through PayPal. When I was trying adding funds to Zukul I have been getting repeated technical errors. Frustrated and dissatisfied with the process, I requested a...

Paytoo / wallet is scam

Oct 09, 2015

hi everyone this company is a scam hey invest much more for the adds and emarketing and make themselves honest company but they are thiefs when you I open a wallet I transfer money to this wallet and follow the steps to confirm my passport I submitted an authentic copy of my passport... / with held money


Dear Complaints Board, I have been working for a company and they pay my money in to a wallet at and I drawer it out on a prepaid credit card. At Christmas 2011 they stopped the facility to transfer the money from my on-line wallet to my prepaid card. I have several...