Absolutely sick to death of this company

Ref- P2G60919789 : this parcel was sent to a shop in Perth my company has been supplying this shop for twenty years sending this exact parcel roughly every three months.
The package contains A6 120gsm paper tickets and weights 5 kilos, the overall size of the box is 9ins x 4ins x 5.5ins
I was contacted by Parcel2go they informed me that the parcel i had sent was larger than i have declared and will be subject to an underpayment change, which was a massive £71
i would normally pay roughly £7 for this .

I was asked to supply pictures of the parcel dimensions and weight, i have done this many many times, but i am still being told by the delightful Molly Bowman that they still need more evidence.

The most ridiculous part of this whole bollocks is that the parcel im accused of sending was apparently 40 kilos and was 80ins long 40ins wide and 4ins deep
which is an impossible package to send through this website ????

I have asked Molly Bowman why do you need pictures when the fact that the parcel is too large to send through this service is evidence enough, and is quite obviously a mistake, furthermore i couldnt get this HUGE package into my car, it wouldnt fit in the tiny drop off shop that i used to send this parcel and it would'nt fit in the destination shop in perth that it apparently arrived at.
but she just ignores these points or simply does not read her emails properly,
very professional !


Attached is the actual box that i did send to perth,
thankfully everybody involved in the parcels journey could actually pick this up with out danger of injury or death,

unlike the package that parcel2go made up to con £71 from me

Jul 18, 2019

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